More GT5 Details Confirmed by Polyphony Digital

June 17th, 2010 by Jordan

Polyphony Digital have conveniently published their own independent and specific confirmation of the features we’ve been learning about via media outlets over the past two days, thanks to one big update to their official site. In addition to what was already discussed here and here, this is what’s new:

  • As confirmed in a note on the Japanese site, the 800 “standard cars” in the game will not have interior view or high-beam headlights (new video of standard cars here, thanks Paskowitz).
  • NASCAR pit crew’s actions have been specifically re-created.
  • All cars will be able to “roll over” if involved in an accident.
  • Damage may “not necessarily be applied to all races in the game”.
  • You will be able to define your own password-protected online races with your friends, and you’ll be able to control all of the event’s regulations.
  • “You can host ‘Track Days’, where everyone can drive freely on the track. You can try to shave down your laptimes, you can teach someone how to drive, or just enjoy drifting.”

Vehicular damage was also clarified:

Physics-Affecting Damage
This is damage in which the physics simulation is affected by alignment deviations, etc. This is damage that affects controllability, and the car may not drive straight, or it might become unstable in corners, etc. depending on the amount of damage. Affects all cars.

Dirt, Scratches, and Dents
This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves dirtying of the body, scratches and dents. Affects all cars.

Separation (dislocation) of Body Panels
This is damage in which body panels are dislocated from their original positions, or deform. Affects only premium cars.

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  1. GTuristi

    It is very disappointing that apparently majority of the cars don’t have interior view. Didn’t expect this after playing GT5Prologue which have interior views of all cars.

    I say remove something else and keep the interior view instead. I don’t care for the damage, I’d rather see the interior views for example.

  2. [The Stig]

    and they said the game will be different from all previous gt titles.whats the difference?the game is about cars and the 80% of cars are like in previous 6 year old game.
    I just cant understand how someone can be satisfied with blackened window cars in ‘the real driving simulator’,its not some motorstorm or burnout for christ’s sakes!

    its really shame becouse I really wanted to drive some silvia,civic,regal,….etc etc with proper cockpit view

    now its interesting to see the premium car list

  3. chrisrar

    this really confuses me, because the gti golf 01 from gt4 is in gt5 prologue and that has an interior. does that really mean that a 10 year old golf is a premium vehicle?

  4. Organ-Donor

    I’m not gonna lie, the whole no cockpit view and black tinted window look of almost 800 stardard cars is quite a shock and dissapointment. Interior view was my #1 view I use and it made the immersion of actually driving the car so real. Too bad….

  5. NOT only we wont get skidmarks and proper damage (12years old PC games already had that) but now we won’t have interior views for 80% of the cars….and all of this after 5years waiting.What a joke. They spend all their time on creating track objects that won’t be visibile while driving and creating crazy detail car exterior that also won’t be visible when you are driving (thats 90% of the time you spend in this game).So why spend some much time and resources on things that aren’t so important and waste everything on things that only look good on replays or media screenshots? lol.

    • anominus

      i completely agree, know one is gna look at the individual bolts on the wheel, or try and pick out the individual pixles on the steering wheel of a racing car

  6. freshseth83

    From that video up top you can see right in the cars and see steering wheels and drivers. I’m pretty sure those cars in that video are premium and standard. I wouldn’t worry a lot about interior views or cockpit views.

  7. Thanks for the continued updates Jordan. I love being able to check the website every few hours and find all the juicy tidbits in one spot.

    I doubt I’ll be driving the ‘standard’ cars when I get the game. GT5 is about them premium cars…hopefully premium cars are those that we want to drive, like your Lambos, Ferraris, McLarens, etc.

  8. 11GTR11

    I guess kaz really had something up his sleeve…!!! hahaha

  9. andrewz

    What about those bullshits about no remaining code? Did Kaz lie? I’m starting to not like him! :-/

  10. Gamer GT5

    200 premium cars is okay with me. This game has been under development for years now. Remember they wasn’t focusing just on the cars but the tracks, day/night, damage engine, the whole operating system. Thats allot of work and takes time. I’m sure that when GT6 comes out we’ll have more premium cars and it will be less work for GT6. Just like GT3 came out we didn’t have allot of cars on that game. When they created GT4 we had more than double the amount of cars.

  11. jerzyk14

    omg, that is it will already have certain around only 200 cars view from the cockpit? ;/

  12. George Washington

    LingOL at people in this thread talking about “standard” and “premium” cars as if it means the quality of the real-life vehicle!

  13. Turbo_3800

    That’s some bull I kinda don’t want the game now. Being teased with interiors from GT5P and didn’t Kaz say awhile ago in a interview that all the cars would have cockpit? All this time waiting either for the game not being completed or whenever Sony wanting to release the game. I guess this is what we get for having more features and other things while giving us non cockpit on 80% of the cars. I sure hope the game makes up for “lack there of” with other features.

  14. guys, I am pretty sure I read a post in the E3 thread in the forum said that the standard car has cockpit view. The guy who post that claims that he wrote email to some official (PD or some important guy in PD, cant remember), and this is confirmation from them. I didn’t border to dig that post up again. But I won’t even worry about there will not be cockpit view for most of the cars, doesn’t even make sense, and not up to the GT standard at all. The interior is speaking of the interior structural details. Just some translation issues.

  15. CanAm1968

    Just like maritime78 said….grow a pair…get the hell over not having fully detailed interiors in all cars. If you played GT3 like I did, there was only about 150 cars in the entire game. So we have 50 extra cars than that game and the 700-800 from GT4. Im curious what cars made the premium list. I womder if they are going to have used cars back? I havent seen anyone ask that. What about license tests…and mission challenges…I would love for those to be back…but noone has confirmed them either. Id love to have clarified just how many tracks there will be in the game.

    There are lots of details coming out this week letting us know it will be the best racing game yet…and definitely the best GT game. I cant wait f0r November, I dont know about you all!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. well the site didn’t say standard cars won’t have interiors. I hope PD mean standard cars don’t have extremely detailed interior as opposed to premium cars

  17. I spent years driving around in LFS online using only 2 different cars. I now the pro physics in GT5 will be far better and having 200 absolutley detailed and beautiful looking cars will be entertaining for a good while.

    But damn am i dissapointed, the standard cars looks absolutley SHIT, just pause the video and you can see how out of place they look. Haha big “WTF” moment over here guys! Still gonna be an awsome game though.

  18. zeromobius

    Upsetting and good news. But I’m more upset lol. Owell. GT6 will have 100 tracks and 1250 fully modeled cars! With Forzas customization and weather effects and real sound. But it’s going to take another 5yrs unfortunately! Ps4 ftw! :-/

  19. tomek_pl

    They should make damage just like in GTA 4! It never gets boring. I hope they did Fiat 126p

  20. tomek_pl

    800 “standard cars” in the game will not have interior? I think this is a mistake because prologue has standard cars and they all have interior views.

  21. Mr. Premium

    I can’t wait for GT6. Hopefully by then they’ll have sorted out all the “standard” cars. I do find it disappointing, but all you can do is bitch..

  22. i drive with bumper view. The only sacrifice would the in car view during replay.

  23. ElieTheBear

    premium = gt5
    standard = gt4
    and that means they didnt work on the sounds of all 800 standard cars ???
    I hope the standard car physicx have been changed lol

  24. Surely there won’t be 800 cars without an interior view. It seems hard to believe. GT5P had a Daihatsu Copen with an interior view. It doesn’t seem like it would be a premium car.

  25. They could at least add a bonnet cam on those “standard” cars.

  26. skylinegtr34

    6 years! for 800 cars converted to gt4??? the pholyphony it’s crazy!!!!

  27. Was any Standard car ever shown at all in a screenshot/video? They may not have shown them yet for obvious promoting reasons, but if you take a closer look at the Latest Information link previously posted (, the Standard cars seem a lot less polished (exterior-wise) and lifelike.

    The windows seem to be fully opaque (look at the Countach, for example), so can it be that in the same race, there will be cars with drivers followed by whoever is driving the tinted ones?

    If they meant “polished, detailed interiors” for the Premium cars, there must be at least a basic interior modelling for the Standard ones, to allow transparent windows.

    I just hope I’m really wrong about it…

    • There is a video of them on that page.. You can check them out.

  28. maritime78

    Some people need to man up, and grow a pair. Rather than throwing your toys out of your pram.
    I, along with many others will enjoy racing every single car i can get my hands on, standard/premium makes no odds to me.
    I’m gonna have fun regardless, shame you wont.

    • Finally someone with common sense!

    • as if the cars that r standard look descent for ps3 they last gen…just look at the rims even the rims look crapy i bet they r gonna have those crappy blurry rims…n its not gonna look like those rims from the premium should of release two games gthd n the 5 with only 200 cars…this had bad review all over it…its never too late too join the forza expirience

    • maritime78

      I understand, we live in a world where a game has to have certainly elements of eye candy, and GT5 will have lots of it. But surly any true gamer out there will not be worrying about their rims being “blurry”, or looking “crappy*. play the game and enjoy it.

    • tire smokes, it’s burning HOT

    • thing is , saying most of the cars i will want to ride won’t have a dashboard view , to me would be similar to playing a shooter without seeing the guns , i will absolutely avoid these cars if they don’t have this cam option

      I will still buy a ps3 exclusively for this game but i gotta say the 1000+ cars was one of the main reason for me to get it .

  29. I personally never race with cockpit view, but when I get a new car ALWAYS do a few laps behind the wheel to take a look and get the feel of what it would be like to sit in the drivers seat… True the lack of dashboards is a shame, but even more of a shame is if they used that waste of space blacked out crap from PSP… they should just have bumper cam if thats the only other choice! It just looks so half assed!
    Im going to use something a car reviewer said about a car… Its going to be brilliant, no doubts. But playing GT5 will be like going out with a very pretty girl who just so happens to have her two front teeth missing, You still would, but you’ll always look and realise its just shy of being perfect.

  30. skylinegtr34

    but why no interior!!!! ok for the damage, but for cockpit is inacceptable!!!!

  31. Frozzy95

    I am very disapointed. The standard cars looks like they were just ported from GT4. I don’t wanna sound ungrateful but I feel like PD should just delay the game and work on the other cars.


    I think everyone will go to get a standard car as soon as GT5 is out so we can see for ourselves whether this is true or not. Only time will tell.

  33. FlareKR

    Seperation of body panels for premium cars only? So new race cars are definately premium but what about the high end exotics like the McLaren, SLS, ZR1, and Veyron (I’m hoping to God PD makes the Veyron premium)? We know the SLS is a premium car for sure (interior and all) so will it split apart too, being a production car?


    I am still going to buy this game no doubt, but this is just confusing. Another thing is, are the cars from GT5 Prolouge going to have cockpit views in GT5?
    This is a very confusing era is GT5 history. I am still going to love GT5, I JUST HOPE MY FORD GT WILL HAVE A COCKPIT VIEW.

    • Gamer GT5

      Good question. If they’re in GT5 with cockpit views are those part of the standard cars or premium? Thats what i’m thinking about.

    • Z06onGT5

      yeah man im down my PSN is FrankZR1


    Ok. So where did you confirm that 800 of the cars in GT5 will not have interior views?

    I can truely care less about the headlight debate but what really conserns me is that 800 cars will not have interiors. That video doesnt show anything. I WANT A CONFIRMATION FROM PD THEMSELVES THAT 800 of the cars will not have COCKPIT VIEWS.

  36. not having all the interiors it’s a [b]DEAL BREAKER[/b] for me, i only drive with the cockpit view, i love watching the interiors, i couldn’t be more disappointed, for me the cockpit view is one of the most important things in a racing game, they spent 5 years to do 200 cars, night/day cycle, damage and weather? i can’t believe it, i would prefered if they just released the prologue with more tracks and 200 cars two years ago

    i thought the wait was worth it, i was wrong, i could have been playing forza 3 with 400 cars with interiors for a year, i don’t know what to do, should i sell my ps3 and get a xbox? should i go to japan and kill KY? i feel betrayed :(


    • oops, i dont know how to make it bold, i’ll just repeat it to get the same effect


      i’m so sad, this was going to be the best game in history, now i have to wait until 2013 or so to get GT6


      Hey man. I know how you feel, but think about it. I also am VERY disapointed about this whole cockpit view “confirmation” because I dont know where he got this info from. He said he got it from a video, but I still dont see how he could confirm this through a video that wasnt even gameplay. I hope the admin is wrong for once about this. (No offense.)

      BUT ANYWAYS. THINK ABOUT IT. FORZA 3′S COCKPITS ARE RUBBISH COMPARED TO GT5′s. It laggy. Trust me I have the FORZA 3. Dont waste your money on a 360 that get rrod and FORZA 3 which is just an arcade game in my eyes.

      Stick with the PS3 and GT5 until GT5′s release date so we can all see for ourselves. STAY WITH YOUR PS3.

    • Don’t buy the friggin game then. B&M B&M B&M…

  37. Nato_777

    I’m sure I read somewhere amongst all the info coming out that the standard cars cockpit view will be as in the GT PSP version. i.e. black frame – no detail but still a cockpit viewpoint for those that prefer that view.

    • nope he said that a black frame interior is ‘technically possible’ i.e. not on it yet.

      Anyway do you really want 80% of the cars to have such a bad interior.

  38. ankseeman

    In this point in time i really don’t care about cockpits anymore, i really just want to get this game thats about it.

  39. seckander

    what kinda bugs me is that cockpit view shouldve been one of their key priorities in terms of features to add… by the looks of it only gt6 will have cockpit views on all cars

  40. the trackdays ideia is just great, always thought about that but the 800 cars transfered from GT4 is just painful, so many time waiting and GT5 will be an updated version of the GT4, the cars don’t even look that much better than in GT4, very similar. We’ll be playing a GT4+ in PS3 that’s it. No real innovation and really I love Gran Turismo, I’m just disapointed like everyone else I guess.

    • seckander

      exactly to me it feels like gt4 playing on a ps3

  41. viejalocca

    Wow, really impresive. This’ll be the best car game EVER! (or series in that matter) Good job admins for getting all this info, you really out-done yourseves!

  42. stevetam

    It seems like the standard cars are the cars which PD can’t get the information for the interior like the older rally cars and the more restrictive FIA GT1 vehicles

    • don’t talk poo

    • stevetam

      What is your problem, its an observation. You’re the one who is spewing out random comments, so you should really reconsider what you said before.

      To back this up: There is a Older Corvette Le Mans car and a Lancia Stratos. It is totally possible that PD could not get the information and visuals to do the cockpit unless they would make up something

  43. seckander

    wait does this mean no cockpit view on the standard models? seriously? i’d prefer no damage but cockpit view on all cars… damn forza fans must be laughing their asses by now… why bother putting 800 cars in the game when there’s only visual damage on them and no cockpit view?… also no high beam headlights on them kinda sucks too oh well you can’t ever want it all i guess

  44. I’m 101% sure that GT5 is going to blow us all away with its improved physics and outstanding graphics. People need to stop complaining and start thanking PD and Kaz for the enormous amout of time they spent developing this game into, simply the best racing game EVER!!!

    • Nato_777


    • NotaSonyEmployee

      Yah, it’s just too bad he doesn’t get paid for doing this tremendous favor for the world, and it’s a shame he has to go around competing in auto races on the side to feed his family….

  45. gtkiller

    When you think of the new features that’s going to be in the game it’s unfair to say that PD haven’t been doing anything just cause every car doesn’t have interior view.

  46. icant55

    Because i seen a couple of old skylines and rx7′s that have interiors….

    • George Washington

      This brings up a very important point – a solid quarter, if not more, of the 800 carry-over cars are near duplicates, which the interiors could be be practically re-used on. But PD considers this… right?

    • George Washington

      Point being, they really aren’t faced with that incredibly daunting a task to have 100% unique interior views on all cars.

  47. I think the standard cars look fantastic! They all are detailed as much as the premiuns but just don’t have interior view, complex damage, and highbeam lights.

  48. GT5′s standard cars look better than cars in any other game other. And they have cockpit, for sure. But premium models are as good as the real thing.

    watch this:

  49. icant55

    The game is Great ,and im not complaining but,Out of the 800 cars with no detailed interior,Close to half of them are cars that are similar….(Ex) CIVICS,SKYLINES,WRX’s & EVO’s, Thats 4 dash boards that they have to make and just change the emblems around… not knocking imports @ all,but the majority of those vehicles mentioned have similar INTERIORS AND DIFFERENT EXTERIORS,with different engine specs…I would have thought that would have made it easier for them to make more premium cars thats all…damn i hope the SALEEN S7 and the Supra RZ are premium cars.


      I hope my FORD GT’s and FORD GT LM are premuim cars. Then I’ll be happy. Better yet how about we get a REAL confirmation.

  50. John Marine

    There are already a lot of people thinking this game is like GT4 with 200 “Special Cars.” Oh, and 16 cars to a track. Oh, and time cycles. Oh, and online play. Oh, and damage. But… people still see Gran Turismo 5 as GT4.5 or GT4.25 than any real evolution. I’m a minimalist thinker with Gran Turismo games. I am still highly sure (because I don’t believe in expectations) this game will be an awesome title even with its potential shortcomings. I think true fans of anything (let alone video games) can appreciate something despite its shortcomings. Question is, will GT5′s shortcomings be so much to where this game possibly won’t be as enjoyed as what many people with unrealistically high expectations think of this game as a waste of a five+ year wait?

    Don’t answer that question- wait until GT5 is released, THEN we can answer that question on our own.

  51. George Washington

    Any next-gen console driving game had damn well better let you get inside the car you’re “driving”

  52. Ethan Kerr

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really stoked for this game. 1,000+ different cars all realistically detailed to the last nook and cranny. I can’t see why I wouldn’t buy this game. But if I hadn’t known better it sounds like more cars in Forza 3 have cockpit view than Gran Turismo 5.

  53. Seriously, the last thing I want to do is drive superseeded cars like the Audi R8 LMP900, Corvette C5-R and Viper GTS-R.

    There’s the odd classic I’d like to see as a premium car but most cars from previous GT’s I’ve driven enough of already.

  54. George Washington

    I swear to God, if I can’t at the VERY LEAST get an interior viewpoint like on the PSP in “standard cars” I’m straight up eBaying the turd of a disc. It’s jackass unacceptable

    • Maybe you shouldn’t buy it in the first place?

    • George Washington

      Jordan, with utmost respect, sometimes you have to step back from the situation and look at the facts: Any racing game on a 7th generation console should let you get inside the car you’re “driving”. It’s pretty standard by now and would be flat-out embarrassing to not have this view on the vast majority of cars in the game.

    • I’m bitterly disappointed with the news on interior views as well. I just thought your comment was kind of funny.

    • George Washington

      Yeah, I think I’ll be informed enough thanks to you beforehand. Never sold on eBay, hopefully I never will have to.

    • SZRT Ice

      With 200 cars that are premium, What’s to complain about? You guys are acting like 200 is not alot. 50 is alot.You will probably have a top 20 that you stick to anyways. GRID sold well with less than 200 cars, as did DIRT, Midnight Club L.A., Need for Speed Shift, Undercover, & Prostreet. You guys act like you can go in there and create better! They have been working on this for more than HALF A DECADE!!! Most developers don’t spend more than 2 yrs in dev’ time! And you flat out know with al the unannounced goodies still yet to be mentioned that already you will buy this game and love it! If anyone gets this game and complains they are ungrateful brats and go seek a career as a game developer to create something better or STFU. GT means a lot to me and I appreciate Kazunori for all he’s done. I couldn’t imagine what racing games would be like today if Kaz didn’t up the anti on the racing genre. The only thing I could ask for is custom paint. And even without it it will be a great game. Custom paint would just add a bit of individuality when more than one of the same cars are on a track, and both people favor the color blue. Custom paints will fix this as shades would differ. It’s a simple matter of code like html (white = FFFFFF) or a color chart tool(open access to what ever they use to paint cars in-game). But, I’ll get the game regardless of it’s implementation. If only I knew how to contact Kaz on this. I’m sure it’d be simple to add.

  55. terminator363

    And for those of you how DO care (life or death :P)about cockpit view there is always a little thing called DLC

    • seckander

      yeah 10gb worth of downloadable content lol

    • yet another person who thinks kaz will be giving away car interiors for free. the money needed to buy those dlcs would be monumental

  56. terminator363

    meh, already read this on, this is nothing new to me, and by the way, I don’t really mind the standard cars.

  57. Thanks to all the thick americans who wanted damage “yay awsome look at me destroying the car dude” all we wanted was to drive and race but nooo they were dying to destroy their cars now you got it! Stop complaining!


    First footage of rollovers. MUST SEE.

    • Delete my post Jordan, must of been why my 1st one was removed.

    • chrisrar

      the annoying thing is id posted this litterally the moment it went up and a moderator closed the thread.

  59. gtkiller

    have you guys seen this video?

  60. Drogahnus

    They’d better have all gauges working then in those premium cars…

  61. I love how so many people are crying about not getting the game because something isn’t EXACTLY as they want it to be. Just because not all cars have interiors, someone just CAN’T play the game. Although it is sad that the vast majority of the cars will not have interiors, it won’t effect gameplay. You played 1-4 so far without an interior view, you can play 5 the same way.

    • seckander

      not when they had us believing we’d have cockpit views with gt5 prologue… you just don’t do that to your fans its like taking the bread away from a hungry kid’s mouth

    • I don’t really care about cockpit views. If there aren’t any for every car, then fine. What I care about is gameplay. Visuals should be taking a back seat to gameplay anyways. Give me a car that can drive like the real thing and allow me to see the road and opponents. I’ll be happy with that.

    • ngrignon

      maybe you don’t really care, selfish guy, but OTHERS do care about these very important part of RACING a car from the best realistic position: IN THE CAR like in reality.

  62. Disappointing, but it’s hard to expect them to model 1000 interiors…

    • ngrignon

      F3 have +500 cars with FULL interiors and counting (more DLC to come) and +500 DIFFERENT cars NOT 40 variations of the same car! if 10turn can do it, WHY NOT Polyphony???

      and there will be at least 9 nascar cars, are they counted like 1 cars or 9 cars (very minor difference between them) in the 200 premium??? so it will be 8 DIFFERENT cars less to a already very short number.

    • What people are failing to realize is that PD are modeling the ENTIRE interior, not just the dash. When you play forza, thats all you see, the crappy looking dash, you have no interior views when looking left, right or rear. You get it? Not hating on FM3, but we all know it was rushed, hence the horrific interior views.

  63. Belisario93

    I’m pretty sure that what they mean with the headlights is that you won’t be able to switch between high and low beam. Although I’m not 100% sure. I doubt they would take out the ability to do night races from 80% of the cars.

    Seriously people, stop complaining about the interior views. You’re not going to change that by complaining about it at this phase, seeing as they don’t really have enough time between now and November to add interior views to 800 cars. And if they delay GT5 again because of said complaining, you’re just gonna complain more about not having the game available. Think about it this way, they were likely spending that time they didn’t spend with interior views on implementing features that you guys have been complaining about in the past. Stop complaining and let Kaz do his thing. GT1 came out as the defining race simulator of its time, and that’s because he did what he wanted to do, because there weren’t people that complained about “interior views”, “skid marks”, “realistic trees”, and “damage”. If you don’t like what Kaz does, go get a different race sim, you’re not welcome here.

    • dude stop being a spokesperson. and don’t get back at me for grammatic errors. that’s just nerdy. now to my point. The lack of interior views renders the game incomplete. am i correct? You dont ship out an incomplete product, its wrong. Other games have set a standard, a minor standard but nonetheless a COMPLETE game. Dont bite off more than you can chew.

    • Belisario93

      “You dont ship out an incomplete product, its wrong. Other games have set a standard, a minor standard but nonetheless a COMPLETE game.”

      Then go play those “Complete” games. You obviously did not read my whole comment. Those 1000 cars combined with online, and day/night cycles, and a large amount of tracks, and improved physics, and an even better photo mode, and god knows what else, is complete. The interior views are a bonus. We’re lucky we got any in the first place.

  64. lucag120

    doesn’t look like I’m buying any standard cars then…..

    seriously whats the point of standard cars now…???

    • andrewz

      The reason is simple – the number. 1000+ looks better on paper than 200. Especially in comparison with competition. But it makes it more pathetic. What a shame. :-/

  65. littlephiish

    GIVE US PORSCHE!!!!!!!!!

  66. Not that disappointing, still the most detailed cars in any game, and over 200 of them, with damage, day/night cycles. Can’t wait.

    • You never know, come release, that 200+ may end up nearer to 230/240 mark! either way, are many of you seriously going drive even 200 cars of the cars?!

  67. Hi guys whe have premuim and standard cars but also track premuim tracks high dertailed standard tracks gt HD

  68. Fast_Ed

    It says on the GT site that all of the cars will have headlights…its just that the Premium cars will be switchable between high and low beam. Also, it is stated that ALL cars will be able to roll over. However, only the Premium cars will showcase separation of body panels.

  69. Griffin_

    GT5:prologue had around 70cars with cockpit view 3 years ago. In that entire time they only managed to make 130more, what exactly are they doing at PD.

    • TheDrummingKING

      New physics.. new features.. there is more that they had to do besides make cars you know

  70. Daverytimes

    This is extremely disappointing (not the interior part but the fact that the cars will not have headlights, and when they don’t have headlights that means you cant drive them at night. thats just stupid) please PD let those cars have headlights, i don’t care about interior that much but please let the cars be drivable at night.

    • The standard cars will have headlights, just not the ability to switch between high and low beams.

    • Mr. Premium

      I think the real point here is driving at night in a standard car that for some stupid reason can’t have high-beams (how hard is it to get something so simple to work? It’s just re-angling the lights!) will be impossible because you won’t be able to see far enough ahead of you. That’s what high-beams are for, so you can see farther down the road!

  71. chrisrar

    why no transcript mentioning lack of interior on standard cars on gb/us site?? a bit misleading i think, even USA differs to GB slightly.

  72. There is some new looks at circits on that video especially what I take is the fantasy asian night track from prevous GT’s featuring trees with fairy lights (I am having amnesia, what is it called ss5 or something? lol)

  73. How could standards stand visually next to premiums on replays? Or maybe there won’t be a race with both of them…
    C’mon Kaz, what a shock….

  74. Viktor Navorsky

    200 porn detailed cars… plus 800 VERY polished cars. C´mon, that is just amazing. Ok ok…no interior view, a real let down, but … DAY/NIGHT cycles… WEATHER, Private Lobby, RealTime synchronization… there is uncountable features…

    There will be aways a tomorrow. GT6 perhaps feature 500 porn detailed interior view… who knows.

  75. Fritter

    The way I interpreted it is that only the premium cars will be able to toggle between high and low beams. But 80% of the cars don’t have an interior, maybe they decided to cut out the headlights too -__-

  76. Jeffreypang911

    darn. It was one of the coolest things about GT5.

    Oh well. Back to bumper cam.

  77. Drogahnus

    Bleh, the one view I use for driving isn’t available on most of the cars. That’s lame.


    I guess most, if not all races will have damage control. FINALLY! But why nascar?!

    • Tell you what, if I have to sit through days of playing the game with non premium cars before I get to drive the premiums I’ll throw a 5 year old girl hissy fit. I don’t want my gaming experience to regress to GT4 with no interior views. I’m fine with there not being interiors with the majority of cars, hell, they’d need 20 years to do interiors for all of them. But I don’t want to sit through playing the standard cars before I get to the premiums.

  79. its not that big of a deal to me that we arent gettin 800 cars with interior view….ill be kickin all ur asses online from my behind the car view anyway. LOL

    • mike james


    • NotaSonyEmployee


  80. I can’t believe that video of the standard cars. They look like GT4 cars in HD. I’m floored. All of these beautiful shots of finely detailed cars was a tad misleading since 800 of them will look nothing like what we’ve been seeing.

    • they look muuuuuuch better than that. baffled by ur comment

    • Yeah, the “standard” cars are still at least twice as detailed and good looking as any other racer out there.

    • gt5 im waiting

      i agree dude
      im really really really disappointed by PD **

  81. gtkiller

    The us site it says, Premium high and low beam, standard just standard lights. What does standard lights mean.

    • Just lights. Watch the video in the article to see how they work.

  82. Does that mean only premium cars can be driven on the night tracks and the 24 hour events like Le Mans and Nurburgring?

  83. Also, standard cars won`t rollover, but will take the rest of tha available damage options.

  84. motortrend

    no cockpit views for all??? I don’t like that very much

    • gt5 im waiting

      i think every car will have cockpit
      maybe standard cars will have intereors like gt5 prologue
      & premium cars will be much better
      hope im right **

  85. Z06onGT5

    Oh wow…us haters on non-interior view me included better fire up GT4 so we can get used to it lol this sux…well maybe there will be interior dlc l8r…


      Hey man. Whats your PSN account. I also love the ZO6. I would like to make a team with some people. So if you are interested add me. My PSN ID is ADR_XCLUTCH.

    • yey we get to pay MORE money for what should have been in the game i the first place

    • mike james


    • Taken from an earlier article on this site that states what I’ve been thinking, it’s the article in game informer or something, “All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)”

    • SZRT Ice

      Warning: Clutch is an immature @$$hole (for lack of a better word) If you own Midnight Club L.A. or know anyone that does ask around before joining. All he does is drag race, and says that races with turns “isn’t real racing” (I kid you not) This may be controversial, but all he does is harass and annoy. Peace and Good racing to all GT Elite (Fans since GT1)

      Sub-Zero Racing Team Commander In Chief: Ice

  86. Viktor Navorsky

    There is too much info for my head… OMG


    I guess most, if not all races will have damage control. FINALLY!

  88. I seriously don’t care. I mean the detail is absolutely amazing. Some people DO just moan and whine. Do you really expect 1000 almost real life interiors?

    • Haha. LAME.

    • Drogahnus

      After 5 years, yes, I do.

    • vroooomvrroooom

      They would have to model a car every day and a half or so to get a 1000cars done in 5 years.
      So if they were working 8 hours a day that would be every 12 hours or so a car would be done.
      Give it a try and see if you still think it should be done and done to the level that Polyphony would want.

    • I read, creating 1 car took 180 days, while creating the tracks took in some cases up to 2.5 years ! But honestly, I wasn’t prepared to go back to tinted windows, I expected to see “something” in all of these cars. Anyway – roll on November 2nd !

    • EPIC FAIL! Of course I expected the cars to all have the same features as other cars.

    • we didn’t expect or even want 1000 cars. We did expect thanks to gt p interiors i hate this so much i wont buy the game unless something major happens between now and november

    • neem’

      I also don’t care, I hardly ever used the interior view in GT5p anyway. The way I see it, if you drive with a wheel, why do you need to see a virtual person’s hands on a virtual wheel as well? That said, I’m still not convinced that 800 cars really won’t have an interior view, but it’s not going to stop me from buying/enjoying the game I’ve been waiting so long for, particularly when you consider everything else it does.

  89. 800 cars with no interior or headlights? What?? :( This has been the weirdest week. I’m so excited yet I get so much disappointment with each bit of news!

    • The normal cars have headlights. Read the site again. They just can’t flash between low and high beams.

    • Sorry, my original post had a typo that was misleading. Fixed now. Standard cars do have headlights, just not the ability to switch between high and low beams.

  90. “Premium cars: Headlights with high beams and low beams
    Standard cars: Standard lights only”


      So will standard cars have cockpit views? IDC if there not as good as the premuim cars.


    • Gamer GT5

      no they will not have cockpit views. Most of those cars are from GT4 anyways.

    • Apokalipse

      That is completely false. The cars are not from GT4

    • LeStique

      yes they are. Not just taken and put into GT5, but converted from GT4, slightly updated, and then put into GT5.

    • Why make from scratch when they’ve already perfected it in the first place.

    • No, they wont have a cockpit view :(

    • mike james


    • where on gamespot?

    • GTP_Hydro

      Actually, it’s not easy to find. It took a bit to find it again, so here’s the site:

    • up untill now we’ve only seen premium cars in gt5 demos

      and this is the only one that shows standard models

      you can see that all cars windows are black

      tinted ,doesn’t this make you wonder how are you gona

      drive inside the car with a low visibility caused from

      the windows tint?

      standards cars still looks great and i don’t care that

      much about cockpit view, what’s annoys me is the engine

      sound ,the corvette sounds like a japanese v6 engine,

      totally unrealistic ,i always wonderd why gt always sucks

      at cars sounds while other arcade games like nfs has

      better engines sounds.

      i love driving cars and gt is the

      way to experience super cars that you can’t in real life,

      i know that the car handling is the most important thing

      in a racing simulator but we probably wouldn’t enjoy the

      next instalment like this one cuz it’s the first from pd

      in this console generation,i hope it’s gona be a

      masterpiece in the end.

    • Geo_212

      That scares me… What if you need to use a standard car in a night stage??? You can’t see very far with the standard lights (as previously seen in a night rally video), it would be WAY too hard… :\

  91. chrisrar

    on the gb site it says

    Detailed and Beautiful “Premium Cars” come to life in intricate detail

    The allure of a Premium Car is in its faithful reproduction. Not only the exterior, but the high precision in the recreation of the interior, is something you will only see in Gran Turismo 5.

    golf gti 2001 in gt5 prologue was in gt4 that has interior.

    perhaps its just premium are just insanely detailed. and premium are acceptably detailed…

    either way i dont normally use interior view. but bonnet camera.

    roll on games com. more info

  92. The Nothing

    hawt dawg!


    oh wait 800 cars no interior why ???? 800 cats like normal cars right ??? or those racing cars looks little bit stupid

    • I won’t get this game. 800 cars without interior how can have made that big a mistake

    • mike james


    • laurence

      1 = 200 cars will be amazing detail with interiors

      2 = 800 cars directly from GT4 in 720p (no interiors)

      think of GT5 like this. the game has 200 cars. that’s it.
      as a bonus they threw in all of GT4′s cars for fun.

      the first new GT on a new console only has a couple hundred cars, gran turismo 1 only had 170 and that was tons of fun. GT6 will have truck loads, as did GT2 and GT4. it’s just the way polyphony rolls. look at history and set your mind at ease.

      GT1 = 180
      GT2 = 650

      GT3 = 150
      GT4 = 700

      GT5 = 200 + dlc + 800 gt4 cars
      GT6 = looking at history, 600-800+ is very possible.

      yes cry we can’t have tons of premiums this time, but it’s the way GT has been for years, I’m cool with it. any hardcore true GT fan will realise the deal :D

    • gt5isthedefinitiveracingsim!!!

      the other 800 cars, will looks even better than gt5 prologue ones, so dont complain

  94. Fast_Ed

    Just watched the youtube video linked to the post…all the standard cars really do look ridiculous with limo tinted windows…

  95. Nato_777

    The video shows that the standard cars have dark tinted windows but still does not confirm whether or not they have a cockpit view when driving.
    Though I personally believe they will.



  97. Fritter

    Well that’s a bit disappointing. Of all the features that were being debated on whether they would be in the game or not, I never even thought about having no interior views. I guess you can’t have everything.


    yay first one good details i hope there are more

  99. Fasr_Ed


    Very excited to hear more details, especially the mechanical damage aspects. But very sad to hear that the interiors of the 800 standard cars are not modeled :(

    • mike james



      I said that if anyone wants to be in a racing team, to add me over PSN. I am looking for more members. I want quality in my team. I want a real team that actually cares about racing and cars and of course GT. My team is that type of team. So I am basically recruiting people that want to join that I know are quality (by quality, I dont mean you have to be good because anyone can be a great racer with time, dedication and practice.)

      My team is looking for people that race will race in NASCAR, WRC, Drag Racing, Super GT, or Circuit Racing.

      So if you want to join, add my PSN ID WHICH IS ADR_XCLUTCH

    • BLADErunner80

      People keep making the mistake about what polophony digital mean when they say “premium” cars,

      To many of us a “premium” car means an exotic supercar or race car, but when PD say “premium” they simply mean a car they have modelled to their highest quality.

      So yes a veyron maybe a “premium” car in gt5, but so might a 40bhp crappy diahatsu 3 wheel pick-up from the 1950′s.

      “premium” just means the level of detail not the desirability of the car in the real world.

  100. Nato_777

    My first post ever – could it be the first post?

    • READ ME: Jordan it seems you have made a small mistake it actually doesn’t say that standard cars won’t have interiors on the website. In fact it actually shows a 370z and a challenger srt-8 interiors.

    • Yes, its true, and i have read the news on and kotaku, and they went to the GT5 show on wednesday, and they both say there will be interior view in standard cars!

    • mike james


    • Razor BR

      well , i we can do its hope that this time Jordan is wrong , because i might be the only one , and you guys can call me craze , but i would love to drive one of those ols cars or Kei cars with the interior view




      Two of my team members played the E3 demo and were able to talk to some of the PD employees that made the game. My members got to drive both some premium and standard cars. They ALL HAVE INTERIORS.

      @GTPlanet, please do more research before you throw something like this out. This sturd up alot of confusion this week. PLEASE INFORM THAT THIS ARTICLE WAS INCORRECT AND TELL THEM THE SPECIFIC FEATURES GT5 WILL DEFINENTLY HAVE. I’m not offending anyone. Im just saying that this could mislead ALOT of people.


      By the way guys. If anyone is looking for a racing team that races in the Super GT, NASCARS, WRC, Drag Racing, and Circuit Racing series, please add me on the PSN. My PSN ID is ADR_XCLUTCH.
      My team is called American Dust Racing and we currently have 20 members.

    • Razor BR

      @ADR_XCLUTCH i do hope you´re right , and by the way , what do you mean by´´If anyone is looking for a racing team that races in the Super GT, NASCARS, WRC, Drag Racing, and Circuit Racing series“ because GT5 is not out yet , so do you play on other games , if yes where , because i might not be the best driver , but i do enjoy racing , and im going to get a G27 (for GT5 of course)


      Yesterday (Thursday) said in the features that 800 standard cars will not have cockpit view. Looking at the site today (Friday), they have removed that from the feature list. Any word on this Jordan?

    • BLADErunner80

      The only source on the “no interior view for standard cars” is once again a japanese site which has caused problems before with translation this may not be so accurate.

      And the uk version of this site doesn’t mention this, but is clear that only premium modelled cars will have low/high beam adjust, all standard cars will just have headlights that dont adjus
      Have to agree this is a little disappointing but i think gt5 will never be the game we all want,

      Because we all want 1000 cars all photo realistic with immaculate detail inside and out with 24 cars on track while rain and hail stones bounce off the bug splattered windshield, carbon fibre and glass fling in all directions from a ultra real Ai crash, as we spin to avoid leaving dynamic tyre marks and smoke.

      So gt5 cant be everything we want but show me something better??

      (p.s. uk version of this site shows menu screen with “used cars” and “practice” options

    • GTP_Hydro

      After reading most posts, and then “Mike james”, i visted gamespot to see what they said. This is a direct quote from their staff:

      “we were indeed able to look left and right from inside the cockpit of the Dodge Challenger that we’d opted to take for a spin around the new Rome street circuit.”
      Read the article, they clearly played the game. (i’m not about to post a gamespot link here ;). The name clearly reads: GTP_Hydro….

      So here’s my question (s):
      Is the Dodge Challenger a “premium car”?
      If not, how did they play using the cockpit view?

      The push for the headtracking software is everywhere, and well documented.
      Do they really want to push a feature so hard that is only available in 20% of the cars?

      All of the cars in GTP had interior views. Why can’t they be included, they are done anyway (the non-premiums)?

      Hope i don’t start too big a

      I’ll just add this to the dissapointed side of the debate if indeed the game leaves most interiors out:

      GT5 will be the ultimate sim racer. No one seems to debate that. “sim” racer to me,has a pretty high standard it would seem. I would like to actually “sit” in the car as i drive it to experience the actual view a real race driver does (even though i’m admittedly faster with the bumper cam, kinda hate it,). I’ve never seen a race car driver strapped to the hood roof, or bumper of the car, let alone drive from there. I don’t want the “tv” views. I want the real thing.
      I had the real thing (and still do, and will forever) in GT5P – The Demo of the full game.

      So yup i’m buying on the first day, and i’m sure i’ll love it, but to only see roughly 130-40 or so new interiors (counting GT5P for the rest) out of what i had truly believed to be 1000 different views, ends all of the latest news on a slight sour note.
      Not nearly enough to spoil anything, so i won’t shed a tear if 800 cars have one of my favourite features excluded, but i will be dissapointed.

      Polyphony Digital,and Sony, through teaser videos and a seemingly endless wait for an actual release date, have themselves, raised the bar on expectations to a ridiculous height. If they only include 200 interiors, my own expectations will be, understandably I think, not met.

      Just sayin…

      See you all online Nov.2!!!

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