New GT5 Trailer, Screens, & Info From Taiwan Press Event

October 15th, 2010 by Jordan

Sony hosted a Gran Turismo 5 press event in Taiwan (presumably scheduled before the delay) where a few more new details and screenshots were revealed. Most notably:

  • You’ll be able to select clothing for your A-Spec driver (though, according to the introductory message found in this screen – as translated by our own wkhnky- once selected you won’t be able to change it again).
  • The online portion of the game will be connected to “Global Servers”. While it is not entirely clear what this means, it likely indicates that different versions of the game (NTSC, PAL) will be compatible with one another. As you may recall, in GT5 Prologue, in online events you would only be matched with other players using your respective version, preventing US players from playing with those from Europe, and vice-versa.
  • The Gran Turismo 5 “Racing Pack” will be sold in China as well as Japan, but the Chinese version also gets a unique GT-branded glass, humorously described by Google Translator as a “specimen collection cup”.

Take a look at the screenshots below for more (via, including game menus and B-Spec mode controls. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Honestly how can you guys translate “GT logo Glass container” to a Specimen Collection cup??

    • EDIT: I meant “GT logo Collectable Glass Container”

  2. I`m pretty sure i will be disappointed with the engine noise on stock cars. Like with the R8. But PD is welcome to surprise me in a positive way :)

    What really makes me curious is, how sound and tuning works together. A stock car may sound pretty boring, but with a few upgrades the car will get much louder and the engine sound will become very raw. I want a hightly tuned engine to sound like a highly tuned engine, not just a stock engine with a turbo sound added. I think when they said “still improving engine sounds”, they were talking about stuff like that.

  3. GT-JZ-LMS

    Man that GTR sounds sick!

  4. Obviously fake engine and tyre squeal dub is fake.

    • Geo_212

      Oh really? I’m guessing you own the full game if you’re able to make that assumption. How did you get it if there’s a delay going on?


    The more delays we mourn over, the more trailers and screenshots we get.
    I say we’re not mourning enough.

  6. OmegaAbyss

    F the game…who are those smoking models?

  7. OMG, just ansewered my own question and very happy with ansewr.

  8. J-KiLLA24

    hey did anyone else notice that if you click on the 19th picture and zoom in and look to the right you see a screen that looks like enzo driving in rain? Wonder what track that is…

    • well spotted mate definately an enzo.

      hard to tell the track – maybe fuji speedway?

  9. I’ve not been concentrating but does that screenshot mean you can create your own Tracks?? (please don’t mock)

  10. In the 22nd picture (screenshot), there’s another VW hippie-bus! That is definitely going to be the first car I buy in GT5. Yes, I have a problem. If you were wondering.

  11. I cant wait to check out, are those sounds of cars, tires, engines etc., are in game, or just made in trailers!!
    In this video the change of sound is spectacular! if this is how new GT sounds, then thay have to change the call to – “the real epic driving simulator” :)

  12. Team_MoFF-No2

    wow that sure was boring, and just another waste of time..

    I’ll be back in 1 month, to see if there is something interesting :0)

    GTplanet and Jordan does a great job, so nothing wrong there :0)

  13. Just one small correction. Taiwan is NOT China… PS3s are officially sold in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. But not in Mainland China, where it is restricted by law (same with PSP, Wii and 360).

  14. GT’ireland

    the PS3 looks fantasticly cool in that blue colour,id like to buy one just for that colour even though i already have a slim line…very nice,the pics look exciting also.cant wait.

  15. LoneWanderer

    No wonder it’s called a Specimen Collection Cup, look how hot the asian girls are! xD

  16. OmnipotenceZERO

    Man…The guy who took the picture from that cutie holding the GT5… How could he do it? If it was me I would just throw away the camera and grab the GT5 (or the gurl with it), and run away!! :O

    • occasionalracer

      Until he gets home and realize the box is empty and shoots himself for throwing his expensive camera haha

    • GT’ireland


  17. GT5:Prologue’s online events weren’t all region-specific. Prologue had some Worldwide events, although it always puzzled me why they weren’t all Worldwide events. Perhaps a little laggy for some people. It’s good news that GT5 doesn’t sound like it’ll be region-specific online.

  18. Disgusting liers ( PD )!!!

  19. As of today Pre-order ships from Gamestop Canada is 16/11/2010 and Gamestop US is 1/1/2011
    I personally think that Gamestop US ship date might be kinda accurate even if its nothing really official!!!:)

  20. F**k your idiot new trailer !!!

  21. Honchie


  22. envutec

    I’m a Chinese and from the TW website when it’s talking about the global server thing. It only states that all the online content will be updated simultaneously and globally, but didnt not indicate whether diff ver. of the game will be compatible or not, although it’s likely the case ;)

    Really looking forward to playing the game!!!

  23. If GT5 came with Bonus Girls! I would never get any racing done. 5$,5$,5$,…………………………………….

  24. edward_v12

    Old trailer. it for Sony press conference in TGS.
    originally this video is made with 3D format.

  25. John Marine

    What’s not to love? These folks in Taiwan were sure fortunate to enjoy this GT5 news. The ability to change outfits is something I thought of (and should have included in a blog entry). Regardless, I do like this idea. Perhaps this is an item from Tourist Trophy. Of course, I think Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo PSP were items to look at in specualting for GT5. But… if you can change outfits only once, that would stink bad. Of the six GT-liveried cars, I almost seem most tempted o race the Audi R10 TDI. And of course, I can’t forget the lovely McLaren F1 GTR. Great stuff, yet again.

  26. Its nice to see G27 steering wheel’s on offer at demos finally, it seams like they were only using DFGT’s before.

  27. Yui-San

    Wow, just when did this happen? I live in Taiwan, and yet I never heard of a GT5 Press conference being held here in Taipei. Must’ve been held secretly. Anyhow, if I could help you guys translate anything, I would be more than glad to help :)

  28. Ray William Johnson

    “In soviet russia… we don’t make lame jokes”.

    It’s enough already guys.

    • Lol…with you there mate, I don’t think Yakov Smirnoff would be too happy with us stealing his material. =D

  29. GT-JZ-LMS

    Anyone know the song name???


    lol @ the specimen collection cup. I just imagine someone when it arrives at their door picking it up and saying “wooow, specimen jackpot” XD

  31. 1.) I play with a PAL version of the game with people in America who claim to have the NTSC version all the time.

    2.) If I could spend one night with the model in the 16th picture, they could delay GT5 for another year and I wouldn’t mind.

  32. Dunavantj

    This would be sweet if the game was a few days away or if we even had a release date.

  33. That TG test track footage continually amazes me in how realistic it looks and how they’ve nailed the camera angles, just seems to be the best footage from the game that Ive seen so far for some reason, cant wait to belt around the Hammerhead against the Stig

  34. gt5 fan

    you guys seriously think those girls are hot? you gotta be kidding me. come to new york city and you will see tons of better looking girls than those busted ones. the trailer looks fantastic! the ferrari looking so good in it!

  35. yomamma

    where do i have to pre-order in the US to get the stealth NSX? anyone?

    • in soviet russia stealth NSX preorders YOU! sry for not being funny but i couldnt stop myself XS

    • yomamma


  36. GTP_ken_b

    Ok, that was awesome! And I’d like to apologize for my previous posts sharing my disappointment for the release delay. Aftering seeing this clip, hey Kaz, Sony, backed up blue-ray manufacturing peeps….its all good. Take your time now….kinda. Looks fantastic, just want to play it! The sound of the jgtc slowing a bit, so sick!! again, can’t wait, pls release…oh in 2010!!

  37. Woggster

    OMG WTF! This looks so real! The lighting and relections look crazy.
    If the in game graphics and details of the cars and locations are as good as in this video i will deffinitely fall in love with GT5 =D

    • Woggster


    • viejaloca

      Yeah definitley! But did you notice the sound effects? Are they in-game? because, I don’t care what anyone says, they sound awesome! Like that part whre you’re inside the Nissan racecar and you can he the transmission for example.

  38. Let’s hope those tire noises are true to the game! They sound fantastic.

  39. L8 Apex

    Pic #22: Is that a different variant of Madrid? The map doesn’t correspond to the layout seen in the demos.

  40. Sigmaviper11

    I love that music, hope its in the final game. Like the car sounds. Maybe still a bit off, but much better than before. Still needs improvement. I have an idea for that though. If you wanna blow Forza out of the water, let Top Gear audio dept. handle the sounds of each car. Just an idea, as unlikely as it would be to happen.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      as long as it’s not their department from a few years ago. they had horrible mixing engineers at one point

  41. ferhound psnid

    That girl have the game in her hand, release it at once!!!

  42. Lischynski


  43. I’m still confused about Car Delivery

  44. Whatbrown

    Where is the 787B special edition?

  45. The girls are there so you don’t notice they misspelt ‘Gran Turimo’. Epic Fail :-)

    • Detroitbb

      Where? I didn’t see any misspelling… even upon further review.

    • Under “The Real Driver Simulator”

    • Look harder, at the picture with the two girls standing in front of the wall size box art. Look at the second line below the main title.

    • Doh!
      This will probably mean another delay!
      Hellllo 2013!

    • Detroitbb

      Ohhh… I see it now!

      ha ha ha

  46. Detroitbb

    What I want to know is if the G27 clutch works! It hasn’t in any previous build.

  47. mistamontiel

    HUGE QUESTION about the PS3 here ! I’m sorry, I barely know how the HDMI cable looks.

    That cable on the left, is that the one ? If I finally buy a PS3 I’m not hooking up no standard composite cables, screw that !

    • mistamontiel


    • CHunKie

      The cable on the left is the USB cable to recharge your controllers. The cable in the middle is the Power Supply for PS3, and the right one is the standard composite cables. You need to buy your own HDMI cables. Google up “Monoprice”, they are your best friend for any cables.

    • mistamontiel

      Thanks much, dudey !! Right on.

    • LOL!

    • mistamontiel


  48. -Sub~ZeroRacingTeam-

    Is it Nov’ 2nd ye’… Oh… Wait… Nvm… ,ó_Ò,

  49. Sounds pretty good to me. Has PD ever put “rendered” or fake sounds in their trailers? I’m talking about the tire squeals. I hope they didn’t start with this one because that would be a major “boy chicken” tease. Just like telling us we’d play this game on Nov 2nd.

    • Agree that the sound is awesome, that supercharger whine is spine-tingling. However it’s not so much whether PD ever put fake sounds in their trailers, so much as when didn’t they :-)

  50. OK the sound definitely is improved in that clip, wow, amazing!

  51. J-KiLLA24

    oh by the way, is that a standard car in the 22nd picture. The car that looks dark navy blue??

    • Yes, it seems to be a standard-car. While I can tolerate modern cars with tinted windows, I think, it looks absolutely !~#&?!! on classic cars

  52. Flavio Briatore

    ” As you may recall, in GT5 Prologue, in online events you would only be matched with other players using your respective version, preventing US players from playing with those from Europe, and vice-versa.”

    I live in Europe and I have played online against drivers from USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. How does this news change anything?

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      by making you realize Flavio Briatore is a douche bag

    • Flavio Briatore


    • Those players were using the European version of the game, not the domestic version. What this changes is that you can now apparently do this trick with the domestic version.

    • Flavio Briatore

      Thanks Strop. I added some of these players as my friend, and as you know, when a friend is online it tells you which game they are playing, but the name is in Japanese (Katakana). I’m not doubting what you say, it’s just something I noticed.

    • You could be racing with anyone anywhere in the world, so long as they’ve got the same version of the game that you do (NTSC or PAL). Many US players in our forums, for example, imported the PAL version of Prologue to race with Europeans. I recall Polyphony Digital did establish a few online events in Prologue which were open to “worldwide” participants, but that was not the case with the majority of events.

    • I see, I guess it will make a difference then, for sure. Cheers Jordan and Strop too.

    • viejaloca

      i’m glad they have world servers now. back in prologue, i’d usually be playing with 5 people followed by the daily 1 on 1 racing and be letting the other guy win because of his sportsmanship, trying to let me win.

  53. Let me change my shorts right quick

  54. J-KiLLA24

    Cool trailer. I thought they were going to announce the new release date on it though.

    • They might wait to the 26th in Madrid. Personally id rather know sooner rather than later

  55. Instrumental

    Trailer looks beautiful. At least I still have GT4 to keep me occupied in the additional wait.

  56. you know…..i just might need a “specimen collection cup” when i finally get my hands on GT5….just saying…

    • in soviet russia specimen collection cup gets you.

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      LMAO @ rydeen. in soviet russia, simulator drives you

    • GTracerRens

      IN soviet Russia Gran Turismo 5 plays you!!! Can´t wait! I hope these stickers are also on the Dutch collector´s edition.. :(

    • yea i really hope the european ce gets stickers AND the NSX i love that car^_^

  57. Wow! The sound at the end under braking was AMAZING for GT!

    Even the tire screeching in this trailer sounds so much better than before. Hopefully it’s like that in the game. Please please be so.

    Only thing I don’t like about this video is the horrible dubstep backing song. Yuk.

    But no need to be negative when you’ve got so much awesome stuff to look forward to.

    • Tire screeching is not in-game/is animated and the clips are taken from the E3 10 trailer.

    • J-KiLLA24

      not all the clips were taken from the E3 10 trailer. The in game footage of the Nissan GT-R is new.

    • i know, i ment all the “tire screeching clips” are taken from E3 10, almost everything else is new. oh and i just hate when they use controller when making those vids, the movements off the front wheels looks so stupid but anyway:/

  58. Kalekyn

    Oh my!!! Are those GT5 stickers??? Now I can’t wait any more!!!

  59. the nothing


  60. ferhound psnid

    That beauty have the game in her hand!!!!

  61. ” You’ll be able to select clothing for your A-Spec driver ”

  62. OneIsDifferent

    I just hope the sounds are like they were on that video showing the GT-R in-car. At least they promised the improved sounds some time ago…

    • Spaghettimonster

      i really doubt that. look at the speed on the wheel and then listen to the sound. is it just me or is it off? the some goes for the other engine and tyre sounds. picture and sound dont mix, i think.

    • Rotard12a

      Those sounds are straight-up, completely, unashamedly ripped from real races, just like pretty much every other official GT5 trailer.

      Go back a couple of blog entries and listen to the McLaren F1 video. That’s the kind of garbage we’re going to get. Anyone who says otherwise is just setting themselves up for massive disappointment.

      So, forget about the sound and focus on the fact that every other part of GT5 is going to be insanely awesome :)

  63. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

    whats the first thing i’m gonna do with my GT5? put those stickers ALL over my kart and helmet lol

  64. You guys go on and talk about the game, I’ll stare at the cute Taiwanese girl.. woo baby! XD

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      they’re crazy right? they’re talking about cars looking hot & discussing the looks of the blue PS3 while a few SMOKIN hot asians are standing right there? so messed up, how can you miss them? lol

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      many thanks to whoever hired these asian girls. I’m going to need a specimen cup sooner than “the holiday season”

    • Spaghettimonster

      theyre probably just as materialist as the chinese and japanese so dont think theyre much fun. they just pretend.

    • R1600Turbo

      6th picture down in the middle…

    • Peterjford

      I need to change my pre-order. I want the version that comes with the girls!

    • Yes, we need these co-pilots! :-D

  65. SHIRAKAWA Akira


  66. TK42OnE

    Wonder what “car delivery” means in that one screenshot? I know you can gift and trade cars… Wonder if it is related?

  67. WOW NEWS OVERLOAD gotta check em out!!…

  68. Stig Junior

    YES, I’m pretty sure it’s full compatible with G27, not as prologue, anyway I hope so, I cant wait for the game and that little 1:43 scale diecast Nissan GT-R Spec V

    • Detroitbb

      We can hope, but the most recent build in the store demos, the G27 clutch wasn’t working (just like in Prologue).

    • Mickeyd

      I thought prolog did have clutch but you needed to push triangle at the start of each race, but yeah hope it’s full comparable or I hut wasted some money, but if it’s ment to be a driving simulator it’s gotta have clutch support!

    • khkenni

      Yh i have prologue and G25 and the clutch works when u press triangle…

  69. Gamer GT5

    It’s really awesome you can select your clothing for your a-spec driver. That’s similar to Tourist Trophy!

    • I hope we can change it as often as we want, I can’t see a problem in this, because even cars can be painted as often as you want in GT5.

    • Autavia

      Only one set of clothes? That must equal one very neutral racing overall then. Probably all, or mostly white.
      No big deal, but I do keep fingers crossed for customizable helmets. I want my yellow striped blue piece in game!
      But since riders were customisable in Tourist Trophy, and drivers will be more than just a silhouette in GT5, I believe we can have a change of garments whenever we wish. It does open up a new slot for product placement in game. Dunnit?

  70. ferhound psnid

    I want to collect my specimens!

  71. I hope the whiskey glass and temporary tattoos come with the CE!

  72. One feature i’d love in this game is ”A TUNNEL” so you can drive the cars through an listen to the sounds of the engine……….

    • The finest tunnel for that purpose is at Trial Mountain, I tested the Jay Leno tank-car there

  73. Too awesome!!!!

    • YEA! i just want those stickers all over my G25 hehe that would be awesome and that NSX is so HOT!

  74. Palleraa

    A glass… wow nice =/

    • Super T

      Not just a glass… A “specimen collection cup” :)

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      well I hope those asian girls want to collect my specimen

    • I hope the girls come with the CE

    • Detroitbb

      I like the glass… it’s actually something that I could use on daily basis (like the wallet). I have no use for a model car.

    • GTracerRens

      I think Gran Turismo 5 itself will be for daily use already. ;) This is looking great. I hate the fact that the collector’s edition in The Netherlands only includes the game and apex, no model car or a glass or something, it’s a bit of shame cause I payed 100 euros for it which is about 120 American dollars…

    • I hope the 2 girls come with that 1 cup…no wait.

    • ^^lol

    • - SZRT Ice -

      @ Owen.C

      Clever innuendo… That could be read in so many ways…

    • Rotard12a

      @ – SZRT Ice –
      I’m not sure whether you need to look up innuendo or “2 girls 1 cup”… either way, I don’t quite think you get it haha

  75. tyv2448

    I can’t decide if that blue ps3 is ugly or cool.. maybe a little bit of both?

    • I think the blue controller is really cool.

    • it looks cool,, but it would look better in a candy blue

    • Detroitbb

      I’d buy it if it were made available for the North American market!

    • snaketus

      I’d buy it if it were made available for the European market.

    • sennarose88

      I’d buy it if it were made available for worldwide.

  76. Is the ferrari around 1:17 in game footage? Looks real.

  77. Love that girl with the GT tatoo <3


      1. I really start to love this chinese girls
      2.nice pictures/informations/video
      3.i want the SLS AMG 1:43 :(

    • snaketus

      I think she’s taiwanese.

    • Sagaris

      Taiwan is just an island. Her ethnicity is probably chinese.

    • FlareKR

      Talk about getting that W-16 revving if you know what I mean! :-D

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