PlayStation Network Service Restoration Begins Now

May 14th, 2011 by Jordan

It looks like the long wait is nearly over – Sony will begin restoring PlayStation Network services around the world over the next 24 hours. A new PS3 firmware update is already available and will be required to connect to the network when it finally does come back online in your location (SCEA is maintaing a service map for U.S. users here). Everyone will, of course, be prompted to change their PSN passwords upon signing in. Watch the video above from Sony president Kazuo Hirai for more information.

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  1. Super_Colossal

    I installed the update and went to change my password, but when I hit OK on the “You must change your password” screen, I get an error. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • brwnbrit

      I just started getting the error msg. Before the msg said an e-mail was being sent to me instructing how to change my password. I’m in Toronto, Canada.

  2. That sucks. well no choice but to wait more. Hope its just a day and no more

  3. DawgCCCP

    HAHAHAH PSN fails badly

    I seriously think the new update for GT5 will be disappointing as hell

  4. my brother papi heheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee cececekeeeeek

  5. psn was on, now its undergoing maintenance again?? same goes with my brothers ps3..

  6. I still cant sign in but i was able to do the update. It says going under maintnence. Im from California

  7. Tollolbesar

    EU NETHERLANDS  = online, if u keep getting te error message, just keep trying!! It worked for me! 

    • Jameskwondo

      Good to know I got psn updated but the gt5 server will not connect. Guess I’ll keep trying.

      James, so cal

    • DawgCCCP

      Not working in Holland maat haha word gek haha wil online actieee

  8. No new seasonal events???

  9. Germany is online as well

  10. Gturbo5

    PSN IS BACK !!!

    FINALLY !!!

  11. WannaRace1

    Back up in Stuttgart, Germany! But no real GT5 updates, other than new online dealership offerings. Was hoping to be surprised with something new for all our waiting. Oh well.

  12. nikolairaptor

    Im online in Denmark and i live in Aarhus

  13. the piston

    WOW, PSN is gonna be back online.Guess it’s time to kick peoples asses in GT5.

  14. Demon2330

    Well i am glad , My ps3 has been a bit left out by my pc over the last couple of weeks.

  15. Mine working in Seattle WA.USA
    About time back online.

  16. Tvensky

    Latvia still offline, I hope I wont get any problems cuz Latvia isnt supported by SONY and im using FINLAND user… hope it will be up soon……..

    • suntoucher

      Latvia isn’t supported?? thats not very nice is it!! shame on Sony!

  17. J-KiLLA24

    I didn’t get a email telling me to change my password…

    • geoff allan

      you don’t get an email, when you logon for the first time, you have to create a new one.

    • J-KiLLA24

      I meant was i tried to sign in then it said server connection error? o.0

    • Berlino Bear

      I got an error as well. Could it be too many people signing on at one time?

  18. Borna12345

    Croatia still down.

  19. gt5 brad gt5

    uk is online! woop

  20. geoff allan

    Scotland online!!!!

  21. suntoucher

    Yep Essex, UK online….but can’t open store etc

  22. UK – Wolves it online

  23. Andy_cowley

    Has anyone in the EU tried setting up an american account on there pc then signing into it on the ps3?? Thats gotta be a way of getting some online gaming goodness untill the EU servers come online.

  24. Ron Dietz

    Four accounts in my house, one was corrected with new password. the other three said emails are sent to change passwords, but not a single email has been received. We are locked out of sharing or trading or using on line racing, it still sucks.

  25. Spongky05

    Nothing yet in the Philippines. :( I want to play GT5 online so bad.

  26. Reaperman

    “Sorry for the inconvenience.” Way to dodge out of that apology. Now bribe me to come back, and feel free to go to hell too. Thanks Sony.

  27. WannaRace1

    Nothing yet here in Germany.

  28. figures… im stuck in italy for almost another week…

  29. MrSkyline

    Does anyone know what the free games are you can choose from?

  30. Still down in Sweden.

  31. Germany still down

  32. PSN is up in Eastern Canada and I am on right now.

  33. Botcher77

    Still nothing :(

  34. 4.07 pm UK still not up yet.

    Maybe up later tonight perhaps or within 24 hours ? Not sure….

    • You’re not allowed on PSN mate. o/

    • suntoucher

      ahhhh 24hrs of le mans, Now that was a good game….loads of le mans cars….better than that GT5 monstrosity :)

    • Lol Bazz. PSN and GT5 needs me , someone has to teach you guys how to drive…. :P Looool.

      @suntoucher…. Shouldn’t your name be ” Son Toucher ” xD

  35. after updating to new system firware…still down. Like it states in the release notes of the update this could happen. We might only being able to change passwords after some days. Boring….

  36. Nothing in Kent yet…

  37. strange how in Portugal is updating and in the UK is still down. Normally things go up first there…

    • We have the update too , I downloaded mine at local UK, 12 hours ago…. : )

  38. geoff allan

    3:30pm UK still not up in Scotland.

    Itchy fingers!!!

  39. PSN is updating!!!! lets see the result!

  40. SSRacingUK

    This article is crashing my Ipad, continuously !

  41. leadf00t79

    I got on this morning in Nevada

  42. Nothing in Ireland,yet (**,)

  43. Crang08

    It’s clearly much more important to get it up and running in the middle of the night in America than worry about Europe.

    • Jon Turner

      Well that would make sense. The servers would not get hit all at once. Using that idea would mean we might get it over Sunday night in Europe. Fingers crossed.

  44. Maramara

    No PSN in Finland, yet.

  45. Felipe Martins

    Here in brazil still nothing and there no new site for brazil or any news saying when we will be back online

  46. alex pimblett

    not yet in north west england :/ good job sony :D ^^

  47. anyone in the UK been able to sign in? if so where abouts are u?! im in the west midlands and it still dont work!

  48. suntoucher


  49. gt5 brad gt5

    I’m getting impatient, maybe thats just me.:)

  50. occasionalracer

    Man, those servers are gonna be running at max today…

  51. Gastor Marza

    I’m in London and waiting

  52. AmazeCRAZE

    It’s up in all 50 states, PR, and Canada. No word on Europe.

    • Jetsfan100

      Gdog96: that’s a great question. I was able to create my fake email address into a real one- tried the sign in again on my secondary account- and it sent a link to my (not fake anymore) email address for the secondary account. It said for secondary accounts, it would send an email, so hopefully there us a way through PSNetwork other than just email verification for secondary accounts. Good luck to everyone with multiple secondary accounts. Maybe someone will figure out another way and post it. This is just what I found, and I’m no genius )

  53. Botcher77

    Nothing in Denmark… Hope it Will be soon

    • Jetsfan100

      Good news, when I signed back in, the ticket and paints I had sent myself a month ago were there. Bad news, I couldn’t change the password on my secondary account because they send a link to the email address… the fake email address. Hopefully there is still a way to change it. Lots I want to trade to myself still

    • Jetsfan: There must be another way because otherwise how are the people who have different email adresses from when they made the account going to log in?

    • @ Jetsfan: It depends on how much fake your fake email is. If you made like “” (i.e. an existing domain) then you can just go to hotmail and create that address and the email will get to you. If you made like “” then you have more trouble…

  54. Frankpe

    Neither in Spain

  55. Not up in England yet, hoping for it to be up soon.

  56. Super T

    Which part of the UK? I’m in south east England and still no joy. Downloaded and installed the update in the early hours of this morning but still haven’t been able to sign in on any of my households accounts.

    Still on my original PS3 (plus a couple of new ones) so I’m under the impression I wont have to go through all the e-mail verification.

    The EU blogs been down or playing up most of the morning too so it looks like somethings going on at least… See you soon my American cousins. :)

    • gt5 brad gt5

      Yea im in the midlands and it still aint up yet.

    • Super T

      Oh well, just glad it’s not just me unable to sign in, instantly checked mine again after reading Lom Todge’s post. :)

      Just wondered if any of the guys from the US on my friends list would be kind enough to use any of my six b-spec bobs until we get back… Would be nice to get something out of all of them being stuck online for the past three weeks. >.<

  57. LomTodge

    The UKs back online

  58. xX_54MW1CH_Xx

    Down here in aussie, it’s 8:21pm right now, which means we’ll most likely get it overnight. Which sucks, ’cause I’ve got school tommorrow :/ Ah well, at least it’s all over.

  59. gt5 brad gt5

    Don’t think any of europe is up, ive tried to sign into my psn account on the blog. It says its still under maintanance.

  60. Smilenator

    Is anyone in Europe online yet? If so where are you?

  61. Yes! Will finally be able to play my xbox.

  62. PSN not online here in Germany.

    • gt5 brad gt5

      Yea its not online here in the uk either, anyone got a link for the regions online?

    • dani_corvette

      Still down here in Spain. Doesn’t surprise me, since we always get third world treatment :(

  63. Reprogrammed

    Please reply to me someone., is PSN up & running for people in California.

    I didt check my PS3 today.
    & im in bed & can’t go to the living room right now for some reason.

    So is it up & running?
    & when you turn on your PS3 how do you change the password?



    For Canada and ALL of U.S.! Glad the drought is finally over!

  65. No service for Vancouver yet :( Is it now on in the States!???

  66. MercilessOne

    Cheers to us Californians! PSN is up and running smooth :)

    • Brad Kinder

      Was there ever a time when you could look at a PSN friend’s trophy count and have it show up quickly? What about the friend’s names when you click community in GT5? Just wondering. It’s always been randomly laggy for me. And I can supposedly download 1000kb/sec…

  67. Well done

    I appreciate the video. I get a feeling tho that Bill Gates wouldnt make a video like this. -_-


    even slower than the last week……..staffy likes belly rubs whilst waiting

  69. Brad Kinder

    I’ve logged in! Playstation store is still down, so no DLC. Everything in GT5 is working just fine, though. I think the online dealer has all new cars. There’s a 1969 Ford GT40 for about 20million cr.

    • Brad Kinder

      I live in Southern California, in case you’re wondering.

    • I live in Australia and I can’t get online but apparently most of Australia can get online!!!!!!! If mine is not on in 2 days I’m not gonna bother with my ps3 anymore.

    • Brad Kinder

      PSN and GT5 online things are still as super slow as they’ve always been. Was kind of hoping for a speed improvement.

    • @ HVS_GTS:

      you waited 25 days without PSN and are going to ditch your system because the restoration roll out isn’t globally instant? That is really, really dumb.

    • Jameskwondo

      Awesome me too…soon as the baby takes a nap I’m all over it!

  70. Sandboxgod

    Finally I can play gt5 online along with killzone 3 again!!! SWEEEEEEETTTTTTT

  71. Vermontster

    After the install are we prompted to change our passwords or do we do it ourselves?

  72. i want that map for europe also…

  73. It’s on lol im in australia tho

  74. kirbthadrifta

    The map is showing that NY area is restored….I’m in AZ with my fingers crossed!

  75. Tollolbesar

    Got the update but no PSN login yet @ this time 04:46am UTC+1.
    Well, good news anyways, won’t be long now :)

  76. Cachaito

    I love Sony!

  77. swweeett i just tried it after GT5…and i tried the update but it didnt download/install becasue of my 90’s internet speeds!! :@

  78. FINNALY I can stop playing black ops offline and play GT5 online tommorow :)

  79. Stigsblackcousin

    Can you say, “Marathon gaming session”??

  80. PSN still doesnt work for me!

    • Yep, same for most people. They’re turning it on a few states at a time over the next several hours…….

  81. Patrocles

    It appears in the video that he is sitting in a bullet-proof booth! :/

  82. AlphaAndius

    hehe, he’s got a snazzy looking office. ^^

  83. AlphaAndius

    The nightmare is ending. XD

  84. gt4ever/ pranl

    yup same thing to me to

  85. GT5Canuck

    Booted up the PS3 before reading this.

    Was instructed to DL a new version. Did. Rebooted, installed, rebooted.

    Still says Network is down for maintenance.

    Oh, new Home version as well, but same results.


    AWESOME PSN!! ^_^

  87. Anyone able to check GT5 update/seasonals? Anything new?

  88. kirbthadrifta

    Yes I’m so excited. I hope its up when I get off work. I looked at the map that was linked and I didn’t see any states highlighted yet..but he said it would take several hours. I was starting to think the psn was Make.Believe lol

  89. TakumiFuji01

    IKUZO!! Here I come Initial D and GT5!

  90. mjay_123

    Finally, man it really wasn’t Sony’s fault. It was really the stupid hackers.

    • ERIC11940

      Your right

    • This is a difficult one.
      Sony was responsible for protecting the data of its clients and failed to do so. They know hackers exsist and they know hackers like to hack big networks. Sony didn’t have the latest in online protection as they were able to upgrade after the attack (which means upgrades were available).
      Sure, I understand that a company needs to find a balance between cost and security, but something went wrong here. I am not saying that it is Sony’s fault, but I think they might have been a bit too naive for a company that needs to protect these amounts of valuable data.
      All in all I think it is very good that they kept PSN offline this long to make sure it is safe now and I hold no grudges :)

    • Stormchasermark

      Hacking is illegal being stupid isn’t … blame the hackers not Sony

    • @ Stormchasermark:

      “Being stupid” because it’s cheaper than implementing proper security is called negligence, and it’s illegal, and that’s why there’s a class action suit forming against Sony right now.

    • Pfffft, In the states they form class action suits if two people don’t sneeze in the proper order. I’m surprised California hasn’t declared PSN to be known to cause cancer to boot.

    • Tenacious D


      Nothing is hackproof. Get a clue sometime.

    • seriously get a clue iLex. nothing is hackproof. There’s always gonna be someone who can hack the latest & greatest software. End of story, NOT SONY’S FAULT. hackers are pathetic. instead of using their skills for something usefull, they spend their time lashing out at the world because they’re still mad at the d bags in high school that picked on them. it’s pathetic & I hope these hackers are killed by hitmen that sony hires, discretely of course

  91. Sony Baloney

    Was he sweating a lot? Face shiny, collar damp, mouth dry.

    • Robot Shlomo

      You recording that and knowing there’s 70 million people hanging on your every word.

  92. cas1490

    only 24 hours more!

  93. Wohooo! It wasn’t really to bad of aa thing to happen tbh. It made me crack on with the endurance races lol

  94. Finally :D

  95. boblikepie

    lol psn I’m too excited

  96. Wooo! About time aswell :D

  97. boblikepie

    yay pan coming back

  98. Sgt_Sheep

    Best News EVAR!

    • I think this still holds that crown! :P

    • cas1490

      lol jordan is funny

    • Not for Kaz, he would’ve preferred that news on November 24, 2012 maybe! lol

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      @Jordan. This is better because it covers online for ALL the games. Not just 1. But yeah the GT5 final date was big news.

    • AstonMartinGT5

      I agree, Jordan! :D

    • agreed 100%. don’t forget how we got that news. A week before gt5 was supposed to come out they said it may be delayed until or past xmas. they gave us no info & everyone was pissed. then 2 weeks later they tell us out of the blue they say- “GT5’s gonna be out in 12 days, bitches” sorry to rain on anyones parade but that was the best news this site has been fortunate enough to report. Thanks for reminding us Jordan

  99. raybould1345

    Brilliant! Looking forward to getting back online. I’ve missed GT5 online.

  100. cas1490

    i was so excited but then i found out you still cant sign back in

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