Red Bull X2010s For All in GT5, New Seasonal Event

October 9th, 2011 by Jordan

Everybody gets a car! Sebastian Vettel just secured the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship at the Japanese Grand Prix, held at Suzuka today, and that has significant implications for Gran Turismo 5 players around the world.

As previously mentioned by Kazunori Yamauchi (and formally announced by Polyphony Digital), everyone will now receive the game’s fantasy hyper-car, the Red Bull X2010, for simply logging in to GT5 for a “limited time” (head to the “Gift” section in GT Mode to retrieve the car’s ticket). The occasion is also being celebrated with a Red Bull Seasonal Event, featuring the X2010 on Suzuka with over 5 million in-game credits up for grabs.

Congratulations to Vettel and the Red Bull team for bringing home the championship this season!

GT5 Photomode image by Sander H.

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  1. WTFnews

    vettel done a good job but thx to kaz the x2010 vettel version is now gay becouse everyone has it that’s what i say when i will be honest

  2. MYBaLLsaReB1G

    Woohoo thanks Kaz and Sebastian!! You guys have saved me from having to fix my wall with all the time I’ve punched it doing the red bull challenge. Woohoo!!!!

  3. If summit happens in the next few races like er maybe redbull do summit really stupid and get a driver or constructer points deduction, firstly PD ain’t getting this car back, secondly can we have a free merc or Ferrari if those teams win. Lol. Well done Vettel by the way. X

  4. anyone else notice how odd vets finger looks ?

    • MasterLeaf

      It looks like his middle one to me. Hopefully Forza 4 was in that general direction :)

  5. doodooshorts

    More to get excited about! Less than 48 hours till 2.0 and this now! So glad i didn’t trade this game in when i got a little bored with it a while ago.

  6. GTP_Remo

    That video was great!

  7. MadmuppGT

    Thanks Jordan that song is now stuck in my head… all day! hope youre proud of yourself!

    • MadmuppGT

      Can I ask, as this is the first time I’ve really used this car… (I’m not a race car fan I like my road cars) but this is the best car ever right? I’m asking because driving it is like being jabbed by a guy with a long pointy stick, its not painful, just really annoying and theres nothing you can do about it…

      Its like Grip, Grip, Grip, NO GRIP, TOO MUCH GRIP, NO GRIP… Wall! haha

    • MadmuppGT

      and the brakes seem to be manic depressive, one minute they’re sharp and full of life and the next they cant be arsed haha

  8. PD musta sacked the COMFORT SOFT guy…

  9. Congrats Sebastiannnnnnn!!!by the way, I’m buying GT5 (and ps3) next week… Would i get the x2010? :)

  10. Thats #3 for me -_-

  11. Alright, Now I have all 5 2010’s. Hmmmmmm, decisions decisions.
    I love this frikin’ game. and Kaz, I would let you sleep with my wife’s sister.

  12. GTP_Yamicarlos

    I think this particular seasonal event is glitched. $5.000.000 credits and 0 experience points, why? Anyway, thanks PD for the money and the car.

    • GTP_Remo

      Looks like its a “time trail” “leaderboard” type of seasonal and those don’t normaly have EXP

  13. LaserGunCarrier

    This is an amazingly fast automobile. Thanks Poly-D and Congrats to Vettel… I’M SPEEDING!

  14. jrkiwiboy

    The X2010 is the only reason I wanted Seb to win. At the start of the year I wanted Mark Webber to win (im Australian) but seeing we all get the car and possibly 5 million im quite happy he won.

  15. AaronCarlsonGt5

    im more happy about the 5 mill CR. i alredy have enough x1’s!!!

  16. Coolkat67

    A free x2010 and 5 million credits im one happy camper =)

  17. elston87

    I just bought my “own” PS3 today for GT5, and now I hear this news come around:

    Well, at least I won’t have any trouble getting back all of the stuff I had… :P


    Wow i don’t get that youtube video but i like my X1 redbull that i got though thanks GT5

    • we all get a car as well! hahahah…such a funny song

  19. HPUnleashed

    I’m actually glad Jenson Button won the Japan Grand Prix after that move Vettel made at the start of the race.

    • Well said HPUnleashed.

      It’s disgusting to see someone try and put someone else’s life in danger which such a cavalier attitude. For that move alone I would have stripped him of his championship points. I wonder if he thinks that is justifiable.

      What respect I had for him went out the window with that move.

    • @ j8mie – total melodrama. Yeah, sure Button’s life was at risk! He was totally going to be injjured!


    • just like schumacher…well he looks up to him

  20. Naruto149

    VETTEL HAS WON!!!! Congrats on winning and may you win next year too!


    lol, Jordan you are a genius for posting that video. I was in stitches when I watched that. Great Accomplishment for Vettel and an Awesome deal Kaz setup for the fans. I would love to see more of these happen, it would keep so many people engaged.

  22. Well done Vettel, good win.

    Thanks for the free x2010 ;)

  23. alexlam24

    Someone make a X1 parody of that video.

  24. NASCARFAN160

    Um…why the heck is an Oprah video in this post….


    • NASCARFAN160

      Oh, never mind, just watched the vid. Makes perfect sense. XD

  25. terminator363


  26. alshehry2009

    Thank you Kanzuri Yamauchi>>>>>>>

  27. hondaryderz

    WOOOOOOOO i’ll have 7 now :D

  28. Shame. I was hoping he was going to have a massive crash and be out for the rest of the season and someone with some real talent would win the drivers championship. Instead what we got was some cocky German who’s just in the best car.

    I loved that move he did on Button at the start. Pushing someone onto the grass at speeds over 130mph. Hardly the actions of a World Champion. More like World Chump.

    Think I’ll pass on the car thanks PD. I’ve already got one and it’s cack.

    • Take your trolling somewhere else.

    • CaptainHarlock

      Well next time maybe your car will be able to beat him. Oh, what’s that you say? Oh that’s right! You don’t have an F1 team of your own! Like I always say to people who hate the New York Yankees; go out there and beat him. Put together a support team and a car that’s capable of beating him. Till then know your role, and shut your hole.

    • killer tiller

      You been smoking crack again?? The only one with talent won the championship, hence why he won the championship genius

  29. PhillGuy

    That’s awesome… a car I will never use…

  30. Well 1:06:276 Nº 871 in the world now after 6 tries. :P Thanks for the 5.000.000 KAZ!!!!! and my 5º X2010 car!!!!

  31. GranTurismo330

    Wait. Couldn’t you just have other PSN accounts and just gift the ticket to your main account? (I am not like that so I wouldn’t do that). Just wondering.
    btw This is now my 4th X2010 (2 S.Vettel’s, 1 plain color and 1 carbon prototype). :D

    Sent from my iPad

  32. Magic Ayrton

    Too bad I already have one, grats to Vettel.. would have preferred Hamilton to do it but hey :D

  33. GranTurismo330


    Sent from my iPod

  34. teppischfresser

    that video was awesome lol. Great job Seb, I stayed up until 4:30 am after the Bathurst 1000 to see you clinch the championship. It was well worth it.

    • killer tiller

      After watching Bathurst, the F1 would have been a boring sleeping pill haha

  35. lintels123

    i hope he wins next year!!!!

  36. CaptainHarlock

    I urge everyone to just take a step back and really appreciate this. Like Michael Jordan, a talent like Sebastian Vettel doesn’t come along every day, and we’re really seeing something special here.

  37. Patrakoffman64

    Did anyone have ANY doubt he would win the championship this race?
    JB ftw yeye!

  38. tomivav

    Lol at the video! Good idea Jordan!

  39. RoarOfZonda


    but damn, thanks for another x2010..

  40. Turbunio

    great stuff whoever came up with the idea of the video ( two thumps up)

    the car is a beast! I’m running it on B-spec and its eating the competition… the car is lapping the Scudo and the Minolta TWICE on a single 10 lap race, with a 40 sec advantage per lap of the second place (suzuki escudo) I feel like I’m cheating! Muahuahuahahahaha

    Thank you VEttel for pushing Button to the grass and getting away with it!

    • dj-smurph

      Might have been the reason Hamilton didn’t get s penalty

    • LaserGunCarrier

      I know right…. Beasting on B-Spec with this whip.

  41. VicGuanajuato

    No, pues como dicen: regaladas, hasta las puñaladas! Ya tengo uno!

  42. JasonMann

    you you geta geta car

  43. Got 6 Vettel’s long time ago already & all colors of the X2010 … and Oprah’s car giving are sponsored by a car company’s – not hers. OWN Network just got pawned by who else… Oprah! it’s going down. hahaha.

  44. who wants to bet there will be a million x1 drag lobbies now. -_-


  46. VictoreX

    Oh yeah! I didnt get the Red Bull X2010, now i got one for FREE! Thanks PD

  47. Bappers

    It seems I’m one of the few who didn’t already have an X2010… Oh well, it’s all good, especially the easy 5 mil :-D

  48. Wooooooo free car, season finale of Breaking Bad, and Canadian Thanksgiving today is gonna be sweeeeeeeeet!

    • And the Winnipeg jets play the dumb old Habs today!

    • Badger-X-

      Cheers to that. Happy Thanksgiving, happy Breaking Bad & congrats to Vettel!

    • Badger-X-

      And welcome back Jets! Just watch what you say about the Habs. ;-)

  49. Got 2 brand new S. Vettel X2010s, bringing my X1 total to 6!
    1 Proto
    1 Regular
    4 S. Vettels!

    And I didn’t earn ANY of them! LoL

    • The only CAR I don’t have in the whole game (except DLC I am ineligible for, like the Gamestop NASCAR) is the X2010 prototype. Some things can’t be bought, I guess. :-)

  50. darren200cook

    I like the X2010, but I like it for grinding. 5 X2010 was enough, 6 is OTT. :(

  51. After seeing that people can go around Suzuka at just over a minutes proves that this car belongs in a arcade game.

    • dj-smurph

      If f1 had no rules this is it.

    • MadmuppGT

      It is quite a shocking thing to drive, as unpredicable as Sharron Stone in that movie where she gets her growler out!

  52. First time driving it, don’t really like it, can’t really believe i can push 1500+ HP throught the corners like that at full throttle. Seems more like Need for Speed. But i never was a friend of F1 style racing.

    • HPUnleashed

      When you have that much downforce it’s possible to take corners extremely fast, that’s why fan cars were banned from auto racing. What I do think is unrealistic though is how long your tires last in the game when driving the X2010. I don’t think they’ve designed tires yet that can withstand so much heat and pressure for more than a couple minutes.

    • Maybe, but there is no car to prove it.

  53. plantgeta

    there goes online……-_-

    • MasterLeaf

      What are you saying? Online is broke because people now have X2010s? It always was, I mean you get one for pressing buttons enough (B-Spec LV35) and to be honest, Only X2010 prototypes are prestigious any more. Oh, did I mention that tyhis is my 6th X2010?

  54. gt5fanatec

    Congrats! Nos i CAN go cet m’y second X1

  55. Turbo-Kai

    to be honest….the x2010 sucks for thel pad drivers… i got already two of them and with pad they are not really fun to drive… so it is just a matter of collectors…
    thanks pd…lol

    • HPUnleashed

      Yep, there really frustrating to drive if you only have a controller.

    • dj-smurph

      Turn down pad sensitivity to -2 and try again slows the steering down a treat.

    • IzzyDoom

      If u.adjust the sensitivity of.the.steering fine mines at 3 and it just.fine just don’t smash the analog sticks up down or left and.right too fast.or.u looze control. I’ve XD

    • MadmuppGT

      Its undrivable with a pad, pointless turning sensitivity down to -2 its still grip one minute to no grip and then too much grip… needless to say its the only car in the game that I cant but in any kind of decent lap time with. So its just going to sit in my garage and rot, while reminding me that somethings in life are free… like STDs

  56. TokoTurismo

    Congratulations Sebastian Vettel. :) We never had my doughts in you period. You really rocked the championship. Congratulations again our friend. And thank you Kazunori. :) For sharing you great imaginary car to us, you rock too. ;)

  57. ESP_Brazil

    I desire a Red Bull RB7 on DLC! \m/

    • they should’ve gave us that instead of teh x1…i have 4 and i’m gonna get a 5th one soon from b-spec leveling


      lmao Oprah is too generous

  58. FaboxSandvich

    Sweet! I Have got 3 Red Bull’s and a new Seasional Event (wich gives you 5.000.000 if you beat it, it’s easy :D)

  59. Yokumaru

    Thank you Vettel for your Title ! We all should thanks Vettel for his stunning Drive xD.

  60. I msut have really good this year, I got 2 car tickets…

  61. Tvensky

    Insane video! very funny! :D

  62. cbarbosa

    Just reporting this to everyone:

    Just entered my 2nd account and got another X2010… Is it one per IP or one per account?

    • gearninga

      I think it is one per account

    • doesn’t matter, you can’t transfer it regardless of how many accounts you have

  63. gearninga

    When i was reading the update made on the 5th of october it said we will get the fantasy x2010 how do we receive that since nothing like this has ever happened to me

  64. i love gt5 but forza was the best sounds :/

    • Badger-X-

      What are you doing here then?

    • @ Badger-X- He’s here because he loves GT5 like the rest of us.

    • Badger-X-

      That’s the part I got. I was wondering what it had to do with the Red Bull X2010s For All news article.

  65. cbarbosa

    Congrats to S. Vettel!!
    And also to PD for the wonderful gift…

  66. EnglishLoonatik

    Lol you have to earn it in a seasonal event its not free , any ive got 2 so im fine

    • gt5fanatec

      U don’t have to earn it. It’s free. The seasonal is for $$$

  67. Royboy94

    Then this will be my 2nd X2010 lol.
    Too bad you can’t sell it. :P

    • HPUnleashed

      I know, I wish I could sell one of mine too! I’ve been wanting to get some of the Pebble Beach edition cars and if I could sell one of my X2010s it would be extremely helpful.

    • blue night

      Just do the Red Bull Seasonal Event. You get an easy 5mil credits and I do mean easy. I golded it my first try with 2 seconds under the required time and I can’t even bronze any of the Redbull Special Events.

      Anyway, it’s the same one you get from Bspec mode so now I just got two of the same X2010s. I wish they gave it to us in a special color.

  68. gothenqcowboys

    Thanks for the X2010 – any chance you could throw in the red bull driver suit? :)

  69. i got gifted 3 Redbull x2010 car tickets. is that normal?

  70. Roomboter

    Yes 5 mil :)

  71. Thanx to another German for making another boring season,since 2000 there have been quite a few boring years.

    • I forgot to add, a car i don’t like and a event i will never do,i haven’t even done the special event because this car is just too unrealistic.

    • R1600Turbo

      How exactly do you know it’s unrealistic? I say we build a real one and find out…

    • The g-forces that car would pull in corners would make someone faint.
      I highly doubt that racing slicks could really corner the 130r at 430km\h.

    • dj-smurph

      The car pulls 8.75 that Is do able with out a g suit but it cannot be sustained. With a g suit then this is possible. Adrian newey did the maths this car is viable if it was ever made

    • Dave_Panic

      A g suit will only help with vertical g forces. Pulling 8 g in a corner, in a car, would snap your neck off and no flight suit in the world can handle that. What you need is scaffolding around your neck!

    • killer tiller

      It’s not vettel’s fault no one else is good enough. F1 is boring anyway

  72. RedBullFan


    • No, it’s not. All you know is that either Jenson Button didn’t win OR Sebastian Vettel scored a point or more. No information about this race is given except that – and it’s barely information since you don’t know which outcome occurred or why.

  73. Freezer445

    It’s awesome that Vettel became champion but a free X1 for everyone?Soon each server will be filled with X1’s…

  74. AnTiheLT

    Congrats to S. Vettel ;)

    And the Red Bull Seasonal Event with 5mill cr sounds nice !

  75. hywelkidd

    Looks like I’ll be firing up GT5 when I get home later then XD Great race earlier though, especially the last few laps with Alonso closing in on Button.

    • RedBullFan

      you dont fire up a game. its not an engine. you load it up.

    • alexlam24

      Who said you couldnt fire up a game? *gets blowtorch amd puts on visor*

    • R1600Turbo

      I fire mine up all the time.

    • 88FoxBodyFan

      I like to fire up SOMETHING before I play. ;)

  76. Maxymilan

    Oprah style:

    Oprah: Yes thanks Chuck, we are back after the break!

    *Oprah sound*

    Oprah: Some of you know that Sebastian Vettel just won the F1 2011…
    Good news!
    Our guest for today is Sebastian Vettel!
    Here he is!

    Vettel: Gutentag!
    *X2010 story*

    Oprah: X2010 for everybody!

    • lol!

    • LaserGunCarrier




    Great champion, this guy is one of the best talents in F1 history and he’s still so young.

  78. i love gt5

    I want to play the game right know but I can’t >_<
    I will get mine 5th Red Bull $_$

  79. Cue loads of plebs smashing in to everyone on the online roaming tracks. Do us all a favour and only use them in practice rooms offline!

    • dj-smurph

      Loads of x2010 or kick rooms

    • dening80

      Excellent point, Kaz doesn’t realize what he’s unleashed.

    • good news everyone, the spec 2.0 lobbies will allow us to filter car selection!

    • MasterLeaf

      @Lambob he might have been planning this.

  80. Yui-san

    Sheesh. The servers are overload. My game keeps freezing ><

  81. WTFnews

    i had a 1.09.507 orso

    • Raggi Boy

      i got 108.249 wiv ds3 an thts about 1880rank

  82. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing and Thank you Kaz and PD!!

  83. Yui-san

    Superb Race. Congrats to Vettel and to Red Bull!
    Anyways, Time to go get that car+5mil *turns on ps3*

  84. I’m happy I watched the race early, otherwise this would’ve been a spoiler.

    • SouthernOracle

      The only way he couldn’t win the championship is if he crashed. Not likely this season.

  85. Thanks PD and congrats Vettel… without you I would never have this car lol… now onto GT Spec 2.0! It just keeps getting better for us :D!

    Forza 4 can have all the perfect reviews in the world but the king is still the king!

    • dj-smurph

      There is a reason why gt still has people playing it from the days of ps1

    • Yes, but many play it because of the name itself. GT was always THE simulator. But now, with GT being a big disappointment for many fans, and Forza 4 becoming a seriously great and big racing simulator itself, PD can’t just rely on the name Gran Turismo anymore. They have to rethink many parts of the game for GT6, and i’m really looking forward to what they will come up with.

    • VictoreX

      Agree, Forza has no the spirit of Gran Turismo

  86. spikeyhairdude

    Congrats. Also I received my free X2010 but that now counts up to my 13th X2010

    • daics69

      maybe it’d mean more if you didn’t cheat/dupe

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      ^ Agreed, it would be my second, my first I got for a trade back when you could trade.

    • spikeyhairdude

      I’ve bought several of them just for the colour as I have mates who remote race my racers everyday. So I’ll have a lot of money. I’ve golded the x1 challenge and got the x1 from level 35 b spec. And I’ve only got 3 from trading.

    • MadmuppGT

      Somethings wrong, my X2010 seems addicted to grass and walls…

    • “daics69

      maybe it’d mean more if you didn’t cheat/dupe”

      Actually it means less, I at least had to do something besides log in to get it before.

      daics69, thank you for the laugh, you made a contraction out of “it would of” = “it’d”. LMFAO you just cheated at posting your own thought.

    • spikeyhairdude


  87. Nicky_loves_GT5

    also i like the new :P look of the site :D

    • GT_Die_Hard

      +1 It’s looking really nice Jordan, great job (again… ;p)

  88. Nicky_loves_GT5

    JAJAJAJAJA at first i was like…Oprah….then “YOU GET YOU GET YOU GET EVERYBODY GETS A CAR” xD

    • Cowboys965

      Yea that’s what I thought, and then I realized it a few seconds in xD

    • FlareKR

      *Manly squeeeeeeeeeel*

  89. fureddo

    That’s so nice! Freebies are always welcome; and what a freebie!!! ^^/

  90. AlphaAndius

    Yum, as if an X2010 wasn’t enough, they are also granting us a sweet 5,000,000 credit prize for the event.

    Oh yum. ^^

    • Striker4891

      Can u win the seasonal prize more than once?

  91. Well well! Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull, thank you very much Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital and thanks for the very amusing notification Jordan and GTP!

    • Awesome ! Thanks to PD and more importantly Mr. Vettel and his awesome skills

  92. korza493

    Yay!! A X2010 for me. A X2010 for you. X2010’s for everyone!!

  93. guailifit

    another one to my collection aready have three of them

  94. Austin864

    My third legitimate S. Vettel. Awesome. Thanks PD.

  95. right now get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. thc1driver

    i got him, ty kaz.

  97. another_jakhole

    Oh yeah, congratulations, you handsome race car driver.

    Did I do that?

  98. cornappeltje

    A free car, always nice :p

    Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel for taking the 2011 World championship!

    • FlareKR

      “Everybody gets a car!”
      Lol, awesome pick there Jordan!

  99. Honda-Crz

    When will they be up?

  100. another_jakhole


    • another_jakhole


    • SICK

    • So if webber gets 2nd (haha sure) can we get decent engine noises in 2.0??!!!

    • The nsx sounds horrid!!!!


      Just got mine

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      Awesome, 5 million credits, but still have to wait a day or two to collect it. Can’t wait to find out what’s in the dlc.

    • ghskilla

      @Biach, watch Senna’s NSX lap and compare it to GT5, it sounds pretty good to be honest.

    • MadmuppGT

      GRRRR GOD DAMN UNDRIVABLE CAR, I need a wheel or rid myself of these fists of freakin ham while I’m stuck with this controller

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      I would of prefered Mark Webber to win.

    • 07_HSV_GTS

      I’m watching F1 at the moment and Vettel just did 2 pit stops and I can’t believe how fast the pit stops are 3.7secs and 3.3secs a total of 7secs for 2 pit stops is amazing after watching Bathurst 1000 and those pit stops are 10 – 25secs each.

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      Applicants to my drift team must message me upon friend request:

      In your message please state: “DRIFT_TEAM_GT_PLANET”

    • Ghskilla, i watched multiple senna vids on youtube and the nsx sounds sooooo good!! A high reving sweet sounding V6. Turn on gt5 and it doesnt even sound anything like it! It just sounds crap. The nsx r was my favourite car in gt4 because it handled sweetly and sounded great, then they changed the sound in gt5p and i hoped they would change it back for the full game but no. The best sounding (most realistic) nsx ive heard in a game is in forza. In fact all the cars in gt5 sound crap and computer generated. Its such a letdown and is trully the most disapointing aspect of the game.

    • @ 07_HSV_GTS

      The pits a longer in bahurst due to cars re-fueling. F1 rules have changed and no longer permit refueling during races.
      If a V8 supercar were to do tyre change only the time would be very close to that of a F1.

    • payback23

      The red Bull special event challenge is really easy i got gold with 1:10 after 2-3 times. And the essayer is so fun $$$….

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