Red Bull X2010s For All if Vettel Wins 2011 F1 Championship

September 30th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Fulfilling his pledge to make important Twitter posts in English, Kazunori Yamauchi has just announced some interesting plans if Sebastian Vettel wins the 2011 F1 World Championship:

If Sebastian Vettel becomes the winner of the F1 World Championship title in the Oct. 9 Formula 1 Suzuka GP, To commemorate Vettel’s 2 year consecutive world championship title, We’ll give away the “Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” color, TO EVERYONE WHO LOGS ONTO GT5 WITHIN 1WK FROM VETTEL’S VICTORY…

Kazunori has frequently commented on Twitter about Vettel’s performance, and he is obviously a fan of the F1 superstar who was involved with the X2010’s development. Now you’ll have another reason to keep an eye on next weekend’s Grand Prix! Thanks to Adam for the tip.

UPDATE: There was some confusion about whether players would receive only the Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel “color”, or the car itself. Kazunori has since clarified his comments in another tweet, confirming the car itself will be awarded.

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  1. Oct. 1, 7:37pm

    i have him already twice…

  2. Oct. 1, 4:46pm

    Back in the old days, this car was rare.

    • Oct. 1, 5:26pm

      What old days? November 27, 2010 thru Jan 17, 2011?
      All you had to do was grind your Bob’s untill the game gave you one. Not like anybody had to have skills or anything.

  3. Oct. 1, 3:58pm

    What do we get if jenson butoon wins or fernando alonso or Mark webber lol :D :D :D :D

    • Oct. 1, 5:27pm


  4. Oct. 1, 1:23pm

    Great. Online ruined forever.

    • Oct. 1, 1:57pm

      Lack of proper racing friends perhaps?

    • Oct. 1, 4:30pm

      X2010 Aka the new Veyron.

    • Oct. 1, 7:09pm


      What about a Veyron WITH the S. Vettel paint and stickers. It would be terrible and thats why Kaz should do it. :D

    • Oct. 1, 8:49pm

      @JKcreativeworks: Nah, but lack of common sense among some online players. That’s what worries me.

    • Oct. 2, 10:48am

      it has already been messed up lol so to say forever for something that has already been done..ehhh

  5. Oct. 1, 9:42am

    He just need 1 single point and he is WC, Seb is at 309 point, while Button at second is at 185. Although the fight for second will still be exiting!. and please give us his F1 car instead!!!

  6. Oct. 1, 6:00am

    Don’t worry. Jenson won’t win. Seb has nothing to do for us.


  7. Oct. 1, 3:57am

    Oh crap sorry M8h3r

  8. Oct. 1, 3:56am

    ^Proof of illiteracy

  9. Oct. 1, 3:41am

    A 4th redbull is useless to me, I have my bspec grinding s vettel, my 0/0 s vettel and my black batmobile. COME ON JENSON

  10. Oct. 1, 3:18am

    Kaz_Yamauchi 山内 一典
    The car, not the color. #gt5 RT @burnout_pt: @Kaz_Yamauchi I’m not sure which one you’ll be giving away. The color, or the car? Thanks….

    In Kaz Twiter.
    Its the car.

  11. Oct. 1, 2:06am

    Well here it comes my number 5…

  12. Sep. 30, 11:53pm

    Im level 40/40. Ive golded all the sebastian vettel challenges BEFORE the sensitivity update plus i got the car at level 35 b-spec and i have been using remote races to get a ton of credits and have bought a X1 in every colour…

    This one better have a special colour!!!

  13. Sep. 30, 11:04pm

    I would rather prefer a cool “S. VETTEL Red Bull color” paint and decals for whatever car I want to make it exclusive, than just an other X2010 with this particular livery. Moreover, like other said before me, it even would be more fair for those who actually sweated to get it.

    It might be way more complicated to do a special livery which suits all cars (with uncut decals) than just giving an extra free car. Everyone got at least 2 of them in his garage, if not, you can easily borrow one from friends. At least the “prototype” version is more unique.

    If it was only the livery, I think Kaz would have said it in an other way.

  14. Sep. 30, 9:16pm


  15. Sep. 30, 9:12pm

    better not be a prototype, it’s one of the few cars that differentiates the people that can actually drive, aside from those who got one before the trade limit

  16. Sep. 30, 9:12pm
    Gt5 guy

    I screwed. My parents took my ps3 and I’m not getting it back anytime soon f***

    • Sep. 30, 10:41pm
      Killer Tiller

      Better start sucking up haha

    • Oct. 1, 11:03am
      Gt5 guy

      O I have lol

  17. Sep. 30, 9:10pm


  18. Sep. 30, 8:45pm

    ok if kaz was to give away a redbull car for free then he would done it months ago. no sense of the vettle challenge, you can get one at 35 b spec. we are getting the actual color

  19. Sep. 30, 7:08pm

    Rofl you win the paint not the car, everyone needs to re-read that.

    • Sep. 30, 7:13pm
      Killer Tiller

      What’s the point of getting the paint if you don’t have the car to put it on?

    • Sep. 30, 7:47pm

      You win the car, Kaz is just specifying which one, give the guy a break his English is good for a non-native.

  20. Sep. 30, 7:00pm

    I don’t even need another X2010. :/

  21. Sep. 30, 6:50pm

    any one who watches this knows that vettle owns sorry buts , no one even stands a minimal chance except button but by now they will only tie if button wins teh remaining races , now if button does tie him, vettle has won more races so its impossible unless he drops out +D free X1 !!!!!

  22. Sep. 30, 6:42pm

    It would take a miracle for anyone but Vettel to win the F1 Championship.

    Sebastian Vettel 309
    Jenson Button 185

    Races left in season 5
    Maximum points/race 25

    So, If Vettel fails to score another point for the rest of the season Button would have to win all 5 of the remaining races to win the championship by a single point.

    If Vettel scores a single point (10th place awards 1 point) and Button does anything but win every race the championship will be decided. Note that if Vettel only scored a single point in the last 5 races and Button won every race and the points were tied at 309 than Vettel would win. When there is a tie the winner is the person who wins the most races. Vettel has won 9 races and if Button wins every remaining race he would only win 7.

  23. Sep. 30, 6:16pm

    It says the ” “Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” COLOR”. Does that mean we can put a Red Bull livery on one of our cars, or will you get the X1 race car?

    • Sep. 30, 6:43pm
      Killer Tiller

      Read the above posts. It will be the car NOT the paint chip.

  24. Sep. 30, 6:15pm

    how can you buy the x2010 at level 30.its a level 40 car .

    • Sep. 30, 6:18pm

      You unlock it at Lvl 30, and win one for A or B-spec lvl 30 – but with a Red Bull livery.

  25. Sep. 30, 5:55pm

    Its not the color, for your guys information. If you check his Twitter profile, he corrects some guy about this question. He says its the car. He can’t speak English, so probably just a bad translation.

  26. Sep. 30, 5:51pm

    yeah another x1 to grind XD

    btw. the x1 was never something special that’s for sure

  27. Sep. 30, 5:44pm

    if this happens then the x2010 wont be rare anymore. people like me spend a long time saving up money, trying to do the sebastian vettel challenge or get to a high level. But millions of people are going to get them for free so the x2010 wont be special anymore.

    • Sep. 30, 5:50pm

      You didn’t read the article properly.
      “We’ll give away the “Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” COLOR” = S.Vettel LIVERY.

      But it WOULD be a great idea to give us the car itself since nearly a year has passed since GT5 release and I still don’t have my X2010.

    • Sep. 30, 6:41pm
      Killer Tiller

      And people like me bought it off eBay before Kaz brought in the restrictions hahaha. I have bronzed the first 2 SV events and will get the third eventually. Don’t need another one but I’ll take it for free

  28. Sep. 30, 5:31pm

    another X1 for pretty much all of us! Don’t let us down Vettel.

  29. Sep. 30, 5:30pm

    Seriously, people are whining about a free car. Go watch the news and get something serious to b***h about.

  30. Sep. 30, 5:11pm

    the trolling….i can just see it now *shuders*

  31. Sep. 30, 4:47pm

    Everyone can expect to get another X2010… there is no way Vettel will lose the championship lol

    • Sep. 30, 5:02pm

      If only the other drivers were so lucky.

  32. Sep. 30, 4:41pm

    Stupid, i Already have 3. 1 from aspec on from bspec and a duplicate. :(

  33. Sep. 30, 4:09pm

    Is this the same car you get just by play the game… big deal. It isn’t even hard to get.

    1) Play B-Spec.
    2) Get Red Bull

  34. Sep. 30, 4:08pm

    I´m proud to say I got mine the hard way, doing the Vettel challenge. Unfortunately, my ps3 got ylod. I got a new PS3 and I´m currently on level boredom… *cough* I mean, level 25+

    Having a free X2010 would be a great deal, instead of going through the nightmare I went to get the original one…

  35. Sep. 30, 3:52pm

    I don’t need the 3 I have from playing the game, if this has a cool paint scheme I might keep it.


  36. Sep. 30, 3:11pm

    LOL… Now I don’t need to even bother to try the Seb. Vettel Challenge or getting to B-Spec 35… :)

  37. Sep. 30, 3:10pm

    It’s a cool gesture, but I probably won’t race it until I earn it. I think it’ll be more fun that way. I would’ve rather they have given us either the RB7 or the STR2 to commemorate Vettel’s first year in F1 as a driver.

  38. Sep. 30, 3:01pm
    Mr. J Button

    I’m gonna win in Japan!

    • Sep. 30, 4:01pm

      Go Button. i really don’t NEED another X1, But if it’s the F1 Red Bull then it’s a other story

    • Sep. 30, 7:56pm

      I want an X1, but i want Button to win the championship more. GO ON, LAD!

  39. Sep. 30, 2:36pm

    Here it is … what a beautifulllllll DLC !!! XD

  40. Sep. 30, 2:34pm

    Level 35 you mean.

    • Sep. 30, 2:34pm

      Disregard this. I accidentally posted this. It was meant as a reply to someone else’s.

  41. Sep. 30, 2:22pm

    Why give me the vettel paint if the X2010 is not in my garage?

  42. Sep. 30, 2:22pm

    Gotta love the X1’s

    Hey wait a minute

  43. Sep. 30, 2:15pm

    It finally happened…I just blasted myself out of my office with my own vomit from the sight of people complaining about this…

  44. Sep. 30, 1:56pm

    Why doesn’t he just give us the cars right now? Vettel is 124 points ahead with 5 races to go. 25 points are awarded for 1st place. He literally needs 1 point to win the championship, and that’s assuming the 2nd placed driver wins.

    • Sep. 30, 2:10pm

      Damn. I just got an x1 yesterday from B-spec.

  45. Sep. 30, 1:43pm

    Nice. Even though I already have this car, it’ll be nice as a gift and mess around car. :)

    • Oct. 2, 4:35pm
      Bobert power

      My sixth X1 will be yet another Vettel

  46. Sep. 30, 1:34pm

    That’s pretty cool, although I’m not a fan of the X2010… or Vettel… or Red Bull… but it’s a nice idea all the same. How about some more… DTM, LM, Rally, etc. ;)

    • Oct. 1, 6:53pm

      I agree. They should definitely add some more rally raid cars. :D

  47. Sep. 30, 1:21pm

    Great! The third completely unnecessary X1 ill have…

  48. Sep. 30, 1:07pm

    LOL it’s not very likely he’ll he won’t, should have came up with this at the beginning of teh season..there’s no way he’s not going to be crowned champion..well there is but odds are slim to nil

    • Sep. 30, 1:08pm

      wth am i going to do with 4 X1s…rather have a dif color then the redbull colors

  49. Sep. 30, 12:51pm

    At least i can replace my one that has over 170000km’s since unfortunately Vettel should tie it up next weekend.

  50. Sep. 30, 12:44pm
    Ken Barth

    Or do they mean the F1 2011 Game LOL!

  51. Sep. 30, 12:40pm

    I have 2 already, both at 0/0…why the hell would I need a third, PD? -_-

  52. Sep. 30, 12:27pm

    Its the Paint color of the car you get, not the car !

    • Sep. 30, 4:40pm

      WHY they would do that? It’s the car.

    • Oct. 1, 4:29pm

      Sorry, i keep posting this…..
      There was some confusion about whether players would receive only the Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel “color”, or the car itself. Kazunori has since clarified his comments in another tweet, confirming the car itself will be awarded.

  53. Sep. 30, 12:21pm

    dont really need another copy..
    anyway theres no way he’s gonna lose with only one point needed unless he drops dead before the next race :D

    • Sep. 30, 5:16pm

      Then still Button has to win

  54. Sep. 30, 12:17pm

    I would have preferred if PD would give us all the RB7 F1 instead so we can have something different to race the Ferrari F1’s.

  55. Sep. 30, 12:13pm

    That would be a third one for me :( One from x1 event, one from level 35 b-spec.

  56. Sep. 30, 12:06pm

    Can’t wait … Not got one yet !! Full nurburgring in under 3m30sec … Yes please !!

    • Oct. 1, 4:24pm

      goodluck with a 3’30” lap of the ring with zero mistakes.

  57. Sep. 30, 12:06pm

    Some valid points, I mean the car is just silly fast, I doubt humans could withstand the cornering G’s it generates and place it accurately on the road unless it came some anti-gravity racing suit. Still it is nice gentleman’s gesture from Kaz. I was lucky to briefly met Seb at the Melb. GP, he struck me as a really sincere fellow. Best of luck for the rest of the season SV.

    • Sep. 30, 6:47pm

      Jetfighters? just sayin…

  58. Sep. 30, 12:04pm

    I would rather we get a DLC of Kaz’s 24h Nurburgring GTR car!

  59. Sep. 30, 12:01pm
    Big Ron

    Didn´t you all noticed, that the quote sais “color” and not “car”?

    Anyway I am not interested in the X2010, not even someone give it to me.

  60. Sep. 30, 11:59am

    IF he wins?
    He’s already won pretty much…

    and I hope he doesn’t win. I don’t want a 3rd s. Vettel X2010 in my garage -.-

  61. Sep. 30, 11:50am

    It’s a sure thing :D Sebastian is stronger every day.

  62. Sep. 30, 11:46am

    The color, not the car people…

    • Sep. 30, 12:13pm


    • Oct. 2, 9:59pm

      The. “color” does not exist. Lol, so the car it is.

  63. Sep. 30, 11:26am

    So basically if Vettel scores a single point in the next 5 races then? May as well just give us it now, if this season had turned out to have a similar conclusion to last year’s season, then maybe.

  64. Sep. 30, 11:25am

    I actually don’t have one of these yet! Nice!

  65. Sep. 30, 11:24am
    Aqua F1

    Oh god, as if it weren’t bad enough!

  66. Sep. 30, 11:22am

    Sweet! I’d gladly take it…what is funny is clearly Kaz doesn’t realize that most fans log into GT5 daily!

    • Sep. 30, 12:12pm

      hahaha Well, those people who never log in anymore are screwwwwed. Spec 2 coming, they probably don’t even know about it. Yes internet, but not everybody spends any time looking at gaming news.

  67. Sep. 30, 11:20am

    I’d rather have the suit and skid lid, not sure why i’d need the car again.

  68. Sep. 30, 11:17am

    Online will be forever ruined.

    Lets Hope Spec 2.0 addresses this.

    • Sep. 30, 11:32am

      Just limit the PP.

    • Sep. 30, 12:11pm

      You can do that?


    • Sep. 30, 4:27pm

      Do you have friends? Problem solved if you do.

  69. Sep. 30, 11:10am

    Worth selling? I have the S. Vettel one from coppering the Vettel challenge already.

    Plus, how much is it worth for selling one X2010?

    • Sep. 30, 11:18am
      Scuderia Paul

      Nice as I have yet to buy an X2010. I do not particularly like it, as it feels so odd to drive, but it would be rude to say no to a free one.

  70. Sep. 30, 10:54am

    “Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” color COLOR not the car NOT THE CAR

    • Sep. 30, 11:05am

      What are you going to put the colour onto then genius?

    • Sep. 30, 12:10pm

      lol not the car

    • Sep. 30, 12:10pm

      It’s a hell ride.

    • Oct. 1, 4:21pm

      There was some confusion about whether players would receive only the Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel “color”, or the car itself. Kazunori has since clarified his comments in another tweet, confirming the car itself will be awarded.

  71. Sep. 30, 10:40am


  72. Sep. 30, 10:39am

    gawd the whingers are level 40/40 and i still learn alot…

    • Sep. 30, 12:09pm

      Well, those whingers just want the people who don’t have it already, to spend the time, that the people who do have it, “wasted” to get it.

    • Oct. 1, 4:21pm

      Yeah, but those who get it free won’t be able to drive it because they haven’t persevered with the Vettel challenge.
      I don’t mind it being given away free, i got alot of pleasure from trying to bronze with a DS3. I finally did it by sticking with it and getting some sort of ability driving the X2010. I also got 1 by hitting Level 35 in B Spec/

  73. Sep. 30, 10:35am

    So basically everyone will get one. All Vettel has to do is get points in Japan and he has won the championship. Yay

    • Oct. 2, 2:41am

      Just 1 point, to be exact.

  74. Sep. 30, 10:35am

    third here too,but my 2 have heaps of miles on em…… the dealership X2010 paintable??

    • Sep. 30, 10:55am

      2008 championships…The ferrari was superior…

  75. Sep. 30, 10:33am

    Come on Jenson, Lewis, Alonso and Webber. Just need Massa to wipe out Vettel then we can have a far more interesting F1 World Championship.

    It’s the best car that’s won this year, not the best driver. Shame.

    • Sep. 30, 10:43am

      The best car wins pretty much every season.

    • Sep. 30, 12:05pm

      So are you saying engineers suck for doing their best? How DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sep. 30, 4:11pm

      What a pathetic comment… ya Vettel is not the best driver, cause you don’t feel the F1 season is interesting? Shame on your envious view. Vettel will be a dominant force in F1 for at least the next 10 years. I can already see him in Ferrari overalls in the near future.

    • Sep. 30, 4:25pm

      Really? Explain why Mark Webber hasn’t been anywhere near as successful in the same car then.

  76. Sep. 30, 10:26am

    That will my 14th X2010… D’oh

  77. Sep. 30, 10:25am

    How about some NEW DLC Cars? CTS-V? ZL-1 Camaro? Something? I only play GT5 now when a new Seasonal Race comes up. Which I finish that night. Check my used dealership…..which usually turns up nothing interesting, and then I turn the PS3 off for another week. GT5 has become EXTREMELY repetitive. Xbox is about to release Forza 4. They might be wise to crossover to the PS3 platform as well. I would buy a copy.

    • Sep. 30, 11:30am

      Join a racing league.

  78. Sep. 30, 10:23am

    and if Vettel beats the track record, Kaz should give us all carbon X2010 instead!!!!! GO Vettel GO!!!

    • Sep. 30, 4:53pm

      That I support!

  79. Sep. 30, 10:23am

    Haha, “if”…

  80. Sep. 30, 10:22am

    Indeed, this is a very nice gesture, but I recall my journey to acquire the Red Bull x2010….. it took me about a full week to get this thing playing about 4 hours a day, and even to this day I have only ever bronzed. I remember sitting in my sim seat and having my hands clamped to that damn G27 for hours a day, drinking RED BULL (yup, I was in the spirit alright)!

    So many close calls… so many times I almost bronzed Nurburgring, one time I was off by about .15 seconds or something ridiculous, my heart was pounding so many times just thinking… “OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO DO IT I’M GOING TO DO IT!!!”. I still remember spilling my red bull in the cup holder when I finally BRONZED this, because I pumped my fists so hard it just sloshed everywhere (G27 unaffected, carpet soaked).

    Then… I remember the horror I felt when a week after bronzing, they made it easier to bronze each track by something like 10 seconds. I could have done it in like 45 minutes if I had of just waited another week to try the event.

    Now they are going to give the damn thing away FOR FREE! I mean, good for everybody getting one now, they are a blast to drive (even if they do completely ruin your mental calibration for driving the real-world production cars in the game when you try to switch back from driving the X2010). I just can’t believe the struggle I went through (not talented enough to Gold, I won’t even try), and now it’s FREE!

    It’s bitter-sweet is all I guess.

    • Sep. 30, 5:08pm

      i did almost the same thing, except it was one weekend. i bronzed the first two easily on the first day. then came susuki……. SIX HOURRS later i was literally off by .07 of a second. my reaction was by no means “g” rated, my only saving grtace was the fact i was home alone and could spend another three hours before finally bronzing it. with a controller no less. and i had the same reaction as you when i read this……uter dismay.

  81. Sep. 30, 10:17am

    We believe in you Sebastian Vettel. :) 100% by your side on the track. :D

    • Sep. 30, 4:52pm

      He already won championship! Look at the points, it’s a massacre
      Driver Team Points
      1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 309
      2. Jenson Button McLaren 185
      3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 184
      Next race: Japanese Grand Prix, Oct 9 2:00am

  82. Sep. 30, 10:07am

    It’s nice that they are rewarding loyal customers, but I think that this was the one car in the game that you actually had to work to get, and it was so rewarding when you got it, and to give it away is a little disappointing.

    Maybe there will be a Red Bull X2011 coming with the DLC…?

    • Sep. 30, 12:04pm

      That’s highly doubtful. The X2010 took a great effort to create. Plus, it’s supposed to be just the one epic, unrestrained car. It isn’t a car that’ll spur future generation models.

    • Sep. 30, 12:06pm

      If it weren’t as time-consuming, I would love to see another one.

    • Sep. 30, 4:24pm

      Or perhaps a new livery just to seperate this one from the one already present in the game. Wouldn’t be too difficult to reskin a car I imagine and wouldn’t take much time.

  83. Sep. 30, 10:01am
    You sure?

    Niiiiiissssshe (Sean Connery). But mostly unfair to those of us who have DA SKILLS

    • Sep. 30, 12:00pm

      Prestige, you mean? lol

    • Sep. 30, 4:22pm

      Can’t be that unfair since its a limited time offer.

    • Sep. 30, 4:52pm
      Sean Connery

      There can only be one, Vettel!

  84. Sep. 30, 9:58am

    Like it, I have one but another one is always welcome (now I can let my B spec use the older one and I use the new).
    I wish we could get his helmet and driving suit!!

    • Sep. 30, 9:59am

      You should use the older one yourself, GT5 has an engine ‘running in’ period, cars gain power over the first 5000 miles or so. if you do all the engine rebuild and oil change then you will find that a used car has more power and PP than it’s brand-new counterpart.

  85. Sep. 30, 9:57am

    I think I can have another one =)

  86. Sep. 30, 9:54am

    I’d rather wait for the F1 collection dlc package ….an F1 race car from red bull, mclaren, Mercedes, ferrari, lotus, and a Renault….all wrapped up neatly with the Singapore circuit (or spa) ;-)

    • Sep. 30, 10:23am
      Rob Haswell

      Of all the circuits you could wish for it would be Singapore?

    • Sep. 30, 11:22am

      I do not think that would be possible due to licensing issues, as mentioned above. It’s solvable, but I can’t really see it happening. I think FOM wants to keep the cars to their own series exclusively.

    • Sep. 30, 4:20pm

      Well, you’ve got a big obstacle in the way of that (in terms of licensing anything other then Ferrari) and its a guy named Bernie.

  87. Sep. 30, 9:50am

    I think it was a misunderstanding since his English skills are not the best ;) I think he meant to say the X2010 in the S.Vettel livery.

    • Sep. 30, 9:52am

      that’s the paint job, no?

    • Sep. 30, 9:57am

      I kinda hope it does, imagine painting something stupid with the redbull livery? Nissan Micra anyone? haha

    • Sep. 30, 2:43pm

      Cant be possible. There is aLe Mans Blue with Red Stripes in-game, and if you put it on any car you won’t get the stripen, unless you put it on the corvette c5 premium.

  88. Sep. 30, 9:45am

    Doesn’t Kazunori’s post say the ‘”Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” color’???

    Doesn’t sound like the car to me, just the color. Correct me if I’m not reading it properly :-)

    • Sep. 30, 9:48am

      Thats what it sounds like to me

    • Sep. 30, 11:49am

      haha you’re interpreting that wrongly. The X2010 has multiple liveries so that’s why you probably think it’s just the color we’re getting.

    • Sep. 30, 1:02pm

      Actually it might really be the colour. It says “We’ll give away the “Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel” color”
      If it was the car it should say We’ll give away a Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel. Injured, what you’re saying about the multiple liveries is true, but those with other liveries aren’t the S.Vettel Red Bull x2010, those are the Prototype and the regular one with the diferent colours.

    • Oct. 1, 4:12pm

      “There was some confusion about whether players would receive only the Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel “color”, or the car itself. Kazunori has since clarified his comments in another tweet, confirming the car itself will be awarded.”

  89. Sep. 30, 9:44am

    So I spent months getting myself to level 40 in A-Spec, not to mention earning 20,000,000 credits to buy this thing, and now you can get it for free?

    • Sep. 30, 9:48am

      This is the S. Vettel edition which you can only win golding the S. Vettel X-Challenge or getting B-Spec Lvl. 35. The 20 million Cr. X2010 only has a standard livery.

    • Sep. 30, 9:56am

      Bronzing, not gold …

      Gold give you a “carbon” version.

      Well, it will be my 7th X1 … woo …

    • Sep. 30, 9:56am

      @wallbreaker, x2010 RB livery is for all bronzes. silver is the coloured one and gold is the prototype.

      Lvl 40 in Bspec also gives you the RB one, so this’ll be my third one in the RB livery! woo! lol, wish he’d let us sell the bleeding things though…

    • Sep. 30, 9:58am

      you can also buy it at lvl 35…

    • Sep. 30, 4:07pm

      You win it at 35 B-spec, you can buy it at 30 for either A or B spec.

  90. Sep. 30, 9:44am

    awesome :D i’m mclaren fan but vettel has been supreme this year, a deserved world champion :D to win it at suzuka as well would be very special :D

    • Sep. 30, 10:40pm

      It’s been so so boring this year. I watch the start of the race, see Vettel create a 10 second lead in a matter of laps, then go to bed lol…

    • Oct. 4, 2:16am

      I think he doesn’t deserve the title of world champion, he only wins because his car is the best, its just faster than the other cars. But, only because a RedBull X2010 will be rewarded to all of us: GO VETTEL!

  91. Sep. 30, 9:43am

    I don’t. I only get about 2 hours of play time per month. Please Vettel, PLEASE do this for me!!

    • Sep. 30, 10:07am

      Don’t think you have anything to worry about there…he’s only got to get one point and the title is his, lol

    • Sep. 30, 11:19am

      Play b spec when you don’t have time to play. once you get to level 25 you get one just for that.

    • Sep. 30, 4:34pm

      I think it’s level 35 A-spec or B-spec that nets you the x2010.

    • Sep. 30, 6:31pm

      ok your both wrong lol. It’s right in between that. Lvl 30 and you get a free x2010.

    • Oct. 1, 12:56am

      It’s level 35 B-Spec and you get a free X2010, and Level 30 A-Spec unlocks the challenge to EARN a freee X2010. Depending on your times in that challenge determines what sort of livery it’s in.

    • Oct. 1, 12:59am

      Nope. I’m not wrong. It’s 35.

    • Oct. 1, 4:07pm

      Wow Vortex, you’re so sure you’re right?

      Level 35 B Spec gives you the X1

  92. Sep. 30, 9:42am

    they should put the RB7 and RB8 in the game

    • Sep. 30, 9:47am

      That´s not possible due to license restrictions by Mr. B. Ecclestone…

    • Sep. 30, 11:58am
      Big Ron

      Why not? Ferrari did it, too.

    • Sep. 30, 1:01pm

      Big Ron> Ferrari has certain exceptions to brands, logos, trademarks, etc.

  93. Sep. 30, 9:42am

    Is there anyone who doesn’t have one of these by now?

    • Sep. 30, 10:37am

      First post haha

    • Sep. 30, 1:05pm

      Yep ME! hahaha

    • Sep. 30, 3:45pm
      SKOT Free

      I don’t have one but that’s because I don’t care really….But for free i ‘d take it!

  94. Sep. 30, 9:42am

    Well, Its not really an “if” he wins, because even though he hasnt mathematically won yet, in his mind and everyone elses, he has won. And thats a good thing, because I only have a DS3 and cant do the vettel challenge.

    • Sep. 30, 9:56am

      Yep its pretty much guaranteed that he has the Championship… I just hope Webber comes in 2nd or 3rd.

    • Sep. 30, 10:08am

      What do you mean you cant do Vettel challenge with DS3?

    • Sep. 30, 10:22am
      Rob Haswell

      He could crash out or suffer a failure. That just means he’ll win it at one of the other five races (but no free X2010s for us)

    • Sep. 30, 10:24am

      I hear that, its damn near impossible to control that car with a DS3, it either slides off the track or grips too much and slams into a wall… it actually feels more like a car that should be on Ridge Racer

    • Sep. 30, 10:29am

      I got all golds with a DS3 so it can’t be impossible.

    • Sep. 30, 12:57pm

      It’s not impossible, just a whole lot harder because you can’t control the steering that well. I’ve only managed to get all the bronze trophies, that’s why I was hoping Kazunori was going to give us the prototype not the basic X1 you get after winning the bronze trophies.

    • Sep. 30, 12:58pm

      same here DS3 ftw!!

    • Sep. 30, 1:01pm

      I wish you could sell the X2010 for at least 10 million credits, then I could get those Pebble Beach and 20 million credit cars.

    • Sep. 30, 1:02pm

      ^^^^ How’d that get up here? It’s supposed to be by itself!

    • Sep. 30, 4:25pm

      For those who are saying they got all golds with a controller, they got them after the update that had the steering sensitivity option added.

      Before that, getting bronze was like getting gold.

    • Sep. 30, 4:28pm

      It is pretty much a done deal.

      Here is a run down for those not following F1.

      There are five races to go offering a maximum of 5×25=125 points and with Vettel 124 points in the lead he needs just one point to seal the deal.

      If Vettel scores no points in the final five races then Jenson Button he pass him but only by winning all five races. If Vettel gets the one point and Button wins the five races they will be on equal points and then Vettel wins due to having the most race wins.

      Just based on statistics Vettel is like 99% sure to get 1 point in Japan. In the 14 races so far he has 1st or 2nd every time except once where he “only” came in 4th. Finishing 10th will bring the needed 1 point.

      Vettel and the soft drink team is that good :-)

    • Sep. 30, 4:49pm

      The hell are you saying. It’s A LOT easier with the DS3 than the wheel. It’s like controlling a toy.

    • Sep. 30, 5:51pm

      But what if somehow he cannot complete the race? Man if that happens I whould be very frustated. But it can happen, so let’s all cheer toggether!

    • Sep. 30, 7:46pm

      @GTeeh”For those who are saying they got all golds with a controller, they got them after the update that had the steering sensitivity option added.

      Before that, getting bronze was like getting gold.”

      I got my bronze’s before that (and the super easy times were introduced), they were probably just as hard as all golds are now.

    • Oct. 2, 8:51pm

      I don’t really care if he wins or not, I have the Redbull X1 and there is no point in even having them in the game they are s***

    • Oct. 4, 5:52am


      I’ve raced with both DS3 and Logitec G27, and although using a wheel is more realistic and harder work, you get nowhere near that range of control with the DS3. With the DS3 It’s harder to match revs, harder to judge steering input in and out of corners, harder to judge brake pressure. There is more physical travel in the pedals and the wheel itself than in the triggers and stick on the DS3. It easier to use Manual Transmission on the wheel too. I ain’t moaning, this game rocks and I make the DS3 work for me with set ups.

  95. Sep. 30, 9:41am

    soo how exactly can i get red bull ??
    keep my ps3 on for week or what?

    • Sep. 30, 9:54am

      How did you come to that conclusion? It says log on within a week of him winning it and you’ll be gifted it, so when he wins it in Japan on October 9th log on before October 16th and you’ll be gifted it.

  96. Sep. 30, 9:41am

    Please send a prototype instead, i already have the Vettel x3

  97. Sep. 30, 9:40am

    Lets go Vettel

    • Sep. 30, 4:47pm

      He’s already won, look at the points

      Driver Team Points
      1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 309
      2. Jenson Button McLaren 185
      3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 184
      Next race: Japanese Grand Prix, Oct 9 2:00am

      I’m only looking foward to Button kicking Alonso’s arrogant a$$ to hell.

    • Sep. 30, 5:38pm

      Hypothetically, Jenson wins the final 5 races. He wins 25 points a race.

      25 * 5 + 185 = 310

      Sebastian Vettel finishes 11th or worse every race. He wins 0 points per race, keeping his total at 309.

      It’s not over just yet… though there is only one person left who can stop him, and it’s virtually impossible to do so.

    • Oct. 1, 8:50am

      It takes an arrogant a$$ to know an arrogant a$$ so FlareKR is speaking of personal knowledge!

      anyway…as mentioned above it would have been cool if KY gave us the X1 with SV’s current livery!

    • Oct. 1, 2:55pm

      @ Patrocles
      Of course, my personal knowledge trumps all :-).

  98. Sep. 30, 9:40am

    Another one to the pile lol come on Vettel!!!!

    • Sep. 30, 4:54pm

      Oh dear God, the lobbies are going to be a hell hole of X1s in October. Just in time for Halloween!

    • Sep. 30, 4:54pm

      Edit: Nooboween

    • Oct. 1, 4:22am

      Flooded by the five people left who don’t have one allready? Yah that’ll be hell.

  99. Sep. 30, 9:39am

    That would be my third then, LOL

    • Sep. 30, 9:57am

      Diddo. Too bad its not a paintable one, but I understand. I’d rather have the RB7, but we all know that isn’t in the cards.

    • Sep. 30, 11:04am


    • Sep. 30, 12:53pm

      Same here…

    • Sep. 30, 1:00pm

      No X2010 is paintable?

    • Sep. 30, 4:45pm

      Same, Something other than another dumb F1 Ferrari.

    • Oct. 1, 12:46am

      It would be my second X2010 Redbull.

  100. Sep. 30, 9:38am

    AWESOME! I don’t have one yet LOL!

    • Sep. 30, 1:25pm

      Why not make a new premium model of vettels winning F1 redbull car, and give to us on xmas when he wins…… Most people have X1’s by now lol

    • Sep. 30, 3:20pm

      I really do not think we are getting the actual race car, but one of the colors. If you guys read the tweet more closely, no where does it actually say we are getting the car itself. But it does say we are getting the color.

    • Sep. 30, 4:06pm

      I see what your saying, I think that we’ll get the car but it will be in that color, the S. Vettel decals. Kaz wouldn’t rip off people like that and there isn’t an S. Vettel paint chip.

    • Sep. 30, 4:44pm

      He has 303 points, he already won. He can walk backwards in his track shorts on Suzuka and by the amount of points still win the F1 championship.
      Thanks for the free X1. I’ll be ready to pick it up on the 9th.

    • Sep. 30, 5:30pm

      Does this mean that it will only happen if he wins it in Suzuka? The only way he could not win is to end up crashing or somethin’

    • Sep. 30, 5:34pm

      FOM (Formula One Management) owns the rights to all the cars and car designs in Formula 1, save for one team (Scuderia Ferrari), the longest surviving competitor in F1. They’ve essentially been grandfathered into their contract that gave them the rights to the designs/liveries of their cars. FOM licenses are required for the use of the other cars and liveries. I would love a Red Bull F1 car, or even a Toro Rosso though. I’d love to see/feel the difference between a top tier team and a mid tier team.

      While statistically minute, there IS a possibility that Sebastian Vettel could lose. The ONLY driver who can stop him is Jenson Button, who would need 5 wins in a row to pull ahead. That’s assuming Vettel crashes out or finishes 11th or worse every race. Considering he hasn’t crashed out of a race all year, and his lowest finishing position is 4th at his home GP, I don’t see that happening.

      But yeah, he’s pretty much got it in the bag. He only has to score 1 point for the next 5 races.

    • Oct. 1, 4:38am

      Go vettel hope you win

    • Oct. 3, 5:12pm

      Omg really I already have 9 x1’s..I knw some ppl don’t have none but the game give one anyways..they should give us vettels winning car if he wins

    • Oct. 3, 5:13pm

      Omg really I already have 9 x1’s.I knw some ppl don’t have none but the game give one anyways.they should give us vettels winning car if he wins

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