GT5’s New Route X Circuit: First Drive at Tokyo Auto Salon

January 14th, 2012 by Famine

This short, 1’42 video shows the first action seen at Gran Turismo 5’s new “Route X” track, announced earlier in the week.

Though most of the colossal 30km track remains under wraps at this point, this video shows a gamer attempting a Max Speed Test on the 12km straight using the Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel.

While comparisons have been drawn to Volkswagen’s phenomenal facility at Ehra-Lessien (which has a 9km straight that is impossible to see either end from the middle, due to the curvature of the Earth), little information exists about the remaining 18km of circuit, with GT5 fans remarking on architectural similarities to the infamous Tokyo Bayshore Route.

Thanks to SHIRAKAWA Akira for the tip!

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  1. I wonder if AI will slam their brakes when coasting into the 2.5km long apex

  2. Elitekilla29

    All u going to see is route x straight down the list when u enter the lobby lol. Also when u go into a drag room, all u going to see is red bull cars.

  3. Livedog

    Why do people conclude that Route X is an oval???

  4. I d like to see the application of 1/4 mile

  5. Welsh-Fury

    New Seasonal Event:

    “Like the Wind”
    – Route X

    I’m just sayin’. XD

    • yeah :D

    • TokoTurismo

      You’re so right Welsh-Fury. :D That could maybe another reason to have this track. :) Can’t wait. ;)

  6. kelpat14

    I was really hoping for another classic circuit like Spa. I don’t really understand why so many people can’t wait to drive in a straight line, that’s very boring. At least most of the new cars will be cool.

    • TokoTurismo

      Well. To test your cars power, especially for drag racing online. Then after when you think it’s power is right, take it to the track and see how well it can outmatch the other cars. Well that’s how I see it that is…

  7. I had a dream that I saw a map of this track, and it had loads of squiggly lines. So take from that what you will :-|

  8. Naruto149

    I’m pretty sure that “Route X” is actually “Route X2011″.

  9. TokoTurismo

    I wonder if theres gonna be a present if buying this DLC and the rest, I like that. :)

  10. this is going to be amazing, i have 550 cars and i can test them all standard and then see how the mods make a difference!
    they must have gave the game another 200hrs of pure enjoyment with this track.
    thanks kaz and keep up the great work on dlc
    p.s don’t forget the venom gt 1200hp model…..what a car!!!

  11. I would much rather have seen the Ascari race resort and the Paul Ricard Test Track which has multiple layouts that one can use
    but hey beggars cant be choosers…

  12. HKSBro92

    R.I.P. Special Stage Route 7 and the long strip in Circuit De La Sarthe…you’re no longer needed :)

    • Komojojo

      That’s what I thought :)

    • pinpin890

      good bye long curves and bumpy straights …hello flat straight with banked corners

    • diegorborges

      Hmmm I think they are all different animals… I like the SSR7 “illegal street” mood and driving fast on la sarthe bumps its so damn thrilling…

  13. LR-MR-Cole

    Looks like no drag racing on this track

  14. addythebady

    mint kaz, what track is it tho at first i was going to say nardo then just looked it up and nardo is under 8mile long and hasent got a bridge in it lol plus never new nardo had a handerling track just looked it up on google earth. im looking forward to it anyway defo going to buy it gt5 keeps getin beta and beta

  15. Bogie 19th

    Horrible track.

  16. Wow, it’s darn long. I love it.
    Thanks Kaz, ur awesome…:D

  17. JKcreativeworks

    Gonna buy this, just because.

  18. SkateNj

    We better be able to use the banking.

  19. poolhaas

    Lol, straight line… “Better use my racing line assist” :)

  20. rumblina

    482.30kmph.. wtf!!!

  21. He should make another video when going backwards on the track, that way we could see more of the track within demo time limit.

  22. Big Ron

    I am pissed, that all those GT-fanboys don´t accept other opinions as “wow, amazing”, “thanks PD” and other stuff. If someone doesn´t like it or finds, that 30km are too long, just accept it, fanboys. It isn´t everythin perfect, just because it´s made by PD.

    • another_jakhole

      No it’s just your attitude, you anti-fanboy?

    • another_jakhole


    • No anti-fanboy. Just a player with an objective point of view and sense for criticism.

    • people like the track a lot DEAL with it. I think those people’s opinions far outweigh your opinion.

    • another_jakhole

      the MAJORITY of people’s opinion outweigh his loud opinion, FOR SURE.

    • TokoTurismo

      Oh shut up Big Ron, seriously. Why are you still giving trouble you big BABY. It’s not your opinion, now it’s just your ANNOYING attitude. Honestly like GO AWAY if you’re still finding this track a big deal mr. whiner.

  23. Normalaatsra

    This track is also too long for the X2010!!!
    Well now with enough space for drafting, we now can see how fast can it go.

    Also, what if an object of interest is somewhere around the track you want a photo of with a certain car? **Drives for 10 minutes** Got it!

  24. SEIDO463

    I wonder… is it a point to point track? That would be sweet… start out on the long epic straight then it may end in twists and turns…

    Who knows…

  25. syjones1

    This is great! As you know I really struggle driving in a straight line. Overall I’m totally in favour of the DLC but it’s just one missed opportunity after another.

  26. markEmarc

    after couple of hours on this track it will become boring,i love gt5 but very rarely play these days,every dlc they bring out should have at least 3 new tracks in it,not 1 track that goes in a straight line,very easily pleased u lot,

  27. chrishan

    Would’ve loved the original facility of Volkswagen in Ehra-Lessien… Imagine it!

    But this is great, too! :D

  28. zuperkiwi

    Lol the driving line is on :)

    Steering wheel is wobbling like hell!

  29. Komojojo

    Omg it’s like a japanese version of Ehra-Lessen! :D Can’t wait for it!

  30. GT HP Nut

    WTF Racing Line Assist for a 10 km-long straight/oval?!

  31. Gturbo5


  32. Osr20_L

    DAMN !! Thats a loooooong track

  33. uMadson?

    So many people complaining about this track.

    Do you even know that the previous GT installments have a speed testing feature, and GT5 doesn’t even have one until this came out? At least PD took note of what they forgot and release these to us. If you don’t like it, shut up and don’t buy it.

  34. Fantastic for all purposes.

  35. montecarlo87

    As much as I loved the Special stage 7 for it’s long straights able to let the highspeed cars stretch their legs I didn’t care for the little turns in the track making it impossible to stick full speed all the way through.

    Now we have a track capable of handling these cars that can push around 1/3 of the sound barrier and hold it.

  36. JBravoWink

    This is gonna be sick!

  37. kalakanto

    Boring track… Hoped they add some real circuit for real racers but blaah, just two long straights.

    • terminator363

      I sort of agree there.

    • Kilvoctu

      They added one of those in the last track DLC. Ya know, not everything can cater to you personally.

    • TokoTurismo

      Remember, it’s meant to test your car’s power.

  38. PS3LUV3R

    Comments sections on the internet are more like rant/complain sections.

    Ignoring that, I can’t f*ckin wait to get this DLC! Aaaahhhh so excited.

  39. SavageEvil

    I have a feeling that this course is kind of like the old Hockenheim Ring, the part with the super long straight which isn’t in use anymore. The other side of the course is probably twists and turns like complex string, I tell you what I don’t think I will ever want to race that thing for more than one lap online, it’s just too damn long. Perhaps we can cut the course in pieces and use just sections of it, that would more than speak for the price tag. It’s probably 1 course with multiple layouts to choose from, could be 5-10 courses judging by the length and the fact that some how PD hasn’t shown the course in it’s entirety.

  40. colt357x

    i can see 6 supercars lining up at the start line for a million dollar drag race :D

    • Nissan Lover

      Fully Tuned:
      Bugatti Veyron
      Nissan GTR
      Chevy Corvette
      Ford GT
      Cadillac Cien
      Ferrari Enzo
      (There’s another car that was suppose to take Enzo but i forgot its title)

    • GTP_Versatile

      @Nissan Lover Dodge Viper ACR?


    Tokyo Bayshore Route!!! Wangan Midnight :)


  43. I can already picture myself driving a Fiat 500 on this track while the other speed freaks pass by me doing 200+MPH. xD


  45. TheyViper

    why in the hell did they put time limit that stupid

    • King Something

      Not all cars in the game will be able to reach the 10KM mark in under 2 minutes, but that’s more than enough time for even the absolute weakest cars to reach their maximum speed. That’s the point of the max speed test.

    • No, I agree with Viper. I don’t get why they think they need to limit the length of the speed test. Two minutes may be plenty of time, but there’s still no reason for the limit.

    • TokoTurismo

      ^^^ That’s so true.

    • TokoTurismo

      HEY CMRules my comment was for King Something what the heck. lol

    • TokoTurismo

      And no, King Something is right. Do you want to take years reaching to your max limit?

    • If that’s how long it takes, yes.

    • Seriously though, I’m not saying that you need half an hour to hit your top speed in some cars. My point is that adding the time limit would have taken time and effort on the part of the developer, and it doesn’t add anything to the game.

    • austin125

      i think u might be able to change the time limit.

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe it can be turned off?

    • A_Higher_Place

      Are you serious guys?! Its a demo timer, ALL GT demos have a playtime timer! Won’t be in game.

    • HuskyGT

      Sorry, but haven’t you guys remembered that the GT5 store demo had a time limit too? This is a demo also…

      On another topic, I think that this track is beautiful, but PD overdid it with the lenght. the old test track with perhaps just another 500 meters would be more than enough to test any car’s max speed.

    • CWRules

      “Are you serious guys?! Its a demo timer, ALL GT demos have a playtime timer! Won’t be in game.”

      …..I really should have thought of that.

  46. TeamCZRRacing

    Son of a bitch, that thing was buffeting like mad. I’m surprised the driver held onto it for that long, which is why I can’t wait to give this a try. And there’s still 18km after this?! Insane. This is going to be a GT5 NASCAR driver’s wet dream.

  47. So I guess that SSR7 is usless now?

    • OldF@rt

      I still don’t know why they put SSR7 in. It’s never been used for *any* event (A-spec, B-spec, seasonal etc) either.

  48. M0NSTER97

    This track is great for the veyron

  49. SaintSaiya

    this is awesome, now I want a long track with lots of turns like fuji mountain like forza 3

  50. shurnster

    I’m sure this track will have day/night cycle and a pit stop (I hope)

  51. another_jakhole

    Man, it’s not even a drive. I was thinking there was more footage of it. SHUCKS

  52. TheKitten

    austin that like top gear lol Heaven stretch ov spaggati

  53. TheKitten

    now we need the Veyron SS, OR ssc or Any car that goes over 250!

  54. Inxeccion

    … now all we need is the Bloodhound SSC? :D

  55. austin125

    they need to put a road called the dragon tail! its an 11 mile road that has like 400 turns and it is just about the most amazing road ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That would be Epic if they put The Tail of the Dragon on GT5

    • EstonianBeast

      I would combo drift all of the track.

  56. pinpin890

    finally a course that i can FINALLY SAUDI DRIFT…….SAUDI DRIFTERS UNITE!!!! :P

    • i know what you’re talking about and you guys absolutely nuts, but hats off to you guys for being so damn reckless and crazy haha

    • uMadson?

      The Top Gear Test Track’s airstrip is a better place to do Arab Drifting :p

    • pinpin890

      i hate drifting at top gear becasue its to short of a run way…fugi is longer but not enough plus the width is too small….this DLC track is perfect for old school FWD saudi drifting.

  57. budlightbeer

    good break in track

  58. Wow looks awesome. They could’ve made a dull speed track and instead put alot into the background/scenery (which I pay attention to), tunnels baby!

  59. Usually this kind of oval tracks makes me yawn so fast..when offline. hope not when in online mode.

  60. No offense but some of you guys are GT5 extremists. These are DLC, not gifts from kaz to us. If they were gifts they would be free or, would be $1.99. Nice add_onns and yes the guy does listen, but don’t call everyone who disagrees with a move from kaz a troll. This is actually the first batch of DLC I personally deem worthy of buying for myself.

    • AnPrionsaBeag

      Considering all updates are free, this DLC is not overpriced.

  61. furiosomarron

    I love the smell of burnt rubber in the morning.

  62. What’s so infamous about Tokyo Bayshore route?

  63. Nato_777

    Sweet it has tunnel(s) too!

  64. sporkafife

    Look guys, this track isn’t meant to be lapped. It’s a track for high speed tests. Yes, a Fiat 500 would take about 4 years to get round it, but that’s not the point. you are meant to get to your top speed, record the value and then leave. Or inline set up 1k drag races and stuff

  65. blue cat

    i would have like to see a track with more turns as paid dlc, i can’t help but feel a test oval could have been included in the original release, or even free as part of an update, but i’ll still be getting it. i like the premium tracks

    wishful thinking but i think it would be cool to include some kind of complex string inside the loop considering how enormous the track is

  66. jamesjab68

    I would love to see them bring Road America to GT5…what a sight that would be and racing experience. That and Brands Hatch GP.

    • Dr.Frogg

      You also forgot Bathurst.

    • Ben Rogue

      I soo hope those tracks come to GT5, and a local track or two from NZ.. doubt that will happen though!

    • GTP_Versatile

      GT6 lol

    • TokoTurismo

      GT6 is perfect that. Kaz did say half the content may not come to GT5 but in GT6. ;)

    • Meatwad67

      How about the Yaz Marina F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi? That would be awesome!

  67. jamesjab68

    Believe me…me and my LFA’s, Toyota GT-One, 905 Peugeot, Saber Mercedes, GT F1, Ferrari F1, Bugatti and …of course, X1’s will be there!!!!

  68. s0ul_chicken

    How about one of the original circuits to go with it? PD – PLEASE! Bring back the classics!

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe, the classic tracks are being updated too. :D I guess Kaz and PD are waiting until the moment is right. :)

    • MadmuppGT

      Yeah come on PD… give us some classics… s0ul_chicken will dance for you…. *nudges s0ul_chicken* dance damn you…

  69. kgibson

    Ok, now how about some more real world courses, like road atlanta?

  70. Heathenpride

    I don’t drag race but I’m happy for the drag racers on this one, it’s a great drag strip and an awesome stretch for testing & tuning, all up it’s a massive tup for PD!

    And to the haters? Talk to the hand…

    • poolhaas

      Well spoken sir. Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  71. PaTrond

    Red Bull X2010 was/is limited to 500km/h. Hope they increased that, because a 10km straight is pervert. Long airstrips are normally 1/3 of that, and the old Test Course had 1km straights. Sorry FIAT 500, but it’s going to take you half an hour to get around that track.

    • ghskilla

      More like half a DAY.

    • Quakebass

      By 500 KM/H do you mean MPH? Because I’ve tuned the transmission to 501 MPH, which equates to about 806.281 KM/H.

    • Yeah, but it can’t actually go that fast.

    • My record for the X2011 is 317mph, or 510 km/h.

    • otakukid96

      I saw a video of an X1 going 397 MPH/638 KM/H on youtube so I think it can go faster then 500 KM/H.

  72. KamatsuKyoto

    I hope the new track has day-night transition and weather change! :-)

    • flyinpig38

      well the NSX concept video has shots of what appears to be route x at dusk and the video above has i during day so chances are it has?

  73. Quakebass

    It looks like the background and other textures weren’t entirely finished… I hope this doesn’t delay the DLC.

  74. MadmuppGT

    People saying its similar to the Bayshore route are right, even the landmarks as the same… Hmmmm interesting the plot thickens!

  75. Quakebass

    Now… lets see a Drift Event for this track…

  76. Amphibious82

    Lllloooonnnngggggg track but nice

  77. austin125

    I guess all of us bit ching them out about not having a test track or drag track finally paid off!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who demanded a drag track

  78. Heck yeah I’m gonna top out the Citroen 2CV and Fiat 500!

    • MadmuppGT

      its about time they gave us a track that allows us room to top out those beasts haha

    • Quakebass

      Try going to the top of the banks and seeing if they tip over… LOL

    • Meatwad67

      Yeah, make a race out it! Winner faces the winner of the ’66 Beetle vs. Nissan Leaf race! LMAO

  79. AERO_HDT

    Wow… 30km of circuit. Now I see why they just didn’t update the old Test Course. Even in GT4 it was too short for high speed testing. But I’m certainly going to get some use out of this, doing Bonneville tests through the tunnel at Route 7 was time consuming and tiring.

    Thanks PD, you guys continue to impress me, you’ve certainly got an agenda that’s working. One year of patches and updates to fix bugs and get the game to where it should have been…. and then roll out the DLC.

    Very clever and very impressed.

  80. Widowmaker00

    Endurance race: 1 lap.

    • HAHA. that was funny XD

    • Quakebass

      Check out my math above; its probably only endurance for cars with -400 pp.

      …And I just killed the joke, didn’t I?

    • MyFavoriteGame

      Yes, very legitimate Math indeed

  81. TokoTurismo

    That’s why it cost $3.99, great reason. :) Reminds me of the track from Enthusia’s endless bridge track. :D Can’t wait to drag race with everyone on this great track. ;)

  82. mattybb47

    I know this may sound dumb but I hope they let us pick spawn points to go on the track. I mean if you friends are all the way at one end, and you’re in a somewhat low speed car, it would take forever to get there. All in all though, this track is still a must buy.

    • just go the other way or tell your friends to wait up haha

  83. ralph89

    The longest track ever made in a driving sim? Anyone agree?

    IMO this is way more worth than 5 bucks!

    • MadmuppGT

      Gets measuring tape out *makes a deep sigh and begins walking*

    • Quakebass

      How big is the measuring tape…?

    • TokoTurismo

      Whoa, must be really looooooooong 0.0

    • ManiacRS

      Now, I really like this dlc… However I’m sort of thinking about buying the test track… But the cars are excellent…

      As for the longest track ever in a sim… If you’re talking about tracks available on realease, yeah probably…

      But there are some blokes that have made the Targa Florio route for GP Legends and converted it to the ISI engined games… Which is frankly impressive…

      Even if it took them around 3 years since the first time I heard someone was working on it…

    • another_jakhole

      begins walking hahaha

  84. Really this is what is next?
    WTF! Atleast FORZA has better DLC’s
    C’mon PD gert with the program and try to look at what the consumer wants.

    • TokoTurismo


    • Traviizter

      It kinda is though… awkward.
      People demanded drag racing and max speed/braking tuning… here it is. Now sit down and eat your Cornflakes.

    • People always find things to complain about. That is really really sad.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      This is one of the most requested things here in these forums!…why must people troll?

    • MadmuppGT

      they troll because theyre bored of Forza 4 after what…*looks at watch* a month or two…

    • Loosers like to waste money!
      Drag racing consists of a starting tree not a bunch of idiots on mics shouting GO!
      Spend some quality time on other platforms before you comment!

    • TokoTurismo

      @Toyzri Then why are you comparing both GT5 and FM4’s DLCs hmmm? Why would you think PD needs to look at the feedbacks forums WHEN THEY ARE IT SEEMS. You need to be thankful and put a ice bag on your head to cool down and let the rest of us enjoy what Kaz and PD are doing for us. Think before you write thaaaaaaanks.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      @Toyzri – You mad bro!? , why you angry?!, why you no play Forza 4 right now!?….why you here in GT forums?….Forza 4 no fun no more!?? — ___ —

    • MadmuppGT

      @Toyzri has riced up every car forza has to offer to the max. but still cant deal with that puff puff 16 bit outrun smoke from the tyres when he’s drfiting… :P let the man vent. As for quality time why dont you spend some quality time on another game and let us ‘struggle’ with the obviously crappy game that is GT5… I can only hope, that in time, we will learn the error of our ways like you sir. *Doffs Hat*

    • Quakebass

      I have only joined a bunch few Drag racing rooms, and usually only watch, but from what I’ve learned, I have NEVER seen “a bunch of idiots on mics shouting GO!”. I usually see people saying what second to start on, and a few times I’ve seen someone going in front of the two racers, blinking their lights every second, and then going in to “Ghost mode” to substitute for “Go”. This is fact, not a whiny defense.

    • TokoTurismo

      @Quakebass I remember that. :D I was the drag light for the others online. :) I really love GT5’s online because everyone creates their own games and we have fun. Like “Cops and Robbers, Drag Racing, Tag, and all sorts of fun everybody makes.” It’s just full of endless fundom. ;)

    • ChessPiece

      Seriously? I bought Forza about a month ago, now I’m already tired of it, and now I’m playing GT again. And I got it on release…

    • RoarOfZonda

      Mah niggas DAOOOO

  85. marktyper

    very nice! Now I think I’ll now get this DLC Track… :) But will this be included for online race? Hopefully!

  86. decepticon

    Must… Find… Money… To buy this!!!

  87. Austin864

    Just imagine how long it would take to drive a 2CV around that thing…

    • shmibal

      I’m driving a Fiat 500 around the track for 1 lap and calling it an endurance race!!! :)

    • Quakebass

      According to my math-related comment above you, it should take you a little longer than 46 Minutes and 36.165 Seconds, due to acceleration.

    • GT HP Nut


    • MyFavoriteGame

      Yes, I’ve seen and scrutinized his Math, and found it to be very accurate. Good job

  88. pauloSandar

    I guess this track will be TOO long, it seemed a bit boring even with a Red Bull…
    But I’m buying it, either way.

  89. This track looks HUGE! How long will it be for an X2011 to do a lap? 5 minutes?

    • EasySauce

      I don’t even want to think about doing this track in any other car. It would be HELL.

    • Quakebass

      let’s do some math:

      480 KM/H = 8 KM/M (Kilometers Per Minute).

      The track is 30 KM, which equates to around 18.6411 miles.

      If you average 480 KM/H/8 KM/M in one lap, it will take you 3.75 minutes, which equates to 3 Minutes and 45 seconds.

      Now lets say you take out a Citroen 2CV or Classic 1960’s Era Fiat 500 on the track, and achieve and average speed of 45 MPH, which equals 0.75 MPM. It will take you; WAIT FOR IT:

      24.8548 Minutes. This equates to around 24 Minutes and 52.288 Seconds.

      Now lets say I take my VW Schwimmwagen tuned with the Fully-Customizable Gearbox, set to a 480 KM/H top speed. It has an average speed of about 24 MPH. 24 MPH = 0.4 MPM. This will achieve a lap time of; WAIT FOR IT;

      *Takes deep breath;*

      *Clears throat;*

      *Takes another deep breath;*

      46.60275 Minutes. This equates to about 46 Minutes and 36.165 seconds.

      I now set the power of the Schwimmwagen to 50%, and add 200 Kg to its current weight of 910 Kg, giving it a total weight of 1,110 Kg. Its theoretical top speed of (It won’t have enough power to accelerate the vehicle any faster than a theoretical, and therefore, average) 8 MPH. This equates to an exciting 0.133333333333333333333333333333333333333 (Etc.) MPM. This will give it a sporty lap time of;



      *Takes a sip of water;*

      *Blinks once;*

      *Blinks a second time;*

      *Blinks a whole third time;*

      *Dramatic pause;*

      *Looks at calculator;*

      *Another dramatic pause;*

      *Blinks. An entire fourth time;*

      *Takes a deep breath*

      139.80825 Minutes. This equates to: 139 Minutes, and 19.495 Seconds, which equates to 2 Hours, 19 Minutes, and 19.495 Seconds.

      An issue arrises, though. If, on this track, there is ANY sort of incline, the car will NOT be able to complete the course. It will slowly stop, slowly build its revs to a whopping 2,000 RPM, and slowly roll back down the 0.000001% Grade hill. In this case, there would be no lap time.

      The other issue that arrises, is the fuel. I am unsure of the fuel economy in this vehicle, and it may run out of fuel somewhere on the track. In this case, there would be no lap time.

      The only way to complete the lap with one or BOTH, for that matter, would be for one kind fellow driver to come with up behind my vehicle, and push me around the rest of this course. If his/her vehicle is not able to climb a hill, or doesn’t have have enough fuel to make it all the way around the track, there will be two cars stuck somewhere on the track, and two more kind fellows would need to rescue us with cars that can climb hills and have enough fuel to do so.

    • TokoTurismo

      WOW, I really like your scientific math Quakebass, also your funny parts in it haha. :D Really in shock though. 0.0

    • Quakebass

      OH MY GOSH! I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE NIGHT TIME FACTOR! Cold air is heavier/thicker than warm air, and would cause your lap to be a little bit slower!

    • get a life numberhead

    • actually, if you’re running turbo the cold air is better

    • GT HP Nut

      Anyone interested in playing that track with a 2CV?

    • pav1993

      The answer is…………..
      *wait for it
      *takes deep breath
      *dry throat
      *drinks water
      *then again
      *mumbles something

    • uMadson?

      no. The answer is…

      Turn off tire and fuel consumption.


  90. Biggamehit

    I cant drift on that track hahahah.. well a bunch of maji-ing

    • Flagmo-T

      Hehe That’s a good one – But are you complaining about it ? Tsk tsk :P

  91. WangansGodHand

    mother of god…

  92. On my mind this track is too long.

    • you don’t have to complete the whole thing…it can be a 0-60 test, it could be a 1/4 mile test, or a full mile test, or… could just not run it at all..

      too long…..?

    • OldF@rt

      30 km won’t be just an oval. I think it will be more like a manufacturer’s test track, with lots of different types of tracks, surfaces etc that can be used in all sorts of combinations. Something like Complex String in there wouldn’t surprise me – I like how PD is being coy about what’s in most of the course ;-)

  93. Ben Rogue

    I’ll be truly pissed off if the track is just an oval. By the length of just that one straight, the track will probably have to be an oval just to complete the circuit in 30Km. I was hoping for more of a complex string style track, hope the next pack includes a new version.

    • It is a speed test track, what like should it be then?

    • WangansGodHand

      it is an oval dumbass.

    • RoarOfZonda

      One of the most requested things for this game, by us Gran Turismo fans, has been to implement a track with a very long straight for drag and tuning of your car. And Polyphony Digital has listened and driven this to us

    • we are getting a pack with amazing cars, and a great track, and yet someone is still complaining….. didnt Kaz say the first few DLC is just the beginning of whats to come?!?
      i honestly cannot fathom why people are complaining over this!
      each new DLC is a great gift to make GT5 better

    • ichiyamamoto

      As much as I’d have to bash this, “gifts” are typically free.
      At the very least, put the cars and tracks into the same DLC. But, lower price.

    • TokoTurismo

      I agree with Watain.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      So do I

    • Ben Rogue

      I am not complaining, everyone here seems to jump to the conclusion that if someone raises an issue, or feedback about what they hope for, that they are complaining. I am simply saying that I would hope that its no just an oval. I love the idea of a top speed test track but I would really like if they brought back the complex string some time. It would be nice if we could get a look at what the full map looks like before they release it, so we can decide weather to get excited about buying it or not. Sheesh people, calm down!

    • You should choose your words wisely, so people don’t think you’re complaining. Just by saying ”I’ll be truly pissed off” will cause problems. People get it so, that you hate what PD has done.

    • Ben Rogue

      Well, I will be kind of pissed off really. I see the point of a high speed test track but one where you can max out the fastest cars top speed before you get to the first bank is a Little too long. Would be nice if it had a straight that lead into a banked corner, some complexes and then back onto the straight, so you could really test the cars performance. But at least they have some nice scenery to keep you interested while you drive. PD is listening to its customers, i get that, I would just expect a little more thought from them. I really do hope it has more to it than 30km of straight line speed testing.

    • Flagmo-T

      @Ben Rogue I agree totally – It’s amazing how people are complaining just because you don’t bend over and say HIT Me Again – SHot up and let people say something else then Just How amazing Kaz is – He is doing a fantastic Job, but do we need to say that over and over again – This is Great- But Come on, there is nothing wrong in giving some thoughts to more interesting stuff… See Now I’m complaining about people complaining about people complaining ?? DoH!! Chill a bit and try to see peoples responds as maybe being positive input for ones… well I’m looking forward to this for sure, but it will cost me Money to get it, so it’s defiantly not a gift, this is what Kaz needs to send out, so GT5 doesn’t get boring for the 30% of people that needs New stuff as a RusH ..

      Ups Just my opinion Hehe .. I Love you Kaz and all the fans and even you :0)

    • STR8 6 SHOOTER

      @Ben Rogue
      what you want is already in the game. Its the Nurburgring.

    • Quakebass

      It IS a gift, just one you have to pay for! Something costing money doesn’t make it not a gift.

    • Flagmo-T

      Ok It’s a Gift then – as long as you pay for it Come on – why is it a gift is it christmas again or you pay for the Cars and then you get the TRack for free, is that it!! so if you don’t want the Cars you ain’t going to get the Free Gift is that it ..

      I’m sorry but this not how it works.. A Gift is free end of story, my children would hate me if they should pay me back the money that I payed for Christmas gifts they got, Ya But it’s still a Gift – I’m sorry Not working for me – Buy again i WILL pay for it, But i wont considered a Gift Not in a million years .. :0)

    • WangansGodHand

      ben if its such a huge issue for you then dont get it. simple as that.

    • Quakebass


      I had an analogy in mind, and now the analogy doesn’t make sense to me any more… so now I deem myself incorrect in my last post, sorry.

    • Ben Rogue

      @STR8 6 SHOOTER
      I said “complex string” not “we already have one with corners and a straight why do we need another?”. Same reason anyone would want any classic GT track.

      That is about how most people operate here; “why would you want anything else”. That’s not what I am saying. I simply meant, to clarify for all you people who “just have to call everyone who has some constructive criticism, a dumb ass”:
      1. I hope that this track has some more advance testing facilities.
      2. (Constructive Criticism) Why make a test track with only straights and simple banked corners, especially one that long, when you could make one with a complex section and satisfy ALL who wanted both types of test track.

      Simple. Why do people take such offense?

    • TokoTurismo

      @Ben Rogue Whao whoa whoa buddy, calm down. Try grabbing something that’ll ease you down, don’t worry. Just let it all fly away. Your letting this get to your head a bit to much. Just trying to help, not agure.

    • tehPete

      I’m siding with Ben here; an oval is an oval – given that one was included in previous GT’s as standard, the fact it’s now being provided as an additional product (not a gift – a gift is something given voluntarily, without payment in return; check a dictionary), and at the same price as the Spa / Kart Space tracks were released at before (which undeniably would have taken more effort to produce)…

      Unless the track turns out to have a complex section / multiple variants like Cape Ring, this is one DLC I’d imagine a lot of people will pass on.

    • Sauber_C9

      It’s not supposed to be like the complex string though is it?! So why would you be pissed off? It’s supposed to be an oval, it’s not like this is the last track they’ll ever release. Just be patient and think a bit before you type.

    • Ben Rogue

      I do think before I type, I always do. As I clarified before; I WILL be pretty pissed off, as I do want an oval for testing top speed, but if I’m expected to pay $10NZ for JUST an oval, that’s so long it becomes pointless, I’m not gonna be very happy.

      Its mainly the price of the content that is the problem, nothing wrong with having an oval but that much for such a simple track doesn’t make any sense. The PSN in NZ jacks the price of everything up almost 40% on its conversion rate (even after sales tax) but its also the fact that it doesn’t take an experienced game designer to realize that such a track almost doesn’t make sense, unless you want to drive AT top speed for 2-3min around an oval.

      I just expect more form PD, not “more” as in; “give me more” but more as in; more thought when it comes to this kind of thing. It doesn’t make sense to sell just an oval “test track”, that’s why I said I hope there’s more to it. Whats so bad about that?

    • TokoTurismo

      Their maybe layouts, not to sure but lets hope….

  94. Kaz delivers what people are screaming about!

    • Cowboys965

      It’s like, people want DLC and yell.
      Then, we get DLC, they yell.

  95. Overdrive003

    That is a very long course. Still not sure for the price…But still. Drag racing will be good. I wonder if it will have proper drag racing…Very American…XD

  96. Themiboi

    Look sick cant wait to buy

  97. Jar31Lar

    I shall do better than this “482km”. Stll, nice having this.

  98. LP670-4 SV

    Jesus mother of god!!! 30km?!?! O.O

    drag racing shall truly become epic, thank you Kaz for your awesomness!!

    • Tenacious D

      I still don’t get you drag racers, but it’s good that you’re happy.

      This wasn’t my first pic for second DLC track offering, but I can’t complain about something so beautiful and useful for the megacars. Or that it’s a month early!

    • xzeroracer

      1 lap in a Citroen 2cv is a Endurance hahah.

    • SolidS2k

      24hr of Route X I thinnk you’ll find in a 2cv. :P

  99. kregore610

    very nice (:

  100. SAVoxleitner

    Damn, I can’t wait for this to arrive.

    • WeShallNverStop

      c': Nor can I

    • +1

    • TokoTurismo

      +1 me too. :D

    • WTFnews


    • GTP_Versatile


    • GT6mebe


    • Nfin1ty

      + 1×10^99

    • 2012GT325

      Hopefully, this track, with all its awesomeness, would be bug-free. Because I’ve noticed several issues/bugs on some other tracks. For example in Nurburgring, sometimes when viewing replays, the track completely disappears. Also, a newly-found bug/issue (that’s been really annoying me) is that whenver I choose picture/photo mode to take pictures during replays, whatever setting I set for the photo (COLD, WARM, PARTIAL COLOR, SEPIA, etc), that’s how the replay will look after I return back to the replay. PD, we love you and thanks for all that you’ve done, but please address these issues/bugs.

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