Top Gear Test Track: GT5 Screenshots & Gameplay Videos

June 21st, 2010 by Jordan


Now that E3 2010 is behind us, I’m going to give more attention to all of the new screenshots and videos that have poured out from the show, focusing on location at a time. First up, four videos and screenshots of Gran Turismo 5‘s all-new Top Gear Test Track. Thanks to everyone who sent all of this footage in – due to the volume of email that I’ve received over the past week, I may have missed something. If so, just post a link in the comments below and I’ll add it to the post here.

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  1. nice feature but im not concerned about the tracks, instead the cars.

  2. Turbo_3800


  3. Joe Camarillo

    I just wish that this game is so impossible that I can get all the cars in the game… being poor I can’t afford a wheel, so I play with the normal controller. I still haven’t passed that license test that unlocks the Ford Model-T :( I hope I’ll get to even drive it in GT5 :`(

  4. ID_271010407

    I wish that the replay for the top gear track will have the same camera angles as the tv show

  5. JilianneT@speed test

    Wow, that game looks absolutely REAL! My son would love this.

  6. Five-seveN

    Hmm, lap in 1:29 in a Ford GT. That guy aint good at all.

  7. Fer_arev

    I think second video use 3D system…

  8. i hope that in the replays they use the same angles as in the tv show.

  9. TokyoDrift

    Nice to see the Top Gear track, but not with those awful drivers…

    As for people kidding themselves the ‘tard cars will have interior views…keep dreaming.

  10. Man Topgear should go test this track on GT5 when they do the new series, like they did with GT4. How awesome would it be! By the way, all this premuim/standard talk, I reckon it’s just bad translation. Prolouge had 70+ FULL interiers, and that was meant to be a SMALL piece of the game so lets thing about it people :/

  11. is this real the pictures look almost real life , more than impressive it’s kickass

  12. Head tracking looks gimmicky, feels like its just on and off. I could do that with a look button.
    Regarding standard cars not having interior, i just had a thought. It’ll probably be a low quality version, like the interior you see in AI cars when during a race.

  13. Vince_Fiero

    They have several cars on the track, but this is an 8th for time trial! What happens if you are 1/2 lap ahead and you start hitting the slower drivers on the junction???

    Strange thing to do.

  14. Flagmo-T Aka Team_MoFF-No2

    Looks Great :O)

    I watch my First 110 laps Nascar yesterday, Because of my Country man, Jan Magnussen(DK) was in the No:09 Car, and Damn he did good, started as no:32, and ended as No:12 on Infineon Raceway :O) And to my big surprise, it was a Fantastic and hectic Racing all way through the 110 laps, with lots of Crashes and PaceCar on the track, well what i’m saying is, that I actually are looking forward to try some Nascar Racing in GT5.. and I do believe that Infineon Racetrack is in GT4, and should be on GT5 as one of the 2 road-curse tracks in the Nascar series ( so the Daytona Road-Course isn’t used in the Series ?)

    • Nope, Watkins Glen is though. Would be awesome to have Watkins Glen in GT5, but somehow I doubt it will be in there.

  15. hmm hopefully theres a suzuki liana or chevrolet lacetti featured in the game :) or the new series 14 reasonably priced car, the ‘chevrolet cruze’

    • how do you know that?

    • icleolion

      Top Gear Magazine confirmed it if i remember rightly, but that was second hand information, so don’t quote me on it.

    • danielwhite74

      Naw… what about the Suzuki Swift? That would be an awesome Reasonably Priced Car.

  16. baristaa

    GT5p obviously wouldn’t consider every avaliable car for purchase a ‘premium’ car and they still have interiors and interior view. The standard car will no doubt just have what the polyphoney team consider ‘standard': no extra stitching, gauges, details that we have seen from premium cars. They wouldn’t be so stupid to have NO interior

    • Steady_Dave_2JZ


    • deathcabdan

      These were my thoughts too. From what I read last week, Kaz stated something about I think it was a Mercedes SLS having an SLS interior, but all mustangs having mustang interiors? What I took from that is that all cars will have interiors but we probably wont be getting 40 precise interiors for the duplicates in the game such like Imprezas, or Skylines, but a generic interior for each.

    • thankyou!! good to see at least a couple of people around here talk some sence… we’re in the minority boys. the rest of these fools will find out when a reliable source eventually spells it out for them

    • Steady_Dave_2JZ

      Tell me about it, all the shouts of “Where’s the proof” and “The game is a major let down”

      I think people need a litte more common sense, or at least someone from PD needs to speak fluent English and just tell us what we already know outright in plain English!

    • danielwhite74

      Agreed. I’ve always maintained that every vehicle in this game will feature an interior view. It’s nice to see that some people in this community are also blessed with the gift of common sense.

  17. TopGear series 15 starts Sunday night 8pm for uk fans :) but considering the next series is usually towards November I’m not expecting anything on the game this series.

    • yeah seen a photograph of it on the site. Jezza in a reliant on its side in a cricket pitch. :)

  18. PSEYE works fantastic with GT5! Sony are going to sell alot of PSEYES when GT5 comes out, im actually thinking of buying one myself.

    • I’m definitely buying one, they’re only $50 here in Australia :)

    • Berlino Bear

      I was saying it was a crap idea at first but after seeing it in action I think its quite good.

  19. The most annoying thing for me is that the invisible barrier is so close to the edge of the track…

  20. please tell me theres a real starts in the game.. prologue was rolling start only please not the hole gt5.

    • I only see rolling start:(

    • icleolion

      The last video pretty much confirms that we will have standing starts. 13 seconds in, bottom left corner.

    • Ummm…? That’s false Nixo, even Prologue has standing grid starts.

    • Geo_212


      You’re right, it says “starting type: rolling start”… Oh, it’ll feel so good having standing starts! :D


    OFFICAL:20 Locations, Over 70 Variations.Tracks number??

    Ok,800 Standard cars,but the tracks number only 20 i not buy this game.

  22. still sucks that only 200 cars has interior view and 800 in tinted glass

  23. KilzoneStrife

    Does anyone have a link to the interior of the E3 Camaro? It is confirmed standard,Ive tried to google it.

  24. Cruiz Dwyer

    TopGear better do an interview with Kaz just prior to the games release!

    That would be so cool!

  25. tommygt

    I cant go anywhere on this site these days without constantly encountering this stupid standard/premium thing. Really starting to wear thin now. since GT5P I will not race in any view other than cockpit, with that said it would be devastating if the no-cockpit view rumour turned out to be true. But all the speculation is just rediculous. we know nothing for certain yet, but if people would stop and look at the FACTS we already have, the truth about cockpit views becomes blindingly obvious

    • ElieTheBear

      yeah without gt5p I wouldnt care .. but I tasted IT !! i damn want it lol

    • The “FACTS” are we don’t have any hard evidence that standard cars will have interior views all we can only go on is what we’ve seen and what we’ve been told which so far is only premium cars will have them, so what’s so ridiculous about people discussing this worrying piece of news? If you don’t like it you’re in the wrong place pal.

  26. DrTrouserPlank

    If the Ford GT is “standard” then why does it have a driver’s eye view seeing as we think standard cars don’t have this option?

    Either it’s premium, or all cars have driver’s eye view… contrary to speculation.

    • The Ford GT is a premium car, every car in the E3 demo is premium

  27. Also 3rd vid. The ai has improved a lot look at the aggresion from the F1 and ACR


    I have heard that they have “scanned” the track
    I am not sure but in the second video the engine sound is very good (we can’t hear much because the music/song)

  29. After watching this i can’t beleive how hard the track looks to drive. Hammerhead especially. Can anybody confirm this does the run up from chicago actually have cones or has p.d. added that themselves.

    Can’t wait to play splitscreen in this thing. Not sure why everyone i know is crap. For example i beat my brother who was in a f430 in an m3 around daytona road course.

    • If you go on the Top Gear website, somewhere on there is a tour of the track from inside a car.

      Might answer it for you.

  30. Big Ron

    The second video seems to be 3D, cause the more the cars are far aways, the more you see them twice and blurry.

    Cool track, nice to have those real test tracks in the game. Will be fun to test handling of new cars and maybe we can try some mad challenges by PD.

  31. I’ve just thought watching this, isn’t that Playstation eye head tracking thing a bit of a waste of time if only 20% of the cars have interior views?

    • tommygt

      Yes it would be, if your statement was correct… which it isn’t

    • ElieTheBear

      I think all features is a waste if its that

    • Technically, you are suppose to use head tracking to look into corners and look to your blind sides for traffic. It makes driving simple. If you are admiring your dash while driving, you’re doing it wrong. See: TrackIR

    • @ tommygt I hope I am incorrect but looking at the Gran Turismo website I’m affraid it only confirms the issue of the lack of interiors.

      @ ElieTheBear I agree having interior views on all cars is way more important than anything else.

  32. the stig

    in stig we trust!
    but where is the stig in this vids?

  33. invisible walls what a hell?

    • Hopefully that is just for the demo, I can’t remember the last game that was lazy enough to leave invisible walls!
      I also noticed in the rally stage the plastic fences acting like concrete, something other games have had fixed for nearly 10 years now!

  34. Mr Latte

    On the official website they mention this track will offer more than just races.

    Also remember the previous video with 2x cars racing what seemed a private jet taking off going down the runway.

    Looks like we will have some mad ideas in the game that the show TV has.

    • ElieTheBear

      the max speed test maybe …. could be endless on thath lol

  35. KilzoneStrife

    is that a standard car???

  36. GTracerRens

    I don’t really like to race on this track. I prefer one to one races or just time trial, but it looks great! again.

  37. crankypsp

    Is the car in thr third video “standard”? The whole time the interior of the car seems so dark, and when the light actually crosses over the steering wheel, there is no logo or emblem on it. And the windshield wipers seem ridiculously large, reminding me of the interior view of GTPSP. If this is what they mean by “standard” cars, it doesng seem that half bad at all. The only thing you can’t really see are the guages. Other than that, you can see the rest of the dash fine, although it is a bit dark.

    I hope this is what Kaz meant by “no interiors” by the least.

    • Strikey182

      I think it will be what Kaz meant. After all, GT5P had like 70+ interiors and i doubt all of them will be premium. I can’t see PD taking them out, which is why i reckon all cars ill have a cockpit view.
      When PD said they won’t have interiors, i think they meant each car won’t have their interior modeled out correctly and whatnot, they will just have a generic one.

    • It is a ford gt. This is why there is no logo. In gt p it had the same dark cockpit

    • breadrolls

      with some seriously huge A pillars!

    • this is why i was asking , i do also hope that this is the interior view we get in standard cars , would be more than enough

    • Billy2224

      there is a logo on the wheel, look near the beginning of the video… you can see the silver cirlce that is on the Ford GT. I think the camera is just closer to the dash compared to the prologue

  38. KilzoneStrife

    Beautiful! Hope the Stig is someone you can race against on all tracks! Maybe even hire as a B Spec driver! Or even do the Licence tutorial!

    • ElieTheBear

      surely sebastian vettel redbull like jay leno psp

    • Or better yet a teacher in the new GT driving school feature

  39. is the car in the 3rd video “standard” ?

    • No, Ford GT40.

    • “Standard” is not a car class but just a certain type of ingame cars that PD selected themselfs, in other words you could have a Civic – as a premium car, and an Audi R8 – as a standard car.

    • If a ford gt is standard yes

  40. icleolion

    The last video pretty much confirms that we will have standing starts. 13 seconds in, bottom left corner.

    • Me.Switch

      To me there is no doubt about standing starts!
      It is GT and espacially GT5 with all those great features so why the hell should they not implement standing starts and qualification for startposition. I think Prologue is nothing to rely on.

    • Good eye icleolion! I hope you can actually change it and it’s not just there for good looks/presentation or whatever.

    • breadrolls

      Looks like its rolling starts all the way and that lineup is just the ‘grid’ positioning for the rolling start. Hope Im wrong but doubt I am, shame really, for a so called Real Driving Simulator they get a lot of the basic stuff wrong, still cant wait to thrash it though!

    • icleolion

      You obviously misunderstood what i implied by “13 seconds in, bottom left corner”.

      They specify the “Start Type”. Why would they bother specifying it if every single race was going to be a rolling start?

    • @icleolion

      I’m not sure who you’re replying to, but in my post I said that maybe it’s there for just presentation. It would be pretty pointless having it there if you can’t change it, but you never know with PD.

    • icleolion

      Apologies, I should have put @breadrolls

    • no problems no apology needed ;)

    • breadrolls

      my bad icleolion, didnt see that in the corner, that does sound more promising

  41. flimone

    “playstation eye” for slow head turn is supported? to look around with precision..

  42. Brendan

    Does the track cross over itself at times? What happens then? Colissions with lap traffic?

    • doblocruiser


      Exactly my thought too

    • I guess we will be playing Deconstuction Derby. But seriously, I am amazed we can race the Top Gear track, I was expecting only time trail racing.

    • I’m would think that the cars will “ghost” at that point so there’ll be no collisons.

  43. Z06onGT5

    Can’t wait to beat Simon Cowell’s lap…My Z06 mastering Gambon Corner For The Win!!!!

  44. Wow. Nice to see the top gear track and the head tracking ! (I think lol) Looks madd

  45. Looks very nice!

    Now I wish they could reflect the same camera angles they use in the TV programme in the replay mode (like the one shown in the E3 2010 trailer).

    • yea but it would be more interesting if you can use the same graphic filter that pd used in the test track

    • I really hope they use the same camera angles like in the show. Especially the hammerhead, watching the car dive under brakes and then coming out of the hammerhead into the long straight slightly sideways. Those views are awesome, plus Gambon would be cool. Doesn’t look like it’s happening if you look at the videos…:(

    • I think they will, even the effects of the camera (filters) are recreated in the demo.

    • gtone777

      i was thinking the same, wish they would of done that since were all used to watching it on tv. would of been cool to watch yourself go round the track as if you were on the show! but its all good anyway, least we got the track, cant wait to go round it. the new physics look as if its more difficult to drive, especially when other divers hit you from behind and spining out all the time could get anoying.

    • @HenGTX

      I hope you’re right but I think those camera effect filters were just for the trailer to cater to all the top gear fans (like me)

  46. Can’t wait to get on that track in a reasonably-priced car.

  47. baristaa

    Wouldn’t it be great if the ‘undisclosed feature ‘ was you could create your own driver, then on certain tracks have the challange to unlock other drivers… So obviously you’d unlock ‘The Stig’

    • I don’t know if I’d want to drive as the Stig, but it would be nice to unlock his “uniform” to use on your own character. Overall I think creating your own driver could be a good guess on what the undisclosed feature is, since avatars are pretty much high fashion these days.

    • Strikey182

      Yeah that would be great! Forget customising the look and performance of the car and forget the livery editor! What i want is to play dress up…

    • KyleJCrb

      Driver avatars are a highly likely addition, considering they were in Tourist Trophy.

  48. Saeed J

    GT5 FTW

  49. DrTrouserPlank

    Some great driving there….

    I didn’t know GT5 featured a new offroad 4×4 mode.

  50. Seventh!!!111!111 Nice, for some reason I want to try nascar now. I mean, I don’t even like them lol

    • me too. I Always thought of nascar as boring but after gt5 adding it in i actually watched yesterdays race

    • UCLA’09

      Holy Moly, advertising actually works! I’m with you guys. I’ve never watched Nascar until I heard it was going to be in GT5.

    • aelange

      I’ve always appreciated Stock Cars since I saw one at Laguna Seca back at the ’07 MotoGP race, but I never understood ovals until GT5P. I’ve spent hundreds of hours at Daytona since then! I completely understand ovals, now :D

    • terminator363

      I really REALLY HATE NASCAR but after all of this like UCLA’09 the advertising really does work and I kinda wanna try it out too!

    • Mr. Premium

      What?? That’s crazy. How can you guys change your minds so easily? No amount of advertising for GT5’s NASCAR inclusion can get me excited about it. Ovals are boring.

  51. swaggerflu

    my god….. it looks so real

  52. Narutone66

    Even in the good lap his car swerved out of control near the end of the video.

  53. Great idea to implement that track!

  54. Cienight


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