Video: Mercedes’ GT5 Driving Challenge Final

August 16th, 2011 by Jordan

Remember when Marco Calvo took home a real-world SLS AMG last month, in Mercedes-Benz’s GT5 Signature Edition driving challenge? They’ve since released a video of the finals – hit play above to see how it all went down.

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  1. euros only

    ya hes gonna have a ton of fun paying for insurance…

  2. sinister_300zx

    a drag race? really? they should have did a lap shot out who ever finished with the best lap time this is b.s that calvo looks like he still a virgin

    • snicker3s

      He want be for long with that sls ;)

    • sumbrownkid

      What does looking like a virgin have anything to do with the topic at hand?

      That is one of the most single idiotic and asinine comments I’ve seen on this site.

    • sinister_300zx

      all i heard u say sumbrownkid was blah blah blah blah b,s b,s blah blah,,,cool story kiddo

  3. RedBullFan

    i dont care. put actual stuff about gran turismo

    • GTPlanet covers everything and anything that has to do with the Gran Turismo series. If you don’t care about that, don’t visit this blog.

    • sumbrownkid

      Well they were using B-Spec, and using GT logo’d wheels, and PD was supporting the challenge.

      So, yes, this is actual stuff about Gran Turismo.

      You can either get over it, or do what Jordan suggested.

  4. Spongky05

    I want those shirts that they are wearing ! Can anyone send me a photo of it or template? I really want one :) Please

  5. jacoja06

    lol… Why did the guy with the Australian accent get subtitles? We’re not that difficult to understand, are we?

  6. Turbo-Kai

    I guess this type of final was like a coin flip… maybe not the best way to decide…
    but was cool in that way that it is the typical license test no. 1 on the GT series…lol

  7. A drag race isn’t a very good way to decide it after all that.

  8. mobiletone

    heh, it’d cost more than i earn in a year just to insure that AMG SLS.

    doing the Lowestoft to LandsEnd run next week in a 2.0i Turbo Mondeo Titainium X with the missus. Just like an 8hr enduro in GT5, but IRL. A303 here we come.

  9. Protocol

    It doesn’t make sense to me how the winner of a competition that first started with B-spec was decided with real driving…

  10. SPAIN RULES !!!

  11. does anybody know if those cockpit booths are for sale?

  12. xIamRAWR

    i’m so jealous x(

    • mazda787b91

      haaa haaa hooo i hav sls in real life i dnt hav todo this hhee hhaa ha

  13. the end came down to a drag race?! at least do time trial around the course…how anti-climatic

    • barry spock

      yeah, did seem like an odd choice of events. Bit light on racing skill.

    • AstonMartinGT5

      They probably wanted to keep the risk of a collision to a minimum :)

    • Yeah, but they kept having to speed up parts of the film for anything that required turning, and it still looked like my dead grandma driving. A drag race gives maximum appearance of performance fo minimum risk to the car, and i’m sure that’s what Merc wanted for promo purposes. A bunch of greenies dinging paint and going in the grass doesn’t make for good company/product image promotion.

    • GTP_african_kat

      agreed. this competition could of been handled better

  14. spikeyhairdude


  15. dice1998

    I’m so jealous…

  16. Flame7532

    Can I smack the narrator? >=O He said “Computer Gamers”, so bad.

    • IronM@sk

      He also said “Most realistic racing simulator on the market today”… As much as I love GT, I LOL’d.

    • If he meant on the PS3 / console market I think he’s not far off.

  17. ChicoMaloXD

    Cool! Now DLC for the ones that didn’t win.

  18. Obi wan Shinobi

    Awesome & great job! If I had that chance I’d be ecstatic just to be there !

  19. JasonMann


  20. COOLfiat


    • spikeyhairdude


    • daics69

      hmmm, just one of those crazy thoughts. possibly an official drag function for a future update? n redbull ring for DLC?? would be pretty awesome. GT5 FOREVER. peace

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