18-Megapixel Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

November 9th, 2009 by Jordan Greer


Enjoy this second round of SEMA Gran Turismo 5 screenshots in their full, 5760 x 3240 resolution. The details which emerge at this size are, as always, breathtaking!

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  1. Dec. 5, 11:25am

    These are not ‘in game’ images. What would be the point, when there’s no screen capable of displaying that resolution?

    These are images from the ‘Photo Mode’, just like that which was in GT4 – but better, with higher resolution models. Designed with exporting and printing in mind.

  2. Nov. 29, 2:41pm


    Am I misunderstanding what you’ve written? You appear to be suggesting that an 18MP photo was taken of a 1080p image displayed on a TV. If that is the case, did you even look at the full-res pics at 1:1 zoom? Look at the mesh on the grill and the carbon texture in pic #5.

    I guarantee that those pics you are seeing have been digital from the beginning – no TVs, no cameras. Whether they were generated on a PS3 or not is hard to say, but it having a 1080p display limit is no barrier to what it can render and store to disk.

  3. Nov. 22, 8:42pm

    I actually fooled a co-worker into thinking one of these shots was real.

  4. Nov. 13, 5:54am

    Real resolution is still 1080p. Huge pictures are needed if you want take accurate shot with camera. Conversion goes like this: digital data from ps3 -> (tv)-> analog data ->camera(some of real data goes of the camera in analog real world-> take most accurate picture you can get form analog data) -> digital picture.

  5. Nov. 12, 8:26am

    These high res. pictures truly reveal the high poly. quality of the car models. They work as a magnify glass. Spot the polys if you can :-P

  6. Nov. 11, 8:23am
    Big Ron

    Those huge screens are not to only watch them on your monitor. Those huge pixel sizes are grea to print posters or customize them in Photoshop or something.

  7. Nov. 11, 8:05am

    Absolutely insane.

    Is there even a monitor in the world that can view a whole 3240p image without having to scroll?

  8. Nov. 10, 8:49pm

    @Supralex – Its a EK4 civic. You can tell by the grill the EK4 has one and the EG doesnt.

  9. Nov. 10, 3:59pm

    These images are incredible!

  10. Nov. 10, 3:04pm

    I think we’ll ‘drive’ cars in their natural, real size, not only in 1080i.

  11. Nov. 10, 1:12pm

    This feature alone will extend the game by a month in my book.

  12. Nov. 10, 3:15am

    Do you think it’s a civic EG or EK ?
    At my first look I was thinking of a peugeot 106 tuned.

    But it seems to be a civic EG isn’t ?

  13. Nov. 10, 3:13am

    Looking at the shape of that civic, its definitely a 96 spec Civic Type R. You can see from the styling of the bumper. Nice!

  14. Nov. 10, 12:15am

    Wow! Sony may have PD pratice more than2x hd quality pics, they want 3d tv in 2010. They are killing me with pic after pic. Don’t get me wrong, 5760 x 3240 is amazing, but i need more developer interviews, and game play from PD itself. At least something for the holiday season…

  15. Nov. 9, 11:20pm

    whooooo…that’s insane!!!!

  16. Nov. 9, 11:06pm

    Well I think there is such a thing as too much of a good thing since pixel peeping shows some slight ugliness in some areas, but overall VERY impressive!

    T10 and MS need to hurry up and drop that 100kb limit on pictures… a great photmode is such a shame to waste on small compressed pictures.

  17. Nov. 9, 10:22pm

    more pics ……..
    why ??

  18. Nov. 9, 10:15pm
    Bank Alexander

    Epic sweeeet.

  19. Nov. 9, 9:28pm


    Mate dont be fooled by screenshots! Every screenshot from every developer digitally enhance them, No chance in hell it will look that great in game,

    It will still look great dont get me wrong, but nothing like the screenshots that have been released to the public.

    This is where people get there wires mixed up thinking those screenies are exactly what it will look like in the game. i’ll just say now, no chance.

    As i said, give it 10years then u will see something more like that in a console.

  20. Nov. 9, 8:56pm

    Are PD utilising the full cell process power of the PLAYSTATION 3?

  21. Nov. 9, 8:50pm

    @All People whining about Toyko

    What part of DEMO (demonstration) do you not understand!? At first the crying was funny but now its just frustrating.

    Is it possible that they aren’t finished with enough other tracks to start showing them off? And even if they are done with more tracks, its a DEMONSTRATION. They are DEMONSTRATING a bit of the game to get people interested in the whole thing. Dear god…

    Amazing resolution, I wish I had the $100000 TV required to run at these settings

  22. Nov. 9, 8:44pm

    The ps3 is not capable of doing this quality!

    These screenshots have been glorified obviously

    still good to look at.

    Maybe in 10years we will see that sort of quality on a console. but not now.

  23. Nov. 9, 6:17pm
    derek hickey

    Now PD fix the AI

  24. Nov. 9, 6:07pm

    Yes, great screenshots, but too much computer used to improve it.
    No, we definitelly see car models like this in GT5. I do like GT very much but sorry guys…
    Resolution of these pics says for itself. It’s 5760 x 3240 when PS3 is able to display (generate?) maximum 1920 x 1080, so don’t get too excited.

    If i made a mistake – sorry, english is not my native language.


    • Nov. 9, 6:32pm

      @Tomaszewski: Any “computer”, including the PS3, will “be able to” render images of any size, so long as you’re willing to wait on it to finish. No, the PS3 won’t display moving video at that resolution, but still pictures like this are not an issue. As a matter of fact, Yamauchi has already confirmed that GT5’s PhotoMode screenshots will be rendered at 8 megapixels.

  25. Nov. 9, 5:53pm

    headlight shaders, oh my lawd

  26. Nov. 9, 5:48pm

    same track again man that sick hard

  27. Nov. 9, 5:41pm

    Take another look at the third pic. The helmet of the HPA TT is different from all others, it even has a graphic of HPA’s logo…Customizable driver avatars seem each time more possible.

  28. Nov. 9, 5:30pm
    Big Ron

    @ mike

    these are just pictures. no reason to say, it is the real driving simulator. to make good screens, I also can take a run with NFS Shift.

    Let see, how it feels. We know, that it looks good.

    How is it possible to make such huge solutions on PS3?

  29. Nov. 9, 5:29pm

    The rims look like there matched with the body color of the car….

  30. Nov. 9, 5:27pm

    Mwahahahah! Awesome, they did it!
    That is pure ownage!

  31. Nov. 9, 5:27pm

    Third pic fifth car back…I never seen a civic in that color on any other GT game before(orange car in front of the white mini cooper),I know its not a brand new car? i may be wrong but has anyone else seen a bright orange colored Old school civic in any other GT game?

  32. Nov. 9, 5:26pm

    i think i wee’d myself a lil just from reading the post title :P

    simply breathtaking

  33. Nov. 9, 5:16pm

    this is why it is the real driving simulator

  34. Nov. 9, 5:07pm
    Mickle Pickle

    At this point, i dont think they are going to reveal any more tracks… they will keep it a secret until the end, and to surprise everyone at the same and final time.

    No wonder it takes them so long to finish the game. Let’s see Forza show the same type of detailed quality.

  35. Nov. 9, 5:05pm

    This…is crazy

  36. Nov. 9, 4:51pm
    Canadian STIG

    They certainly brought out the true brilliance of R246 and the detail from just select cars. It’ll be ludicrous to even fathum what GT5 has to offer as an entire game.

  37. Nov. 9, 4:51pm

    wow absolutely amazing. cant wait for gt5.

  38. Nov. 9, 4:50pm

    So are these pictures from Photo Mode, or what?

  39. Nov. 9, 4:50pm

    Wow!! How is the PS3 even capable of rendering this?!

  40. Nov. 9, 4:48pm

    More screen shots from gran tokyomo 5.

  41. Nov. 9, 4:29pm

    amazing but they’re still on Tokyo… if they revealed more tracks, maybe we’ll have something to look forward to

  42. Nov. 9, 4:25pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    Absolutely amazing…

  43. Nov. 9, 4:22pm

    holy moly! :P

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