2017 GT Award-Winning Honda Civic Scanned for Gran Turismo ‘Upcoming Release’

Gran Turismo Sport players already have five new cars to look forward to later this week. Now comes news that another car is en route to the franchise, and it’s one we’ve known about for a while.

Let’s travel back to October 2017. Right after Sport launched, the Polyphony crew was once again back at SEMA in Las Vegas, handing out the traditional GT Awards. The overall winner that year was Phil Robles, with an absolutely mean-looking EG-gen Civic hatchback. Built for Time Attack, it has the sort of performance that should scare a modern Type R.

Robles recently took to Instagram to confirm the Polyphony Digital team had scanned the car:

Boasting a Rocket Bunny bodykit — which adds nearly four inches to the car’s width — and a K20 engine hooked up to a sequential shifter, the Civic should take to GT Sport’s tracks quite nicely indeed.

Well, at least, we think Robles means GT Sport. His post only says “upcoming release” — perhaps that refers to an update. One of Robles’ responses to a comment suggests Sport, but as it isn’t an official statement, we can’t say for sure. The rumored next-gen GT7 does seem a little far off…

If the giant-killing 1992 Honda Civic does make its way to Sport, it will be the fourth SEMA GT Award winner to arrive since the game’s October 2017 release. The most recent addition was Sung Kang’s Datsun 240Z.

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