24 New Programs Now Available in Gran Turismo TV

Gran Turismo 5 49 September 1, 2011 by

Polyphony Digital has been fairly quiet about their Gran Turismo TV service since Gran Turismo 5 was released. Today, though, they’ve added 23 new pay-per-view programs to the list, along with a free show about the 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards held at SEMA last year. Here’s a look at the new line-up:

Gran Turismo

  • 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards Video Recap

Best Motoring

  • 2007 September issue
  • 2007 December issue
  • 2008 March issue
  • 08 Later Model GT-R Development Report
  • New Z vs Rivals Head to Head
  • 2009 Superspeed Sports Tsukuba Special
  • The Best of the Newest Sports Cars!
  • Tuned Super Sport Face Off
  • The Challenge of Honda
  • 2009 GT-R Nurburgring Time Attack Close up Report
  • Sugo Super Time Trial
  • All out’09 GT-R Test Drive in Germany
  • EV Motoring
  • Middle Class Sports, Open & Closed top

D1 Grand Prix

  • 2007 D1 World All Stars
  • 2009 D1 Round 1 Ebisu
  • 2009 D1 Round 2 Autopolis

Video Option

  • Car Soccer
  • Epoch Car Building Competition
  • DIY Heaven of Chief Editor Kawasaki Part 1
  • DIY Heaven of Chief Editor Kawasaki Part 2

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