3-Wheelers Will Come to Forza Horizon 3 According to Dan Greenawalt

Forza Horizon 3 12 June 14, 2016 by

Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt sat down with Matt Farah and the rest of The Smoking Tire podcast crew to chat about the newly-unveiled Forza Horizon 3. In it, he lets a few choice tidbits loose on the upcoming open-world game, chief among them being the (eventual) addition of 3-wheelers.

When talking about some of his personal desires for an open world game – a hovercraft does sound fun – Farah asks Greenawalt about the introduction of trikes, using the Morgan 3-Wheeler as an example. Greenawalt’s response is coy, that there might be a vehicle of that type “here and there”, before talking about how the physics team worked to get the game to support shorter wheelbases. He then name-checks Polaris (of Slingshot fame).

This continues the franchise’s effort to include more variety in its ranks. During the Xbox 360 era, the titles infamously did not include open-wheel cars, an oversight corrected with the move to the current generation.

Also, Dan’s quick to confirm what many suspected: driving too far out from the beach will in fact reset a car. There you have it: no boating in Horizon 3.

Much as they have with previous Forza titles, Turn 10 and Playground Games will use the summer to slowly unveil the entire 350+ car list.

The decidedly NSFW podcast – it’s very candid, so expect some F-bombs – can be found in its entirety here. The relevant part of the interview starts at 43:40. Thanks to Patrick for the tip!

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