3-Wheelers Will Come to Forza Horizon 3 According to Dan Greenawalt


Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt sat down with Matt Farah and the rest of The Smoking Tire podcast crew to chat about the newly-unveiled Forza Horizon 3. In it, he lets a few choice tidbits loose on the upcoming open-world game, chief among them being the (eventual) addition of 3-wheelers.

When talking about some of his personal desires for an open world game – a hovercraft does sound fun – Farah asks Greenawalt about the introduction of trikes, using the Morgan 3-Wheeler as an example. Greenawalt’s response is coy, that there might be a vehicle of that type “here and there”, before talking about how the physics team worked to get the game to support shorter wheelbases. He then name-checks Polaris (of Slingshot fame).

This continues the franchise’s effort to include more variety in its ranks. During the Xbox 360 era, the titles infamously did not include open-wheel cars, an oversight corrected with the move to the current generation.

Also, Dan’s quick to confirm what many suspected: driving too far out from the beach will in fact reset a car. There you have it: no boating in Horizon 3.

Much as they have with previous Forza titles, Turn 10 and Playground Games will use the summer to slowly unveil the entire 350+ car list.

The decidedly NSFW podcast – it’s very candid, so expect some F-bombs – can be found in its entirety here. The relevant part of the interview starts at 43:40. Thanks to Patrick for the tip!

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  1. Griffith500

    Good, 3-wheelers are often neglected. Polaris make some fun toys with fascinating engines.

    I do wonder about that part stating they had to tweak the physics engine to “support” shorter wheelbases. Disappointed that they felt the need to automatically reset the cars, spoilsports.

    1. Kyle Patrick

      I suppose they couldn’t let the cars just sink, GTA style. :p

      I’m not too surprised by the physics engine comment. With hundreds of cars in the game, I’m guessing the current engine only takes into account the cars that fit into a relatively narrow set of limits (four wheels, rough sizes). In both GT and Forza, cars that exist on the edges of what’s available (the Tank Car, the Terradyne) have always felt… off. Like they’re pushing the existing engine to the limit.

      Adding in cars with tiny wheelbases and/or three wheels probably played havoc with the existing engine, and it needed to be refined to better represent them. I suppose the true test of this will be if these sorts of cars find their way into the next Motorsport title, though.

    2. Griffith500

      Haha, yeah I don’t suppose there’s much to do once you’ve sunk, unless they include an Esprit Turbo or something…

      I just personally can’t imagine what kind of physics engine isn’t general in terms of the fundamentals like wheelbase and track width etc. But that’s probably because I always think in terms of multibody models the likes of Papyrus have spoiled me with over the years. So it’s really just a case of being confused by my own ignorance.

  2. BrunetPaquet

    Lovin’ that a lot, it’s gonna do some great Baja style-racing in the Outback part of the map.

  3. notsofast

    Love Horizon and love Smoking Tire. Two of the finer things in life. Yeah that podcast really isn’t for kids, I enjoy it because it’s not censored, some of us on here are adults, I’m sure we can handle a few f-bombs…

    Will have to listen to this on the way to work.

    1. ShawnPhillips

      Kicking of the start of the First Reliant Robin Cup.

      They’re coming up to the first corner…

      and everyone has rolled over.

  4. FerrariF1GT

    If this is the case, I’m hoping for the Morgan 3-Wheeler. Shame it isn’t in many racing games.

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