Forza Horizon 3: Set in Australia, Over 350 Cars, Available September 27

Months of speculation can now be put to rest: the next installment in the Forza franchise is indeed Horizon 3, and it will be available to players on both XB1 and PC this September 27 care of Microsoft’s Crossplay initiative.

Australia was heavily-rumoured to be the setting of the third title in Playground Games’ spin-off franchise, after Colorado and Southern Europe featured in the previous games. It brings with it the varied kind of terrain the Horizon series is known for, with huge expanses of flat tarmac for top speed testing, and craggy off-road paths for the high-suspension crowd. Turn 10 claims the map is twice the size of Forza Horizon 2’s.

Horizon 3 will feature the largest collection of cars yet seen in a Horizon title, arriving with over 350 cars in its garage. For the first time in the franchise, widebody kits have been included: a BMW M4 and Nissan GT-R can both be spotted sporting swollen arches. The Lamborghini Centenario shares cover star duties with the 2017 Ford Raptor, while new additions to the franchise include Ariel’s off-roading Nomad, the Koenigsegg Regera, and – appropriately, given the destination – the Ford Falcon GT F 351.

The game holds true to Microsoft’s promise of all future Forza games arriving simultaneously on PC via Windows 10. Players that buy the game digitally will be able to play across platforms, with their progress transferring from XB1 to PC and vice-versa. Playground Games took the time to highlight cross-platform play works online as well, showcasing the new 4-player campaign co-op mode on PC, the original Xbox One, and the new, smaller Xbox One S.

As mentioned, Forza Horizon 3 will be available September 27. We’ve got more details coming on the game shortly; for now, take a look at some of the images released below, and be sure to stop by our Forza Horizon forum section to discuss the game in more detail!

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  1. wraith of horus

    @Rubencho. It’s interesting being set in Australia. Also it makes you wonder with the game having wide body kits for the first time, what would be so aweseome is if playgroung games and mircrosoft got the licence turn the Ford Falcon into a Mad Max car with the right bodykit. I mean come on Playground and Microsoft, Australia the home of Mad Max!

  2. letdown427

    Amazing. I had a lot of fun playing the FH2 demo, it’s so nice to drive old muscle around actual roads with enough of a ‘sim’ feel to make it slightly challenging.

    The cross play on this will be fantastic, it means if I’m feeling like messing about I can play it on the fiancés XBone in the lounge with a controller, or if I want to use a wheel (hopefully) then I can just carry on on the PC in the games room.

    I’m really looking forward to this, much more than GTS to be honest.

  3. 2clickswest

    I don’t get it. How come Sony doesn’t make something similar? They had Driveclub which could be patiently transformed into a good open-world arcade racer.

  4. Chameleon

    Had me until the centenario drove into the ocean. I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works. :lol:

  5. dualshock

    Looks fantastic….I just hope they don’t do all that nonsense they did with FM6 and let you buy a disc version with EVERYTHING included

  6. Andyc709292

    Damn – I got into bed with PS4 & steering wheel six months ago, investment spent.

    If I’d not, I think this would have been a platform changer for me, those of you with the means to play this – lucky you!

    1. wallpaper42

      Oh yeah… But I will give them the benefit of the doubt that there will be support for a full fledged Forza game… Hopefully it’s not just the newer wheels either.

    2. SlipZtrEm

      What looks like a Logitech was seen during the onstage presentation, hooked up to the PC version. My guess is MS will have an announcement on compatibility before launch.

    3. Andyc709292

      Interesting comments on the wheels – that kills it for me if it doesn’t support a wheel. And as for PC, ironically my life revolves around technology but no chance I’ll be buying a high-spec PC anytime soon, all my gaming is on the console. I think that I’m less awed by this now (phew).

  7. ZDUPH

    Are those proper license plates on the cars? YES! Finally! No more sticking decalled plates on the cars.

    1. BoneSawTX

      I think the original x one I got was worth it, this looks like a great purchase for people that haven’t bought in yet.

  8. CarlosGuerra

    Ok i just have to say this, as a gran turismo fan, poliphony realeases two trailerers in less than nothing and i could not be less underwhelmed, forza realeases this, that isnt even a game i will probably buy, and im super hyped to see whats coming, it looks awesome and exciting and it has a goal and a vision, and gran turismo is like, yes we are making something margenably better for the ps4 that doesnt look impressive in the slaitest, but its doing something with FIA right, even dought there are no formulas, no dtm, no wtcc, i guess im just frotrated that for 10 years since gt4 came out (that i loved) nothing came out of polyphony that was impressive or exciting…well we can drive on the moon now i guess…yey

  9. johnnyman123

    Guys, check out that engine bay of the BMW….FORZAVISTA CONFIRMED. I cannot waitt to play this on my new pc 4k setup…

    this has excited me wayyyyy more then anything GTS has shown. The game looks AMAZING !

  10. Toyota GT1

    That presentation was so cheesy and fabricated. Made me sick watching it. But the game does look good.
    -a ps4 user.


    Graphics look like Forza 2 but the new location is refreshing, looking forward to playing this on PC

    1. wallpaper42

      It’s pretty obvious he means Horizon 2. That’s even the first game that comes up when you google Forza 2 lol.

    1. breyzipp

      Save your money, Forza games are known to work best with a controller and have poor wheel support. That’s coming from someone who has the TX base, FH2 and FM6. The force feedback in Forza games is really poor.

      Of course if you would get games like Dirt Rally, Project CARS or others on the XBox One as well then by all means go ahead.

    2. Master Weasel

      @breyzipp: I disagree. I have a Fanatec CSW V2 and I feel Forza 6 has good FF. Especially compared to GT6, where the FF is almost non-existentent.

    3. Fat Tyre

      I fully disagree, I have a TX wheel and FFB on Forza games has been awesome. Plus you don’t need to tweak anything, it feels right from the word go. Forza 5 had this deadzone in the center but it has been solved with Forza 6 also Horizon 2 had great FFB so I’m guessing it will be the same with FH3.

    4. rocketcaron

      Total disagreement here too. Thrustmaster TX here with Clubsport pedals and th8a shifter. FM5 was not perfect its true but it was not that bad. 6 was very very good from the start and they tweaked it in a recent update so yeah, definitely worth the investment if you ask me. I also play Project Cars, Dirt Tally and have had some time with Assetto Corsa on PC so i do have a couple of points of reference.


    big question is, are G25/G27 users gonna be supported for PC Forza title? not expecting much, just curious

    1. drivatar

      Currently it’s impossible to support wheels on UWP.
      We don’t know if it will ever support Direct Input wheels.

    2. ImaRobot

      It’s not impossible, it’s just being worked on

      Hell, even on the live E3 demo of Horizon, there was someone on stage using a wheel while playing the game through PC.

  13. Obelisk

    YES! YES!

    …Except they’ll miss one thing: No simulation of everything in Australia trying to kill you.

  14. breyzipp

    With those classic Holden cars added to FM6 via DLC this was to be expected, they make nice barn finds for sure. :) I have to admit the environment looked stunning, looking forward to the game.

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