4WD Cars Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events


This week’s Gran Turismo 5 Seasonal Events feature a series of five races available exclusively to 4WD-cars, with no more than 530PP and no better than Sports/Hard tires.

The “Performance Difference Bonus” also applies here, so cars with lower PP values have a chance to earn additional credits.

  • Nürburgring GP/D / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.288,000  2nd: Cr.158,400  3rd: Cr.115,200
  • Fuji Speedway F / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.290,000  2nd: Cr.159,500  3rd: Cr.116,000
  • Madrid City Course / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.289,000  2nd: Cr.158,950  3rd: Cr.115,600
  • Autumn Ring Reverse / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.291,000  2nd: Cr.160,050  3rd: Cr.116,400
  • ASO (Tarmac) 308A / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.315,000  2nd: Cr.173,250  3rd: Cr.126,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by Giulietta73.

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    1. Swagger897

      Not sure… But on a side note.. Has anyone seen the new Cadillac? I think the concept looks butt-uuuuugggly.. I wish they would actually make something that could rival an SLS in looks, not copy it and then make a joke out of it..

    2. hobanator24

      I think the new Cadillac is a piece of art. & that 500 hp isn’t too bad either. By the way, the winner of the Gran Turismo award at Pebble Beach was the 1953 Aston Martin DB3S Sports. Jordan should be posting a full article on the event shortly.

    3. Swagger897

      I don’t know about a work of art… To me it’s as if they copied the ford concept (evos I think it was.. The red one) but flopped the reverse camber around for the more natural slipstream body.. It’s something about those wheels that make it hideous. Sure a V-8 with 500 torques and hp is cool… But when you add two turbos and still you can’t get more than that? Only 500? I don’t know the mm of the turbos but its time for them to get away from GM and make their own name. I can only image the Chevy or Buick that’s about to roll out after this in a few weeks.. That’s all GM is. A moneymaking trust that people don’t see…

      Not to “troll” but I just feel all GM cars (don’t get me started on trucks) are a waste of time to compete with Ram, Ford, Toyota (because the hillux is frickin sweet) and anyone else who actually does something for the purpose they set out. You can’t call a brand “American” just because we think we appeal to suburban families who desperately need our vehicle to survive crashes.. No, you do it for the working people, or the sport of off-roading, or camping… That is American.. Doing something, not pretending that it “could” do something… That’s not what Progress is (if you saw the Audi A3 unveil)

    1. JuuWoo

      I’m waiting Lotus Omega as premium, but in standard its ok too.. If it has little better quality than in Gt5.

  1. Swagger897

    Ok so just a thought I had…

    Does anyone think it would be interesting to change the seasonals from a single player arcade style where you chase the rabbit (I had a Mitsubishi Galaxy Wagon at the Nurb) to a multiplayer where you still do the five laps and get the prizes and exp and all? You would do a flying lap around the course to qualify, and then where ever you qualify you would get the car that starts with that grid start? Obviously it would be unfair so the higher pp cars in the back and lower in the front… Not a huge pp difference, only about by 30 maybe for a five lap race. Everyone run the same drivers aides as well… But there is a quick five minute tune session before qualify and the race, to see whether you can improve you’re race with the qualify car, aand then see if you hurt/help it at the race…

    Now since the game is heavily funded and sponsored by Nissan, it would have to be so that the qualify car is a car or power plant that Nissan makes. So a GT-R for this seasonal (I know), a Nissan Power plant (including the batmobile delta wing) for things like LMP and GT races, and maybe a GT500 370z for races like that….

    This way it would get the seasonal creators actual time to sit down, map out what qualify car for the cars included in the race, and what levels to set the car… In my mind, since they come out with these things what, every week or so, it would give drivers more experience about being up front (this is hard to put) and competing with other drivers in similar high traffic scenarios…

    It would almost be a GT Acedmy included in GT6. Maybe if a points system was designed, a GT6 server could keep count of the driver who earns the most points and comparative times, and he/she is claimed to be a “wildcard” for the GT Academy final event. It’s not a way to get more people into the racing world. I’m not saying that this would help me, but it would help all of us from these quite opaque seasonals that “actual” people make….

    “The End….”

    1. Swagger897

      Edit- a GTR qualify car for seasonals like this, where 4wd is the category… Thinking faster than I typed

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ This. I also believe PD should’ve just gone back to making A-Spec “only” Online Challenges again, and continue making TTs and DTs.

    3. Swagger897

      Pit crew…

      As would I because its only a way to boost exp and credits… But if they would retain seasonals… I think that’s how I would sorta structure them to where you compete face to face… I also wish their was some sorta match-competion with a winners/losers bracket… Something like that would be fun.

    4. Pit Crew

      Well for every TTs series challenge, a Gold in every trial could garner a grand prize equivalent level ticket of the vehicle used in the event. Use level 10 car get Level 10 ticket for golding every track. Easy fix. Your basically doing this anyway when you consider the way the present RS formula forces the player to be successful when chasing the lead A.I. cars.

      For example at Mt. ASO in order for me to catch and pass the lead car (Premium Spec-C Subie when I beat it) I had to be in 2nd by the middle to end of the third lap giving me 2 full laps to run down a car that started race with a 20 second lead. Eventually I realized 113.000s to 114.000s lap times were required. Not saying your idea is bad, but PD has many options to choose from that would enhhance the flavor of BI-Weekly seasonals, that don’t have to include PVP. Plus it would be just my luck to end up in a RS PVP match with IMMORTAL_PILOT or Tidgney lol.

    5. infamousphil

      I think I got what you want to do, Swagger. I’ll try anything once ;)
      I like the race seasonals because it’s only 1 of 3 typs of comp PD has offered online. TTs and DTs being the others. I, personally, feel like I’m chasing a rabbit in the TT and DT comps as well cuz… well, you know my skills ;)
      But the multiplayer/online aspect is appealing. 16 car grid, 3 player minimum, qualifying rounds, include pwr and wgt regulations as well as pp and we may have something.

      Never too late to try out with 5 ;)

  2. NCRthree

    I agree with BMX. Wasted opportunity.

    These Seasonals could have had so much more variety. The lack of imagination is incredible considering Kaz was on record as saying ASpec career was too short on content. Now they’re just recycling the old Events with different tracks. What’s crazy is there was mention that some real thought went into deciding the Events. Not.

    But yeah, there could have been a 5 race Championship with points. Short enduros with pit strategy envolved too.
    We get GT300 cars which are great, but no dedicated Events for them. How about a Seasonal with 5 custom Rally courses? But no, a TT maybe twice a year for Rally Cars.

    1. Pit Crew

      Hows about a Weather related TT @ Nurb or Spa, Lemans or Monza, but nope. At this point though im numb to the haphazard way seasonals are implemented

    2. StiggyGT

      Mini enduros…
      I really hope GT6 has them for its seasonals, along with day/night cycles. What PD put up now is defininitely bland.

    3. MeanElf

      There was a B-spec at Spa with rain once, ten or so laps, plus the recent F1 at Spa and also time change has been used with the course creator recently. Not that frequent, I grant but still thought of enough to put one in occasionally.

    4. MeanElf

      Well, it was just the one B-spec. The rest were normal but with weather or time change. More would be welcome though.

  3. BWX

    5 laps, 5 laps, 5 laps, 5 laps, 5 laps, 5 laps… Ugh.

    Will they ever learn?

    Will they ever try to be at least a little bit original or unpredictable?

    Will they ever learn how to not be completely boring?

    These seasonals suck and are in no way a replacement for a good solid A-Spec experience. If this is going to be their idea of good “single player for GT6”, then I will never buy another GT. Vote with your wallet I guess.

    Kaz/PD.. why are you so ridiculously predictable and boring?

    These “Seasonals” could have been a perfect opportunity for awesome Championship races or semi- endurance EVENTS where we could progress in A-Spec.. and you could progress with the development of the terrible Ai to something acceptable and up to date- but no, we’re stuck with never ending boredom and dullness, and complete predictability and laziness. ZzzzZzzzZzzz….

    1. MeanElf

      You must have missed the shorter and longer races then, plus the B-Spec and other odd challenges that have appeared occasionally.

      So there has been some variety, and without these we’d only have A-spec and online – therefore it’s always better than not having Seasonals. I think the way GT6 will be organised will probably address that though.

    2. Kratos_Q8

      nop not only BMX alot of us agree on this he made a good point the A-spec in this game is a joke BIG ONE

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Then don’t play it. The most simplist thing anyone can do. Not like you play the Seasonal Events anyway, so why are you whining?

    4. MeanElf

      Kratos – a good point or not, BWX only comes in here to troll by picking on old issues. And don’t you think that at this stage in the game’s life that the A-spec situation is a moot point?

    5. Quakebass

      I agree.

      And Toko, the reason why a lot of people don’t play them is because they’re just simply too bland. Seasonals are SUPPOSED to be an expansion of A-Spec, but they keep recycling old events, and aren’t using any variety. I am yet to see a seasonal (and NOT B-SPEC) that was more than 10 laps. In fact, there’s hardly ny races (aside from the final endurance series) where you ACTUALLY HAVE TO PIT.

      Why even have the resource if you’re hardly going to use it…? PD has SO MUCH MORE they could do with GT5 from the in-game content ALONE, yet they don’t. No Rally-specific events, NASCAR, FGT, etc. NONE of the actual racing classes are being utilized more than a single, MAYBE a second race in A-Spec. And, there’s only about 3 A-Spec races I can think of that lasted more than a half hour.

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ That was only aimed that Kratos, no one else, but I understand what you’re saying. It would have been better if it was A-Spec Online Challenges. PD can make variety of events out of those like you listed.

    7. MeanElf

      Mind you, there’s nothing stopping us as players setting up an online race based on the current seasonal…purely for those interested. I’ve often thought that it would be fun to take the car(s) you’ve been using to win with and seeing how they/it stack(s) up against others.

    1. Gdzlla

      Yes it was. Power to weight ratio was incredible. PD needs to bring that car back. Put it in the used car or online car dealer like they did with all the GTRs and EVOs.

  4. Pit Crew

    Perfect event for a Spec-C Subaru, Standard or Premium though the Standard is my Fave. 22B Subie should be quite a pleasant fit too.

    1. infamousphil

      Lol, for every Subie there’s a Mitsu to challenge. I prefer the latter. Though I’m a Nismo fan, love to challenge the Imprezas with a Lancer of equal year and pp.

    2. MeanElf

      I actually enjoy challenging the Scoobies too Phil – after all, the two cars were at it tooth and nail for quite a few years in the rally scene – that and I just prefer the sound the Evos.

  5. RCKakashi14

    Like the previous 4WD seasonal, I still use a stock R8 4.2 quattro. Epic handling even on Sports Hard tires.

    1. infamousphil

      Ok, that’s a nice pic… but man, I sooo dislike sedans and wagons. Yeah, I know what GT is about, but these heavy weight behemoths are not to be hustled about carelessly. Least this one is AWD

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Yeah @kekke I believe you’re right. The reflections really make it pop off the page. I love this simplistic photo. So classy.

  6. jpcxn

    How about a 1 hour seasonal with fast tire degradation, pit stops and real damage? It’s always the same type of events. What do you think?

    1. NCRthree

      Do that in Arcade. Full damage, more aggressive AI, any race length, tire wear. Customize your difficulty level with ballast and tire choice.

    2. Pit Crew

      Plus Sports Hard tires would need way more laps than 5 or 7 laps to even begin showing degradation, not to mention you’d probably have to moderately drift every turn to even intice those tire compounds to show wear.

    3. SnakeOfBacon

      psst, here’s something I’ve tried that just so happens to be incredibly fun
      Arcade – Any Nascar – Clubman Route 5 – Racing Soft, No assists (except ABS of course) and however many laps you like! preferably infinity, i’ve noticed it’s much closer than any other races I’ve had, there are never any rabbits

  7. MeanElf

    Amazingly, no rabbit car this time. When I saw the RUF in my list, I expected to see one heading the competition. It’s been a consistent field of Subarus, Nissans and Lancers.

    1. Emman1984

      Yep that all I saw too but I saw weird stuff too like a Mazda Mx Crossover and a Land Rover Stormer that looked odd passing it lol

    2. MeanElf

      Yup Toko – I pulled out my ZZII for Fuji and the field stayed the same. I think I’ll be trying loads of others out too :)

    1. RCKakashi14

      Around 420 max on stock (oil change).

      It’s one of the best cars to use for that seasonal. Handles like a charm.

      Actually, it is one of the best handling non-race cars in GT5.

    2. GTP_CargoRat

      I had a Dodge Ram in one of my starting line-ups at Madrid. The damn thing was a beast to get around because it kept hogging the road and I couldn’t see to get around the damn its so big, lol.

    3. braunracing88

      I won three with a 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STi followed by a second and a third. I’ll have to take a look at my R8s (two 4.2 and two 5.2) and see if one of them will work.
      And GTP_CargoRat, I’ve had no trouble passing the Ram. The only reason it appears in this competition is because it’s the only 4WD pickup in the game. Personally, I think the Ram SRT10 – the one with the V10 from the Dodge Viper -would be a better choice.

  8. AcenSpades

    Ok so we’ve done FF, FR, now 4WD, either we’re gonna get another drift/time trials or we’ll get a dose of either MR or RR….. Any wild guesses??

    1. infamousphil

      “Normal” for you Elf… I perfer SS tires for the sheer grip they offer. Unreal or not, it’s the “street” tire I would install on my whip if it were available. I do fine with the lesser, in case your wondering ;)

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