5.5 Million Copies of GT5 Sold, Series Tops 60 Million

In a new press release, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the official sales data for Gran Turismo 5. As of December 6, 2010, GT5 sales exceeded 5.5 million units worldwide – or 423,000 copies sold per day for 13 days. That’s half a million more copies than what GT5: Prologue managed to sell in nearly two and a half years, and more than double what Gran Turismo PSP has sold since last October. GT5 is also now halfway along to GT1, GT2, and GT4’s total sales (approximately 10 million per title), but still has a ways to go to match GT3’s 14.8 million.

More importantly, however, GT5 has pushed the series to a new high, with more than 61.41 million copies sold. Congratulations to Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital for reaching this impressive milestone!

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  1. Gulyo

    F*ck you PD the whole A spec !!!!!
    60 laps endurance race 120.000 credits … 5 laps 90.000 credits !!!
    Level 40 but HOW ??????????????

  2. dave sz

    Uhhh, 5.5 million shipped is not the same as 5.5 million sold. 5.5 million copies of GT5 have been shipped and since not all of them are sold, they couldn’t have sold 5.5 million.

    1. infamousDee

      You do realise we’re talking about the Gran Turismo series, right? GT3 sold over 14 million copies and was the highest-selling driving game of all time in its day. Yes, it is 5.5 million sales.

    2. G

      But it says sold… you can see sold is different from shipped because the word SOLD is shorter than shipped… and you cant spell SHIP using the word SOLD… but I assume your talking about the difference between sales figures, in that case lets look again… Nope still says 5.5million sold (not shipped)

      Do you have money on GT5 not selling well or something, you seem personally hurt by it selling 5.5 million!

  3. Narly

    ummmm….start all over again? hehe…well if there aren’t any other solutions i’ll have to cope with that….thanks for your time and answer @ury! ^^

  4. Narly

    hi guys! please don’t get upset i’ll go a bit offtopic here. I have a problem with my PS3, well it all started yesterday. Somehow when i play GT 5 for an hour or so gameplay freezes so i have to shut down the entire system to a hault. I think that must be becouse of 3.55 or 1.03 patches. Correct me if i am wrong. It did not use to freeze with older FW or 1.02 patch, but somehow now does…i really hope there is nothing going on with my PS3..

    1. ury

      hi narly! You have the game save “corrupt” That happened to me. Try to start a new game in other account and you will see that no freezes anymore. I had to restart the game, don’t know if there is another solution.

      Sorry for my english.

  5. brainfade

    i think this is abit too far… facebook and twitter is enough, so why not impliment or incorporate this into facebook?

  6. dearlybeloved

    The driving feel is what matters in this game. @banr… really forza has only sold 3.73million? I am shocked because I thought that the game would have sold more. Anyways back to the GT franchise. Imagine in 1997 video games were seen by the auto industry as lame IMO and now with Kaz’s efforts he has transformed the whole relationship between the 2 industries.

    I am really missing driving my HKS Evo because my PS3 has YLOD on me. and I can’t get it fixed until the 20th onwards.

    Anyways I will go back to playing GT4 or Gt3 tomorrow morning as it’s just gone past midnight here in the uk.

    Peace out!

  7. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

    ahh good ol’ GT3. by far my favorite of all GT games (except for 5 of course) ..well i guess the cheat codes helped, but still AWESOMEE!!!!

    1. Shouden

      Well, it’s more than that, actually, as some of those were $100 Collectors editions and $130 Limited Editions. So, it’s probably more like $500million. Which is good, ’cause they spent $60million+ making it. That gives PD lots of money to make GT6.

    2. occasionalracer

      Your missing the fact that retailers are making at least 20% off each unit sold and the manufacturing costs, and the shipping costs, so maybe half of those $64 are going into PD’s pocket.

    3. Skiddy

      You guys forget abut GT5 Prolouge. It also sold 4 – 5 million copies. THAT covered the GT5 development cost.. GT5 sales is pure profit.

  8. jakeBG19

    so the game made 357million$$ that quick….wow,thats really impressive for a ps3 exclusive:) im certainly glad im one of that 5.5 mil$

  9. Shouden

    12th Best selling franchise ever, and only 2 of the franchises above have been around for less time. Pretty impressive, actually.

  10. Shouden

    GT has now sold more copies than the Legend of Zelda and is zeroing in on Grand Theft Auto and Sonic the Hedgehog. And…it’s only 39 million units away from the best selling racing franchise: Need For Speed.

  11. monton1999

    Don’t know if this is the right place to say this, but I think that if you measure the success of a driving simulator by the accuracy of the driving feel it provides you then GT5 is the most resounding success in videogames history. In that respect is leaps and bounds better than any other driving game i’ve ever played.

    Play GT5 with a good wheel and you’ll get as close as it gets right now to the feel or driving a real car on real tarmac. Simple as that. The quantity and quality of the feedback it gives you while driving is simply amazing.

    I’m loving every minute with GT5 and I would like to give a big thank you to Kaz, Polyphony and Sony for this game.

    1. soundfx

      Well said, they are my thought exactly. I’m loving the pure feel of driving. The car going light, catching grip, throwing it into a bend with TC off and opp locking to power out as I melt my tires.

      All the comments re: flat trees, shadows etc etc mean nothing. It’s s DRIVING GAME I say :)

    2. BWX

      Yup the physics is what makes GT5 awesome. To me it’s better than rFactor, LFS, GT5p by a large margine. I’ve never played Fartza. Also while iRacing’s physics are great, I think in terms of “feel”, GT5 is still better, at least until iRacing’s new tire physics come out.. Obviously GT5 isn’t as much of a “Sim” in other areas like flags and rules and online code, but I’m talking about driving physics. It represents so many different cars so well, that is the amazing part.

      GT5’s dirt physics will never compare to Richard Burns Rally though, but I don’t think any game or sim will ever top those ingenuous physics, I hope I’m wrong about that though..

    3. Greyum

      Totally disagree. No matter how good the wheel, playing GT5 is NOTHING like driving a real car.

      As for it being a driving game, no, it’s a racing game, and in that respect it is leaps and bounds worse than other racing games out there.

    4. ehhh....

      Funny how the same exact things get chanted over and over with every new GT release. Yet really they change very little from one to the next except that they seem to remove content from each new GT, and replace it with photomodes and “card collections”.
      To me, though done very well, the cars handle very much like a number of other games IMO.
      They’ve reduced the tuning options, allready less than other programs, and threw in a little rain and a track generator. Big woop. Nevermind the lack of customization after having Kaz say you’d be able to change pretty much everything you could think of……I can think of more things than expected I guess.
      GT has fallen behind despite the glitter they sprinkled on top. Here’s to hoping GT6 doesn’t continue the trend.

    1. Really?

      No technically you didn’t…

      The stores and retail locations which you bought the game from are the only establishments that contributed to that 5.5 Million….

      You simply bought a copy from the store..

      your “1” sale was accounted for in sony’s books the second it hit the shelf at BestBuy or wherever

    2. Razor

      You will contribute to another 5.5mil sale that will be in the future. You buy now, your store will order more tomorrow.

    3. occasionalracer

      Stupid comment,why don’t you take that same philosophy and apply it to games that don’t sell well. Everybody’s purchase counts, until so many have been sold that they’ll be available 2nd hand for cheap.

    4. Really?

      stores buy based on projected sales figures….

      There wasn’t a best buy in my area that didn’t have a Kiosk of over a hundred copies of Starcraft 2..

      And guess what..They sold maybe 8-9 copies at those locations…

      To the point that those same boxes are still on their shelves, however THOSE 100-200 copies still attributed to starcrafts sales..

      It’s all business and projected sales..

      Bestbuy/gamestop/eb all buy what they think they’ll sell and then some..THOSE figures go into this games “units moved”

      if they don’t sell all their copies…they’ve still been sold..

      You guys are one angry angry bunch jesus..

    5. donnie

      actually “really” what you are talking about is copies “shipped”. 5.5 million is the actual copies “sold” in retailers. they probably “shipped” over 10 million to retailers….

    6. occasionalracer

      Really… You are right about that being the how retailers work, but I’m sure that when the first and second shipments come in that those stores who have 100’s copies left will have them sent to other stores before more are ordered. Video games have been around for a long time and I’m sure they have a way of selling all units at full price.

  12. Greyum

    Maybe with all the profit the game is generating, they can put more effort into the next one and iron out all of the inexcusable bugs and flaws.

    1. Really?

      I would like to think that…but why?

      The fanbase for this game is so absurdly large that they can take a deuce in a GT box and it’ll return record sales..

      They won’t iron out bugs…..They’ll do “bare minimum” and call it the best…and everyone will eat it up

    2. occasionalracer

      Really…I don’t think what you stated there follows Kaz’s drive for creating the #1 console simulator. I think deep down inside his main goal is to replicate the trueness of racing culture and to satisfy the fans out there, by going beyond the bare minimum and I think there are some surprises ahead. It’s safe to say PD will be working on GT6 starting soon as a main priority, but I bet at this point the whole team is focused on eliminating bugs and perhaps add-ons. Maybe will get a Christmas special for free download.

    3. kekke2000

      @ Occasional Racer

      Work on GT6 has already started. Will not take 5 years this time, at least they say so now :) I dont care that much right now though since I GT5 has eaten up all my spare time and almost my relationship, still going strong! Level 28 now…

    1. TomboFry

      5.5 Million? That’s more than Forza 3!
      But jokes aside (well, it’s not actually a joke, it’s true), they definitely deserve more sales than this, since it’s such an amazing game! Why isn’t anyone buying?! :P

    2. Daniel Learmouth

      My thoughts exactly.
      This needs more recognition that it already has, believe it or not. This isn’t a mere racing game. This is the closest you’ll get to being a racing driver in real life.

  13. Wallbreaker

    Let´s see how those numbers will be after x-mas ;) btw I think GT5 will top them all in the future. There´s never been a bigger GT than this one, neither a better one in terms of features or the accuracy of driving physics.

  14. occasionalracer

    Good deal…even more interesting would be a breakdown of how many were sold per region or even individual countries. I’m sure by January close to 10 mil. will have been sold.

  15. idlestation

    This is good news for PD.. hopefully they will put even more resources in to the next GT game!

    Will be picking up my collectors edition on Dec 23rd!

  16. Brandon

    When I asked the clown at my local Gamestop (who then proceeded to blah on about how bad he thinks GT5 sucks EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER PLAYED THE FREAKING GAME) if they had sold many copies he said somthing that sounded like “eah… not really.” Probably because it “sucks so badly.”

    1. G

      dont worry mindless fanboy bash it the world over, two guys at work (who dont even own ps3’s let alone gt5) mentioned “gt5 scored of 86 percent on metacritic”
      “crikey, really? well those reviews do shape my life I must go throw the game away at once”
      They then went on to say, like the chap in gamestop, what they hated and that it was a huge let down after 6 years… I asked them what was it they dont like or found a let down. Obviously they just said the… I dunno, I just thought it would be better…
      translation: I dont even know what features the game has as Ive never even watched a video let alone play it… but I know you cant teabag people and master chief isnt in it so obviously its crap.

      christ I loath fanboys.

    2. idlestation

      Collectors Editions were all sold out at my local Ebgames(9 or so), and their next shipment of CE came 2 weeks later (7 people on the waiting list).

      They said it was selling well..

    3. (not the same as OP

      Make sure to do the survey at the bottom of the receipt. Let GameStop corporate people know the 360 fan boys they hire are making gamestop a bad experiance to shop at. It even gives you a list of the people who work at the store you shopped at. Their name is on the receipt.

  17. dearlybeloved

    Of that total I have the original japanses copy, 2 copies of the us ntsc version of gt1, 1 copy of gt2 NTSC US, GT3 PAL, GT3 concept PAL, GT4 PAL and GT4 collectors edition with a letter by KY himself, GT4 concept PAL, GT5 Prologue and finally GT5 PAL standard edition.

    So I am really glad to have been a part of this 60 million selling game.

    Peace out!

    1. RUI

      My contribution: GT2 PAL, GT3 PAL, GT Concept PAL, GT4 Prologue Korea, GT4 Prologue PAL, GT4 Japan, GT4 PAL (x2), GT5 Prologue Japan, GT5 Prologue PAL, GT5 St & CE!

    1. john

      it’s a great game, they deserve more sales imo and it’s really cool that he keeps patching it and listening to the players’s comments. but then again, he’s KAZ, he probably wanted to keep working on it but Sony probably made him release it hahahah

      really good numbers considering that it’s for ps3 only and the fact that not many people owns a ps3. ps3 is pricey and has other problems. i doubt it can beat gt4 record though since many more people owned a ps2 when gt4 came as compared to the amount of people who has a ps3 when gt5 came out.

    1. Benny44

      Yes – when you think about it, COD should sell close to 4 times as much (PC, PS3, 360, Wii) because most people have only one platform. Wikipedia even says GT5 is the best selling video game for the PS3. Take that COD.

    2. Gork

      What is there to take? A totally unrelated game sold more units. COD still brought in $1000000000 straight into Activision’s pocket so I guess they’re happy.

    1. 350GT


      And that’s what’s wrong with gaming today and why 2-hour long yearly-update noob games will keep being made.

      Yeah, I just totally dissed COD.

    2. nis915

      I doubt a lot of people have even played the Black Ops story mode. It’s a fun game when the lag is on your side.

    3. Hoodie


      I only play the story mode as the online is just mindless fun for the masses. Some of us like to do some thinking with our gaming. In fact, anyone want to buy a copy.

    1. imaROBOT

      I have seen it sold out at a Target, Wal-mart, Bestbuy so far. Lot of people wanting it for Christmas I’m guessing. Good for us, though more sold better support.

    2. zYx

      …and how many copies of F1 have been returned? :P

      It’s a great game, but I can’t believe that people didn’t notice the LAG during some races…

    3. kekke2000

      Zyx have you ever thought that maybe they dont care if a Ferrari has a spot on it, it’s still a Ferrari. Same as GT5, sure it has some flaws, it’s still the best Racing game to date by far. If you even mention Forza I wont even comment about it…

    4. GoGoGoggans

      the collectors edition is completely sold out unless you preorderd like i did. That amazing because black ops still hasent sold its special editions but gamestop amazon and soon to be best buy and many more retailers are sold out amazing.

    5. Sub-Zero Racing Team

      @ ZYX: It’s up to the individuals internet connection. I have a 30mb con’x. No lag here. From the “GT Life” menu, there’s an options tab with settings for online lobbys/lounges. Mess around there if you’re encountering lag problems.

      @ ehhh….: If it’s not the best GT to date, then what is? Lol

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