A Closer Look at Gran Turismo’s Newest Dirt Track, Fishermans Ranch

Gran Turismo Sport 33 August 22, 2016 by

Arguably the biggest reveal at Gamescom in terms of GT Sport, Fishermans Ranch offers our first real look at rallying in the game. With the event now over, numerous videos have popped up, giving us a better idea of what this new track will provide players with come November.

The first thing we noticed about the off-screen gameplay up top (via DualShockers) is that this new track is long. Not Nürburgring-long, but the first full lap is over four minutes. Admittedly, that’s achieved with a few spins by the player, but even the Subaru piloted by the AI barely drops below the 240-second mark (according to the track map).

Fishermans Ranch also continues the Polyphony trend of very wide rally circuits. This may be a conscious design decision to better accommodate larger numbers of players in online races, which would give the track more of a rallycross feel. As is, it doesn’t appear to be targeting the WRC-style narrow, point-to-point rally experience offered by DiRT Rally or SLR Evo.

The video also offers our first look at the Polyphony-designed Group B cars in motion. That evocative name surely caught the eyes of players when it was first revealed a few months ago. While these cars don’t match the accelerative force of the 80’s examples, they’re nonetheless quite quick. The Lancer Evo the player is driving hits 100 km/h (62mph) in under four seconds, and crests 160 km/h (100mph) only three seconds later.


Polyphony’s nonintrusive cornering aid features in the video as well, offering clipping points via small green triangles. A simpler approach than the typical on-road driving line, it will be interesting to see how the system helps new players learn the intricacies of fast driving.

Unfortunately, with this being off-screen, we’re not able to get an idea of any improvements to the sound engine. Those will have to wait, it seems…

Gran Turismo Sport arrives on PlayStation 4 November 15 in Japan and North America, November 16 in Australia, and November 18 in Europe.

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