A Mysterious Car Ticket System is Showing up in GT Sport

Alongside the documented changes found in the latest GT Sport update, there are naturally some hidden features to be found too. These can be minor tweaks here and there but this time around, there’s something that’s certainly of note. It looks like GT Sport could be getting a car “ticket” system in the near-future.

Captured by Spanish YouTuber miguinsu and shared in the GTPlanet forums by Donnced, the video shows something quite peculiar. As the player attempts to pay for a Jaguar XJ13, the game asks if they would like to use a ticket to pay the full price of the car. Doing this won’t take any credits away from the player but deliver a shiny new vehicle to their garage. According to miguinsu, the cars attained through this method can then be sold in-game for credits. To make things stranger, the player has 1000 of the mysterious tokens and using them doesn’t bump that number down. Talk about being lucky.

Long-term fans of Gran Turismo may recognize this type of system from Gran Turismo 5. The first mainline title on PS3 gifted users tokens to use for certain classes or types of vehicles. It was one of the many features that ended up as trimmed fat in Gran Turismo 6. Could this type of system be making a return? With the competitive nature of GT Sport, it would certainly give additional incentive to play outside of the usual credits and experience earned when racing.

A more controversial possibility is that GT Sport may be moving towards microtransactions in the form of these tickets. Prior to launch, Kazunori Yamauchi assured fans that there would be no microtransactions present in GT Sport but could that be about to change? There’s not enough evidence to be conclusive but these tokens turning up is certainly intriguing.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest on this topic. Let us know in the comments if you’ve also seen this mysterious prompt.

Featured image courtesy of at1503.

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