art of rally Coming to PlayStation on October 6

Independent developer Funselektor (Dune Casu) has confirmed that art of rally will finally be coming to PlayStation on October 6.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle for the highly stylized rally title. Originally launching a year ago on PC, art of rally — like its predecessor title Absolute Drift — came to consoles after a few months with a launch to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, but PlayStation players missed out at the time.

We’ve been waiting to hear on a PlayStation launch since, as the title was penciled in for “summer 2021”. Of course summer has now passed, but we’re not going to quibble over a couple of weeks.

If you’ve not encountered art of rally just yet it is — as you can see from the clip above — a uniquely styled approach to the racing game genre.

The title features a slew of the most famous classic rally cars, albeit with licensing-friendly generic names, covering the history of world rally — even from before it was the World Rally Championship. That runs right up to the Group A era when we saw Mitsubishi and Subaru going head to head… or rather the “Max Attack” and the “Fujin”.

As well as a stable of 50 cars there’s also more than 60 classic rally stages covering famous events in Finland, Sardinia, and Kenya — the last of which arrived as a free update to the PC version and came at launch in the Xbox/Switch title. This will be the case for the PlayStation version too.

Interestingly, Funselektor describes the PS4 and PS5 version of art of rally as a “native port”, which suggests that the PS5 title could support 120fps.

No pricing has been revealed yet for the PlayStation version, but we’d expect it to be the same as the other console releases at $24.99 (€20.99/£19.49) when it arrives on October 6.

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