Assetto Corsa Won’t Feature Photomode or Full-Length Replays on Consoles

The 718 Boxster S from the Porsche Pack Volume 2.

According to one of the latest statements from Kunos, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners of Assetto Corsa won’t be seeing some of the unique features found in the PC version. Responding to GTPlanet member Donnced on the official forum, Stefano directly ruled out the possibility of using Photomode, Showroom or viewing larger replay files on consoles:


The Showroom is a neat feature on the PC version which allows players to inspect their beauties in an open environment more closely, checking the lighting effects and interiors of cars with no distractions. This option — similar to Gran Turismo‘s Photo Travel or the Forza franchise’s Forzavista — won’t see daylight on PS4 and Xbox One.

The setback also affects the Replay mode. Conveniently taking photos during replays won’t be possible within the game on either platform (though both consoles have native screenshot features). Replays are currently limited by size to approximately 3 minutes, meaning longer races can’t fully be reviewed: there is no plan on extending this.

Prior to release, Kunos had stressed that work on equalizing both console and PC versions of Assetto Corsa was a priority, not just with regards to the much-lauded physics, but also the features of the game. Console players who may have been expecting these features will no doubt be disappointed, but the team will continue to push to minimize the differences between platforms with future updates.

Assetto Corsa is currently available on PC, PS4, and XB1. PC players looking to try the game should check out the Steam Autumn Sale this weekend to take advantage of discounts.

Naturally, hat-tip to Donnced for bringing this to our attention!

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