Beware: Gran Turismo 5’s DLC Locked to Single PSN Account

Since Sony Computer Entertainment America’s surprise announcement regarding the delay of GT5’s DLC in North America late last night, it’s been a rocky road for fans eager to enjoy the new content.

Though the DLC packs were released as scheduled in Europe, Asia, and Australia, users in our forums have quickly made an unpleasant discovery: the content can only be accessed in the game when signed into the PSN account you used to make the purchase. The official UK site has been updated to acknowledge the issue:

This is a notice regarding the Gran Turismo 5 DLC, for those who have multiple accounts on the PlayStation®Network.

The DLC released on October 18th is tied to the Account ID used to purchase the DLC. It is not possible to use the DLC with accounts other than the one that was used to make the actual purchase. Therefore please make sure to purchase the DLC with the account that is used to play Gran Turismo 5.

Kazunori Yamauchi has also responded to complaints via Twitter, offering the following explanation:

Resolving the problem with using the DLC on multiple accounts, is not simple. [I]t would be best if we could attribute the entitlement to use the DLC items to multiple accounts in the same PS3, but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup, and we can only assign the entitlements per User ID. There just isn’t a good solution for this I can think of. The entitlement to these non-onetime DLC’s can’t be attributed to the PS3 console.

This is obviously a significant (and expensive) inconvenience for players who use multiple PlayStation Network ID’s to participate in online teams, leagues, or racing series. This also requires families or siblings who share a PS3 console with different PSN accounts purchase the DLC multiple times if they all wish to use it.

Please keep this restriction in mind when purchasing the new content.

GT5 Photomode image by eugene2023.

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Comments (262)

  1. rpe94

    I downloaded the Game Stop Bonus Stealth Car a while back. But, where do I find it to use it within the game? Can someone help?

    It doesn’t appear with my cars that I can choose from, as far as I can see.

  2. diabolicwyvern

    “This also requires families or siblings who share a PS3 console with different PSN accounts purchase the DLC multiple times if they all wish to use it.”

    I’d never thought of it from this perspective. I initially thought it was much adu about nothing, but this is quite unfair.

  3. BestRacerEver

    And again PD proves that they’re complete lazy morons. All the DLC work fine on all accounts, but its somehow is different with GT5. Ok i think this will help people to save some money. At least its good that DLC is total crap. I hope next will be too.

  4. crea

    This is retarded!

    My account is Canadian and my copy of the game is asia version. I don’t mind to buy the DLC with my canadian account. But game saves and DLC are region locked. So its not gonna be installed on my game. So either I have go out and buy a North American version of the game and start all over again or no DLC…. WTF

  5. brulemos

    Right, I have a Japonese version of the game, but use my US PSN account to play it.
    Can I buy the DLC on the US PSN and play it normally using the japanese version of the game?
    Or do I really have to buy it on the JP PSN and play with a JP account?

    1. mazdaman83

      That’s exactly my Question too !!

      I play the USA version on my EU account, Can I get the DLC from the EU Store ?

  6. HPUnleashed

    Good news, we’ll receive a “Family Upgrade” in December which will unlock purchased DLC for every account on the same console! Maybe I will get the DLC if they promise to do this!

  7. SNK180


    Kaz`s twitter

    Regarding the DLC usage for multiple accounts,We’re planning an another update for GT5 in December. In that update users who purchased cars and tracks from the DLC already,can receive a free “family upgrade” in the PS Store, which will let all users in the same PS console use the DLC.

  8. delta racer

    this is silly come on my brother and family like this game and my dad wont pay for £30 just so everyone is happy

  9. zutz

    You guys are ridiculous.

    The DLC is ment to be sold. For money. To make profit. It’s business that would be compromised if one could dupe/share the DlC items.

  10. lepar

    Sony PS3 cluster I have the same rights and entitlements to services as everyone in the world! So why Slovakia has not yet store.Sony PS You can risque with such access to customers.
    thanks whatsoever from you I can not continue to play GT5, so wake up quickly, because you lose a lot of players and Money …..

  11. lepar

    Sony PS3 cluster I have the same rights and entitlements to services as everyone in the world! So why Slovakia has not yet store.Sony PS You can risque with such access to customers.
    thanks whatsoever from you I can not continue to play GT5, so wake up quickly, because you lose a lot of players and Money …..
    toto som dnes poslal Sony

    1. PandoXLR

      Ahoj, mas velku pravdu, chem hrat na moj SK ucet na PSN, a pouzivam UK ucet kupovat DLC a hrajem na SK ucet, a teras co? Nemozem pokracovat dopredu lebo ludia v PD su chlupaci.

  12. mazdaman83

    I’m really pissed of because I play the USA version of GT5 (Because it includes the Nissan GTR minuature car) on my EU Account (Because that is wher I have all my friends, I live in the EU), But because the DLC is Account-locked the only thing I can do is buy the European version of GT5 and play the game all over again (I am now: A-spec level 38 and B-spec level 40) !!!

    I think this is insane !!?!??!?!

  13. Devanir

    That is so ridiculous… can´t accept that answer from Kaz. They the knowledge and technology. What they don´t have is consideration for GT fans. I´m dissapointed and feeling like a fool by waiting so many years to start playing a game made by this kind of people.

  14. SpawnBlack

    Why is it that other games can produce and allow multiple accounts to use DLC’s but there is always some little difference to the way PD/GT5/Kaz do things. Nothing like working out a way to make a little extra money for little change to a game that still makes everyone unhappy. Update the the AI Intelligence at least and make all DLC available for multiple accounts, it can be done but they chose not to do it that way just to make a bit more money. There are plenty of things that other race games
    can do and Kaz has not incorporated them into GT5 for whatever reason. And please give us tracks of old>> Midfield Raceway, Grindlewald, Red Rock, Rome Night. New tracks can be added to the game so why are they not there?

  15. CorporateHammer

    LMAO @ most posts here, especially the 360 comments because most people know that you can’t share games or dlc with other profiles on the 360, heck I can’t even play games I paid for without being connected to LIVE because of the shotty hardware and received a replacement console (multiple), but when 1 dlc pack comes out for one game on PS3 man oh man kicking and screaming boycott.

  16. CJSpencer77

    they say they have nothing like it, but once you have got the stealth cars u can use them on any account so maybe im missing somthing but isnt that exactly what they saying they cant do?

  17. flamingchariot

    I have the Collectors Edition and I purchased and attempted to download the DLC to my Lvl 37 96% complete PSN Account. Its locked up and won’t download at present (I get get aan “this is not available to this account” message). I’ve paid for it.

    My GTP Lvl 0 Account with no money no cars and no wins can download it. I haven’t bothered yet. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with the fact that I’m in the middle of a 9hr endurance race? I’ll try again in a few days when I’ve completed the race. If not I’ll get a refund – simples. I’m buggered if I’m starting again from scratch on a second account.

  18. BWX

    Ok, so if I have a triple screen setup with 3 accounts, I’ll have to buy this 9 times to race a new DLC car at Spa on all accounts? So that’s about $11.99 x 9… $107.91 just for one new track and one new car on that setup? Someone needs to test triple screen setup to see if that needs 3 DLC purchases per account for that to work.

    1. CorporateHammer


      I can test this with your answer to 1 question ( because I don’t have the setup ).

      To play online with triple screens do you have to be logged into the internet on all 3 ?

      I’m going to guess no and also guessing no on buying it for each screen LOL.

    2. CorporateHammer

      I know it requires 3 PS3 idiot. You think your gonna sign into PSN with 1 gamertag on all 3 PS3’s ?

  19. lalaurentide

    When Kaz tweet : “[I]t would be best if we could attribute the entitlement to use the DLC items to multiple accounts in the same PS3, but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup, and we can only assign the entitlements per User ID”

    That is a lie, many DLC and PSN games are validated on a console basis, Pain can be used by any user on the console, so is Assassin creed 2 DLC. And you know what else is share across console, GT5 STEALTH AND CHROMELINES!!!! Are we that dumb?

  20. GT911

    There are things I don’t understand, the decision to locked it to only one account don’t know what to think on this :S, I think they will modify this rule, because I can imagine the people who share a PS3 and have different accounts for each user….Too bad I wanted to share the DLC with my cousin….

    Regarding the delay might be that they want to keep the servers working first for Europe and Asia and then when the people from that regions have purchased the DLC, open the servers to NA…

    Let’s see what is going to happen…. oh men I wanted to test Spa today!

  21. alvin23a

    ‘Resolving the problem with using the DLC on multiple accounts, is not simple. [I]t would be best if we could attribute the entitlement to use the DLC items to multiple accounts in the same PS3, but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup, and we can only assign the entitlements per User ID. There just isn’t a good solution for this I can think of. The entitlement to these non-onetime DLC’s can’t be attributed to the PS3 console.’

    Thats bs how does NFS do it?

  22. Nicky_loves_GT5

    people whats the big deal…buy the thing twice, its not like it cost 50 bucks o_O! stop bitching, if you wont buy the damn thing, dont buy it then! its your loss…how cheap you have to be not whiling to pay 24 bucks?…if you buy it twice, if you buy it 3 times. 36 bucks?…its not like you have 7 accounts in your PS3…if you do…well that’s your problem. PD need money…tell me who works for free?….when it comes to games PD stepped ahead of other companies giving some stuff for free…So stop bitching and get over it! ….No i’m not rich.


  23. crazygst

    This is the straw the breaks the camels back. This is completely unacceptable!
    They could just easily have made the DLC a coded file that is installed onto your PS3 which will give access to the DLC. This would be accessible to all accounts just like other games. Problem solved. At least that is my take in a nut shell.

    I have e-mailed and called Sony multiple times. Because I’m that upset with them now. Over four years for a release of a game that was more or less still not ready. Then to wait a year for a “real” update. Then to have this problem with the DLC?! Come on really.

    Don’t get me wrong, love playing the game. But it is the customer care that is bothering me!

  24. Barry Spock

    Thanks for the heads up. Saved me some grief. But that’s rubbish what PD is saying about it not being easy to have all accts on one console use the same DLC. Rockstar do it fine with RDR and LA Noire. Seems to be a case of Sony being fascists.

  25. LaBounti

    Good, no company should encourage multiple accounts anyway. I have one and that’s the way Sony intended it to be.

    1. SZRT Ice

      I have a racing team and a casual account. Many people live in homes with brothers and a father that games and like to have their own data. So if my 4 brothers, my father, and I all lived under one roof & wanted to hit up Spa Franchorchamps, we’d have to d/l the DLC 5x? Yeah, that’s cool…


  26. zevehcj

    I agree with all of you that this is really bad and should be fixed as soon as possible because every single DLC on the ps3 can be shared across other accounts. But, some of you lose me when you mention xbox/forza as a better/cheaper alternative. Last time I checked, every single DLC on the xbox is tied to an account (the same scenario we’re facing with this particular GT5 DLC is the norm across all DLC on the xbox). Also, you have to pay for every single account on the xbox (LIVE subscription). You’ll end up paying a lot of money for alternate accounts/DLC. Again, this really sucks for people with multiple PSN accounts (especially family members). This doesn’t really affect me because I only have one account on my ps3 (I’m the only one that uses it as well) but I sympathise those with multiple accounts. Hopefully a solution arises quickly.

  27. TheEdge

    Dont buy it guys! Save your money and buy other games, like midnight club, burnout paradise. I was amaze that burnout and MCLA are better alternative. But still i love GT series

  28. velocity7

    I don’t mean to be rude to Kazunori, but this is wholly unacceptable. Him saying that there’s no simple way to have shared DLC is not something I’m going to work with here. I don’t care whether or not it’s simple for his team to do; I pay for it to be simple for me to use. It’s a shame too, I was hoping to look at some of the new tracks or perhaps other premium DLC down the line, which I won’t be doing until they change this.

  29. Amac500

    This is thuroughly disappointing. See what happens when you all ask for DLCs instead of asking for things added right into the updates? Then we don’t need to worry about this crap and it’s free.

  30. grone

    Don’t see why they have to lie about the reason behind locking the DLC to a single account. Money.

    I don’t mind, I am still undecided on whether or not I will buy any of the DLC. It’s just a few fantasy cars and a new track for a quarter of the new price of the entire game. But having said that, if there was just one item I was interested in I might have actually bought the DLC with no second thoughts.

    1. posimosh

      I’m as anti-corporate/greed as the next guy but, really? Yes, money is why they release DLC, do you think that these content creators are making games (especially dlc) to impress the user? or to somehow make the users’ game playing experience better? If you do, you are either twelve or incredibly naive. That being said, one would think that if Sony (and evidently not PD as it seems they had no idea that Sony would inexplicably delay DLC that is already on your HD since v.2.0) was solely motivated by sales, they wouldn’t have delayed the DLC.
      We have come to expect this from sony and PD right? I wonder if things between sony and PD are as good as they say they are. This is the second time Sony has dictated to PD how things would be done in terms of releases…. and thats only in the past year or so. Remember Kaz complaining about the release date first because he felt that the game wasn’t done only to have the game delayed so that it would be compatible with one of the many “updates” (which actually decreased the functionality of the ps3)? Now Sony leaves its marquis developers in the dark about a last minute delay that will doubtlessly decrease its sales when users realize that the only thing the effectively lose the ability to buy some more of the countless japanese touring cars most of which already have iterations in the game, after all you can still use the only real thing of value in the DLC which is Spa. Wait a minute… didn’t you say there is “nothing that interest(s)” you in the DLC? Spa didn’t peak my interest either… er…. something…

  31. Racer XO

    This is rubbish, so you’re telling me that I will be unable to run the Spa course on triple screens? I’m terribly upset about this!

  32. Live_Fr0m_NY

    NOTE: If this DLC is successful Sony will implement this form of DRM into ALL of their DLC.


  33. Aionh

    @Skyline, So your putting PD up there with Blizzard & Activison, EA and such. Gaming companies which purpose is to take what was free before and putting a price tag on it, so they can squeeze more money out of their “beloved fans”?.

    1. iridegravity

      That would be foolish to put them up there with those proven DLC providers. They’re models thrive on an online presence That GT5 can’t touch yet. We don’t even have matchmaking yet and Sony/PD are jumping straight in on a half built platform expecting you to pony up the dough for further development to complete the three games they tried to stuff in one package. Meanwhile, they did a piss poor job of including anything the players actually want in the DLC and Update. Thanks for fixing the replays and for more lobby options, but those are more like patches then real content.

  34. ucwepn

    Note: they deleted my post asking a question (Why is the dlc locked to a single psn account? we have multiple accounts in our house.) within 10 mins of posting.

  35. Skyline_77

    jeez… I like how people are “quitting” PD and GT because of this. get over it. EVERYONE DOES IT.

    and to the dude saying not to buy the product so we can be “heard”… that is just an idiotic thing to say. a small group of people doesnt mean SH&^ for big game companies. this is the norm, not that im for it but i’ve just adapted with it.

    no wonder everyone thinks GT fans are over dramatic… sheesh. sure beats paying what is it… $40 for a gaming facebook for COD. :/

    1. HPUnleashed

      Ok, so maybe it was overkill for me to make that statement… but even if these big game companies don’t care, doesn’t mean I’m going to use my money in support of it. I agree, other games are more ridiculous, but what I don’t like is that Sony is following suit.

    2. High On Speed

      Its not just about PD. From what the customer service rep told me when I CALLED SONY SUPPORT this may become the norm for all DLC content with PSN. IE: if you have 3 people who play a game and an expansion comes out you will have to buy it 3 times – FOR EVERY GAME YOU OWN… If you dont see the issue with this than you are being idiotic. The only way to solve things like this is to voice your opinion to the companies who are doing it and if they dont change the policies THEY created than you have the right to vote with YOUR hard earned money and buy from their competition.

      There are many other options they could have chosen, but they chose to stick it to their customers and voicing that you will not stand for it counts if enough people do it. They work for us their customers and are obligated to do what is right for us to keep their profits, if we dont buy their products they dont stay in business. Its that simple.

    3. iridegravity

      ^^ HP Don’t back off your statement. Only thing that would have be overkill is you are I thinking that our opinions are going to sway anyone. People will make this choice based on how badly they are fiending for new GT5 content and if they have disposable income. But stating that the only way for us to get better DLC/update next time is to not pay for this round is definitely true and bears repeating over and over. This is a forum where opinions are just that. Have one, your own, and stick to it until something changes it.

      ^^Skyline Master of Adaptation. You could do well in Prison. Your cell mate might take an adapting to you. Since you like being force fed stuff so much.

      Way over the top, I know, but seriously? Not talking about YOU personally there. Just an analogy
      “Not that I am for it, but I just take it up the arse anyway” thats your take?

  36. Tallgeese69

    I hope the new update fixes the bug where the different tune sheets add things like spoilers and rims you don’t want or currently have on your cars. That is getting very annoying cause it happens to all my premium cars.

  37. pasigiri

    I have to admit, this is just getting worse and worse. A product I’ve supported for so long has become quite a disaster with it’s following. I still love GT, but I think it’s safe to say, Forza has taken it. All I can ask is will GT6 bring back the beauty that once was called Gran Turismo?

  38. IceKoldKilla

    Thank god I went on Google to see if it released and found an article about this. I live in Spain and my game is Spanish version too as well as my PS3 so all good there but I buy on a Spanish account but my main one is an American where I also buy with $50 PSN Codes I buy online. So much games I bought recently and new ones soon so I’ll sit it out and wait for a fix HOPEFULLY soon! PD please I know it’s hard or you can’t think of a way but keep trying! PLEASE!

  39. High On Speed

    Your Question has been submitted.

    Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #111018-######

    Your question will be responded to within the next 1 – 11 Hours


  40. ChaosStar79

    Complete and utter crap. PD and Sony are continuing to sink their names further into the mud every time I read any updates at all recently. Greed is an ugly characteristic to portray as a corporate image.

  41. RoarOfZonda

    This is horrible horrible horrdible news

    so they delay the DLC AND tell us this bad news? this is f****** retarded I tell you…

  42. teppischfresser

    people on this forum complain more than any other group on this earth. Regarding the delay of the DLC, that was not PD’s fault. They were surprised when they heard about the delay. Then on this issue of single account use, Kaz just said that they couldn’t set that up because of the PSN settings the dev’s use. Stop complaining and just acknowledge the fact that computers and computer systems are not perfect.

    1. ChaosStar79

      Greed, not imperfections, caused this. Plenty of DLC can be used by all acct’s on a PS3. Surely PD and Sony are not so incapable that they cannot let all ps3 accts have access to what is already on the hard drive. Don’t defend laziness and greed.

    2. iridegravity

      What’s worse than complaining about a game you spent hard earned money on in a forum where opinions ought to be encouraged? Complaining about those people so you can look like a guy who doesn’t sweat the small stuff.
      For the record. This Computer system does exactly what it is DESIGNED to do, just like any other programming.
      Thats why they call the people that do it Software engineers or designers. Grow up

  43. HPUnleashed

    Sorry for posting so much. I’m just really ticked right now, especially when I was really looking forward to getting the DLC!

  44. mazdaman83

    And if you use a USA version of gt5 on a europe account (where i downloaded the DLC) it also doesn’t work !! That was a stupid move I made !! Bye, bye, 12 euro’s !!!

  45. mazdaman83

    And if you use a USA version of gt5 on a europe account (where i downloaded the DLC) it also doesn’t work !! That was a stupid move I made !! Bye, bye, 12 euro’s :-(

  46. eminembeastfan2

    Why are you people complaining i mean this is sorta good so people can’t game share with others… And PD needs to make money because they been providing us free updates and they havn’t even sold 1 dlc till this came along so let pd have a chance to make some money…

    1. iridegravity

      Nothing good about paying more for less chief. Unless your your Richard Prior in Brewster’s Million’s.
      Thats an old movie from the 80’s where dude had to spend a million in 30 days, yet have nothing to show for it, to receive a full inheritance or something. He bought a ridiculously expensive collector stamp and then mailed it. EPIC Maybe with all your money, you could send me the DLC.

      Insert jokes/hate about how broke I am here. It’s cool. I know I can afford this DLC. I just don’t need it. It’s week. That’s why people don’t want to pay for it.

    2. eminembeastfan2

      @iridegravity if people some people don’t want to pay for what do i have to care? All i know is i am going to buy it and i don’t care what anyone say but well you people please for the love of god stop complaining bout not being able to share the dlc i mean i can’t get refund for a dlc and i don’t complain bout but i don’t keep saying “omg why the f**k did i buy that” i mean there doing business unlike forza they would probly charge for anything new atleast kaz gave us 11 nascar “which are useless because not nascar fan” and the winning r35 i bet if forza had participated in the event they would charge for every single car they add in the game… atleast you get something free where else wouldn’t offer for free…

  47. iridegravity

    All together now. Rant Rant Rant. But seriously. I just called GTP heavily biased yesterday and need to eat some crow today. This was a good warning and thanks. Guess I just notice all the fan boys or people with agendas.

    Stay off the DLC Junk Food unless your a crack-head like content fiend. Or just do Spa if you must. It really wont improve unless people hang on to their money and keep expressing there opinions.

  48. Ozbux

    Disgusting! All other games manage to allow multiple accounts to access DLC, so don’t give us technical bs and blame Sony. Show some Japanese honor and admit it’s a money making exercise. Either way, you’ve lost me GT5. Forza4, welcome into my life.

  49. Foxiol

    People enough of complaining and bitching!!! This days and every day is the same thing…i mean come on!…with every game that hits the market people is complaining because it doesn´t come with every little thing that they expect….come on grow up…you all seem to be like little kids. (with all respect for the real kids that comes here too,but you all know what i mean)

    Years ago we had games…on consoles and PC without DLC´s or ON-LINE multiplayer or capabilities. Now we have all that and something that is strange, or new, or confusing, or bad in some way to some people, or “oh well, i didn´t expect that…” …i mean come on…we were happy with all the old crap but this days we have way better quality games every day but still people bitching and blame developers…

    Developers are not here to please us, they are here to make money of us and that´s what they are doing…if you don´t like something that you are paying, it isn´t their fault…it is your own fault to actually pay or buy it.

    21st century…the century of RAGE and vicious and addictive gaming…
    20 century was the best no doubt about it. I´m only 26 and i saw many changes since the early 90´s to this days. The worst thing is that people older than me perhaps lost the memories of those old but good times…I remember when i used to play games full of glitches with no updates at all and still that game was the best to me.

    I don´t understand this new age…it makes me sad sometimes.

    As Glados (from Portal) said…”usually the best solution is the easiest one…”

    So buy it or not buy it. It is your own choice. Nobody ask you or beg you to do it…Nor Sony or PD. But of course they want you to pay. Sad but it is the true…

    (don´t hate on me it is my personal opinion)

    1. HPUnleashed

      Yes, you’re correct that we didn’t have this kind of stuff earlier. Like you I’ve been playing way back during the ps1 days, but you have to admit this is just plain greed coming from either Sony or PD. I mean, come on you’re telling me they couldn’t figure out how to fix this?

      I’m not one who will usually complain about a game. I know (cause I’ve done it) how difficult it can be to code and develop a game. But when it comes down to my wallet and someones trying to rip me off, I’m going to let my voice be heard!

    2. iridegravity

      Sorry. Don’t take it as hate, but your take sucks. People complaining about other people they have no connection to or vested interest in, (money spent on a game) just keeps getting more tired. As if you are the better person for not sweating the small stuff. Yet you you are sweating are opinions of a game? Save it defender.

      PD/Sony needs our money/Approval if they want to survive. make DLC offerings that people can see the value in and people will chill.

  50. vitin01

    In my class we were told to get a text book. We all pitched in and bought one copy. I only get to have the book on Fridays. Damn you, corporate greed! Damn you intellectual property!

    1. Izain

      In my house we bought a DVD movie. I’m the only one allowed to watch it. Everyone else in my house has to leave the room or buy their own copy.

    2. TokoTurismo

      You wanna bet on that. I bet “special content” is gonna blast your ass so far I’ll laugh. >:) Don’t worry, we’ll see whos loving something tommorow. GET READY! DX<

    3. iridegravity

      Please don’t hold your breath. We would miss all your insightful takes. But if you knew me, you’d know I love this game and would like nothing more than to be wrong about it. But until it’s worth defending, i will hang out on this side of the debate.

    4. iridegravity

      Sorry TOKO ^^
      You lose
      Anyone blown away with or impressed with A freebie Stealth NSX from Launch? Or a theme?
      Way to steal exclusive content from someone who bought it faithfully in the beginning to give it away free later because you can’t coordinate a worldwide launch properly. Or don’t care to.
      Enjoy another japanese car America.

    5. HPUnleashed

      @iridegravity: I’m certainly not. Cool looking car, but I don’t care if I get it or not. And I don’t care about PS3 themes. Until they possibly fix this multiple account issue, I’m not going to buy and support this dlc restriction garbage.

    6. TokoTurismo

      Is that something to make fun of… O-kay wooow so you won the game BIG whoop. Never thought you’d liked japanese cars anyways so why say it like that. I knew my thoughts said you would say “OOH SORRY TOKO YOU LOSE” like some 4 year old. I’m more professional then that, unlike you… And I’ll never want to know you, no thanks and not EVER. So I’m pretty much okay with this because alteast I enjoy games and studying but you? Puff, playing games almost the whole day. So with that it’s not a big deal to me… Atleast the DLCs are coming tomorrow. So you don’t have to buy them, that’s IF you want too that is. And I do know your getting the DLCs anyway so why cheer about it? Go outside for some air or something. I’m not wasting another minute with someone like YOU. Don’t reply to this comment, if you know whats best. Humph.

    7. TokoTurismo

      I guess, good stuff does happen when you believe. PD hand out the “Stealth Skyline GT500 for free for everybody”. So if you were me, I’ll keep my mouth shut and not bother anything.Conversation over… U_U

    1. HPUnleashed

      Not so much humanity, but Polyphony Digital. I’m glad we didn’t get the DLC on time as planned, cause I would’ve been suckered into this thinking I could share my purchased content in between accounts.

    2. HuskyGT


      I´m pissed like you and most of us, but I think PD has no option but to obey to the almighty $$$$$ony ($$$$$$$$$). I don´t blame PD. Mr. Yamauchi looks like a very honorable man.

    3. filipovisck

      Ha, me too.
      The thing that makes it humanity and not PD or Sony only, is that there are the buyers who accept this, and teh other companies that may well board in this same train, restricted DLC.

      When would I have thought that DLC would be harder to share and more expensive than physical distributed full games?


      GT5 DLC >> $12 >> only for YOUR account, not your family’s nor your friends’! Includes:

      15 cars (can’t buy more ingame, only one of each),
      3 courses,
      100 paint chips and some outfits ((can’t get more ingame, only one of each).


      GT5 BLURAY DISC>> $35 >> for many accounts you want/have, or your family or your friends have in your PS3! Includes:

      +1000 cars (buy in game as many more as you want),
      +25 courses,
      +1000 paint chips and many outfits (get as many as you want in game).
      plus a lot, A LOT, more features.


      And since the disc is YOURS, you bought it, you can lend it to anyone you feel like it.
      But don’t think about lending the DLC you bought! The truth is, it is not really yours at all :/

      Sorry for my rant, its just that I’m not used with this new way of doing DLC business at all…

    4. HuskyGT


      Exactly. Just stop to think how rediculous it feels that you pay money for paint chips, and you[re limited to use them with only one car per chip. What if you get bored of the car and sell it. It’s goodbye to the chip. and then you’ll need to purchase the pakage again. Same with the cars! It feels like you’re obligated to keep them! How difficult is it for PD to leave the code into the game? It doesn’nt make sense at all. This is not extra content, since it’s not being added to the game.

  51. HPUnleashed

    Come on Polyphony Digital! I’m sorry to say this but you’re just making Forza look that much better. I’m never going to pick up an XBOX, because I don’t trust Microsoft as far as I could throw the them, but this is just greed plain and simple. And if you honestly can’t figure out how to make this DLC transferable between accounts, then figure out how to! Almost every other developer can do this so why can’t you! >:P

    1. HPUnleashed

      Actually I’m not sorry for that statement. If you think suckering people into buying DLC and then giving them a heads up after they purchase the content that it can’t be shared between accounts will get you more money, then you’re dead wrong! Staying in touch and being supportive of ones community is what brings in the money! Because that’s what encourages people to buy your games and DLC, not GREED!!!

  52. ThaSyn

    Somehow Sony always messes up their strongest games. If it isn’t lack of advertising(Warhawk … Incognito did the dlc right :-)) it’s bad decisions like this… so annoying

  53. pspwsh

    I can’t get any DLC for my old PSN account , because I bought the US GT5 but I regist a HK psn account last year, That’s means if I want to get the DLC I have to play the whole game again with a new US PSN. that’s very sad for me.

  54. HPUnleashed

    I don’t get it. What makes this DLC any different from DLC in other games? I can buy DLC and games from PSN and play it on multiple accounts, so why can’t PD do the same for it’s DLC?

    1. High On Speed

      DOnt buy anything more for GT5 untill this is fixed. DO NOT BUY DLC untill this issue is fixed. This is just pure Greed and sad excuses that dont add up.

    2. HPUnleashed

      I most likely won’t. Which is sad cause I was really looking forward to it; but like you said this is just greed, and Kaz’s excuse doesn’t cut it! There’s no way I’m going to pay over $20 just so I can play it on different accounts!

  55. High On Speed

    Does anyone else smell Bu!!$#it O Wait that is the smell of GREED. Sorry boys and girls for this rant because I really dont like to and have not in the past but this is just tooo freekin much!

    Every other game I own (Did I say Every? I meant EVERY SINGLE ONE) allows for DLC content to be shared across all profiles on the same PS3. Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Grid (by codemasters who also makes F2011), Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Black Opps, Sid Meyers Civilizaiton Revolution & even MAG (Zipper Entertainment) ALL ALLOW FOR DLC ON MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WITH NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!!!!

    Now you want to tell me that Sony and PD cant figure out how to do what EVERY OTHER SOFTWARE DEVELOPER ALREADY HAS. I call BS.

    Here is a little idea that I am stealing from EA/Dice/Origin…. Have a master account that we can link all of our other profiles to. Those profiles then are allowed to get DLC for free. EA/Dice/Origin do it for tracking stats, scores and “Veteran” Status. Why cant you.

    I guess this just means I am NEVER EVER BUYING ANOTHER PD game EVER AGAIN. Cause lets do the math…

    The Game cost $40 right now brand new (Was $60 at time of release) with over 20 tracks and over 1000 cars and I can have a profile for myself, my fiance, her 2 children.

    But you want me to pay $48 for just ONE Track (cause who really races carts online?), a few suits, a few paint chips & 15 cars (most of which are rehash of cars already in the game – IE Nothing new like Koenigsegg, Ferrari FXX, Gumpert Apollo Race, Ultima GTR, Ariel Atom)


    It has been a pleasure being part of this forum, and I have loved Gran Turismo for well over a decade. GT started my passion for cars as a young man and led me into a profitable carrier in the automotive industry, but I think its time has come to pass.

    Farewell PD

  56. Rook21

    Well, I was debating on whether I would buy the DLC or not and this announcement made my decision easy. I will not be purchasing this DLC. Besides Spa, there were only 2 cars that interested me anyway (the Challenger and the Roadster/Miata) and if I can’t use these cars or Spa on each of my PSN accounts, then I see no point in buying it. I’m all for DLC and paying money for some extras that are worth it but wanting me to pay for it for each of my accounts is being greedy in my book. I have no problem using my other DLC from other games on my other accounts, so what’s your problem PD? And while I’m on my rant, of all the cars that us faithful GT fans could have been longing for, how many GT players do you really think are buying this pack for the Toyota Prius Touring Car? I mean seriously, of all the choices you had, these are the best cars you could come up with? Did we really need 3 more Skylines? I’ve been loyal to GT since the original Gran Turismo and I’ve pre-ordered each edition since GT3. When I bought my PS3, the one game that kept me from buying a 360 was the future release of Gran Turismo. But I have to admit, after playing Forza 4 at my friends house, I’m going to think long and hard before I buy the next GT or the next Playstation console for that matter. If Forza 4 were to come to Playstation, I would drop GT5 in a heartbeat.

    1. HuskyGT

      It´s funny how some people can say Forza without being insulted. I mentioned Forza 4 and was instantly replied with hate comments.

      Anyway, I totally agree with you. I´ve been a fan of GT since the beginnings, but my love for cars goes beyond it. GT have always made it possible to enjoy rides that I couldn´t enjoy in real life. But they are starting to fail on delivering a solid product. Sure, GT5 beats the crap of evey single console car game in physics, graphics and such. But in the rest, it fails myserably.

      I´ve only played Forza 3 and even though I was not impresed with the physics at least, It was one pleasant experience. I could imagine myself enjoying this game for a looooong period of time. Never seen such a car enthusiast oriented game in my life. Now, just seeing the car list for Forza 4 and the gameplay vids, gives me goosebumps all over. I´m still playing GT5 only because I feel I owe to the franchise, and don´t have the money right now to purchase an Xbox. Even though it´s impossible that Forza 4 would be released for PS3, I wouldn´t doubt a second to get it if it happens. And even though I would force myself to keep on playing GT5 on a regular basis, I´m affraid that after a few days, GT5 would be ignored completely without finding a reason to play it again.

      I´m not a fanboy. I´m a car enthusiast.

  57. ThaSyn

    Such a shame. So many games, so many dlcs and somehow someone still manages to come up with something like this. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was (pd/sony) it’s just such a bad idea it will make people wonder whether they’ll buy the next GT5 dlc.

  58. shewy92

    the Collectors edition dlc was saved on the system itself and could be accessed by anyone on that system, what changed?

    1. High On Speed

      Cause this is Bu!!$#(t and Greed on behalf of PD and Sony. Sadly I think I am done with PD and Sony if this does not change before the North American Release in one week. There is only so much a person can take and this was my breaking point.

  59. SavageEvil

    This reeks of Sony higher ups trying to capitalize on GT5 enormous popularity. Their excuse that they had Kaz parrot is garbage, think about it, the free DLC stealth cars can only be shared amongst the PSN ID’s on that particular PS3, but you can’t gift, share or sell those DLC. You can’t go to your friends house and upload your PSN ID and download it again to someone else’s PS3 or can you? I’m not sure you can do that, considering that it isn’t your PSN+PS3ID combination so you shouldn’t be able to use DLC when you aren’t at your home PS3.

    Sony is trying to bilk us for no reason, I say we don’t buy. Screw SONY and their capitalistic crap, there is no real reason to block DLC from working on all ID’s for a single console. Just like my bloody LBP content will only work on my PS3 and no one else. I can play it with my other PSN ID but can’t transfer it to another system. It’s tied to the Main system account and that’s all it should be tied to, the main account and PS3 system ID. This crap is just like the gift car limit to one per system, it’s bloody software driven, not hardware. PD, please appeal with Sony to repeal this crap, I don’t like the idea of buying multiple things for basically free accounts on a game system, that’s ignorant as only one game can be played per system, so the cost benefit makes no sense it’s in use only in a singular point at any time. This screams money making scheme from Sony higher ups.

    Do not purchase DLC for GT5 until this single account lock is removed, I use two accounts for simplicity sake and I’ll be damned that I can’t use the blasted courses I downloaded for the main account on my sub account.

  60. Live_Fr0m_NY

    People need to stand up for their rights… DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DLC!

    The gaming industry is increasingly bullying the paying consumer with locked DLC, Pay services (COD ELITE?) and Online passes. We are the only ones that can stop it. If you support these business practices, they WILL become the norm, and companies will continue to nickel and dime us for content that should be unlocked and/or free. If we show them that we ACCEPT this, then whats to stop them from taking it further??

    Vote with your wallet. Say NO to unfair business practices!!!

    1. HPUnleashed

      Totally agree! It’s getting utterly ridiculous! That’s why I don’t support EA; Everything from their stupid passes to there outrageously priced dlc. And now I probably won’t be support GT5 for this underhanded move.

    2. ucwepn

      ^^^ +1 Not purchasing until this is resolved, we have 3x accounts and 1 is my kids account. never had to buy anything twice on psn before.

    3. Live_Fr0m_NY

      Simply put; they don’t want people “gamesharing”. There IS another way, but apparently it’s not even an option.

      What they fail to realize is people have numerous systems and accounts, which is why Sony implemented the “5 system” rule to begin with. I myself have 2 systems, and 4 accounts between my brothers, and I. Paying 4x the price for DLC, i wasnt too crazy about in the first place is not even an option.

      Sony needs to get their head out of their ass, and remove this DRM that they are trying to implement into DLC. Until then, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!

  61. SMOKY427

    Huh! is this game will be like COD?
    it’s just ONLY BODY KIT. PD didn’t change anything. jumping to FORZA 4 great idea..

  62. mykem

    I like it when suddenly everyone has like three kids who’s playing the same game as their dad, I wish my dad was that cool or that I can have three kids overnight :)

  63. BMfan

    Wow people love to complain.

    When it 1st came out just about everyone hated the standard cars yet they were just as much fun as the premium.
    Then people didn’t like that you had to do an update just about every month even though it has helped.
    GT spec II comes out and people carry like it’s done nothing,while at least for some people it actually made a good difference.
    Then people weren’t happy that you had to pay for dlc,which seems pretty much normal for most games,especially top games.
    Now for something that seems pretty normal for dlc.

    It seems like people are buying the game just so they can find problems with it.

    1. iridegravity

      Another lame follower take. Premiums are way more cool, and a little more fun can be had in true cockpit mode.
      NO ONE is complaining that DLC should be FREE. In fact most were lined up to buy it before this whole cluster bomb started. People are mad because the full DLC pack is a lame offering with restrictions most can’t stomach. Let us discuss the value and future of this DLC without you.
      People spending $60 – $100’s of dollars have a right to discuss the products in the forums provided without these lame attacks.

    2. BMfan

      If you read through the forum you would see quite a few people complaining that it isn’t free.
      Fortunately i don’t need the cockpit view to really enjoy driving a car that rides and handles exactly the same without it.

    3. iridegravity

      Glad you like driving without cockpit view. Pretty sure non cockpit is what all of us race in so we can see better. That’s why it’s so lame and we are all complaining that they took the time to throw in simplified cockpits instead of giving us rims and carbon hoods and wings for all standards. You know, full customization for 1,000 cars like it says on the Box. shall i continue? You defenders really know how to dig a hole.

    4. BMfan

      I think you mean the more realistic view not ‘the see better view’.
      I would love to see your box because on mine it says ‘race over a 1000 cars in over 20 locations’.

      Most of the comments here are of people that have there own agenda.
      Stop telling people that they mustn’t buy the dlc to send a message because you and others aren’t happy.
      I want to take the Honda crz tc for a spin and a couple others, i would also like the extra colors because i’m tired of all the blacks and whites and
      Spa speaks for itself.

    5. iridegravity

      My box says “Customize, race and upgrade over 1,000 detailed cars. bet yours does too. But we cant fully customize most of those offerings. Cant even get rims on them. Come on.
      I understand you can at least paint all the standards, but that’s not the kind of customization we wanted. We asked for rims carbon hoods and wings for these cars and got an update with a cheesy simplified cockpit view no one will use because it was the more cost effective solution and most of you are OK with that.
      I don’t begrudge you for that.
      My only agenda is to educate people on what the DLC actually is and how it can be used, something Sony is content to let you find out about after you purchased instead of outlining clearly how the DLC can be used before. Also want to remind people that future DLC and it’s overall value will be based on how many people buy this DLC. If we all buy something we are dissapointed with. What’s Sony’s motivation to improve the next batch? I wont stop.

    6. BMfan

      Well then you have lost that bet because on my CE box it only says race over a 1000 cars and on the blu ray cover.

  64. Pianoman

    For my part: I use only one PSN account. I can understand that some people need to use more than one PSN account for different purposes. But what I cannot understand is, that majority of customers hysterically, aggressively and automatically refuse firm/company business statement. If they want to make more money, what the hell is wrong with their decision???. It´s up to you, customer.

    If you want to buy the DLC, support this great franchise and support with your money maybe next DLC´s and future GT releases, you will buy the DLC, you will support it and you wil be happy, that you can get DLC content for greatest PS3 motorsport game of all time. If you need to do so for “10 different PSN account” it will be a bit expensive, but it´s up to you, that´s how it works in the business.

    But again: WHY EVERYONE WANTS IT ALL FREE OF CHARGE? It is some kind of social complex of today´s gaming public? Think twice and you will soon realise that it cannot be free of charge sometimes, not at this time.

    If majority of PD customers will refuse commercial relationship, there will be NO DLC, NOR GT6, no future regarding GT.

    1. iridegravity

      Go for it Pianoman. Play that rhetoric tune. No GT6 or future for PD? please stop. Nobody wants anything foe free. We want value for money and features and DLC we care about. Stay off this junk until PD/Sony sweetens the deal, or take garbage forever. It’s your choice.

    1. iridegravity

      pretty sure they were counting on it chief. Good luck with that. Um Hi. Sony Support, yeah I was trying to get over on you because you were being stupid……and ……..

  65. syclone666

    And to pay for any thing we need all the features that was in gt4 and what we were promised from the stat befor good value for money dlc, like track packs, car packs that come with 4 times what they do now and its got to be good stuff not another Verizon what’s in there its got to be stuff we want not

  66. looney1977

    I am lost… I live in Slovakia but have US PSN account. If I purchase the unlock key at the US PSN store, will the DLC work with the “European” version of the game? Spec 2.0 update works fine… Thanks

    1. SNAILZ

      No, it’s not PD, it’s SCEA. PD didn’t know about the delay as seen in Kaz’s twitter. Purely SCEA’s fault. DLC has been done with Spec 2.0, and SCE and SCEE released the unlock codes on time while SCEA didn’t. Idiots. So the ‘special bonus’ won’t be a new car, track, or gear since PD didn’t know about it, they can’t just make new stuff in a week for what they are not responsible for.

    2. iridegravity

      ^^ Pretty sure the Box says SCEA and PD on it. Pretty much a partnership, so they both could get the blame. Ultimately, it’s kaz’s game though and the buck should stop there.

  67. SNAILZ

    Only good thing today is the GT Academy reality show finale on Speed. Pizza and beer time. Come to think of it, $11.99 for complete pack of DLC costs about one pizza. Well, I’m going to be a sheep and buy pizza and use money. BECAUSE I CAN GET IT NOW AS OPPOSED TO NEXT WEEK

  68. syclone666

    The tracks or the one that were to be in the game from the start I bought a ps3 the day it came out for game

  69. iridegravity

    Pretty much the reason to go with PS3 over Xbox and they took it off the table? Guess that free Online gaming no longer the draw it used to be. Sony/PD PS3. Your blowing it….again. I know you lost a lot of money on the front end of this system’s lifespan. Greedily trying to make it all back up on the back end with shoddy repair’s of old PS3’s and mega premiums for DLC content? Why must we pay for your mistakes? XBOX is starting to look like the winners for this gen. Cheap hardware and all. Paying for XBox live doesn’t seem so bad now considering Sony is taking features off the table. No way I opt for the full DLC now. If at all. Guess this also answers the questions about the number of Cars or pant chips and gifting. PD and Sony are acting as if they have built a game with Modern Warfare appeal or something, truth is this games online component, which is the only reason to play it after progressing through the A spec mode, sucks. No matchmaking, few fair and unbiased lobbies? This game was going to be shelved soon enough due to those issues anyway. Tried to get in a good lobby during halftime of monday night football, yeah right. tried but could not. You honestly think a model that require the player to use about half his gaming time searching through garbage lobbies looking for that fix that comes with a competitive race, is going to work for long, let alone thrive and support DLC Premiums of 20 percent? You Japanese Execs are either way too High, or Way too proud. Keep kicking America in the face with your Japan first release dates and Japan only content too. Soon enough we will go with the home team, your forcing our hand. Sad day.

    1. Sentineil

      “Japan first release dates and Japan only content”

      You’ve got to be kidding right?

      Do you know how many games are released in America weeks before Europe? Do you know how much content America gets that Europe never sees?

      Create a European PSN and take a look at the store.

      And this isn’t even mentioning poor Australia.

      You do understand that PD is a Japanese company too right? Why the hell wouldn’t they release first in Japan? They make the game in their localised language, which means that it has to be translated before it can become available in the rest of the world. That increases release times outside of their locale.

      And you seem to be angry at a company and corporation for trying to turn a greater profit. Like you wouldn’t do the same in their position.
      They aren’t a community service, they’re a business.

      The online is disappointing, but you’re absolutely delusional or caught up in your hate tirade to think that XBOX doesn’t have titles that disappoint too.

    2. iridegravity

      I am not angry at anyone, as if that would help. I am just underwhelmed by the content and therefor avoiding it and encouraging others to do the same if they feel the same as it will potentially make a difference in the future.
      I will admit some disgust with you defenders though and your lack of a well reasoned take to support the DLC.
      “GT5 is awesome-you must suck and be angry or something”.

      If I were an Exec at Sony or PD. I would try not being so arrogant and assuming that the community paying my salary will choke down whatever garbage I offer them up because I was kind enough to offer them scraps. Especially with a competing brand still in the mix and potentially gaining ground.

      I am not delusional about Xbox, I don’t even care about it. If you read my post again, you might understand the context Xbox was mentioned in…. or maybe you were so cought up in your reverse the hate tirade mode to notice or care. but what else is new from the defender/fanboy segment. You guy’s always want to argue with me or call it hate, not show support for the DLC by trying to prove it’s good. That would be futile.

    3. Sentineil


      My lack of well reasoned take to support DLC? What? It’s €12. If it gives me 12 hours play time, then it’s worth the money.

      I want SPA, and I like the cars that are coming with the pack. Don’t presume that because you don’t hold the DLC in high regard, other’s don’t.

      I don’t think I ever said you suck, but you can continue to put words in my mouth if it helps you feel better about yourself.
      I have no idea why you think this DLC is the spawn of some arrogant Exec, or why you think it’s garbage. You have to understand that what you like, isn’t the same as what everyone else likes. Taste is individual, and you aren’t being forced by anyone to buy something you don’t like.

      And yes, I am a fanboy. I’m a fan of GT, I’m a fan of critical thinking, and I’m a fan of logical assumptions. I guess that rubs you up the wrong way though as you’re apparently opposed to such thought. Also, since when is being a “defender” a bad thing? You throw the word around as though everyone that doesn’t agree with you is only doing so because of some compulsion to defend without any logical drive. This is just pure arrogance. You aren’t always right, people disagreeing with you aren’t always wrong.

      Have you stopped to think that maybe the reason people are defending this is because they happen to be content with what we’re getting? Probably not.

  70. rcarlos

    in protest we could not buy the dlc, sony does not comply with the User and buyer. Zero for the sony and the ps3

    1. Lambob

      in this day and age, protests no longer matter.
      you can boycott Walmart all you want, but 600 million peasants will march right past you to get in.

  71. HakiraDyson

    I’m in no way an xbox fanboy, but I have to make this point. Isn’t this what xbox does with their marketplace add ons? If you have more than one user on one xbox, the other users can use certain downloads unless they pay for them as well. Its not foreign territory people. PS3 users are so used to having so many accounts and being able to do anything and everything, but the minute you can’t use the dlc on your 2nd and 3rd accounts you get mad? One dlc per account is normal!

    1. HuskyGT

      Sorry but that was the reason most would chose a PS3 over an Xbox.

      But you are kind of right.

      Appart from what you said. This is the typical situation when a company is superior to another one, but they realize that the inferior company is making more money charging for nonesense. (I´m not saying Microsoft or Sony is better than the other one, btw) So the bigger company starts charging for these nonesense knowing that the user won´t have a choice.

      I wouldn´t be surprised if Sony starts charging a fee for general online use in the future, like Microsoft. They wouldn´t loose anything, because online gamers wouldn´t have a choice. It´s scary to think we are in a thin line between a greedy CEO´s decision, and simple marketing strategies. It´s all about the $$$ which is sad but true.

  72. 6SpeedSidewayz

    They give us a terrible DLC, then tell us what we can do with it. If we pay, we should be able to do what ever the hell we want with it. Its a good thing they delayed the north american version of the DLC, cuz I wont be wasting my money on it.

  73. jaycee_xr3

    My main PSN account is tied to my originary country, where PSN is not available. My secondary account is US based so I can buy some games using PSN… So, I must choose between my 97% game /1000 cars savegame, and DLC in my lvl 0 account.

    1. nismotaku

      Same for me… I only created a US account to buy stuff, but my main account is from Colombia… no PS store here; So if i buy the DLC, i only could play with mi lvl 0 game. Too bad.

    1. HuskyGT

      That would be like a kick in the face. Still, everything is in the game installment data, so that won´t be the case. But it does´nt sound too farfetched at all, someday it might happen.

    1. iridegravity

      ^^ +1 tool is right
      Prior to today it was one family one disc one dlc shared because of course it’s one person paying. I have to own two discs to play at the same time as my Son, which is fine, but paying $24 so we can both race ONE new track with a few newish cars and some lame Shwag? So glad people are starting to hate on this DLC like they should. Just say no

  74. Ecchi-BANZAII!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it even state that you’re only allowed to use ONE PSN per person?

  75. Osr20_L

    the other franchise’s have way better and more complete DLC’s so why Polypony Digital treat their fans like so !!!!

  76. Osr20_L

    This DLC doesn’t worth the money.. besides, the best part of the DLC is the tracks and one can play them online !!!

    Don’t let PD’ rip our money that way !!!

  77. poolhaas


    Guess I’ll buy the track twice and 1 combo, future DLC’s will go into my original only unless it’s really good.

  78. HuskyGT

    Thankfully this doesn´t apply to me since my PS3 has only one account. And it´s not PD´s fault. If you use logic for once, you will notice it is because how PSN works. Of course it was going to be impossible to share it! There hasn´t been a way to share savefiles through various accounts, and it probably never will.

    Nevertheless, I won´t get this. I don´t like the path that GT5 and the general videogame industry is taking… Everything is becoming so hectic. I rather spend another 60 bucks in a future “Special Edition” GT5 that includes all this, like Prologue Spec II and Spec III(and just like what happened with MvsC3 as well). At least that way, I will know I have a “complete” game, and no one would be able to take it from me. No worries about updating, downloading and purchasing stuff online. It will be like the good old days when you purchased a game, and you enjoyed it how it was.

    1. HuskyGT

      EDIT: Acctually, I didn´t know that chromeline and other older extras were capable of being shared in multiple accounts… Hmmm… Still, I don´t feel this is PD´s fault. It´s more like a $$$ony thing…

    2. iridegravity

      Well Said. But it is not acurate to say PSN does not allow you to share DLC. All complete DLC titles available from the PS store can be shared across systems via sub accounts or having the same account on multiple PS3’s. Not sure of all the ins and outs, but I own more than 1 System and the 6-8 DLC titles I bought are on multiple systems available to all users. Sony’s just locking it down for that all mighty dollar, which they need pretty bad I guess.

    3. HuskyGT

      Yep. Sadly to admit, but if I were in charge of a huge company like Sony, I would do the same. Business will always be business. They are not the powerful company that they are right now for giving out free stuff :/

    4. iridegravity

      The Console war will eventually end my friend. Sony’s starting to lose more and more battles. Arrogance will lead to that. It’s sad because Choice is good.

  79. flamingchariot

    Its a little amateur hour-ish but don’t complain about it being a rip-off – you get a lot for free with this game. How many games do you play that many hours on? I’m waiting for a fix rather than having to start again from scratch just to use the DLC right now

  80. Calamar

    This means no DLC for people living in countries with no PSN store, at least if they don’t want to restart the game from scratch and race under the US flag. Sony could have warned us about this at least a few days ago while announcing DLC, to avoid people from purchasing useless PSN credits, or even worst, spending them in something that would not work at all. Not to mention that Sony official local retailers sell consoles and GT5 discs worldwide without giving any warning to customers about this kind of stuff.

  81. GTPorsche

    I don’t understand how it isn’t possible considering the stealth, chromeline and the Edge Camaro get shared amongst the multiple accounts on the same system.

    1. Sentineil

      They don’t want this DLC to be gameshared.

      They don’t care about you sharing cars that are essentially free, but every time someone shares their account, PD loses out on a sale.

      You can’t lock DLC to a console, only to an account. If it’s not locked to the account, I can download the DLC, put my account on a friends PS3 as well as my own, and let him download the DLC. Now we both have it from just one sale.

      I don’t agree with account locking the content, but I can absolutely see why they want controlled. Anyone would do the same, but right now with the current network infrastructure account locking is the only way to go.

  82. Nujin

    WTF, I’m from Slovakia and i like to playing GT5 and i want the DLC. But SONY have still not made a Slovak PS Store so i can not download it.
    This is totally stupid from SONY and PD.

    Now I’m totally pissed.

  83. Fredzy

    Hey, they said the G25/G27 couldn’t be supported by GT5 but they found a way… albeit slightly broken.

    I think we’ll see a system update to address this.

  84. Ben Rogue

    Oh for F sake guys! Why is if that GT fans have to suffer so much disappointment when almost every single other gaming company can do all of this with little problem?

  85. foxhound_08

    This is a rubbish excuse. I have DLC from other games (and also separate games) which are locked to a specific PSN account, but as long as that account is active on another console, all other users on that console can use the DLC/game. e.g. all PSOne games, RE4HD, RECVXHD. This is only happening because they included all of the content in the spec 2.0 patch, and what the DLC is, is essentially a key to unlock the content. The same problems don’t happen with the preorder chrome line cars. They need to rethink this, because it is a big inconvenience.

    I thought a price close to £10 was reasonable for the little that there is in this DLC, considering I thought I could share it with other members of my family. £10 (1/4 of the RRP GT5) for Spa, 4 configurations of a karting track, paint chips, 15 extra cars, and race outfits (2/3 of which are NASCAR, 1/3 rally, 0/3 JGTC/LM/F1 etc.) is a ripoff.


      You can’t moan about feeling ripped of with the content since we were told exactly what we would get a week ago.

    2. flamingchariot

      WTF Dudes I purchased this earlier in UK on my usual PSN ID the same one I used when I bought my Chromeline Edition Game last year!!!

      No problems there money went out of my wallet and I can’t download the sodding thing. What a joke. My PS3 is not locked I have another ID for GTP which I’ve never actually used yet lol, I can download on that it seems but when I try on my main ID I get “This content cannot be accessed on your account”.

      If I try my GTP ID at least it goes to download screen but then I wont be able to play it on my main ID will I? I’m loathe to DL it right now as I have to start from scratch for second ID. Any ideas ppl?

  86. ichiyamamoto

    Ah, how bad could it be?
    I was able to link the pre-ordered car collection to each of my accounts on my playstation(s).
    What’s so different about this DLC where it can’t be linked?

  87. ErikAndre71

    I actually expected that, who cares? It’s the price of a burger. Stop being so cheap!

    If you could use it on multiple accounts one would have to download it and we could share it for free, you understand that’s not going to happen? Then they wouldn’t really sell it, but give it away.

    1. will-i-am

      Wrong because chromeline cant be traded, borrowed, gifted or whatever. So the same could apply with these making them available based on the ps3 not user.

    2. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Then explain to me oh smart one, how can I buy the DLC then?
      I live in the UK, have a portuguese account, can’t but the damn thing because I don’t have credit card nor a EURO PSN card.
      What do you have to about that now?

    3. BlindZenDriver

      Totally agree.

      @PaMu1337: A lousy Big Mac here will set you back $6 or so here and a real burger is pretty much double that. Then again the minimum wage is like $20 or so.

    4. Moontallico

      Yea? Well, sorry if we’re all not as rich as you seem to be to pay for multiple, expensive burguers.
      What will-i-am says is true, the chrome lines I got with the collectors edition were downloaded via PSN and work in all IDs in my PS3, they just can’t be traded, borrowed or gifted at all. Why can’t this DLC work in the same way?
      For me is just a way for them to get more $$$ from us…

    5. pudge

      I won’t pay for DLC that I think is a ripoff. Period. I don’t care how much it is, it’s the principle. Forcing me to buy it twice when every other bit of DLC I have ever purchased on my PS3 works under the other accounts on my PS3 … I don’t know what the problem is, but I am not going to pay.

    6. ErikAndre71

      Deko Wolf-GTPT: I do not know what this have to do with people having to buy the product twice because they need two products..

      ederss7: Then what is?

      Moontallico: So when does have 12Euros to spend on a DLC make me rich. I can’t even get 10liters of fuel on my real car with that low amount of money. Dare I say, ask your parents for money!!

      pudge: No one holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy this DLC, if you feel its a rip off then don’t buy it

    7. pudge

      ErikAndre71: yes, that is what I said, I won’t buy it for the other accounts, because that would be a ripoff. I thought I was clear.

    8. terminsel

      We’re talking about having the DLC assigned to a single ps3 that multiple users on the same ps3 can use it, or on any ps3 with the purchasing account activated on it. Not sure if I’m wording that correctly, but I dont see people handing out there psn user ID and password just to share DLC with people too cheap to buy it.

  88. KopparbergDave

    This is a bit of a shame considering its DLC for the game and we only need to own one copy of the game, so why not share the DLC across all accounts on the console which plays the game. A shame Sony can’t figure this out.

    1. terminsel

      It seems to be an oversight by PD, they made a mistake. Either that or they’re just ripping people off for fun.

  89. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    This made it IMPOSSIBLE to me to obtain the DLC…
    I live in the UK, but my account is Portuguese, so…can’t use PSN cards at all because their in £ and not in €.

    What a rip off…I can’t access something that I already have!

    1. Moontallico

      It seems that Sony is all about €€€€€
      At least this looks like a way for them to make more money.

    2. Tvensky

      Same for me.. I live in Latvia (baltics) europe.. and I cant register my real country.. so I use Finland.. thank god finland have Euros.. and 1 shop in latvia sells PSN cards for Finland in euros… “EURONICS”.. buyed my 20euro card today.. got my gt DLC.. works fine.. I usualy buy from different account.. I gues I got lucky!

    3. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      MadmuppGT , can’t really do anything.
      I don’t have credit cards, and all around me PSN cards are in pounds, what I need is a PSN card sold in Portuguese euros, a things that I can’t get a hold of.

  90. will-i-am

    Not cool, so that means i have to pay for my sons account and mine!
    $99 for collectors ed
    now $24 more. A $122 game , damn!

    Kinda weird how Kaz says its not easy to fix but the chromelines go on both accounts with no problem.

  91. MadmuppGT

    I actually had a guy I added randomly from GT5 send me a message today saying “Hey, do you have the new DLC” I replied with a hearty “Why yes I do, awesome isnt it” to which I got the reply…

    “I dont know I dont have it, I need it badly thought so can you send it to me please….”


    Deleted and blocked haha

  92. SMfan

    They could’ve posted this thing like a day earlier. A friend of mine lost of money cause of it and now he has a useless account with the DLC.

    1. Tvensky

      I dont get why people need more than one account to play on (ok for me i cant register my real country in PSN) but for others who can.. why do you need that ridiculous GTP tag anyway? dont put it on and GTP will folow you, dont do what other request on the internet!

      with all respect to GTP! awesome site! but thats just it!

    2. viejaloca

      Yea i know eh? I made the mistake of making another account for this racing team i joined only to be kicked off for not going on enough. I started from scratch to save for 4 million for a 908HDi and to then be kicked for a stupid reason. (they expected me to be on everyday)

    3. Biffy

      @Tvensky They don’t just have it for the hell of it. Ever heard of WRS? Every member is REQUIRED to have an account set up like that. Plus, believe it or not, not everyone sticks to the same account. Think you should read up a bit before you say things like this.

    4. ykiki

      @Tvensky, between myself and my two sons, we’d all like to play with the new DLC – but having to pay for it THREE TIMES is a bit ridiculous. Having the DLC locked to a single account will really make families think twice about purchasing it.

    5. CaptainHarlock

      ykiki, have them play on your account until you can buy it for the others. Seems like that’s the easiest solution.

    6. lmanion

      I created a second account to use the remote b spec feature to get some money, Now my main account on my PS3 doesnt work with GT5 as when I start the game no orange light appears under the icons. I now can’t use my primary saved game this issue has been ongoing for more than 6 months and nothing has been done about it. Its on my main account on my PS3 the other account is only used for GT5 and no other game so of course my main account is also the account I buy things from PSN so now I have spent this money to get the DLC and I cant even use it without buying it again for a second account what a load of crap.

    1. filipovisck

      Kaz says: “but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup”
      I say: “sure it seems there is, most other games using PSN I know works this way: one DLC for multiple console accounts.”

      For what I see, would only need PD use the same structure Uncharted 2, LBP, LBP2, etc. uses for DLC.
      One user in a PS3 console buys, and shares the same DLC with the other accounts in the same PS3.
      Like we do with physical discs.

      Thanks GTPlanet for alerting its readers about this ‘issue’!! Thanks!!

    2. witham

      The reason they can’t use that system is because its an unlock rather than a download, but they could have done it the same way the stealth cars worked!

    1. 07_HSV_GTS

      Damn You!! I waited all say yesterday and just after I got of my PS3 you release it!!!!!!! Now I have to wait another 6hrs.

    2. Ix-M0NTANA-xI

      so if i want to have these new DLC cars in stock form and tuned i would need to buy the DL twice????? that is a joke! Sony and PD …. You guys are idiots. YOU should have hired me and i would have made the GT5 series 3 times the money it has made to date.

      First of all there should be a car dealership that allows you to buy all cars in the game…including stealth cars and you should be allowed to buy veihicles individually.


      We should be able to buy a playstation points card and make these purchases.

      ANy stealth car I would have payed $5.00 per car maybe 7.50 For the majortiy of the other cars i would have bought between .50 cents and $2.00

      Same goes for tracks. $5.00 sounds reasonable.

      Theres should be available DLC every 2 months maximum.

      Wheres my audi r15 and r18?? what the heck? this game is WAY behind the times when it comes to cars. I luv the game but hate the people running the show. customer relations are a joke.

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