GT5’s DLC Delayed in North America, Releases October 25 with “Special Bonus” [UPDATE]

Only hours away from release, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced via Twitter the release of Gran Turismo 5’s first DLC – including the highly anticipated Spa Francorchamps circuit – has been delayed in North America until October 25th, 2011. No further explanation is offered, but the tweet does mention the content will include a “special bonus” when it is eventually released next week:

Update: GT5 DLC will hit the North American Store on 10/25 but will include a special bonus. Apologies for the inconvenience!

The DLC is presumably still on schedule to be available to the rest of the world on Tuesday, October 18th, at 07:00 UTC (convert this to your local time zone here), according to another tweet from Kazunori Yamauchi earlier today.

UPDATE:  This news apparently comes as a surprise to Kazunori Yamauchi himself, who, according to further Twitter comments, has only just now learned of Sony America’s last-minute change of plans. Fortunately for European gamers, Kazunori has also announced there will be only a slight delay of the content’s release in their region (as of writing, it’s now expected to go live at 09:00 UTC). It is already available in Asian territories.

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  1. Mangusta36

    Why should we be pissed it’s typical gt5.
    Anyways, the reasons for delaying it in America is because that we areawsome.

  2. montecarlo87

    I ain’t upset. It gives me more time to finish up the 24 h Lemans I started over the weekend. Things happen and apparently from the looks of it, it wasn’t even GT’s fault. It was Sony America that made the change.

  3. guyc1161

    The “specicial bonus [update]” might be just a marketing venture to boost sales or meant to compete with forza 4,i believe forza 4 is probably mostly popular in NA. i could be wrong mind you.
    But if there was one thing i cant help but notice its the seemingly lack of communication within the different departments of SCEA.For example in the whats new section of the xmb screen they highlight the GT Academy vids (they still announce episode 1)but if you go to psn store and click on th gt academy folder it comes up with ” no content was found”. Why invite people to download the gt academy content if it isnt available.It’s as if the people who manage the xmb screen dont talk to the people who manage the psn store,you would think somebody would put out a MEMO “by the way whats new,we havent the gt academy content in the store so you can delete that from the whats new section. signed ps store.”
    If you go to the PS BLOG there is no mention of the delay for the GT5 dlc,howcome? I guess they didn’t get the memo.I could go on but i wont. In short this isn’t the kind of behavior i’d expect fom a big corporation ,it’s unprofessional.

  4. oblivionskate

    surprise?……. im guessing it’s going to be something dealing with nascar, a paint chip, or a horn…

  5. SeaWall

    i bet this isn’t the only time we will get a delayed DLC launch, i bet we will not get this DLC until Xmass

  6. kartracer2442

    Man, this really reminds me of something… hmmm… i think it was about a year ago.. Oh! the release of GT5!… The special bonus probably won’t even be much. I was kinda lookin forward to this
    smh sony…

  7. HuskyGT

    You know, I don´t balme PD for this. I blame the “new” videogame industry. Back in the PS2 days, you just got the game, and you were happy about it. Now days you hope that they include as much as possible at release so your wallet doesn´t suffer in the future DLC to come.

    I accept the upcoming insults from most of you for me being “old fashined” or a whinner that can´t live with the fact that the online bussness is what it is. I don´t care.

    I don´t know if it is because I´m growing older or what, but it doesn´t feel like it used to. I remember enjoying GT1 and GT2 back in the 90´s like no game I´ve enjoyed before. GT3 with it´s limit content could keep me going for hours, for a couple of years. GT4 made me cry when I saw the intro, and since release date I´ve been playing it none-stop until the arrival of GT5.

    Yesterday I finally got my 5 Meg service, but I hesitated to connect my new replacement PS3 slim I got a few weeks ago… I will keep GT5 in its 1.0 version. I´m done waiting for a “complete” game like you all call it.

    Expectation after expectation… I know it´s hard to make a videogame, but lately there´s been nothing but letdowns… And after reading the whole deal with the DLC, I rather not mess with it. This whole drama for only one track (beautiful and legendary indeed) that you will use just a couple of times, and rarely see it again just like many tracks on the game that are just sitting there without no use but to time trail on them or race in arcade mode, and that you are even able to race online without having it, and couple of car tickets of cars that most of them are going to be useless in current events, and that are basically already in the game. Also that you can´t even share in the same PS3, and that if you sell them, it´s bye bye for them.

    PD has always made my dreams come true, and not only car enthusiasts like me have to thank them, but the car industry owes them alot too. Cars like the Impreza STi, Lancer Evo, and ultimatly the Nissan GTR wouldn´t be sold here in the Americas if it wasn´t from games like GT1 and GT2. It isn´t PD´s fault. Like any other company, you have to adjust to new trends, or face complete ruin.

    In hopes that GT6 will be at least close to what we expected from GT5. But being realistic, GT6 will probably be only an instalment disc. The rest will have to be payed for…

    1. occasionalracer

      I don’t understand how you could be that disaoppointed with where we are now with video games. I could really never go back to GT4 for the graphics alone. But also the online gaming and physics have vastly improved the racing experience. We also have better wheels and FFB these days that seriously put you in the drivers seat, and we still have everything that was in previous Gran Turismo series and more. Yes the only thing that might lack is the Career mode and better AI, which honestly isn’t that bad given there are the seasonal updates regularly and the fact we can run hardcore racing sessions online all day.

      I have no problem with the way the new videogame industry is running. It’s nice that bugs can be fixed and that additional content can be purchased (unless the developer starts making it a constant hobby). I’m quite happy about Spa and the Kart track as well as the cars, which they worked hard on along with the physics tweaking and the rest of the update. They are really taking the right approach to making this game better. You have to understand the time it takes to do these things and that PD goes ALL out in detail and always strive for perfection. That’s why I love GT, I’d rather see tons of time invested in perfecting things over longer time than rushing everything.

      I really hope that PD uses their new DLC earnings to put toward hiring more employees, so when they really start working on GT6, they can create alot more quality content faster (hopefully lol..)

      I wonder how much of these DLCs we can expect before GT6, because obviously they can have to limit the content so there’s something left (hopefully alot) for GT6. But Sony is definitly gonna make sure GT6 sells millions of PS4 consoles. So we still got a couple of years.

    2. HuskyGT

      Well, I just decided to update GT5. I got a $20 buck PSN card to purchase the DLC as well. I´m not against the many improvements that the industry has had, I mean, like you, I couldn´t go back to GT4. I just did for fun, and it looks and feels horribly outdated.

      I don´t play online that much as I don´t find the appeal to it, but I surely enjoy GT5 at a higher level than most so-called GT fans, and even if the future of the industry aims for “download only” games, I wouldn´t mind adjusting my way of thinking just for GT.

      But still, this situation feels wrong.

  8. MKLINGS1994

    I literally just bought a $20 PSN card so i could download all that great DLC stuff today, so i went on my PS3 checked the PSN Store, and couldn’t find GT5 in the disc-based games add-on section. so i went online to and it said the release date is still 10/18/2011, so i check again, there is no GT5 downloadable content, and THEN i come HERE, and my god, i am pissssssed!!! a whole week!? damn! why did Sony America have to do this!?

  9. BWX

    That’s if you believe everything they say, ehich I have learned not to do. Sony/PD/Kaz could get this straightened out for us way before 168 freaking hours if they really wanted to. It’s typical PD anyway.

    1. Nastradamus87

      Yes, Kaz does not care about the fans whatsoever. Has has the power to get the DLC released in NA immediately and chooses not too, because he hates us, and he doesn’t like when his company makes more profit.
      Everything indicates that PD had all their loose ends tied up but Sony dropped the ball somewhere along the line.

  10. scottypinthemix

    I wish I could come up with a business where people wanted so badly to give me their money that they got this angry if they had to wait a few extra days to do so.
    I don’t get it. Sit tight. You’ll be able to give PD your $ soon enough

  11. Foxiol

    People take it easy…at the end of the day it is just a track. I played all day long (don´t hate me because of that lol) and it is amazing as usually but better than any version on the entire market. Made some photos and wow. Space kart is amazing too. But don´t think that it could be for drift or something because it is just for Karts only and the size of the entire track fells like a real kart track. Amazing job by PD. I host some races for people that don´t have it.
    The worst part are the paint colours. I can´t choose mine and the Chrome are the worst in the entire game.All of them brown,blacks and grey only WTF!!Oh well at least i have some chrome’s now.

  12. Indibisible

    Sony is so incompetent. Why give a release date only to pull the rug out from under its highly anticipating customers at the last minute. They really need to get things together. I feel like them not holding true to their word is the biggest annoyance. Then they give no reason as to the delay. No matter the reason it comes down to the company’s incompetence and they continually drop the ball even after being hacked you would thing they would make an effort to keep customers happy SMH.

  13. Izain

    Please don’t feel me, I don’t know where you’ve been, although I can probably guess. My “wife” (which is a female that can stand the sight of you since you don’t seem to recognize the word) shares my distaste for Sony’s incompetence (women who respect you often share your views, which I’m sure is also new to you). Thank you for your brilliant and insightful contribution to the subject though; I can only image the radiance of living with your expertise full-time.

    1. filipovisck

      Here at home, me, my father and my sister play.
      If we were to buy it, more than $35, the price of a GT5 bluray disc at amazon!
      Wow, unless they redo this, I’m definitely not going to get this DLC anymore.

      And I hope this don’t become a trend in the DLC business.
      Thought I think some (sometimes seems to me most) people today are so desperate, that anyway Sony make and sell they buy… :/

    2. BWX

      That was a response to occasionalracer above.. occasionalracer has made it his job today to go around harassing and insulting anyone who has anything critical to say about sony/PD/Kaz. He sounds like a sony employee troll stuck in a damp basement somewhere covered in cockroaches and flies.

  14. wardialer

    the more i read about this DLC the more disgusted i am w/ SONY, (not PD in the least, i know kaz wouldn’t do this to us) and how greedy and morally bankrupt their marketing team is.

    there is no fine print when they want your money, but the details will disappoint a bit in case you don’t already know.

    – new cars can’t be bought at the dealership, you only get 1 of each (as a ticket) and you can only apply it to your account.
    – same goes for the racing suits. one suit for one account.

    what a greedy bunch of a$$holes.

  15. bbrimfield





    Why only North America till 25th, and what the hell will be the special bonus ? horns ? gears ?? an other X2010 ?! BS

  17. ederss7

    Many countries dont have ps store but the people from there create a national psn account to play online and another (foreign)to purchase from psn seems pd didnt think about.great!

    1. occasionalracer

      Really? I suspect these would be countries in the poorer regions of the world. What flag would be displayed online for someone with a “national”l PSN account?

  18. Boost'10

    To bad the special bonus will probably be a extra helmet or racing suit….. It would be nice to add the ability to put stickers or custom logos or words on the cars or at least the ability to change the rims on the standard cars; but I really want new cars, meaning cars that are not race modded versions of cars that we already have…..

    1. 88FoxBodyFan

      The “bonus” will be a paint chip for painting a set of lug nuts. (But it will only work on 17 cars in the game.) :-)

  19. Izain

    Yeah, I think a great big GTP news warning if the DLC is restricted by account is required. I don’t have a problem if they restrict it by console, but my wife and I both play under our own profiles, and we’re not paying for this twice. In fact, we’re not paying for it once either.

    Sony’s security is incompetent, and they try to make up for it by screwing their good customers. Great business model idiots.

    1. occasionalracer

      Awww… poor Izain. Maybe if you work hard for a couple of months you can spare some change to purchase the DLC for yourself if you like, and then if your “wife” starts having a mental breakdown due to Spa and RM car deprivation, you can be a man and give her the gift of life when you have the available funds. I feel you, there are some tough choices in life.

    2. BWX

      Hey occasionalracer – You are a hypocritical shill. Quit harassing people who happen to have negative things to say about a company who deserves negative things said about them, especially right now amidst another monumental F up on their part. Arrogant self absorbed hypocrite.

  20. jah24car

    well its worth the wait, I mean seriously we waited for GT5 to come out so calm down. The DLC comes out in America the 25th of next tuesday thats another five days but the SPECIAL BONUS screams curriosity into my head of what it could be…hmm WORTH THE WAIT OOooRAH!!!

  21. LR-MR-Cole

    what a surprise , i try so hard not to doubt PD and trust what they do but its hard. If everyone had to wait until the 25th i wouldn’t care but no just N North America

  22. Rajareits

    GTP should make a news about how bad the DLC is.
    I mean.. I live in Estonia, so PSN won’t accept my credit card. This means I have to buy myself a 20€ PSN card and it should be okay. So the DLC already costs 20€. But now when my sister and other friends want to play (as they usually do), they all have to buy the 20€ DLC..
    So yaaay..
    I’m pissed. Very.

    1. filipovisck

      yes, i totally agree that GTPLANET SHOULD MAKE NEWS about this strange issue.
      here at home 3 people would have to buy it to play, $35!!
      the price of a GT5 bluray at!

  23. ederss7

    Its ridiculous.we are updating our gt5 game,not our saved data.i cant purchase it from my account i play gt5.that means i wont purchase.thanks pd!

    1. Hun200kmh






  24. dtn23

    I love all the ignorant people blaming PD for this. They had the content done and sent and on our playstations a week ago. Something happened with Sony and that’s all there is to it. As for the bonus, it’ll probably be a car ticket or seasonal event, not new content. And all the drama queens should calm down, it’s only a week, you’ll make it. I promise.

  25. SavageEvil

    Posted and came back, still see a bunch of new people who can’t read nor comprehend. Sony America delayed the release, not PD. Get you hooked on phonics cued up, because you need to study some more. Any bonus would probably not be affiliated with GT5 and PD at all, just remember that. Some people put the “stu” in…, never mind. Reading is fundamental kids, carry on!

  26. misfire200

    Yeah, lets release it on the same day as Battlefield 3, good strategy Sony…

    Let’s see where my money will be going=)


    I’ve got the DLC, just been hosting rooms so people without it can get a go on spa and kart space, I feel sorry for americans not getting it but you got F1 2011 before me so meh.

  28. seanchump

    Possible reasons for delay:
    -update conflicts with another PSN release
    -Recent PSN hack somehow effects users or network
    -Sony wanted to combine additional content for NA EU to compete with Forza
    This is very disappointing but I don’t think PD is to blame

    1. jah24car

      maybe because U.S. gots some stuff other places don’t I noticed some Duke Nukem dlc on the store when i woke up this morning

  29. aronh17

    For anyone trying to use DLC on an account, DLCs are region locked, that will not work. You’d need a psn card in their currency anyways. For the delay, no sure what Sony is doing, but this is on them. Kinda weird to change it up last minute, they trying to launch a DLC against BF3 or something? Also, why would you say I don’t feel guilty buying Forza 4? You really are going to switch to a game because DLC didn’t release and was delayed? It does suck, but it’s just one more week.

  30. recca

    Is it just me or do half the people that responded don’t read or don’t know how to read?

    The people responsible for the delay are Sony not PD! get your facts straight people..

  31. Jon64½

    If the developer says that it’s finished, and never said they wanted a delay…then why the hell is Sony delaying it? I hope there’s a good reason behind it because I was really looking forward to it. I can wait longer though.

  32. JVH1982

    I’m calling creative marketing: I’m willing to bet that the delay for NA and resulting bonus content will be the DLC we haven’t gotten yet (Stealth and/or Chrome cars that were made available in other markets previously). They’re likely working out coding the “unlock” to allow us in NA to use the Chrome and Stealth cars.

    Though, I do agree with the complaints that it “should not” take a week to pull that off.

  33. lespaulguy

    Can they release ANYTHING on time?? Haha the “bonus content” better be something like Midfield Raceway, Seattle Circuit or the Lamborghini Aventador. Good stuff like that. I’ll be pissed if it’s just more paint

  34. BWX

    What a bunch of BS. If there’s some sort of issue, why the hell can’t it be fixed in a day or so? WTF takes 168 HOURS to fix? I could understand 12hrs, or 24hr delay.. but a freaking entire WEEK? That’s just laziness and/or incompetence and just plain not giving a **** about your customer. It’s that or they’re deliberately trying to piss off and annoy their customers. Thanks Kaz/PD/Sony for a big fat slap in the face you *** holes.

    1. twitchski

      simmer down, hot stuff. This isn’t related to PD.
      Kaz is as surprised about this as we are… read the article/post and then come back once you have time to process it. If you can’t, sister site, is only a link and an XBOX 360 away.

    2. BWX

      That’s if you believe everything they say, which I have learned not to do. Sony/PD/Kaz could get this straightened out for us way before 168 freaking hours if they really wanted to. It’s typical PD anyway.

    3. occasionalracer

      BWX – you must have a lot of problems in your daily life with anybody you cross paths with. Is this how you live life, constantly looking around for something/someone you can lash out at. I’ve read too much of your bullcrap on these boards, you need somebody to grab you by your ear, stretch it really hard, to tell you to shut up. Always coming on this site to cry your river and release some your laughable steam. Get a grip on yourself and eat some cow dung. The reason for 1 week delay is that DLC content is updated once weekly, and since we don’t know the reason for it, we can all speculate forever, for no freaking reason, plus we’re recieving an extra something for the trouble so that’s alright.

    4. BWX

      Go preach your self-important sermon to someone who cares. I praise and defend Kaz and PD when they deserve it so go try to read and get your facts straight before YOU lash out .. Yes, you are doing the exact same thing you accuse me of so stfu. And don’t read my comments if it’s too much for your precious little ears in your rarified air.

  35. Jump_Ace

    I think you guys are dreaming with the Wheldon suit. Sony did the delay, not PD…it could happen and it would be a classy move, but I doubt it.


  36. McZachenF138

    Ah man, I was hoping for DLC for my birthday tomorrow! D:
    I honestly believe that the hold up will be due to a special Wheldon suit. In that case, the wait will be worth it to me.
    Rest in peace Dan, you were loved and respected by many.

  37. toolo4sno

    The last bonus I got from Sony was two DL’d games that never showed up. Remember when PSN went down and they gave us a free month of PSN +, and two games. Well neither of my games ended up being DL’d; so I got $hit. F’ them.

  38. toolo4sno

    This is getting really old with “them” (both Sony and PD). I already bought the PSN card; since Sony doesn’t know what a firewall is. So I’ve pretty much already bought the crap, and now its another week until its delivered. Good thing no one has signed up for my F1 Season; since we wouldn’t be able to race the marque track.

  39. Barry Spock

    I’m a bit confused. If I buy the DLC on the HongKong playstation store, can I use it with my australian PSN acct? The actual game disc I have is region 1 (US). Some games I have are really strict with region – like Dirt3, but others like Red Dead Re have the situation where once DLC is bought it can be used on all accounts on the PS3, no matter what region the acct is based at.

  40. 7945GT57945

    im VERY VERY VERY sad now i was hopeing that it would come out today (I already got a $20 PSN CARD “-_-) and now this B$ well im just sad ha but PD always delays its nothing new but my friend in the EU got the DLC and i had him put the cars online so i could look at them lol but still who’s to blame? PD or Sony for now….

    fook you both :P

    another dispointed user xMercury_Cougarx

    BSPEC 36

  41. will-i-am

    Dont think so!

    Question. If the delay is because of sony and not PD, Is the bonus going to be GT5 related or will it be from Sony and not gt5 related at all????

    Something to think about

    1. HPUnleashed

      I’m wondering about that too. If Kazunori didn’t even know about this until we did, I’m sort of leaning towards Sony’s end. But that still doesn’t explain why we couldn’t get an explanation for why we’re having to wait another week in the first place.

  42. kregore610

    Guys me and my friend is paying half each. Im going to buy the dlc on my account, The question is can i share it to him and he get it??? please pm me

  43. Mr Turismo

    HAhahahahahahahhaaa…man, i laughed hard now… THIS IS A JOKE.

    talking serious now, is it possible to me, log on an European PSN account and download it to my USA PSN account?

    1. Foxiol

      NO! The DLC only works with the original account that purchase the DLC… ONLY!!!!! One time with that account. Not cross accounts anymore.We have the DLC and in the news section says this message for all that downloaded the DLC.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      I thought i was the only one who really despised those shadows! Everyone else seems to be ok with them.
      @seanchump – I was wondering if they were getting better or if i was just getting used to them….maybe they are

    1. jah24car

      if its a bonus its gotta be good they wouldn’t say but since after Wheldon’s death maybe a lil tribute to him by adding indy cars and some indy suits? who knows I DON’T REALLY CARE I LOVE TO WAIT THAT MEANS I CAN GO BACK TO FINAL FANTASY XIII TILL NEXT WEEK ;D

  44. jaime_cch23

    for everyone thinking of creating another region psn id and buying the DLC, I strongly believe that it does not work; the DLC must match the disc/save file region.

  45. SavageEvil

    A lot of people on here can’t read neither comprehend English sigh! Nothing more to say there, and then we have people complaining that the DLC is crap, why come in here to complain at all? Online is truly for people who want to feel like they matter, enjoy it at least it lifts your day a bit. Interesting to hear that it was Sony America that froze the release, it is probably definitely related to the death of the race driver, out of respect or what have you. I think it’s probably to create space in Sony America PSN only thing they have going. The bonus addition might have absolutely nothing to do with GT5 at all, just FYI.

    1. occasionalracer

      I wouldn’t think the fatal Indy crash is the reasoning behind this at all. There is nothing about releasing a DLC pack that is disrespectful to this situation, and if that was the reason, I’m sure they would have clearly stated that in their Tweet so their action actually gets recognition.
      That said I have no idea what the heck the reason could be, except that maybe the transaction system for this DLC was not properly implemented at the last minute. I don’t know… I just think they would have made a clear statement to us if this were a message of respect to Dan. There is tons of racing going on online as we speak, so from a respect point of view we can only watch the changes the IRL will implement in memory of Dan.

  46. thedude1435

    Of course Sony will allow Japan to have it. They need every advantage before the US blows them away. Although whoever made this decision probably smells like summers eve.

    1. jah24car

      what the hell, dude we americans are allies with Japan (after world war 2) and its because sony has a big company there too and that its PD’s home turf thats why its out there, but some of us here in the states feels the saddness of the loss of wheldon.

      R.I.P Dan Wheldon :(

  47. TrdScionxB2

    Hey Jordon, I have a ? Can you give the game stop car to someone? Some guy wants my e-mail & my password, NO WAY he’s getting it.

  48. TrdScionxB2

    Hey Jordon, I have a ? Can you give the Gamestop car to someone? Some guy wants my e-mail & my password, NO WAY he’s getting it.

  49. RotorRian

    I’ve found a hole you americans should be able to join.

    You will need a friend who has spa.. Eg. A kiwi or Aussie.

    Join a private lounge with them hosting spa and you can race without having to buy the pack.

    Work Aussie to NZ. I can’t see why it would work for the USA as well.

  50. natsamson

    I am saddened to here NA wont be getting it like me in UK today, I was planning races aswell, glad to see that you will be getting a GT5 Special Bonus though lads.

  51. vabeach311

    I can wait an extra week, by then I will be finished with all I want from Forza 4 and ready for some NEW real racing in GT5!

  52. GTP_ken_b

    You can always count on PD/Sony to assist in building ones anticipation! Which is totally cool, because the wait and anticipation is part of the enjoyment of obtaining something new. So wipe those tears away and enjoy the process, totally stoked to hear about a special bonus! Lets see Pike’s Peek or some other surprise course offering…,I have no problem spending some cash for some more tracks. Great entertainment provided by the whiners! Peace.

  53. Tvensky

    playing it now.. new cart track is asesome.. pity.. you cant take any normal cars to it :( i would love to drift that track with some FR cars….. :((

  54. Mohamu

    Be carefull, and only buy the DLC on your account you really use it. The DLC is not share-able between accounts on your console… An other very clever idea of PD. Thanks ;)

  55. Forza Mclaren

    So dlc did indeed come with spec11 coz I really ddnt download unless the download was superfast which is really impossible coz my internet is balls, it took me 3 hours to download spec11

    1. Izain

      Sure there will. Since it’s Sony they’ll offer us a FREE PSN GAME! from a selection of two choices, neither of which sold because no one wants them.

  56. pasigiri

    It makes since that this is all Sony. Just hours before … that’s got some political issues written all over it. I think PD had the DLC ready to go, tested and all. I’m sure Kaz and PD are ticked off because as you can see from the comments, most of the blame falls on PD. Yeah PD has some due date issues but they are trying to climb out of a hole. I wonder what specifically caused the week delay? I know Sony found out they were being hacked again recently.

  57. Evertrill

    Oh well I wasn’t too happy wit all the race cars anyways. Hope we get a least a few superstars as a bonus cause this DLC is BS!

  58. Izain

    PD’s release schedule conflicted with Sony’s release of their latest gaping security hole, so Sony took precedence.

  59. zedfonsie

    Do they really think that releasing it on the SAME DAY battlefield 3 is coming out is going to boost sales? the dlc is sh** anyways…

    1. TokoTurismo

      You been playing games for to long now. Step atleast out of your house and feel the breeze blowing onto your skin. After that, come back inside and pretend you never said any of that. ;)


    Why do I have a strange feeling that this has something to do with payday the heist coming out? Also it Better be free now because 10/25 is when Battlefield 3 comes out and that’s where my money is going! How much you wanna bet that’s the “extra content” is a racing suit/Helmet? Bad move Sony……

  61. ilikewaffles11

    Really? The date Battlefield 3 gets released? Unbelievable. What reason is there to delay if Europe and Asia get it, why not North America to?

  62. Slonkoo

    am really sorry for you guys (overthere;). SPA is just another PD piece of art :) it looks and it feels amazing.
    just like RX7 :)))

  63. HPUnleashed

    At least we know it’s Sony America’s fault this time and not Polyphony Digital. Why would they wait until now to tell even Kazunori himself about this delay?

  64. gt5fanatec

    Really Sony u just had to step in at the last minute and ruine the anticipation. Now you know why a lot of people don’t like gt5. WAY TO GO SONY!!!! You could’ve at least released your SPEICAL gift another time and satisfie the anticipating people.

  65. TurboProp

    Wait for it…wait for it…
    I’m ticked off but not shocked, I think Sony and PD are trying to teach us or me some life lessons for patience. I’ll probably increase my meds today or start drinking again….nah. I just need a new car and track fix baaaad.

    1. TurboProp

      Very true gt5fanatec, I have a recurring nightmare of a pulsating GT5 logo chasing me around Tsukuba circuit @ 2mph…

    2. TokoTurismo

      I agree with gt5fanatec.

      Patience is the key of receiving something special, and the “bonus content” is one of them.

    1. aky141

      No, they did’nt think it through or tell people that they couldnt transfer and i wasted my money as i used a friends account and card as i do not own one of my own.

    2. dreamirc

      [Notice Regarding the DLC] For those playing Gran Turismo 5 on multiple accounts
      This is a notice regarding the Gran Turismo 5 DLC, for those who have multiple accounts on the PlayStation® Network.

      The DLC released on October 18 is tied to the Account ID used to purchase the DLC. It is not possible to use the DLC with accounts other than the one that was used to make the actual purchase. Therefore please make sure to purchase the DLC with the account that is used to play Gran Turismo 5.


  66. Doupik

    Just a notice for someone who is not familiar with the way PS Store works: it has collective updates rather than independent releases, so 10/25 is the next possible window.
    Unsure what is the reason behind this, maybe some problem with US licensing?

  67. bbrimfield

    Australia has it I’m on spa now 1 thin i dont like u cant race anything but karts on the new space kart tracks

  68. Foxiol

    First lap on SPA with an Hybrid car…i am an idiot 1st class!!! hahaha. Don´t recommend at all to use the Toyota Prius Hybrid as a first ride on SPA!!!! looool

    1. HKS racer

      This track is great with GT cars like the black Ford GT premium, I also had lot of fun with 590pp races online, tuned road cars. Very very intrataining track, Eau Rouge is awesome!
      On the other side I found some FFB issues with F1 cars, the feedback is way too harsh, it was scary lol, I use “Simulation” and FFB to 4. I’ll try to change that. I wonder if some of you have a good FFB setting just for F1.

  69. Foxiol


  70. cortos502

    aw man I was looking forward to this one :( I wonder what the special surprise is! maybe it’s the ft-86 II concept from that trailer way back?!( I can dream right?)

  71. Fran1001

    I’m pretty sure it will release october 25th, but the real question is, what year? :P

    P.S. j/k, love gt, can’t wait to download it.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Yes I am in uk, go to search (under ps3 games) type “gran turismo 5 dlc” its there.. good luck mate!

  72. OldF@rt

    Truly brilliant PD/Sony. Just hours before release you postpone DLC for a week in the country that’s your biggest single market… Is this how you intend to one-up the Forza 4 release????

    1. CWRules

      Uhhh… America isn’t GT5’s biggest market. In fact GT sells worse here than anywhere else. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I would guess Europe is where the most copies are sold.

    1. PIGBOY

      im in australia..i have USA game disc…i have asian stealth cars that do not show either…..when i bought dlc a message said something was sent….maybe its slow …i hope so…i just hope in the end i can buy aus game disc,changed saved data folders name to “bceu” <– or sim,ilar….coz im lvl 40/40 950 cars….

    2. DarthTurismo

      Im in aus…. just purchased from ps store…. then went into game and pressed the new icon… it’s all there…. very nice :-)

      i’m pretty sure you cannot purchase the content from the au ps store and load it onto a us game disc…..

    3. PIGBOY

      youre right…nothing here,,why oh why did i buy the lot when i coulda wasted $3 instead of $20 it is in AUS…grrr…i get aaus disc,it can be downloaded to 5 ps3’s it says…i email pd too…..wwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……i have asian stealth cars…….sum-1 from asia buy me game disc…you get 5 dlc stealth cars

  73. Normalaatsra

    Well, at least Asia and Europe get their deserved release times, because the North America region reminds me of spoiled brats, because they got GT5 before the Japanese players, where GT is made. No offense.

  74. scoobyonline200

    @Magic Ayrton… you mean YOU don’t want to play. You don’t speak for everyone.. and for me GT5 is fine the way it is. It still is fun to play… But again. To me this applies. I dont speak for anyone else but me.

  75. scoobyonline200

    I’ve been a fan of Gran Turismo since GT1 on the original playstation. Hell I like it so much I have 5 GT4 baseball caps, 2 hoodies, and a GT2 back pack… I have all the GT games in the series and I play GT5 daily…..

    Yet I still find it difficult for me to get pissed off out of my mind for something that is just a video game. It’s an awesome game at that.. but no one will die without it. Although it is funny watching and reading all the comments full of bitching and whining. Grow a pair, wipe them tears off your silly face and go play GT5 ….

  76. HKS racer

    I guess it’s for everybody but they still have to annunce it, they should make a comic movie about it

    “One more Skyline and the “whatever you said” release date”


  77. DaihatsuDriver

    I hope whatever the bonus is Canadians don’t get screwed out of it, like they tried to screw us out of the Edge Camaro.

    1. ningsia

      the GT5 DLC associates with your disc region version and your PSN.
      I just have it in Hongkong PS Store and installed them into my HK version of GT5. it works fine.

      BUT: Many people tried. The DLC can only be listed in the game if you disc region and PSN match.

      If you use a US disc, you should use US PSN and buy DLC in US PS Store. otherwise you will lose your money.

  78. Foxiol

    Nothing here at Spain yet…connected from my PS3 and waiting till they say in other tweet ‘delayed for everybody’ YAY!……………………..

    1. Foxiol

      I’m going to buy it, but BF3 is coming and as a shooter crazy bastard as i am….oh well ,hope DICE delay BF3 too for me to play with GT5 DLC one day at least…lol

    1. PIGBOY

      gawd asia got it good,much better than australia ps store,i just found a documentry on 24hrs nurburg part 3,must have all parts…yummy,i watch

  79. Nicky_loves_GT5

    o_O im not shocked actually xD. To begin with its not PD fault since other regions are getting it, it means its sony Fault.

    I would like to see some Dan Wheldon stuff there, or anything else but a paint chip/ or a horn…other wise the rest of the regions will laugh the hell out of us…o_O!

  80. bullet360

    At first l was WTF… then l realised its PD… seripusly what MORE content can you cram into dlc within a weeks worth of notice? Something tells me the “bonus” is just hype, just like spec ll

  81. Fryto

    The bonus for NA is that you get something unique: DeLayable Content. The rest of the world gets only regular DLC… ;-)

  82. WanderingSoul

    … This doesn’t make sense… I’m sorry, but… The DLC was installed with 2.0. Just needs unlocked. What in the world could cause it to be delayed?

    All I gotta say is that “bonus” better be something nice.

  83. bigburt82

    Considering that the DLC is already in the game, there is no reason for the US release to be delayed other than something completely unplanned happening. I would suggest that this was the death of Dan Wheldon and PD are adding some sort of commemorative bonus for the US store. My only argument is that although he died in the US, he was British…

  84. UnkaD

    Hmmm… There are some clips of the new Red Bull concept on what appears to be Test Course in the new intro video. I thought they might have added the track until it wasn’t listed in the download pack. If they have the whole course modeled for GT5, think it could be the bonus for the delay?

    And yes, I realize the dangers of speculation with anything Polyphony and I am not getting my hopes up.

  85. XxTH3_ST1GxX

    give us that GT Academy 370Z or maybe even Lucas Ordonez’s Nissan LM Car. that would be great. KThanxBye

  86. Rossva

    Kinda weird I figure cos we’ve already downloaded the dlc right? (ie in spec 2) so I reckon it’s some sorta licensing beef.

  87. Omamder5

    Seriously guys, chill out. It was a nice laugh, and we get a bonus for it. Wait a week? Man, who cares, it’s a WEEK. Go buy the Aston DB9, pimp it out in your favourite colour, install the sports exhaust, and turn the sound up because, Man does that thing sound good in cockpit view!

    1. HuskyGT

      Never tried changing the exhaust in the DB9, being one of the few cars that do sound close to accurate with its stock exhaust. Will try it.

  88. jomama2010

    GT5 was delayed 5 years…..
    …Cmon you don’t have the patience for one week? I thought GT players were conditioned to this sort of thing…oh well.

  89. HuskyGT

    This brings back memories!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It´s just two weeks. Is not like they will take another year to release it.

    They probably need the extra days to convert the most popular Standards to Premiums…
    … and add more A-spec events…
    …and add GT4´s prize system…
    …and popular old tracks…
    …and getting rid of ten repeated Skylines and adding five M BMW´s and five AMG Mercedes Benz…

    1. HuskyGT

      I know, I was just being sarcastic. After waiting for years for GT5 to be released, I don´t mind. I will settle with a horn, or a paint chip… Hopefully I can get the Tank Car horn to put it in my Diahatsu Midget.

  90. Medno84

    Ahh it’s nice to be on the european continent :) Give us the DLC today and you can keep your “special bonus”. An extra paint chip…yes its true, so I heard!

  91. RabidShark

    GT5_Honda_Guy ya i post because if i don’t say something nice and show my understanding all there will be is ranting.

  92. GT5_Honda_Guy

    I have to say, it’s the bickering fans that get me. Not PD, or Sony. Everyone acts like they’re perfect, never making a mistake, laughable really. Too much anger and ridiculous ranting. I’ve enjoyed the game since its release, grateful to have the means to enjoy it to its full potential. Thank you to all supporters and everyone behind the scenes with a brain and the will to make this game a reality, couldn’t have had it any other way!

  93. High On Speed

    All I can say is $#@#%$@!!!…. And another thing while I am speaking my mind @#*%!!!!

    Seriously this is just silly, the bonus better be worth waiting for cause I went out of my way today to buy a stupid $20 PSN card and just stayed up 2 hours later than usual just to down load and take a peek at it. When it did not show up I figured there was a problem. To be honest all the BS with issus, patches, pushed release dates and such is making me loose my passion for this game franchise and I have been a HUGE fan since GT1 (Heck its the main reason I bought a PS2 instead of an XBox and a PS3 instead of a XBox360)…. What ever, Battlefield 3 comes out same day and I will be playing that instead.

  94. DarthTurismo

    disappointing for us guys……. but you can’t blame pd for this one… seems nth american sony didnt get their act together for one reason or another… otherwise it would have been delayed worldwide….

    i know it doesn’t make the pain go away but hopefully you guys will get something special in yr bonus (other than horn #33) and the rest of us will wish we had a 1 week delay……

  95. gt5iraq

    i was expecting something nice to come out after forza have absolutely beaten GT5,
    at least i expect a DLC with new car list or updating some of the standard in the game to platinum , this is so ridiculous!!!!

    1. HuskyGT

      Platinums must look amazing next to Premiums. I´ve heard they have working A/C, and you can acctually feel the air coming out of the screen…

  96. D X S O

    I have a US account and I just raced in Spa in open Lobby.
    It is awesome, can´t believe it got delayed for us.
    Eau rouge is incredible, flat out in the formula one!!! Fantastic!!

  97. alvin23a

    It’s bs that you guys get a special bonus. They should delay it for every one then.Like what did Aus get that no one else go NOTHING and the US and Europe get all this cool free s*!t!!

  98. lalaurentide

    I rather have my GT Home non-animated, fully 2D menus load instantaneously, the GT Auto load every sub-menu individually on selection instead of loading EVERYTHING at once when I simply need to change the oil or paint color. This is stupid, they said UI was going to get improved in 2.0, guess it’s like cake…

  99. grashopper

    If anyone is upset at the delay you can search all regions in the GT5 lobby selection screen and visit Spa without even owning the DLC. GT5 works like LittleBigPlanet and as long as the host owns the dlc track everyone in the lobby can use it.

    1. monildan

      Thanks..i do hope its for a new car and not just a racing suit or a helmet though… good things come to those who wait…. :)

  100. carltonracing

    Well, I can Wait another week. Doesn’t Matter, Bonus or Not. I own all the GT Titles, (Including GT1, a JPN Copy of which I had to Mod Chip Installed in my PS1 to Play it.) One week is not going to kill me. At least it’s not 4 years. What you should be worried about is if there’s going to be a price change with the bonus, don’t rule that out.

    Red Bull X2011 Protytpe ’11, Honda CR-Z Touring Car, Subaru Impreza Touring Car, Mazda Roadster Touring Car, Spa Francorchamps and the Helmet and Suit Package are the things that I’m looking forward to.

    I can wait another week for that. I can do other things on GT5 by then. Is it the end of the F***ing World? No. The Aussie Bloaks were Bitchin about North America getting it before we were suppose to get it. Ya Happy Now Mate?

    The Fact of the Matter is, Be Patient, Work on other Parts of the Game, Go online with other People in the game. It’s Not the end of the World. If it’s still Bothering you, Tune off the PS3, Put the Contoller Down , Then GO OUTSIDE!

    1. PIGBOY

      check you licences are all gold if you couldnt do it,i went back and passed em easy last week.did you yanks get the stealth cars?

  101. monildan

    Somehow this “Delay” seems to be because of Dan Wheldon… maybe they wanted to include some racing suit or something of Dan and thats why they might have delayed the DLC here in the US….

    1. xXmysterio32Xx

      As appropriate as that would be, i do have doubts whether this this the reason. Remember, Kaza-whatever-his-name-is didn’t know himself until not long ago, so if it was extra content, he’d be one of the first to know.
      Then again, I could be completely wrong :)

  102. RabidShark

    ya that sucks big but ill play something else or race. the new patch is amazing 10th patch too they know how to stand beside there game i think it’s PSN they did this with the red dead redemption dlc too PSN office (america) is a separate laziness do try to keep this in mind people and lets show our respect for making an awsome game and PATCHES.

    1. I Am A Male

      they didn’t make an awesome game…. they are STILL IN THE PROCESS of making an awesome game…. I love GT5, but this is a lil rediculous…

  103. I Am A Male

    It’s pretty safe to say that the ‘special bonus’ will most likely be a Ray Gun mounted to the back of all Bugatti Veyrons…. anyone want to second that?? :P

    1. Sum1s2pid

      Sharks with frickin lasers mounted on their foreheads driving Veyrons painted to look like sharks with frickin lasers mounted on their foreheads.

  104. ToXiiC_xMW

    Love how people are saying its PDs fault when it was playstation saying that its delayed meaning its something wrong they did either in approval or something or maybe PD has something AMAZING for the “special bonus”

  105. CWRules

    Wow… I really should have seen this coming. Now I just have to find out what this ‘special bonus’ is so I know whether to use my british psn account to get the dlc tomorrow.

  106. Omamder5


    and that is all I have to say. I’ll go do homework now. Was just playing GT5, still enyoing the heck out of it.

  107. pasigiri

    Man, I don’t know. I love GT and all, but I’m having a hard time finding some positive words right now. The 2.00 update was great. I’m just looking forward to more cars (Lotus Exige, Koenigsegg, Lambo Adventador and Reventon, Audi RS4, RS5, TT-RS, Noble, Aston One77, etc.).


  108. Chris

    For all you Americans and other people saying to make an alt account from either EU, or Australia, or any other region just to get the DLC, that content WON’T WORK if you have an American version of GT5.
    If for some reason you have an Australian copy of the game then yes, download it from the Aussie store and it’ll work, but the content will not work if your game doesn’t match the region of the DLC.
    I’m from Australia and got a code for the Edge Camero, downloaded it from my US account and it wasn’t in the game, neither was it in my US account of GT5 either, that’s cos I had an Australian/PAL version of GT5

    1. Chris

      Indeed they do, everyone waited years for GT5 to come over, so give them a breakif their first DLC is late by a week

  109. fureddo

    I live in Tokyo so I should not care, but I share North American players’ frustration. And to a further extent, it will be very frustrating for players from the rest of the world to see American and Canadian players enjoy an exclusive bonus on the 25th(?).
    Bad move from Sony and PD…

  110. Snaeper

    It is a bummer that they decided to delay it the eve of the release.

    I hope that the Special Bonus we get is damn well worth it.

  111. Quakebass


    But I wasn’t going to be able to get the DLC immediately anyways, because I’m short on cash-ola.

  112. CJSpencer77

    Im not from North America but totally understand how frustrating this is for the guys who are, the only thing i can think of to make your day better is that only the room host needs to own the dlc and use Spa for the other guys in the room to be able to race there, not sure thats much consolation but im sure 90% of rooms will be using Spa for a while.

    1. xNeroZero

      Do you know how dumb you sound right now. Anyone from North America can make an alt PSN and download it that way if their credit card matches that regions credit card system.

    2. Nastradamus87

      lalaurentide, how ignorant are you?
      To download from a region’s PSN you have to have a registered account with that PSN. To have a registered account with a region’s PSN you have to have a credit card which has a billing address in the region you buying from.

    3. Nastradamus87

      Ya, it’s that easy. We can all walk to our local store and buy a pre-paid PSN card for a different region. Online retailers add markup on the pre-paid cards they sell. On top of this the majority do not send you the code immediately; you have to wait for the card to be shipped to you. What you two are suggesting here is NOT A FEASIBLE solution, so stop talking down to other people like they are missing an obvious solution.

    4. Nastradamus87

      If you’re right then I’ll be glad, but I don’t believe you are. You can download free items simply by creating at account for another region, but you cannot BUY items without a credit card registered to the account or a PSN pre-paid card for the region.

      I think I saw an earlier post of yours where you said your friend in one region downloads stuff from another region. If that is your only proof then that isn’t good enough. No one else is backing you up, I searched online and everything I read disagreed with what you are saying, and I find it very hard to believe that the other hundred or so people posting on this page don’t have this obvious knowledge that you can simply by the DLC from another region.

      While I may be wrong, I have some good reasons for believing what I believe. What are you reasons exactly?

    5. lalaurentide

      You can add any credit card to any PSN account, I can use my credit card for my US, UK and Japanes PSN accounts, your PSN account is region locked that is true, but you can attach any credit card to any PSN account. I don’t know if you can use the same credit card for more than one account, then you’d have to delete it from the payment setting. Anyway, as I said GT5 is region locked, only the BCUS PSN Store have the BCUS compatible dlc.

  113. xNeroZero

    People, stop overreacting. Make a different PSN buy it from the Australian store if you North American people want it so bad.

    1. lalaurentide

      Doesn’t the Australians have the “PAL” version, GT5 DLC is region locked, I got the free chromelines from the UK store and cannot use them with my BCUS game disc, don’t say that unless you tested yourself whether or not it will work.

      The strange thing about the delay is that the DLC is complete, there is NO reason for it to be delayed, especially in a specific region?

      Anyway, one track won’t bring me back to the game that much, especially with the removal of 3X credits on seasonal, if at least there was seasonal endurance events.

    2. xNeroZero

      I was assuming that you could download it from a different store. I have a friend that downloads Japanese stuff from their store and he’s from USA.

    3. lalaurentide

      I know, I do too, but some games’ DLC are locked to their respective region, my Assassin Creed 2 DLC is only compatible with the BCUS disc, some games have region free DLC and can be install on any version, which isn’t the case with GT5.

  114. WiiFreak

    Disappointing to say the least. It wouldn’t be as bad if they actually gave us the reason WHY it is being delayed.

  115. ChicoMaloXD

    Well, I hope THAT SPACIAL Bonus is a bikini girl to put next to our car in Photomode.
    Cool it got delayed I’ll be busy with ROCKSMITH but the 25th is Battlefield 3 day. X)

  116. HPUnleashed

    Look at the pic at the top. Even the driver’s ticked! Head hanging, looking at the ground… I bet if he could move he’d be shaking his head in disappointment.

  117. RoarOfZonda


    1. TJC_69

      I just drove at Spa & the new kart tracks , my release date was ok .

      I don’t have alot of sympathy to be honest . The US usually gets game releases days before us , so it’s nice to have it the other way around for a change.


    2. JTSnooks

      Sit down and think for a minute about exactly what it is that you’re mad about. If you’re still mad, then I hope you’re not over the age of 14.

  118. HPUnleashed

    The content was ready! We saw the videos and pics! We have to be getting something special cause everyone else in the world is getting this before us! Fingers crossed for more classic muscle cars!

  119. Chris

    So it’s still on track for EU/Australia then?
    If so, and if this ‘bonus’ is decent, watch how many people will get up in arms about the US getting a ‘special bonus’ and the EU not

    1. Chris

      I won’t complain either, I’m from Australia, I’m just glad there’s actually DLC for the game, I’m not fussed

  120. beezball

    Fine with me… my wife just went into labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’ll be the 25th before I can shoe all the family members away!

    1. JTSnooks

      I agree with Barny. I had a kid back in May and I rarely get to play at all now. But it’s so worth it, kids are awesome :)

  121. danjee

    This is actually great for me. I was going to be gone during the time of the DLC’s release, but now it’s bumped back to a time during which I get to discuss it meticulously like everyone else here. Plus, a bonus! It’s a win-win.

  122. HPUnleashed

    This better be one great “special bonus” content! If not I’m going to pretty ticked considering how much I was looking forward to racing spa tomorrow! /:P

    1. mazdaman83

      If you buy it from antoher region, it won’t be added to your gamesave, but to a new one. So, that won’t do the trick !!

  123. ederss7

    Japan Psn is already available for download.Who lives in North America doesnt have to wait,just create an account from other country

    1. mazdaman83

      Every region has ist own unique gamesave, so unless you want to play the game all over again, That’s not gonna work.

  124. zippy_the_cat

    I’m thinking it’s probably more Sony’s fault — and just blown away that they do this while their blog is touting the release on Tuesday of (EA’s) Need for Speed The Run demo. How many different kinds of dumb is that?

  125. Mattycakes

    seriously? And i was just defending PD the other day about delays. Thanks for making me look foolish. And on the same day Battlefield 3 comes out too? seriously?

  126. superfluous2

    “downloadable content got delayed”
    First world problems lol

    I don’t really mind. Won’t stop me from playing it.

    1. JTSnooks

      Agreed. I can’t believe how upset people get about a videogame. I won’t have the time to buy or play with it anyway because I have too much going on in real life. I get maybe 1-2 hours total each week for videogames, it could come out in a year and I still wouldn’t miss it much.

  127. Hawker77

    Good. I can go to bed early then. I’ve been staying up so late the past many nights playing Forza4. Can’t take another all nighter!

  128. bassterror84

    Please, someone just provide a reason for the delay. That’s all I want. Why do we NEVER get an explanation for these things. Ambiguous tweets on twitter are ridiculous.

  129. fitftw

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from PD. I bet the bonus is something insignificant. Oh well. I just want the Miata and Spa.

    1. HPUnleashed

      I think this is Sony’s fault as well. We already know from seeing the videos and screenshots that the content was already installed and completely playable. I’m sure PD was looking forward to the money as well. This is just a stupid move. It’s like getting slapped in the face when it comes down to it.

    2. Vortex1be

      The cake is a lie ! (Portal)

      OT: PD isn’t at fault because it’ realesed thru sony and it’s only delayed in America because of sony… And a few hours delayed in the EU.

  130. zippy_the_cat

    Jordan, I hope you’re going to work whatever contacts you have at Sony and PD to see what their explanation is for this. And point them to the very angry comment thread now going on in Questions and Answers so they can see just how badly they’re annoying their customers.

    1. Bitterman

      If that’s what the bonus turns out to be, I’ll be sincerely disappointed, no, make that DISGUSTED with PD for doing that. To release something like that is fine, IF it were FREE. However, to delay the release of DLC so they can add that to increase sales and to in some way profit from his death is downright unconscionable.

      os·tra·cize /ˈästrəˌsīz/ (Verb)
      1.Exclude (someone) from a society or group.
      2.What Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Polyphony Digital does to once loyal North American fans.

    2. terminsel

      I came across the footage of the red-flag period live on suday flipping through the channels. His partner was just saying he didn’t know how bad it was and hoped he was gonna be allright. Creepy.

    1. terminsel

      Yeah, nice finding out an hour beforehand, after we were told weeks ago it would be available on the 18th, getting more and more excited as the day draws nearer. Christmas morning- “sorry kids we forgot about it, we’ll make it up to you in February.”

    1. mobiletone

      How does it compare to GT5? i’m thinking of dropping some cred’s on a 360 and F4 this weekend.
      i’m a gamer, not a fanboy.

    2. t.o.

      @mobiletone: If you’re a gamer and not a fanboy you should have got Forza 4 when it came out. It’s THAT good. I’m pretty sure we all know why the DLC has been delayed….

    3. dmz_bean

      I did the same exact thing Sunday. I ended up returning both the Xbox and Forza already though. It was really nicely polished, the car and track models looked really good and there were a few features it has that I wish GT5 had like the livery editor but the driving physics killed it for me. It was nearly impossible for me to keep a smooth line with any car. Even with all the driving aids set to simulation.

      The problem was the steering and braking. There was subtlety to them. Making minor corrections while going around turns or straights wasn’t happening. Either there was no input, or it was on full lock. I couldn’t take it. So I returned them both.

      It was definitely worth checking out though. I’d just recommend that you rent it instead of outright buying it.

    1. Raggi Boy

      dont be too sad, you can try out the new karts in arcade mode before it comes out…..

      …really go check they are actually there right at the end

    2. jah24car

      i was excited but i don’t got the money for PSN cash right now good now i can wait till next week n get it YAY!!!

    1. shurnster

      @CleanUP-CharliE lol When I seen the news section on this site, regarding the delay I couldn’t stop laughing man. At first the “delay” issue used to be a serious concern with me. But what makes it so funny, it only happens with PD so I’m not really shocked.

      Atleast they’re giving us a “special bonus” :)

    2. Tenacious D

      Uhm… if you think only Gran Turismo and related stuff is delayed, you must have just started playing games yesterday ;-)

    3. CleanUP-CharliE

      @ shurnster

      I think the same way.

      I remember how frustrated I was when GT5 got delayed, but now I just laugh :D

    4. PIGBOY

      i have USA game disc,im in AUSTRALIA,all region accounts….hope it works……hope its not region specific….you messed about,i caught you out,HOWZAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Bones Brigade

      I thought it was widely known that the DLC had to be delayed for America because they had to add a little extra weight to the white “Stig” outfit. You should be excited that we’re getting the Stigs American Cousin!

    6. CleanUP-CharliE

      Hey PIGBOY, is the Store in AUD?

      Does the DLC cost more in Australia?

      Just thought of that too haha. I wonder if they will accept my Credit/Debit Card.

    7. CleanUP-CharliE

      Just read about DLC Content being region locked. There goes my super plan out the window lol.

      Good night *sigh*

    8. CleanUP-CharliE

      “I believe the DLC will be released in about 2 more hours in the EU (+AU, NZ).” Kazunori Yamauchi Tweet

    9. Tommy_861

      Pot-pot the content was NOT already shipped on the disc. It was part of the 2.0 download last week. I don’t know where people keep getting this idea, but they are NOT EA (selling you the parts of the game they cut out for $10 more a few weeks later).

    10. another_jakhole

      Tommy, do you think these guys care? They just like telling themselves it’s funny, typical people, etc.

      Deep down inside, they’re empty and contribute nothing. Keep your brain to yourself, Tommy.

    11. wardialer

      thanks for insulting my intelligence SCEA.

      SCEA marketing know-it-alls: “they won’t be angry about the lies we tell, just promise them a “special bonus”. they’ll forget all about it.”

      hours before the promised DLC: “who wants a “special BONUS”? who’s a good boy?”

      even my dog could see through that kind of BS. at least give us a reason why you chose to discriminate against NA or tell us what this “special bonus” is so we can decide whether to trust you again.

    12. It's me

      Haha this is funny it is the 25th 4:00 where I’m at and it has yet to come out … I was sittn in class all jittery and stuff and when I get home is when I realize that it is being delayed cause it should have been out already according to another post and does anyone know if it’s being moved to another date?

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