Car Selection Footage of GT5 CES Demo

Here’s the first of two new clips of the Gran Turismo 5 CES demo from As you can see, this clip was taken as a Sony representative discusses each car and track which is available to play. He is also able to confirm that the game will contain a little more than 1,000 different vehicles.

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  1. RufusGonePunk

    I wish they’d interviewed someone who knew his stuff.
    The HKS Evo a drift car?
    The Amuse 380Z based on the 370Z?
    And please, it’s pronounced Gai-ardo. Not Gal-ardo.

  2. Viktor Navorsky

    Sorry flooding…but in a close look i´ve noticed that its nothing the one i was talking about… its more like a huge hangar…

  3. Viktor Navorsky

    That scenario in the background reminds me a GT4 photo place… im not sure about the name, but its quite the same.

  4. ntrisKKT

    “@ Ntris
    Looking at your grammar, i think u to young to be looking at playboy books. May I suggest, a proper reading material for you?”

    I was sick that day.
    Good grief.

    You honestly don’t need read playboy magazines to know that she is a playmate by the way…well, not like matters to you.

  5. DrBoyton

    “… the Nurburgring, one of the new tracks available in Gran Turismo 5…” WTF!! How can someone who works for Sony and is selected to promote Gran Turismo know almost nothing about it?

  6. yeti

    What is it with stupid people calling it Grand Turismo?! – She even pronounces the fucking D…

    FFS!! It’s only a game that’s been around for 15 years… and a phrase that’s been around a lot longer…

    Where do they find these people to work for their game related media?!


  7. Gold_Monkey

    @ FlareKR
    Great friends you have.

    @ Ntris
    Looking at your grammar, i think u to young to be looking at playboy books. May I suggest, a proper reading material for you?

  8. FlareKR

    @ Zenith
    A trout or as my friend says, “a dick (mind his language :D)”. I liked the older SLR better, it’s nose gave it it’s beauty (or as my friend would start putting Jew jokes *gasp*).

    @ Mad Mike
    You really don’t go to the Playstation Store, don’t you?

    @ Mustangmiha

    I guess we’re all gonna go play Grand Turismo 5 now. How could nobody see that typo!?!

  9. iced16

    I’m not sure about this but here it goes: You can see few cars in background… Lancer Evo, Focus… maybe thats how garae will be in gt5… maybe the camera will go around your garage and you will see each car you own… just wanted to check is this possible maybe?

  10. Mário

    While they are showing the cars and tracks in the beackground there’s a basement with all the other cars, wouldn’t it be crazy and utterly amazing if in the full version everytime we bought a car they would be in our basement, we could choose they’re order and walk around them? Kinda like PGR3 *fingers crossed)*

  11. Michael

    This “grand” word has been used so often that right now GT has actually 2 names and they’re both correct, I would suppose Polypony Digital is not angry with people that can’t read, it’s common that people are not very careful, plus grand is the best word ti fit in here because it means “big”, now what “gran” means?

  12. Zarkoff500

    I’m sure others noticed the warehouse garage that the cars were in. Is this going to be our home garage for the game? Pretty realistic and sweet to have an actual garage for our cars.

  13. Dudezi


    I don’t think the SLS is a trout, but I don’t think it’s as good loking as people say.

    I know he says that, and that it’s wrong, but that’s not what I commented on.

  14. CarBastard

    Jeez…this Sony guy apparently doesn’t know a ….. about cars or GT, and the guys who made the video don’t even know how the game is called! LOL

  15. Zenith

    “This is the Merc SLS AMG. By far, probably, one of the most beautiful cars on the market today, its seriously the styling both on the exterior and interior…*gushing*”

    Where does everyone get this idea that the SLS is good looking?! It’s a trout!

  16. Dudezi


    He says 380Z because the name of the modded 350Z is 380RS.
    Just look at the screen at 2:38 till 3:01.

    Also, the Gallardo in the demo is not the LP550-2 Valentino Balboni as mentioned on the 7th, but a LP560-4

  17. Paulo

    haha he did say 380z, I thought I was hearing things, what a tard. That hangar looks friggin amazing, and the cars look equally amazing how the camera just pans around them. Beautiful menu design.

  18. Chrysus

    Did anyone notice on the WRC cars category it said Rally/ Touring Car? The Super GT cars didn’t fall under that. More racing series to be announced i’m hoping

  19. Jonathan

    @ Rick, Were did you hear that at. To me it sounds like he says ”Theres gonna be some news coming out of launch date for japan”. So I would take that is when it is launched in March in Japan, thats when will get more info on launch

  20. #@#

    he got the 380Z thing wrong. Its based of a 350Z. It was a Amuse and Nismo Collaboration. Engine bored out to 3.8L and produces almost 400hp, and some 170kg light than the stock 350Z.

    @Rick, heard wrong. He said the announcement for the Japanese release would be on the playstation blog, don’t know what you heard.

  21. Jordan

    @Rick: No, that is not what he said.

    And yes, everyone, part 2 will be up in a few minutes with Nurburgring game play footage. It’s great stuff. :)

  22. Niels


    Spread your ears and listen, the guy said that there is no release date yet for north america and europe..

  23. Rick

    WHOA WHOA WHOA! at 6:57 or so, he just confirmed our release date. he said

    “North America and Europe about a month BEFORE Japan.”

    I just s*** bricks, and I’m sure all of you did too

  24. Palleraa

    I don’t give much credit to for questions, but atleast they let a man speak for 7min about a demo. Excellent. And I like the fact that he is really into all the details and not just some random guy from Sony. Very nice piece of footage. Maybe they best from CES imo.

  25. RoarrrUK

    “I’ve been reading blogs, a lot of people asking for footage of the Gallardo”

    Surely he has been reading gtp.

    Thanks Jordan for the post. Can’t wait to see Part 2. Hopefully some footage of that guy driving. Surely he can drive.

  26. S3 Racer

    Nice footage. But no release date :( makes me cry….

    waiting fot the second part which if it’s a little like this, will be awesome. Thumbs crossed for nuErburgring. Sry no umlaut

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