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Mercedes-AMG GT3 to Appear in Project CARS on April 15th

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is currently preparing for the release of its latest hot product – the Mercedes-Benz GT3. It was first shown to the public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, with clear intentions to bring the very best from the strong base of the new Mercedes-Benz GT, and prepare the manufacturer for the future FIA GT3 season...
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Win a Playseat Project CARS Gaming Seat in SMS's New Photo Contest

Recently published news on the official website could really turn the heat up among photo enthusiasts of the popular driving simulator Project CARS. In order to celebrate the launch of the new Playseat Project CARS gaming seat Slightly Mad Studios decided to collaborate with Playseat once more and host a photo competition for all Project CARS game owners willing to test their snap-shooting skills. More importantly, the contest will involve none other than the American machines recently released as a part of the US Car Race Pack...
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New Playseat Project CARS Gaming Seat Announced

The already-pleased Project CARS community is going to be delighted even further, as Playseat revealed information regarding their newest product: the appropriately-titled Playseat Project CARS gaming seat. Needles to say, the product was developed in collaboration with Slightly Mad Studios, the creator of the popular racing simulator. The studio is responsible for decorating the seat with handmade stitched Project CARS artwork and popular visuals that identify their simulator.
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Project CARS New 9.0 Update Now Available on PC

With new DLC incoming, it was only a matter of time before Slightly Mad Studio’s Project CARS received another nip and tuck. As with the previous update, the new 9.0 patch for the title is aimed at PC copies of the driving simulator first. Among other things, the patch recalls several vehicles for a few technical adjustments, of which we highlight the one that focuses on the recent Ford Falcon V8 Supercar and its exhaust sound. All fixes brought by the update are listed below: