Challenge Friends With GT Sport’s Mission Challenge Leaderboards

Gran Turismo Sport 10 September 19, 2017 by

With less than a month until release, Sony has slowly begun revealing more information on the game modes of GT Sport.

Last week, a post on the official PlayStation blog gave us eight factoids about Polyphony’s upcoming racer. While the big focus at the time was on the word of a second beta (all mentions of which have since disappeared), there are other, less obvious details as well.

Despite the majority of it still being a mystery, much has been made of the game’s Campaign Mode. Split into four categories — Driving School, Mission Challenge, Circuit Experience, and Racing Etiquette — it looks to be a major departure from the traditional GT offline experience.

Mission Challenge will feature “various dramatic racing situations for players to overcome”. From GT4-style “One Lap Magic” events to passing challenges, it sounds like the most diverse category. As it turns out, players won’t be completing these events in a bubble, either. The blog post confirms that leaderboards will be a part of Mission Challenge experience.

While GT Sport will largely focus on online, on-track rivalries, this news should please players looking for good old-fashioned bragging rights. In GT6, leaderboards were only available in license tests and the Seasonal events. Ideally, Mission Challenge will offer more variety than the former, and has the advantage of permanence over the latter.

What isn’t clear (yet) is if bragging rights are all that’s on the line. A Rivals-style challenge feature similar to the Forza franchise, with credits on offer, could crank up the heat. The game will require an internet connection for most of its functionality, after all.

We’re only four weeks away from GT Sport’s release — stay tuned for even more news.

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