Could Gran Turismo 5 Be…Easy?

Another Kazunori Yamauchi interview hits the web, this time from GameTrailers. Here’s what’s new:

  • Entirely new code base from GT4 – nothing has been carried over from the old game. Even the GT4 Online code was not used to develop the networked side of GT5.
  • New physics in the TGS demo should be immediately apparent to anyone playing the game – it’s actually “easier to drive”, though when the car begins to lose grip, its behavior is more true-to-life.
  • Entirely new artificial intelligence. The oval tracks and NASCAR presented a unique AI challenge.

The big question mark, of course, looms over that one little word: “easier”. What that means is still unclear, though it will obviously worry many fans out there who may now fear a less challenging or realistic driving experience. For now, let’s hope the true meaning of Yamauchi’s words were simply lost in translation! Thanks to ComposerRyan for digging this one up.

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  1. nasanu

    “What is GT4 Online code??”

    Rubbish. Pure trash code. It only worked over a lan and even then produced lag on many setups. Online racing as we know it would not be possible if they kept the GT4 code.

  2. eGG

    Good News!!!
    In the video Kaz said that they threw away all of the scripts and started fresh from scratch!! That’s good because all of the nasty car sounds from GT4 probably won’t be there! That is wonderful.
    Also hoping online will be as good as FM3’s

  3. Luke

    May i introduce you, my beloved buddies -> , and .

    The more real to life the better. I want a hardcore simulation, and i hope tires will temporarily lose grip after cornering/drifting a few seconds, like in Forza, but much better.

  4. Faz

    Unlike many people on here, I’m not a pro gt player & never play it to destruction. I just enjoy a blast every now & again & don’t delve into every single facet of the game.

    Judging from that video, it seems to be employing the overly tight chase cam that they seem to discard for the psp version. I prefer to play with the car on screen, & I was hoping that gt5 would revert back to that, as I thought the chase cam was too tight in gt4 & gt5p. There was more freedom in the car movement in gtpsp which I loved enormously, like pre gt4. Made rally with the car on screen playable again.

  5. nasanu

    So TGS was a new physics engine… Honestly I did not notice any change over GT5P. But then I was driving the gullwing so any differences I put down to a totally new car.

    But guys trust me when I say these new physics are challenging with all aids off. I am very experienced in online racing and have sunk hundreds of hours into GT5P but I still lost the back end of the merc in a fishtail and had an embarrassing spin.

    To the guy who said forza was hard and the cars handled like bricks or somthing… I dont understand that. I played forza at TGS and thought it was very easy. I didnt lose the car once and even though I had never seen the track before I still won the race by a large margin. I thought it was a really fun driving model.

  6. eternal

    i dont thinkg he is talkin about easyeir 2 drive i thinkg he talkin about make the care feal n do things dat a normal car would do so when u get in that situation u will see it comin cus deir will be more fead back more pridictable driving situations so in sence it going 2 feal more easier cus its going 2 feal more realistic but dats not wat got my atention i cant stress n keep sayin that the translation on how many tracks are going 2 be (20) is wronge n this interview confirems it for me in how he said “nascar ovals ” i know deir are 2 tracks already seen indy n daytona but in how he said it i think its more going 2 be 20 lactions being countrys and 70 tracks cus just from the vidoes n proluge u can guess half oh n if u drive any game with assist on your a noob lol and should go play forza n nfs lol

  7. jamaicangamer

    pleez dont tell meh ur one of those guys. :D


    take off all aids in gt5p (maybe gt4 havent played dat ina few weeks) and u get somethin of a doughnut :D

    i just want ma skyline gtr with hks t51r….

  8. LordVonPS3


    “It has been made easier to drive, but when when you actually disrupt it’s balance you’ll notice that the movement of the car when it’s going into a spin, it’ll be much more realistic than it was before. That just means the simulation is much closer to real life.”

    Could it even be that with GT5 you’ll be able to do doughnuts…….? :o)

  9. Warden

    I hope that in online races if you decide for whatever reasons to go the wrong way on a track that you don’t turn into a ghost and are able to smash head on into other people, make it like real life.

  10. Confi-User-3

    Don’t worry, guys, it will be more realistic, what do you want.
    And if the cars are easier to drive even if it’s more realistic I’ll be fine with that. And I think he means “easier” if you drive with all driving aids and so on, it won’t affect much in driving without any helps I think. Give me the same physics as GTPSP with no driving aids and pro physics, but driven with a steering wheel and I’ll be fine.
    In Kaz we trust =D

  11. Flagmo-T

    Maybe I’m Wrong, But i see the Easy part as only explanation for the PSP-Version , the PSP version has that exactly behaviour, and No matter what any one says, The PSP version Isn’t that Hmm Easy anyway, But ok That’s just my opinion ( I hate driving games with button controls )

    I bought my PSP-Go for more as a Modern Remote for my Beloved PS3, Ahh It’s nice with Movies / Music / SKype / ASO in the whole Flat and on the balkony.. ORSm I say!!

    And to be honest, don’t loose your fate in Kazunori Yamauchi, He knows exactly what’s needed to make us all Happy, but he would never lower the expectations of this long waited Game, we will be thrilled over it, when it’s finally in your PS3.. all the ideas of having real Motorsport in this game, all the different kind of involving real life events into it, and also all the wast places it has been, and even on Motorshows – GT5p Academy with Lars and Lucas.. No Man! It will be more real then ever in GT5, but Not just easier !! Nope – Niente – Nej – Na na – No ( My opinion )

  12. Jose

    i think what they meant by that is that it is a sim that is more true to life and has more road feel, thus making it easier to drive. for instance, my mom cant even drive for 2 meters in GT but since iracing has more road feel and the force feedback feels differently, she feels like shes in a real car and can drive for laps if she drives slowly, so that’s just what i think they mean

  13. Corrado

    You lot shouldn’t be so worried, you know what Kaz is like, he pursues perfection. So why on earth would he make GT5 more arcade-like? You lot are losing your trust in him lol. He wouldn’t dream of making GT5 arcade-y.

  14. Zachariah

    Dont get me wrong Transam1998, I have two racing wheels, but I don’t like them. They are too far from real and pull me from the experience. from the chattering whine and the slow response of my dfp, to my useless 360 wireless wheel, I’ve all but given up on wheel controllers.

    Granted, the wheels saw near zero delay, but you’ll see what I mean if you get on a ps controller and hold the stick to lock. It takes a full second for the wheels to fully turn. the response is much quicker on gtpsp and allows for easier recovery from a drift, rather than GT4’s constant fishtailing. I can only hope that the trend sticks for GT5.

  15. daus26

    Jordan, no hard feelings, but the title of this news page is a bit too controversial. What I mean, is it makes it sound like GT5 is going to be less realistic and easier, even though in the translation and interview, it says it’s more truer to life when the tires begins to lose grip, and I think that’s what matters. I know for sure, that they wouldn’t waste time developing a new physics engine from GT5P if they were going to be less realistic to real life. If it’s the last thing we do, we should be glad about this!

  16. transam1998

    @ all constant complainers..

    “cars are easier to drive until you upset their balance” that sounds exactly like it should be. I never drove a street car around town at normal speeds that was hard to drive, its when you exceed the limits or upset the balance when pushing the limits that cars get harder to drive.

    I also don’t understand the “steering delay”. I don’t have this on my system. But I use a good wheel, I see no use for the controller on a game like this.

  17. Zachariah

    Ok. I think I understand what is “easier” by it and it’s the complaint I’ve had with Gran Turismo for years: Steering delay. When I play games like LFS and whatnot I turn left with the analog stick and the steering input is much quicker than that of GT’s. Especially when drifting and the forces of nature are moving the wheel/steering for you. GT’s steering has always been sluggish until GTPSP, and I can drive fine with the PSP version.

    I really think that he means it’s more true to life and we can expect the cars to feel like their real world counterparts. For enthuisats like me; both IRL and digital, it’s a sigh of relief.

  18. JAGUAR1977

    I always have to laugh when people who’ve never driven a real car talk of this or that sim being too easy. Driving a car is as easy as riding a bike!

    As for the career mode, the first thing I will do is use my GT5P gamesave downloaded from GTP, or better still a PSP gamesave with 800 plus cars.

    Driving, racing and tuning is the enjoyable part of any GT game.

  19. 8@No$

    I also beleive that KY would never disappoint us with making the physics “easier”. He would never make such a marketing compromise, no he is hardcore and obsessed with realism. So, my only worry is the “faster” advancing through GT Mode “like the GTPSP”. That would not be good, DO NOT MAKE IT EASIER WE DON’T WANT TO !!! All GT fans shout a little so that Kaz would not be distracted by marketers, you want easy fast career, play another game end of story.

  20. The Jenius

    I agree with a few people here that easier means more realistic. Driving a car is extremely easy, 16y olds do it everyday. Driving a car fast is harder but again normal people do it everyday. Racing a car is difficult, however it should not mean my car looses all sense of what it is supposed to do at lower speeds 40 mph is 40 mph in any car. But in GT the cars lose their characteristics and it makes it extremely difficult to drive normally let alone competitively.

  21. GT911

    To my mind, the game should be similar to GT5P which is challenging, there are challenge that i couldn´t pass like the one you have to oertake all the cars using a F40, and the ones that you need to achieve a lap under an establish time. And well i don´t have a G25 i only have my DS3 to play so is imposible for me to play with Professional Physics, the only thing that i can drive in Professional is the F2007 but i think i am not as fast as i want.

    I think we shouldnt worry because the game will be similar to GT5P, maybe a little easier but not to far from the Prologue experience.

  22. haubi

    i don’t get what you’re all whining about. GT5 needs a lil more grip IMO and if its more true to life when losing grip that sounds good to me

  23. Tvensky

    Don’t say.. easy.. its NEVER.. I said.. NEVER going to happen.. :) it will always be HARD! no doubt.. there will be no point of GT5 if it will be easy.. and without challenging, interesting and long career mode……… then i can just play Prologue..

  24. Bram87

    @ Paulo: Good find! Indeed the wheel get’s lifted off the ground. Looks like driving a VW Golf will now be more interesting…

    Whatever it’s gonna be, I’m sure it will be great!

  25. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    Concerning F1-license, Codemasters has gained that one last year but for what period? They got it in 2008 and they soon deliver the F1-2009 but could it be that it’s just a one-year license and that Sony/PD brings it on next year? A March 2010 releasedate would be legit in that case. Putting the Ferrari F1 in GT5P is a lot of work for just a single appearence, I can imagine it beiing a study-object for further development and plans. Furthermore I hope too see Porsche (GT3RS, Panamera, GT9) and the Ferrari FXX enter the arena.

  26. aleksandar SRB

    I don”t have psp and gtpsp so I will start GT5 from beginning with some low power used car and then tune him. That I like about GT and game will be just more real, that “easier” not mean arcade physics!!!

  27. Webbo

    He never said anything about the career mode being easier. He stated that the car will be easier to drive unless you take it out of it’s comfort zone, where it will reace more realistically than anything else we have seen in a GT game.

  28. TAN@MAN

    by easier he means those that are driving with all the aids on will get a more enjoyable and easy going experience. Dont worry hes not talking about those of us that play with all the aids off. thats when youll really feel the new physics systems

  29. Paulo

    Did anybody else notice the Delorean’s rear inside wheel lift during a hard right hander at around 2:25? I don’t recall ever seeing that in any other GT.

  30. oppylocky

    After listening to the interview, what has left me so very happy is ‘i will be able to bring over my whole collection of cars from the psp version from day one” Now that is just too damn good because my gaming timing will be a lot more limited. Just thinking of driving the mazda furai from the get-go is just the medicine i need. Plus a very informative interview.

  31. Chainblade

    Easier means more realistic! Look at GT4! That game is WAY WAY the HARDEST game in the whole series! That was unrealistic physics!

    I think he means that they’ve come up with a physics engine that is more realistic and also makes it easier to drive.

    Just because the physics makes cars more difficult to handle doesn’t mean that the physics has become more realistic!

    Once again, look at GT4…

  32. Sam__ NY

    Nascar ovals!!… like more than just Daytona and Indy, nice. But I hope PD realizes Nascar isn’t just oval racing, cuz I REALLY want Watkins Glen International in GT5.

  33. Keef

    Hopefully by “easier” he actually does mean “more realistic”. For many of us glaring realism is actually easier to get used to than arcade-style physics.

  34. richard

    I think it obvious he means more intuitive… when the car loses grip, bringing it back under control will feel more natural rather than the over-the-top repsonse you get from cars in games like shift etc.

    There nothing ‘easy’ about the top level races in GT.

  35. Dean

    @Chris GT4 easy, no wonder when you play with all aids “ON”, LOL.
    GT is for professionals who drive with wheel and no aids turned on.
    Go play Forza and get you’re drivers license and then come back in few years to GT.

  36. Klaus

    Oh God forbid a game should be more fun than challenging! PD was always barking up the wrong tree with the “simulator” angle. At the end of the day, it’s still a GAME and people like to enjoy games not endure them.

  37. driftking18594

    I dunno, sometimes the really hard races made me tear my hair out in GT4. I had to do the Citta di Aria hard 15 times in GT4…but the Delta S4 was worth it.

  38. Raj

    Are there going to be more F1 cars? I liked the variety in GT3, but im not too keen on the ‘made up’ F1 cars such as the ‘Polyphony 001’ and i don’t want the Ferrari F2007 to be the only real life F1 car in the game (although a car belonging to a certain Lewis Hamilton was apparently spotted at their studio) I’d love to see alot more Le Mans and GT1/GT2 class cars in the game too. The AI in the PSP version was notably alot better than GT4’s

  39. S3 Racer

    Hoping easy does not mean easy for the simulation option. And sorry Gt was never hard to drive… is just don’t see it (gas pedal?? buy a gas pedal and it’s ok). Take a good look at the Simbin games and adjust your g25/27 realisticly for it and you will suffer.

    Sure Gt physics were and are not perfect, but nor were they arcardy. So I really hope nothing of the physics get removed just add some more difficulty.
    ‘Cause in real life spinning around with cars (non-intentional) is a lot easier.
    In Gt i always had the feeling that when you tuned a car to max. the car feeling was pretty close to the stock real car (not talking about the 1000hp cars, but normal cars:audi bmw, rabbit,….)
    And in fact, talked about this a lot with racers, We will never have a 100% sim till we can replicate (not simulate) g-forces,… and that sounds like futur

  40. IronM@sk

    I just hope they fix the netcode for online play so that cars don’t act like opposing magnets after even the slightest contact. I would also like to see them go back to the spirit of earlier GT games insofar as ‘Time Trial’ mode goes and start invalidating lap times for short-cutters and wall-riders.

  41. F1P1

    Feeling pretty good about what he’s saying in this interview. I think I understand what he’s saying about the driving physics feeling more like real life, I’ve felt it might have needed that slight adjustment for a while. Also the NASCAR specific AI; he’s got it spot on. Of course they should behave differently. And he did say clearly “NASCAR oval(s)”. So for sure we can expect more than Daytona. Cool I guess for that aspect. As far as slower speed physics being more accurate, I am looking forward too it. Some of the most intense GT5P online experiences I’ve had, were when it was first released, and there were a lot of people racing in the much lower PP Expert Physics races. Believe it or not, in my exerience the slower racing was as or more exhilerating as the faster super high PP Intermediate events. Something like what KY said about the Nurburgring experience of being one with the car, Zen like stuff, while wheel to wheel with the other guy who had enough respect for online racing and the sport of racing to enter a low PP Expert physics event.

    “What’s behind you doesn’t matter” -Enzo Ferrari

  42. RedBaron

    I am glad that I can hear it. Driving Cars in GT was always more diffictult than driving the same cars in real life, especially work with gas pedal was very difficult.

  43. wizard hat

    Well driving a car IS easy. Tons of VERY stupid people do it every day! I played the Forza 3 demo and thought it was hard. Cars felt like massive bricks that did not want to turn. I had no fun, and turned it off. I’m not worried about game difficulty though, after playing Richard Burns Rally exclusively I am used to difficulty. Plus the game needs an easy element, so those of you lucky enough to have girlfriends might sit down and race them in a lime green VW beetle they drive in real life.

  44. DaveTheStalker

    Well…. in GT5P, “easier” is for beginners and as they get better they move up to “intermediate”. The people that are already REALLY good and can tune so well that they can make ’75 Ford LTD handle well, they obviously will have PRO physics and Expert online races as we do now.

    Why alienate new comers to GT? If you want hard physics that make the game/experience more challenging than fun, you’ll be able to race that way if you like. Or, you can go play iRacing and pay to play that online with true professionals.

    See, too many games have a steep learning curve. Sort of like, you can get your feet wet, but as soon as your little toes get used to it, you’ll be pushed straight in. Ready or not, here you go! My 9 year old daughter thinks some of the races in GT5P are cake. As soon as she goes to the next level, it gets too difficult and straight to LBP she goes.

    So, yeah, I’m welcoming the game being “easier” for the “bottom feeders”.

  45. Nom

    I’m all for an easier career mode. Gives players of lesser skill and/or time the chance to experience the fruits of the game just like you hardcore peeps. I’m sure the game will offer something for the hardcore too, but to be honest, if you think you are a decent racer, take a game online and then find out.

  46. Skillcoil

    It would be frustrating for some players if it was hard though .. I mean demon’s souls hehe.

    Anyway, GT always comes with easy and hard challenges that makes you sweat.

  47. thathmanoverthere

    I bet it’s all down to how you set up the game- professional or standart physics, assists’n’shit.

  48. Timppaq

    I bet “easier” = more true to life in this case. Just better & more realistic physics. I very happy to hear this.. It also can be seen in TGS videos, I noticed it immediately. I bet that the slow speed physics will be far better than ever before.

  49. Bigbadwill

    maybe F1. I hope that the collision will be bette as well as an AI that can do mistakes like cutting corners , oversteer, braking too late(or soon), etc. In fact, an AI that drives more naturally, that is not robotic.

  50. Corey

    So much for my beloved Gran Turismo. I would like to see more events, like Forza 3s, the normal GT events, but 200, 300hp drag racing shootouts (but more realistic and challenging)

    However it seems like Kaz is developing an easier career much like GT PSP, which is unfortunate. But going to be fun none the less

  51. Context

    What he says at 4:30 that all types of racing from all around the world will be included. Does this mean Drag Racing and some others i cant even think of right now will be playable in the game?

  52. gt03

    im interested to see wat this new ai is like. bumper cars aren’t fun.
    If only we could get some confimation on weather and day night cycles…

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