Daiki Kasho is Working on New Music for Gran Turismo

Long-time Gran Turismo collaborator Daiki Kasho returned to the recording studio recently. It sounds like it was for new work for the franchise, too.

Eagle-eyed GTPlanet forum member SuperKlonoaGT picked up on the news via a Facebook post. In it, Polyphony Digital senior audio lead Alex Breuer posts that he, Kasho, and other PD members are working in NightBird Recording Studio for the day. NightBird is located in West Hollywood, not far from the GT Explore Studio in Venice.

Details on the project are understandably scarce. It looks as though the team was working on new musical arrangements, however. That raises even more questions, chiefly if the work is for GT Sport or what comes after. Sony is showing off more and more of its next-gen PlayStation, and Polyphony’s recent GT tech demos suggest it’s already got its hands on the PS5.

A rumor suggested GT7 as a launch title, too. If that’s the case, it would avoid the long waits between the hardware launch and the first full title in the franchise that the PS3 and PS4 eras saw. It would also suggest plenty of behind the scenes work now…

Kasho has collaborated with Polyphony Digital for roughly two decades, starting with the studio’s single non-racing title, Omega Boost. His Gran Turismo contributions began with GT3: A-Spec, and he even produced GT5’s lead song, “5OUL ON D!SPLAY”.

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