DiRT 4 Gameplay Video: Rally, Landrush & Rallycross Shown Off

DiRT 4 2 April 7, 2017 by

We’re quickly approaching DiRT 4‘s mid-June release date, and that means a continuous stream of info on Codemasters’ rally title. The latest video, coming to us care of PlayStation Access, shows off three of the disciplines players will get down and dirty with.

The video is refreshingly light on commentary, giving us an unfettered look at straight gameplay. The three modes on display are Rally, Landrush, and Rallycross, with the Fiesta R5 up first in Powys, Wales. PlayStation Access has set the track up at sunset with partial cloud coverage, to maximize the eye-candy, and it really does look quite good, with a smooth frame rate as well. Our biggest question: did Codies snag Zooey Deschanel for co-driver duties?!

Landrush is up next, and we’re dropped into the deep end of the pool, with a fully drenched circuit in Nevada. The race takes place with the top-tier Landrush vehicle too, the 900 hp, all-wheel-drive Jackson Pro-Truck 4. All assists have been turned off, showing just how hard it’ll be to keep the truck pointed straight over the mud and off-kilter jumps found on the short track.

The final race is a Rallycross event in Montalegre, Portugal. Again in a Ford — this time the Focus RX — this race does have a few select assists on (though we’re not explicitly told which). The frantic nature of Rallycross seems alive and well here, with a close fight on the initial lap.

We also get a brief glimpse of DiRT 4‘s damage as an eager VW Polo makes contact with the barrier. The driver does the same thing on the third lap, but in bumper cam, it’s impossible to tell what level of damage the Focus suffers.

As mentioned above, DiRT 4 launches June 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Stay tuned for more news on the game!

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