DiRT 4 Now Available in North America

Today is a good day for North American rally fans: DiRT 4 is officially now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The latest entry in the DiRT franchise builds on the success of 2015’s DiRT Rally. Crucially, it adds two driving modes — Gamer and Simulation — to increase accessibility. The former allows novices to jump in without feeling overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Simulation offers an evolution of Rally’s physics engine, increasing the realism for demanding sim racers.

Of course, the other big news in the land of DiRT 4 is the Your Stage feature. Billed as offering almost infinite route possibilities, Your Stage lets drivers tweak a handful of settings to generate unique races every time. After creating a stage, players will be able to save it and challenge their friends.

Most of the rallycross circuits from DiRT Rally return, but Pikes Peak is absent. This is due to an exclusive licensing deal with Polyphony Digital.

Dirt 4 launches with over 50 vehicles. Despite the seemingly small count, there is a fair amount of diversity, with stadium trucks and crosskarts joining the fray. Sadly, WRC cars will not be included. That’s on another exclusive license, we’re afraid: this time, it’s Kylotonn’s WRC franchise.

Nonetheless, Dirt 4 sounds like a content-rich kick-off of to the summer of 2017. It precedes what’s sure to be a very busy year for the genre. Encouragingly, early feedback from across the web has been positive. Stay tuned for GTPlanet’s own DiRT 4 review — we promise it’ll be worth the wait!

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