How DIRT 5 Uses PlayStation 5’s Next-Gen Features

Although DIRT 5 has launched this week — indeed today for many of you — on current-gen consoles, the game is coming to next-gen consoles as they also launch over the next two weeks.

Codemasters will drop DIRT 5 onto the Xbox Series S and Series X first, on November 10, followed by PlayStation 5 on November 12 and November 19, depending on region. With more processing power available, the next-gen console versions naturally promise to be a different experience.

However, the PlayStation 5 version has some novel improvements over the PlayStation 4 game, and Codemasters has released this video to show off how DIRT 5 uses the PS5’s new feature set:

Of course the first benefit that the video flags is the new 120fps mode. This is applicable to both of the next-gen consoles, and it allows the game to run much more smoothly, with twice the frame rate of the PS4 game — or four times the rate compared to 4K30 “detail” mode.

Codemasters also brings up the Tempest 3D Audio system of PS5. Players plugging in any regular set of headphones to the console or to the DualSense controller will experience simulated 7.1 surround sound. While the video does bring up the game’s musical accompaniment, that also applies to the ambient sounds.

The DualSense controller itself is a focus of the video too. Sony’s next-generation controller, the first not to bear the DualShock name since the original PlayStation controller and its Dual Analog successor, has a host of features to improve immersion. This includes the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which bring road surfaces and different pedal weighting through your fingertips.

One thing not covered in this clip is the PS5 SSD. This reportedly cuts game loading times to as little as a sixth of the time it would take on PlayStation 4.

DIRT 5 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and launches November 10 on Xbox Series and November 12 on PlayStation 5.

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