Driver Rating System to Be Included in Project CARS 2

With the spotlight being shined on racing eSports events like the upcoming ESL Multi-Class Championship, it should come as little surprise that Project CARS’ successor will be featuring a driver rating system to help filter different players by their abilities in online races.

As stated by Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell, the ratings-based system will allow you to “choose the ‘quality’ of the people you prefer racing with/against.” No additional details have been given about how the system will work exactly, but more will surely be coming later on, if the game is expected “around Septemberish.”

One game’s driver rating system that we do have details on is Gran Turismo Sport’s “Advanced Matchmaking System”, which allows players to earn “Sportsmanship Points”. Sportsmanship Points will increase by factors such as race distance and course difficulty, but will go down by driving recklessly along with ignoring flags and speed limits.

Of course, the main advantage that comes with this is being able to be matched with other like-minded competitors on the track based on your driving style. The big question, though, is which game will execute its plans better? Will it be Polyphony Digital’s GT Sport or Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 2? We’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to jake2013guy for finding the original quote.

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