EXCLUSIVE: Bugatti VGT Powers Through GT Sport’s Tokyo Expressway (UPDATED)

Gran Turismo Sport 53 May 23, 2016 by


UPDATE: These videos have been removed at the request of Polyphony Digital and Sony.

While our inaugural Gran Turismo Week festivities may have concluded, as promised, our coverage of GT Sport hasn’t.

What better way to kick off a new week than with the last of our direct-feed gameplay videos, giving you your first-look at Bugatti’s Vision Gran Turismo. The Bugatti takes charge around Tokyo Speedway, one of the new locations set to be featured in the game. The video primarily takes place behind the wheel of Bugatti’s W16-powered project car, providing an extended look at the jet fighter-inspired HUD, and a steering wheel seemingly taken straight from a prototype racing machine.


It won’t take long to acknowledge the Bugatti’s turbo chatter and guttural exhaust note – all indications that the audio is on the right path. Whether or not things improve from here remain to be seen.

Missed the rest of our exclusive direct-feed videos? You can check them all out right here.

Stay tuned: there’s still more GT Sport news to unpack, including a special GTPlanet report from the London event coming later today.

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