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GT Sport 1.11 Test Drives Part III: Viper GTS and Ford GT

We’ve got another batch of Gran Turismo Sport test drives for you, care of last week’s 1.11 update. For this duo, we look to the United States, with the Viper GTS… Read More »

More GT Sport 1.11 Test Drives: McLaren F1 and Diablo GT

We’re back with another round of test drives from the latest update for GT Sport. The 1.11 refresh brought ten new cars, and we’ve got a pair of mid-engined wonders at… Read More »

GT Sport 1.11 Update Test Drives: Supra, 2000GT, and Ferrari 512BB

Gran Turismo Sport received its latest update earlier today. The 1.11 version of the game brings 10 new cars to the roster, and we’ve test driven a trio of them… Read More »

More GT Sport 1.10 Test Drives: Ferrari F40, Mazda RX-7, and Suzuki Swift

Now that we’ve eaten just about all the Christmas treats we can manage, we’re back with another round of GT Sport test drives. Last time, we drove the two genuinely new-to-GT… Read More »

Test Driving GT Sport's Chris Holstrom Chevy Nova and Ford F-150 Raptor

You may have heard a little thing called the 1.10 update landed in GT Sport late last week. Just in time for the franchise’s 20th anniversary — and before some unexpected… Read More »

Check Out GT Sport's New Kyoto Track Layout Right Here

With the launch of GT Sport‘s first major update, a new track layout has arrived in the game. And it’s a biggie. The new track is a combination of two… Read More »

Comparison Video: GT Sport vs Assetto Corsa vs Forza Motorsport 7

As the Porsche 911 RSR unexpectedly landed in Forza 7 this week, the vehicle has become a new comparison point between the generation’s top racing games. The RSR is now… Read More »

Test Driving the Trio of New Cars in GT Sport

We’ve put in some seat time with the newest members of Gran Turismo Sport’s car roster. Polyphony Digital released the 1.06 update yesterday. With it, the company introduced three very different… Read More »

Check Out GT Sport's Time Rally and New Alsace Village Circuit

After covering the fog and rainy conditions in some of GT Sport‘s campaign events, it’s time to look at some more footage. Our latest batch takes a look at the… Read More »

Watch the Gran Turismo Sport Opening Video Here

GT Sport will finally release worldwide this week. One of the most exciting first moments you can have with a new Gran Turismo is seeing the intro when booting up… Read More »

GT Sport Demo Replay Footage Blowout: Interlagos, Kyoto, and More

Polyphony Digital gave eager players a small gift this weekend. While the features of the new limited-time GT Sport demo won’t go live until tomorrow, the game will still load… Read More »

Here's the First Gameplay Footage of the Porsche 911 RSR in Gran Turismo Sport

An official Sony livestream during Tokyo Game Show has given us our first look at the Porsche 911 RSR in action. Spotted last week on the show floor, the racing… Read More »

Watch a Full Lap of GT Sport's Nürburgring N24 Layout

New footage has given us a complete look at GT Sport‘s remodeled Nürburgring N24 layout ahead of the game’s release next month. The ten minute video, published by Auto Bild Motorsport,… Read More »

Comparing GT Sport's Night-Time Nürburgring to the Real Thing

A new video provides an easy and direct comparison of just how accurate the daunting Green Hell is in GT Sport. Last week, Polyphony Digital released the latest teaser for its… Read More »

GT Sport's Photo Mode Makes Us Wonder if You Even Need Photoshop

PlayStation Access has shared another GT Sport video from the recent tours of Polyphony Digital’s offices. In it, we get to see how the franchise’s Photo Mode has evolved to become… Read More »

More on GT Sport's Mysterious "Mileage" System

Early GT Sport menu images revealed a strange icon that has caused some chatter on the GTPlanet forums. The recent deluge of gameplay videos may finally answer what that symbol… Read More »

First Footage of GT Sport's New Kyoto Driving Park — and a Tour of the Single Player Mode

Fresh from the recent deluge of GT Sport content, another gameplay video has given us a first look at one of the game’s new circuits. It was only yesterday that… Read More »

GT Sport Video Shows Off Improved Photo Mode and Scapes

Photo Mode has been a major aspect of the Gran Turismo franchise since GT4. As revealed by the recent media blowout, Polyphony Digital has given the venerable eye-candy mode a few… Read More »

Our First Extended Look at Bathurst in GT Sport

Among the news onslaught that arrived with E3 2017, GT Sport added another real-life racing track to its roster — Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit. Otherwise known as Bathurst, the track… Read More »

GT Sport vs RaceRoom: BMW M6 GT3 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife

Polyphony’s racer faces stiff competition from the PC-only sim.