Exclusive Video: Mercedes-AMG GT3 Around Brands Hatch in Assetto Corsa on PlayStation 4


With Assetto Corsa only a few dozen hours away from release in Europe (North Americans have to wait until next Tuesday), we’ve got our hands on a pre-release copy. While we can’t share everything with you quite yet, what we do have is a two-lap attack on Brands Hatch in the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

The video was taken using the PlayStation 4 copy of the game. For better or worse, it’s also recorded using a standard DualShock 4 controller. We’ve got a compatible wheel en route to give the game a thorough drive, and we’re sure members of our community will chime in with their thoughts involving dedicated rig setups as the game finds its way into their hands.

On the plus side, this offers a better look at how the game will play for those without a wheel and pedal set. Early signs point to the PS4 version of the game staying true to Kunos’ promise of parity between accessories, as shown in this video.

As you’d expect of a modern race car, the AMG GT3 feels planted around corners. It also sounds fantastic, largely thanks to the race car retaining the naturally-aspirated 6.2L V8 from the previous SLS instead of using the road car’s 4.0L turbo V8. Check it out up top.

Stay tuned to GTPlanet for more news on Assetto Corsa, and don’t forget to pop by our dedicated sub-forum on the game.

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    Wow, this looks pretty disappointing. There is no pitch or roll to the car at all, the track details are flat and lifeless and so too is the car. The brake glow on the discs seems to be an on/off feature that looks cheesy.

    Having said that, the in-car sound is fantastic, although there’s a strange flutter from the exhaust from outside the car.

    It’s amazing what PD were able to achieve with GT6 using a 256Mb machine. Forza looks better than Assetto Corsa (and I don’t play Forza).

    Let’s hope the physics are mind-blowing.

  2. nocturnalgrey

    This game will be fortunate to move 1,000,000 copies total on the PS4 and XB1 combined. It seems too brutally realistic and based on the reviews I am reading and the video I just watched earlier, it lacks some polish. It won’t be appealing to the casual crowd, that’s for sure.

  3. jm79

    Looks great in cockpit view (though where’s the steering wheel?!) and the sound is really bloody nice.

    Replay view, however, is fugly. But then we’ve all been spoilt with GT’s replays…

    1. Nato_777

      There’s a couple of cockpit cams, one has no wheel and another has the wheel. The no wheel option is great for those wheel users that dislike seeing the wheel in their own hands as well as a wheel on the screen. ;)

    2. jm79

      That’s a cool option, I like it.
      Also, aware this is going to look a bit rough, but if the handling is as good as people keep incessantly telling me it is, then who cares!

    3. Kyle Patrick

      I wanted to highlight the interior view that removes the visual steering wheel. I know that’s an oft-requested feature in other games, and while it makes for strange replays, it really does make a difference while playing.

      While the replays may not have the visual quality of GT games (lighting has always been a PD strong point), I think you’ll find the “TV” view angle options pretty convincing. There’s four of them, and they more or less match GT in terms of convincing, I’ve-seen-that-on-TV feel.

  4. WyldAnimal

    Wow, one of the Worst examples I’ve seen….
    I hope there are Better Camera Controls.

    Who thinks this is even close to real?
    Take Notice to how FIXED the Car body is. It Doesn’t move at All..
    not even close to how driving a car is in real life.

  5. wigs2009

    I can’t fricken wait til Friday night ! Hope it doesn’t take too long to download! Looking at brake discs glowing red in the replay isn’t gonna tick me off..the moaners are out in storm already… nothing new there eh blah blah

  6. celtiscorpion73

    Saw just a few minor things, but all in all, they’ve done great work. Hope I’ll be able to afford this and my PS4 soon.

    1. Zii1993

      I noticed that too. As soon as the brakes were pressed the rotors light up like a switch was turned on then off in the same way.

    2. fet_thunderdome

      Oh, yeah, and i noticed that not all mosquitos around the track did splatter realistically on the windshield. And the physics of the marbles of the tires is far not realistic. What a crap, right?

    3. zlays

      Dude we’re talking about brake discs reaching 1000°C in milisecond and that is very different from your mosquitoes and other bs….

    4. mr_pepps

      The brake disc glow in GT6 is far more subtle than what’s shown in this vid. A shame because it cheapens the overall effect.

    5. GrumpyGrumps

      I know this is going to come across as snarky, so please forgive me, but the brake discs glowing realistically should have zero effect on how one drives in a video game, so I’m not sure why it matters…

    6. Fredzy

      Hopefully that gets fixed promptly, it’s a bit jarring. Really looking forward to playing the game next week.

    7. Siren

      OMG I noticed that too wtfff THIS GAME SUCKS no realism what so ever. If my brake discs don’t heat up realistically then im suing because thats false advertising. Anyways…yall are so spoiled.

    8. Nato_777

      It would really only be a problem if your brakes overheated instantly and you got instant brake fade. Visually in a replay, it’s not such a big deal and easily fixed.

    9. ALB123

      zlays: That’s a simple problem that can be fixed. It’s probably one or two lines of code that need to be changed. You’ve dismissed the entire game based on the brake disc glow. LOL Go back to Forza…That’s definitely the game for you.

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