F1 2016: Onboard Lap of Hungaroring With Lewis Hamilton

On the weekend of the third of four scheduled races from the F1 circus this month, Codemasters have once again taken the opportunity to provide another in-game look of the upcoming F1 2016 game set to release in less than a month’s time.

The last time we were given an in-game look at this year’s title saw Manor Racing driver Rio Haryanto pace us around the “Home of British Motor Racing,” Silverstone circuit. Now the defending three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton takes the virtual wheel to guide us through the twists and turns of the Hungaroring circuit, host of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

Will we see this familiar image in two days time, or does this weekend’s race have other things in store?

The location of the first Formula One Grand Prix behind the Iron Curtain, the track has seen its fair share of exciting moments despite its twisty and bumpy nature. One such example is Daniel Ricciardo’s 2014 victory where he overtook both the Mercedes of Hamilton and the Ferrari of then-driver Fernando Alonso on the penultimate lap with worn tires.

F1 2016 will be releasing onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on August 19th, one week before the Belgian Grand Prix. The title will return its focus to an in-depth career mode, and will simulate the feeling of the sport both on and off the track.

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Comments (8)

  1. omegasc

    not realistic enough. They wouldn’t let anyone get on the track under those weather conditions besides the Safety Car :P *sigh*

  2. Johnnypenso

    Lewis looks like he’s struggling a bit to find the limits of the car. If anyone is talking to him, tell him to email me for a few pointers.

  3. WonkyFonk

    I do not understand how they are still getting the track gradients wrong in this game. I know the track has been resurfaced for this year, but i’m quite sure that it doesn’t dip and then flatten in to turn 1. It’s down hill braking!

    1. TomBrady

      It’s not perfect but they have got a lot better over the years. I don’t know if you played any of the TOCA series on PS2 or PC but they had some truly horrible track accuracy. The amount of tracks they had in those games, especially TOCA 3 was truly staggering, but the accuracy was sometimes so bad the tracks were unrecognizable.

    2. WonkyFonk

      I loved TOCA touring cars 2, and seem to remember they were laser scanning or using ordinance survey technology, or whatever it was at the time! But track accuracy issues should really be a thing of the past these days. GT6 may have its short comings, but the real world tracks are pretty close.

      It’s not necessarily the accuracy of the layouts that annoys me the most – it’s the sudden bumps/gradient change or weird cambers that I’ve seen a lot of in this series. The straights can have defined points where the angle changes, rather than natural gradient change. It just takes away from the realism of what is an official series. Of anyone, these guys should be getting these tracks perfect.

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