F1 2016: Onboard Lap of Silverstone Circuit With Rio Haryanto

This month is going to be packed with four races from the F1 circus. The second of those four feature races, taking place at Silverstone, home to the British Grand Prix, is set to kick off with the qualifying session in an hour’s time.

Codemasters have once again taken the opportunity to give a sneak-peek at the upcoming F1 2016 game by uploading an onboard lap of the Silverstone circuit to their official Youtube channel, with Manor Racing driver Rio Haryanto at the virtual wheel.

The last time we were given an in-game preview saw Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen providing a lightning lap around the Red Bull Ring in the RB12 – a perfect marriage of car and track. Today sees another young talent, though not quite as young as Verstappen, getting behind the virtual wheel to take us around the “Home of British Motor Racing.”


F1 2016 will be releasing onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on August 19th, one week before the Belgian Grand Prix. The title will return its focus to an in-depth career mode, and will simulate the feeling of the sport both on and off the track.

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Comments (8)

  1. WonkyFonk

    They’ll need to update the kerb colours after the GP this weekend.

    The cars look too planted in these vids. I can only assume driving aids are switched on.

  2. SolidRacer

    Modern f1 is boring as hell, this game could be fun for 3 races… All they must do is to create f2016 with all modern features and realism and go back to 1976, when it was actually fun and driving was done by drivers… they don’t do that in real life because it’s dangerous but in video game that would be not only ability to time travel and experience history but also would give people better feel of the car and lots of fun factor… This modern electric age is just for safety not entertainment… Amen

    1. Tassie_tiger

      Has it become somewhat boring at times for spectators?
      At times, yes.
      But that is through manufacturer domination, not exactly something foreign to the sport.

      But if you think they are pedalling around and there’s no risk of life or limb you’re sorely mistaken.
      Many fastest lap times in history around many tracks this season is testament to that.
      Sitting back watching it on your TV screen and making that call shows how little consideration you give these drivers and their teams.

    2. mister dog

      I just can’t adept to the dull sound of those turbo engines. It sounds so uninspiring IMO and takes a lot away from the F1 experience of old.

    3. Tassie_tiger

      Every year is a different year.
      And every year there is an argument towards why it is ‘worse’ than before.

      F1 tries to move with the times.
      Sometimes they do it well, other times not so.
      2017 will be different again.

    4. Mulan

      what??? Marcus crashed in 210kph and got out. That is great, if that happened as We know
      Aueron did it could be fatal. I hope the make tje cars even safer and battle formwin clean because that is so difficult and pro to do. Go into a lobby online and you get destruction derby. Sound is not there but his driving seems on spot. Didnt see time, if it is as real life around 1.32-33 min then its more than great. Best at 1.29.4.
      Id love if the real drivers had anonymous avatars and beat the hell of others just too proof that even in a game you need experience.

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