F1 2018: Final Pre-Release Dev Diary Focuses on Audio and Visual

The wait is almost over. F1 2018 releases on all platforms in a mere four days time. To keep the hype going, Codemasters has released the final developer diary. Focusing on the art and audio direction of the 2018 racer, it ties everything together.

It’s no easy feat making an annual racing title stand out among its predecessors. Focusing on where the team could make the biggest visual “wins” in the time frame, F1 2018 turns the attention toward the atmosphere.

According to Art Director Stuart Campbell this year’s overhaul provides “a greater sense of depth from the scene, and it makes for some really stunning vistas.” Continuing, Campbell points out the sky can take up 30-50% of the frame and is a “huge bit of a real estate”. As a result, the team wanted to make sure the sky is never boring.

Whether it be high-level clouds or jet trails, there’s always going to be something of interest. All this, including new cloud tech, lends itself to a more realistic approach. F1 2018 will make use of image-based lighting to enhance the fidelity of the tracks.

Physically based rendering is yet another approach in making the game feel authentic. Simply put, this year’s game will look as close to real life as possible. Whether it be the fences, barriers, or the track materials — everything will look “very believable.”

According to Lead Audio Designer Brad Porter, audio is also improved this year. Interestingly enough, the team tries to make engine audio as close to broadcast as possible, as it’s what fans ask for.

Over the last year, the audio team has been rather busy. Working directly with F1 teams, its gone over to the likes of Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, and Paul Ricard for test sessions.

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