F1 2018 Update 1.09 Now Available on All Platforms

Codemasters is back with another update for this year’s F1 racer, known as 1.09. PC players were first in line to take advantage of the latest changes, but the update is now available on all platforms.

Two significant changes stand out that should make fans happy. As of this update, times set will no longer overwrite faster times already uploaded to the leaderboard. Unfortunately, this carries the unwanted side-effect of slower times already submitted being here to stay. Fear not, set out for the track and blitz the slower recorded lap.

Next, cars stuttering during replays are a thing of the past. Good news then as players can now watch the action without worry to see where things went right (or wrong).

The full list of changes included in 1.09 are as follows:

  • Times set on this version should no longer overwrite faster times already uploaded to the Leaderboard. Please note that if you’ve already uploaded a slower time to a Leaderboard, we are unable to revert it to your previous faster time.
  • Vehicle Damage should no longer show as Test in a Multiplayer Lobby.
  • Players on Steam should no longer have names shown as Unknown when joining a Lobby in progress.
  • Fixed cars stuttering in Replays.

Beyond that, players may be wondering what happened to update 1.08 coming to consoles. The previous update has now rolled into one in 1.09 for Xbox One and PS4 players.

Focusing on multiplayer fixes, the list of fixes should make competitive racing much easier to deal with. Notable among them is players being unable to join a ranked session, and cars spawning on top of one another in multiplayer races — both are no longer.

All changes include in 1.08 are as follows:

  • Usernames should no longer be completely missing in Multiplayer lobbies and races. Note that the issue on PC where player names are shown as Unknown is a different issue.
  • Fixed an instance where players could be stuck waiting for players in a multiplayer game following a host migration.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to join a ranked session.
  • Fixed an issue where cars would spawn on top of each other in multiplayer races.
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