F1 2018 1.12 Update Now Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC

F1 2018 34 October 19, 2018 by

Codemasters continues to keep F1 2018 up to speed with a new update, dubbed 1.12. Now available on all platforms, the latest update resolves a few issues for this year’s F1 racer. The eagle eyed will notice the latest patch skips over a 1.11 update — worry not as the two have rolled into one.

The patch notes may be on the lighter side this time around, but there a few standouts. Right off the bat, 1.12 addresses “dirty” lap times being set back to valid when returning to the garage. That’s a particularly nasty bug many will be happy to see resolved.

Up next, there’s improvements to Safety Car behavior once deployed to the track. Rank and Safety Rating calculations are now rebalanced. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more specific on either of the two fixes. This update also features new anti-cheat measures for PC players. Likely aimed at online multiplayer, it should keep the playing field level.

The full list of changes included in 1.12 are as follows:

  • Invalidated lap times will no longer be incorrectly set back to valid when returning to the garage.
  • Added new PC anti cheat.
  • Improvements to the Safety Car behaviour when it’s deployed to the track.
  • Broadcast speech will now play correctly after all sessions.
  • Stopped spectators seeing the garage for a frame followed by the car on track for a frame causing a nasty flicker when spectating OSQ.
  • Rebalanced Rank and Safety Rating calculations.

Codemasters ensures it’s continuing to track down and fix more bugs along the way. Stay tuned for future updates as they’re available.

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