Fanatec to Increase Prices on Some CSL, ClubSport, and Podium Products This Week

If you’ve been looking to move to Fanatec hardware for your driving rig, now might be the time to do so as prices in several product lines are set to increase later this week, on March 17.

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier announced the impending price rises on the company’s official blog, citing a general increase of costs across the board. That includes postage costs, which are now “multiples of what we had before” and the well-known issue of chip prices due to semiconductor shortages.

Jackermeier noted that the brand had been “absorbing and managing” cost increases over a period of more than a year, but with the issue not improving Fanatec has to make changes to the pricing structure of some product lines.

The increase won’t be across the board, and will only affect CSL, ClubSport, and Podium products. Fanatec hasn’t cited any specific products or given an estimate for how much they will increase in price, but the wheel bases themselves won’t be affected.

That likely means that wheel rims, pedals, shifters, button and paddle modules, and upgrades within the product lines will see increases, as well as any bundles that include them.

The CSL DD wheel bundle will probably be included within that, although we don’t know if the similar, PlayStation-compatible GT DD Pro — not technically a CSL line product — will be affected. However the corresponding standalone wheelbase items should be free of any increase.

Fanatec will also be lowering the prices of a small selection of other products following a “reassessment of our price structure”, and these are already in effect.

The price increases meanwhile will start on Thursday March 17, so if you’re waiting to take the plunge you should probably not wait much longer.

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