Fanatec Releases Standalone Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base

Fanatec is now offering the Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base as a standalone item, alongside the rest of the GT DD Pro wheel bundles, marking the first time an official Gran Turismo wheel has been available as anything other than an all-in-one set.

The wheel base itself is identical to the one found in the GT DD Pro bundles. It’s a compact, direct drive unit, which delivers its force feedback directly to the wheel shaft itself rather than secondary motors slaved to the wheel shaft with gearing or belts. That allows for more precision on both input and feedback.

Where the GT DD Pro bundles come with everything you need to plug it in and play Gran Turismo 7 — for which it is the official wheel peripheral — the wheel base is a separate item which will allow players the option to integrate a direct drive base into their existing Fanatec gear, without paying extra for a wheel rim and pedals they may already have.

That means you won’t get the CSL pedals or the Polyphony Digital-designed wheel rim itself. It’s not an entirely standalone item though, as Fanatec will include the Boost Kit 180 with the wheel base. That unlocks the maximum 8Nm torque, with the base version locked to 5Nm.

The wheel base itself is compatible with all Fanatec Podium, CSL, and ClubSport wheels, all Fanatec pedals, and all Fanatec shifters. It’s also fully compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles which, unlike the closely related CSL DD, means you can fit an Xbox-compatible wheel and have a system you can use across both platforms — and of course PC too.

That extra compatibility does come at a cost though, with the GT DD wheel coming in at $120 more expensive than CSL DD with Boost Kit included. Nonetheless, you can order the GT DD Pro Wheel Base now, with first deliveries starting later this month.

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