Ferrari 458 Italia in Gran Turismo 5, Forza 3

Ferrari’s latest creation, the 458 Italia, is featured in the latest Gran Turismo 5 video, just released a few hours ago. You’ll see some very beautiful footage, along with our first look at some currently unkown road course. To spice things up, Ferrari appears to have commissioned this video by both Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 (Forza’s producers), and has released both company’s clips at the same time. It’s inevitable that comparisons will be made – judge for yourself and take a look at Forza 3’s video after the jump…

For the best quality, you can download the GT5 clip here (right click, “save as”, .mov, 134 MB).  The song is also available as an MP3 download.

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  1. EA11R

    In my opinion, the GT5 video is far more beautiful. Apparently, GT focuses more on the cars’ beauty and Forza focuses more on environmental beauty, but even in real life, I can never look beyond the cars. Perhaps in gameplay it will be different, but right now, Gran Turismo is prettier to me.

  2. TifosiGT

    GT Vid –> Anything else to say?? Like the song says: B E A U T I F U L

    And I really recommend you the full version of the Song, fit perfect with the GT feeling, PD + Ferrari + Drum and Bass = heaven, never tired to watch every day

  3. FyreandIce

    I can’t load video’s at the moment but I would take a guess the GT5 vid is pre-rendered just like the E3 vid.

    Ofcourse kaz said at E3 that it was in game but at gamescon he said that it was a pre-rendered video showing what they want the game to look like.

    This will be more of the same.

    Too bad we have to wait until next year to find out what the game actually looks like *Goes to play the FM3 demo some more*

  4. dbarrade

    I don’t think either Polyphony or Turn 10 stated either “Tribute” video was supposed to represent their upcoming games.

    Turn 10 on the other hand did give everyone the impression that the Community Trailer from E3 was created by Fans using Forza 3, only to later apologize in their forum that it was something “like” what fans “might” be able to create.

    Personally I’m getting sick of reading Forza fans come and talk about GT5 as if they are some sort of authority.

    Community: We are part of the Gran Turismo Community, there are many other fans online on similar forums and people talk about Gran Turismo even if they don’t own consoles… having a bunch of guys who enjoy painting cars does not make Forza the only game with a community.

    Online: I’m racing with friends from work online with maybe 13 or 14 other guys in a single race… we can’t talk about it during the game yet, but we more than make up for that next day at work.

    Damage: There was no damage or roll overs in either video, does that make them any less realistic?

    Number of Polygons: quoting stats about your preferred game like physics is calculated at 240fps or having 10x more polygons doesn’t automatically make the physics or models more realistic.

    /end rant

  5. NGrignon

    “My god there is no comparison in quality. GT5 is ridiculously better in terms of looks. Even in the way they put that video together. Turn 10’s looked like a high school project in terms of presentation.”

    Maybe for the video and the aesthetics of it (better art direction), but forza seems to show what their engine can really do (the game is now finished) however, like GT PSP trailers, PD just trick you ONCE AGAIN with visuals that you won’t have during the INGAME GAMEPLAY… easy then to spot the difference but NOT VERY ETHICAL…

  6. Paulo

    My god there is no comparison in quality. GT5 is ridiculously better in terms of looks. Even in the way they put that video together. Turn 10’s looked like a high school project in terms of presentation. God I have goose bumps, I want GT5 sooo badly right now.

  7. Sam__NY

    Why is the driver in the GT5 video not wearing a ferrari suit? instead he’s just wearing a GT suit. Maybe it has something to do with race driver avatars.

  8. derek hickey

    there will be weather because 0:40 water is on the ground and 0:46 rain wipers and 1:25 dark clouds in the left and 1:53 dark clouds in the background

  9. NGrignon

    Funny that almost the same who cried genius at PD after they showed us their “official” GT PSP trailer believing like sheep that they would play some sort of GT5 Prologue on their PSP despite warnings and deception from the later review REAL gameplay visuals…. and here again, against all facts, we find the same guys here, crying genius at PD for this highly touched up Ferrari 458 trailer, thinking obviously that it’s the kind of visual they will play with on their PS3…

    Interesting to analyze the power of advertising and marketing on people…. it’s like believing in god: how come relatively intelligent adults can still believe in a patchwork fairy tale about a supreme being? and yet they still do against all common sense… Think about this for a second…

  10. Fasterbater

    Oh and last I checked, music itself does not have a gender or any particular sexuality for that matter so I cannot fathom how one would be so quick to think that x song is “gay”. Vocabulary wasn’t the most strenuous part of education if I can recall correctly.

    And lastly, forza has much more realistic “heat” related physics. The variables can have quite a large discrepancy from lap to lap, whereas in gt, if you keep a close eye on your tire wear and correct your driving style accordingly, all is well.

    The forza video contained nice engine sounds which did not appear to be too over-mixed or distorted which is always welcome in this niche of console sims.

    Go PD and Turn10, you guys have my money already so make it worthwhile!

  11. Fasterbater

    I loved both videos. PD has always had more of an artistic edge to their cinematography and you can easily see that there has been more focus on making the models as detailed as possible in order to one-up the xbox360’s better texturing power and memory.

    That being said, I do not play my racing sims on mute. I’ve been racing in solo class and time attack for 4 years now in a formula 3 powered ae86 and the thing that turns me on the most about driving this car is the way it sounds when I get on the throttle, roll off the throttle, downshift, bang into gears and hear my transmission and driveline quiver from the roads undulations ( gotta love a one piece driveshaft and dog box).

    PD over the last ten or so years has been using the same synthesized sound engine and it lacks in depth, clarity and above all, emotion. I’m still playing rfactor and other gmotor2-engined sims as well as developping mods for 5 years now, and PD needs to start using a better sampling engine for the sounds or else it will seem as just another gt game with poor engine sounds. This is where Turn 10 seems to take the cake in my book. Every car in fm sounds like its real life counterpart.

    Please PD do not release gt5 until the cars sound like cars! Seeing beautifully rendered graphics and models is nice, but slows down hardware. Hearing the engine bark and wail through the gears is only that much more convincing to a motorsports driver and can truly make gt5 stand above its competition since it will no longer miserably fail in this category.

    I now beleive KY when he says in his gt-tv interview on gt5p that he ” does not play other racing games”. Well Kazu-kun, at least listen to the

  12. Toost

    Oh I also think it’s funny to see, that all we are looking at is graphics. Yes the GT5 trailer looks amazing and a whole lot better than the one from Forza. And I will be amazed if GT5 will look like that in-game.

    But shouldn’t we be looking at physics and gameplay as well? Because we can have great graphics but if the physics and gameplay are horrible I wouldn’t want to play the game.

    I almost dare to say that Forza will win the gameplay competition with GT5, and for me that’s more important than graphics. Because graphics will look bad after two years, and gameplay won’t. That is the reason why Forza 2 was so popular. There where so many things you could do, it looked horrible, but it was real fun. Also the community aspect in Forza is really important. That’s what most people here seem to forget.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  13. Andyuk-mx5turbo

    Holy hell! Well the graphic quality & artistic direction difference between PD & T10 is very interesting. PD are on in a completely different league. (The one above, incidentally)

    I personally love the moment the 458 accelerates away from the pit lane, looks utterly real…

    For those making complaints about tyre / rubber marks on the tarmac… Have you ever watched a car in real life? They just dont leave that much rubber unless you’re doing a burn out…

    Well done PD, this is validation of a market leader, the difference between FM3 / GT5 seems to be growing with every press release…

    TGS is here!!!!! Cant wait for the GTPlanet feed!!!!

  14. SP117

    This is not in-game you idiots, and i am not a fanboy i own PS3 and 360 but i am must say they are both looking shit, PD is working on GT5 for 5 years and its still looking like Forza 3, and Forza 3 is shit and GT5 also. Dirt 2 is awesome

  15. Toost


    I love how you justify your comment by saying you’re a Forza fan. It’s what a lot of people seem to do lately…

    I’m a Forza fan but this is ugly as hell!
    I really like GT5p but Forza is so much better!

    Just be a man and say what you think, without telling us you do like the game but…..

  16. PaulMc

    I thought the Forza trailer was more action packed and it looked really good.

    GT was amazing looking as usual! Who cares which one wins if your a racing nut like me your already getting both games anyway

  17. dimbo

    Forza 2 had the edge regarding incar sound and low speed physics, but had bad/unrealistic gravity/spring model (wheels moved way to much vertically and the cars movement was minimal) imo.
    GT has always had the edge in the replay area both cinematographically and soundwise (doppler effect). Virtually realistic as long you stayed away from the wall and collisions ;) (very unrealistic collision and AI engine). But the low speed physics was always bad and the incar sounds lack emotion and reality due to the use of engine-sound synthesizers, especially with regar to the V8 sound (also crappy tire sound) :-((
    I hope that both games will show improvement in their new releases with respect to the aspects mentioned above. But my fear is that all of these points will still be recognizable.

  18. DSpec

    I’m sorry but the Forza one is a joke. I’m a Forza fan, and the GT people made that video nice and elegant with that music and kept it modern as well. Forza went and used a Justice track and I don’t see why they had to show a whole ‘evolution’ thing with all the previous cars. It’s just to cliche and corny.

  19. jBat17

    it’s funny how forza fanboys are in denial.. bu bu but this is not GT5, is not in-teh-game.. it’s in game. check out the track; it’s High-speed Ring and it looks exactly like the Prologue version of the track. (disappointed that there’s not much improvement in that aspect, though)

    and what is this BS about racing AI. as long as there is no rubberbanding, everything is fine. in real life, drivers always follow the racing line. that’s all there is to it.

  20. brycepunk

    They’re both good, pretty. But they’re both replays and stylish movies. Show me some actual gameplay and I’ll actually get excited.

  21. Bank Alexander

    @ Warden

    Music is one of the most subjective things ever man. Can you stop saying ‘gay music’? lol
    You might not like it but I thought the song in the GT5 video was awesome and so are all the other songs they chose.
    I’m a total fanboy so I don’t like Forza 3’s songs at all (pretty much).


  22. Hitman

    The track in the first 30 seconds is Spa. The next minute or so it is on the grassy track – thats High Speed Ring. Then it is either back to Spa or Willow Springs.

  23. Sam__ NY


    I meant the GT5 videos are never pre rendered. everyone knows the PSP videos modified.

    I assume your a forza fanboy right.

  24. RAugie

    @ Artik
    thats a possability, but its probably one of those tracks that PD made up…
    hopefully we can see footage of cars going down some of the point to point rally race tracks
    those will be exciting to go from dirt to road and back ect

  25. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    what i can say about these two videos they are both amazing to see the bad think about GranTurismo 5 there no release date for game that sick hard less Forza MotorSport 3 has release date to coming out.

  26. David

    The way I see it is Forza does better environmental effects (visuals, noise, scenery etc) and PD gives 110% to the visuals of the car and that is apparent in this videos. Both are just as good as each other.

  27. jpolanco55

    what is there to discuss really. PD wins in every aspect of that video except that it did not show tire marks! Damn it!

  28. Dude27

    “PD never pre renders any trailers or footage. what you see is what you get.”

    LOL… you must be blind…. just watch the “official” trailers for GT PSP then watch any video review of the game…. man, you’re so funny! ;-)

  29. HaVoK_

    First the awesome GtPSP intro and now the 458 tribute, PD really has some great taste in Drum and Bass!! I wish i knew the name of that song or better yet i hope it’s in Gt5.

  30. Koolad
  31. swistak

    look at the front wheels movement at 1:20 in gt5 vid – is very jaggy, as if someone used a DualShock to control the front wheels, which would suggest that the footage is actually a replay

  32. swistak

    i think, what we have to do is concentrate on the models – and it can be clearly seen that polyphony has taken much more attention to detail – look at the grilles next to headlights in the screenshots posted earlier

    also, prerendered, or not, menu model or not, we have to notice that PD has definately an edge over turn 10 when it comes to coding shaders – the paint really has the depth to it, you can almost touch the clearcoat

    that said, even if PD’s game will look less detailed during gameplay, the above seems to confirm that the graphics style is definately more realistic and refined. I have seen a couple of shots from almost final build of FM3 in some mag like two weeks ago, and unfortunately, the graphics are more NFS:shift like, that is something that would bug me during gameplay

    I am eager to find any sort of confirmation if GT5 footage is prerendered, or is it replay, but my guess would be the latter, given that PS3 games already have slight edge in graphics quality over X360

  33. RAugie

    the best thing is i got a ps3 and my best friend up the street has an xbox 360
    i guess i will be up at his house alot until gt5 comes out……

    racing wheels are far better for the ps3 tho, cant beat the g25….

  34. koni

    I love how some people claim that PD is bullshoting & Jurassic Park XVII CGI-Overloading their stuff, while T10 show only ingame-feed. Say, how far did they pull the driver in FM3 to achieve 60fps?

  35. GT4Ever

    The GT movie is more elegant. But Forza does a good job in confirming (showing) some other bunch (pretty impressive tbh) of Ferrari’s.
    And i hate the fact that there is no engine sounds in the GT5 movie. But i guess we all know why :-D The shavingmachine sound won’t do the Ferrari much justice, at least they didnt fit in any bullshit sounds like they normaly do in the intro’s

  36. Monkeyherow

    I wonder if the water seen in the GT trailer will be used in one of the background when the car sits on home page?

  37. Warden

    what’s with all the gay music i’m hearing in all the gt5 videos lately? I hope they have some half decent music in the final game.

  38. gtone339

    GON Says:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    mmm for me 458 italia is a FERRARI GALLARDO ……LOL

    Yeah !!!

  39. 8@No$

    I have not played forza (I don’t argue it is probably a great game) , but visually GT5 looks more real-life than it’s competitor-not only the lightning but also the proportions of the car forza is more toy-ish anyway gt5 vid is HD and forza’s SD but… I don’t believe that ANY driving-sim game will ever gonna beat GT, PD’s game is a class on it’s own.

    P.S.We’ve been waiting for this game (GT5) for 3 years now, finally it’s here! I can’t believe it!

  40. horris2

    I think The first part of the GT video is definantely CGI. and both do not have any realtime gameplay. The videos look great though and get me pumped of for…..

  41. Loxstokk

    Looking at this video again I wouldnt be so sure that the GT5 is all prerendered perfection…

    Check out 1m26s. Definate treeline ‘pop-up’ going on in the distance..

    Could be ‘in-game’…

  42. Loxstokk

    Both games look awesome.


    Turn 10 need to take a long hard look at some of their Fezza models. Some are really ropey, especially that F40..

  43. viejaloca

    Italia looks great! I’m not such a fan of Ferraris but this car has left me dumbfounded. I hope it dosen’t understeer like the other ferraris did in GT5P

  44. Hellseek

    I find the model looks different between the two games. the forza model looks a bit cheap. example: the light fixtures.

  45. Ngrignon

    “As usual PD has the visual edge, they have that photographic vision skill, and they can materialize it in game at all levels. Everything is coherent. Amazing, i think some of the graphists at PD are just gifted, and no one can compete with them on that particular aspect.
    Can’t wait to see more at TGS.”

    If only there were ALSO gifted for all the other part of the game which su-ks like AI or the arcade gameplay of the first part of the game. (1/3 lap to pass 15 stupid Ridgeracer-like AI with (at the moment) cosmetic damages)

  46. xanavi

    Forza3 and gt5 are both 1080p and 60frames per second. That,s what both the developpers said. Gt5 50gig and blu-ray. Forza3 9.8gig and dvd. Afcourse gt5 is better dan forza. You can make a big deal about it, or you can shut the fuck up. Look at the difference. Duuuuh. Thy are both greate games, and that,s that.

  47. HighEagle

    The GT5 video is pre rendered typical of PD, just like any intro movie to the previous GT games.

    The FM3 video is a true replay from ingame footage.

    Both games will be amazing, though I fear GT5 will still feel wooden, with A.I who still follow the same line each lap.

    The Forza Franchise as always had the edge on how “real” the cars feel to drive.

  48. Tora_2097

    Leaving the technical aspect pretty much aside I think what strikes me the most in the PD version is that I get the feeling of watching a piece of art. The Forza trailer is also catching but it feels just like a videotrailer to me.
    It was kind of moving together with the superb music and the sublime honoring of the masterful craftsmanship for both the real car and the digital version.
    Just stunning.

  49. yanfloist

    When it comes to the car’s graphics alone, there’s not other game that can beat Gran Turismo. Forza’s cars look like they could pop like a balloon if they were pokes with a needle. Forza seems to be very arcade-like and they over did the skid markings. PD’s environment looks great too in the video. The song in the video is great! I like it very much, it would be very nice to drive to that song in the game.

  50. petalpusher

    As usual PD has the visual edge, they have that photographic vision skill, and they can materialize it in game at all levels. Everything is coherent. Amazing, i think some of the graphists at PD are just gifted, and no one can compete with them on that particular aspect.
    Can’t wait to see more at TGS.

  51. Sam__ NY

    WOW, those graphics looked better than prologue! PD always goes the extra mile when it comes to making a car look photo realistic. Good job PD.

    The difference between the fm3 video and the GT5 video… 3 years. and it shows

    forza cars are still plastic.

  52. Qusso

    I’m trying not to be a GT5 fanboy , but I must confess that enviromant and tracks in F3 looks better for me / more real , less “cartoon” and not so “clear” as GT5 but this movie clearly shows that gt5 is smoething more tha na game . This is real experience , no matter of how F3 fans will shout , gt5’s movie of Italia totaly owned , car models are also made better . Anyway both of those games gonna be the best in kind on all platforms .

  53. Franz

    Awesome! Now give us the MP4-12C please….

    PD really did a great job on the video, much classy than the California one. I hope the Ferrari’s lineup in GT5 will be as good as FM3. Specially we need more legendary classic cars like 250TR.

  54. The Masfer

    Forza is unrealistic it has the 458 italia overtaking a enzo on a straight. It will take it onthe bends but never on the straights.
    The 458 is fast but not that fast.

  55. lmntr34

    lol ha ha gt murdered forza nomatter how kazillion billion polygons they gt is like watching tope gear….n forza is more like supercars expose…lol

  56. Enzob

    I’m not sure, but the desert circuit looks like Willow Springs, recently featured on Need for Speed Shift. It´s an interesting circuit with ups and downs and a low infrastructure, I mean no guard rail and other things.

    Here it is a video tha shows the track, there are others to compare with the video too.

  57. NBH

    Both look good, only thing missing in the GT5 one is some rubber from the tyres. I hope they add this in for the final release to add to the realism.

  58. Black Chamber

    The GT5 Ferrari 458 Italia looks so much more realistic than the Forza 3 version. The car model, the lighting and the physics look spot-on in the GT5 video – not so much in the FM3 video.

    Also, where is the water in the GT5 video? Is it on the ground during the opening?

  59. icant55

    @ Ralph89,
    the “String” and the “Ring” are my favorite oh cant forget La sarthe, you get h chance to see all of what a car has… flat out in corners etc… $h!t imagine the 458,lp560,r8 v10,sls racing on the “ring” @ dawn in foggy weather….. MOFO CRAZY!!!!!

  60. Brettjr25

    Heh, you know who the real winner is Ferrari lol! Smart idea commissioning these; I’m not desperately desiring to race in some Ferraris….I think I’ll pick up Ferrari challenge XD

  61. ralph89


    I hope it’s Complex String! It’s one of the best race track that PD ever created, next to Special Stage 11 of course.

  62. GON

    GT 5 LOOOOOOOOKS REAL and the video edition is better . GT5 tribute is a true POWER
    …. i have a orgasm . i need gt5 this year

  63. AMZ

    I have forza 2 and gt5p , and I have to say gt is better in graphics , forza fails in showing real car headlights you can check it here also !! , but non the less they are both great games .

  64. icant55

    ^^^ WAIT!!!!!! Living with two rich bisexual twin sisters that don’t like clothes… And i would still have to have a copy of ( dont know if i would playing it but i would have a copy!!!)LMAO. I couldnt say the same for forza.

  65. Monkeyherow

    Wow. The shot of the Ferrari taking off from pit lane with the shakey cam (1:09) is sooo real looking. Polyphony has always been able to render cars better than anyone else.

  66. TW82

    Another interesting GT5 fact. The video shows more than one time the windscreen wiper in full detail. There is also water.
    Could it be that we will have to use this wiper, after all?
    Let’s keep fingers crossed we will see rain!

  67. DRIVERm3

    If you notice, GT5 did each individual LED light for the tail lights, while Forza is just a red light which doesn’t look to be LED lighted. It looks like off a lower class car which if I was Ferrari I would be offended. GT5 has DRL which normally isn’t an option to turn off in cars and the lighting to their looks more exquisite then Forza. Thid last comment I cannot confirm but, GT5 reflections look a lot better than Forza

  68. Ngrignon

    @Nomino: the Tomaz comparison is fishy and not fair for 2 reasons:
    1/ the shots in the GT video is HD, the F3 is not, let’s wait for to put online a proper HD release of their clip before to make ANY comparison
    2/ the GT shot (from Kohanson/Tomaz) is taken form the User Interface where the car is obviously at her best (more polygons, more details, better lighting/reflections), but the Forza Shot in this”comparison” is taken from what look like a replay with a zoom on the particular front light. Not very fair if you ask me: both game have lesser details during the gameplay than in a photomode or in the User Interface (look at some shot from car selection in Forza: much better lighting/polygons and details)

    This been said, I prefer the global lighting and color tone of GT5, I think 10Turns missed the opportunity to work a bit more these departments since E3 which in result are not as good as GT5.
    But Forza seems to have a bit more polygons per car than GT5…

  69. icant55

    DAMN,Finally having Lambos Ferraris, Slr/Sls, Vettes,Skylines and others that i havent mentioned with these graphics …WOW i can’t think of anything better besides owning the cars in person….

  70. Methroix

    Ah, that’s not what I meant, bad choice of words I guess.
    What I meant to say was that on GT5 it’s easier to see the polygons, on the wheel housings and such. Although I admit you have to know what to look for, and look closely…

  71. icant55

    That desert board looks alot like the ” complex string ” from gt2.That was a Bad A$$ track!, And as for which one looks better,Forza is by far not a bad looking game but,GT5 has lapped it a few times in the graphics department “GREAT WORK PD”, I can only imagine what my electric bill is gonna be like now lol

  72. Napoleon_Ist


    ferrari didn’t, fanboys of both sides did it for them. they just published 2 videos on their official youtube today.

    Watch the video by Sony a tribute to the new 458 Italia, Ferraris 8-cylinder Berlinetta presented at the IAA Frankfurt. The virtual clip shows the car in action on the road and on the track.

    Watch the video by Microsoft a tribute to the new 458 Italia, Ferraris 8-cylinder Berlinetta presented at the IAA Frankfurt. The virtual clip shows the car in action on the road and on the track.

  73. Napoleon_Ist

    don’t forget people Forza 3 is only 720p where Gran Turismo 5 is 1080p.

    that makes GT5’s graphics superior :)

  74. hardvibes

    @Methroix: those who went at gamescom and FDJV said that PD added more anti-aliasing and it’s true… watch the replay video of the 370z

  75. Nomino

    The GT5 video clearly has the more consistent, elegant, refined feel to it. You look at Forza and you know you are looking at a game. Don’t get me wrong, both look great, but you can clearly see where Turn 10 have focussed their development and processing efforts relative to PD.

    @Ngrignon, please provide proof that the car in Forza is in-game, with no post-processing effects on it. They are both effectively replays, so if Turn 10 can’t get them looking good, that’s their problem.

  76. Methroix

    Sadly, Turn 10 still has a lot to learn about shaders, especially the way they’re abusing the specular highlight of the car. It just doesn’t look like deep and glossy car paint, and moreover the whole look of these shots have a sort of plastic fake look of them.
    Polyphony’s take on shaders (and atmosphere) on the other hand is impeccable, however their car models feels a bit more jagged than the ones in Forza3.

    Having said that, I don’t think the photo from Forza is from the final build, I’ve seen some other videos which have a more realistic look about them. Though still not really on par with GT5.

    Having pre-ordered both I still hope GT5 emerges as the better overall game, since otherwise my Fanatec GT3 RS wheel was all but money well spent. :)

  77. A197

    I got goosebumps all the way through Polyphony Digital’s version! Turn 10’s version was good but they weren’t focusing on the 458 Italia that much. T10’s version was more like a tribute to Ferrari!
    Go Gran Turismo 5!
    Now I really feel like crying! They are teasing us so much! They’ve even teased us with a new course! ( The one which looks kinda like Texas ) That course looks so beautiful! I can’t wait till TGS this Thursday – Sunday / Monday
    Hats Off To GT5.. Hats Stay On For Forza!

  78. Tomaz

    @Ngrignon, I confess FM3 is a very good looking game, one of the most beautiful, cars are pure awesomeness but when you look at replay footage of GT5 Prologue you see such details you have never imagine. I confess I only own PS3, but I would like to play FM3 some day, just out of curiosity. I try to be objective as I can but the fact is that GT5 looks better than FM3 so far.

    Congrats to both developers!

  79. Confi-User-3

    YES. I wanted that car in GT5 and now it is in it. Thanks KY =D
    I think the GT5 video looks more realistic, but the Forza vid is a good one, too. But the Forza trailer showed some more Ferraris (which is a good idea because now all who buy Forza know which Ferraris are in it) but if you want to do a tribute for the 458 Italia this isn’t that what I think Ferrari want. The GT5 trailer showed ONLY the 458 Italia which is good either (now at last I want a F50 in the game, then it’s perfect). I’m so excited =D

  80. Ngrignon

    @Tomaz/Kohanson: Do a FAIR comparison or do not do it at all: the GT shot is from the Front End UI of GT5 where the car treatment is rendered and optimal (more polygons/details and reflections than the gameplay) and a ingame shot from Forza3….

    This is not fair and just show your fanboy side. To do a FAIR comparison get TWO gameplay shot or get the F3 selection screen of the 458 (which unfortunately is not in the F3 video) where the car is also at its advantage (better lighting, details and polygons).

  81. MegaBoy

    About the GT5 tribute vid; The music in this is absolute spot-on. really gels really well with teh mood and visuals of this new Ferrari F458.

  82. Billou

    Oh and an other thing, the french website,, have sent some reporters to the TGS and they will go at Polyphony Digital to bring us a other interview ok Yamauchi, a look at their office and i hope some exclusive footage of GT5 !

  83. riad

    wow im sorry but gt 5 versions is just so much more detailed and more of that look at this detail talk. its way they showed so much close up and the slow mo shots .. o man lol, forza look good too but gt version was just a class of beauty as forza was more rock popish i felt lol.

  84. JB35868

    Trees are still 2-D, but sweet jesus the lighting is flat out without a doubt stunning. The detail is also a sight to behold on those head/tail lights. Polyphony Digital =O =O =O

  85. NihilismOnToast

    That track looks like it’s set in a Mediterranean country. I’m guessing Italy or Sicily though it is just a wild stab in the dark. :) What do folks think of the F430’s successor then? I don’t like the Enzo-style front lights and those LEDs make it look tacky. But the rest of the car is pretty nice. The F430 is my favourite GT5P car by far however :)

  86. Ngrignon

    Just a question of lighting…. Both game are exquisite: their physics engine are very good, cars are wonderfully modelized, sounds seems spot on… at the end, GT5 is a “feather” ahead in the graphic department because of its mastering of the global lighting and its more elaborate color tone. In the other departments, well, we’ll see during their proper reviews. But not being a FANBOY, both games will surely satisfy the car porn’s need of every racing enthusiasts on console.

  87. fritter

    I think that Forza’s ‘arcade’ mentality shows through in their video. And I agree with alba, PD’s video seems more refined.

  88. TW82

    Still no rubber on track from what we can see in the video. There is the scene where the 458 accelerates and you can see the tires spin, but no rubber :(
    I guess, some things will never change.
    On the other hand, what Forza does is WAY too much in this regard. The videos shows two massive (unrealistic) black stripes after the acceleration.

  89. alba

    I guess I’m going to sound biased but I prefer PD’s effort because it is more consistent, elegant and classy in a way where as Forza switched the music half way through and goes through a few models instead of just focusing on one since it seems to be called “Ferrari 458 Italia Tribute” but ofcourse the little upside would be that you can hear a bit of the sound of it in the Forza one. Can’t really argue that PD’s lighting is still the king ;D

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