FF Challenge Comes to GT5’s Seasonal Events, Introduces “Performance Difference Bonus”

Polyphony Digital diverts from their usual pattern with the latest GT5 Seasonal Event, featuring FF cars with no more than 430PP.

However, keep in mind that due to the new “Performance Difference Bonus” introduced in update 2.06, cars with a lower PP value will receive greater reward. Here’s closer look at the races:

  • 430PP FF Challenge: Tsukuba Circuit / 7 Laps
    1st: Cr.142,400  2nd: Cr.86,700  3rd: Cr.76,200
  • 430PP FF Challenge: Daytona Super Speedway / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.132,000  2nd: Cr.80,500  3rd: Cr.70,700
  • 430PP FF Challenge: Cape Ring Outer / 5 Laps
    Cr.181,600  2nd: Cr.110,600  3rd: Cr.97,100
  • 430PP FF Challenge: Clubman Stage Route 5 / 7 Laps
    1st: Cr.166,100  2nd: Cr.101,100  3rd: Cr.88,900
  • 430PP FF Challenge: Eifel (Kart) 103B / 7 Laps
    1st: Cr.199,400  2nd: Cr.121,400  3rd: Cr.106,600

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated; you can review the new inventory right here. As always, head to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by FishyJuice.

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  1. walhalla

    I completed thiseven and enjoyed it, I used that 97 Ek type R with a low range turbo fro bottom end powerband, and tuned it down and added a ballast for weight in the back as it did become lose

  2. rickyw

    I have a question…what car would you recommend to do these with? Preferably the lowest pp posible, but enough pp to win. I see people commenting about getting 1million for each race,i dont get anywhere near that…

  3. RaidoGT

    Nice idea yes, but it would be about time that Polyphony realised that *tyres* should also be counted in pp ratings. As it stands, they just don’t seem to care what tyres you slap on, including having F1-level grip tyres on a Miata. (And additionally, having Ferrari-style track tyres on a Miata for the AI.) Really unrealistic and really arcadeish.

    1. masonholmes

      Totally agreed. I’ve never understood why you could throw race-softs on a car in just about any race & totally obliterate the opponents, while at the same time, also never understood how the competition pulled off such awesome driving on what I typically feel to be a horrendous tire choice for the race at hand. IMO, if tires aren’t going to affect PP, the AI should utilize whatever you do. At the same time, they should drive realistic to the type tires chosen as well though.

      To “level” the playing field, usually I wind up picking whatever tires I see fit & utilizing a car with low enough PP and/or limiting such, that the race becomes a challenge again. To do so both takes time & I expect screws up your win/loss ratio, as I’m guessing every time you quit a race without finishing, that’s affected. (I don’t really care much about that aspect, though realize some people can be rather anal about it) Something definitely needs to be done..

    2. iLex

      There is a tyre limit for these races. Racing Hard if i’m not mistaken (not at PS3 now). I don’t think it should be part of the PP rating, as the benefit of tyre choice is related to the length of the race (although the model of the tyre wear is no where near perfect). On long races tyres with less grip and more durability would be better while on shorter races you want more grip at the cost of durability.
      The same could be said about downforce vs. type of track though, although I think it is less of a problem.
      Having tyres as a seperate restriction is a good thing in my opinion.

  4. googleberry

    Took me a few tries, but managed with just 325pp. Squeaked out a total time of 10:26.840 and beat the ’08 Type R by 0.251 seconds. My car had 104 hp and weighed 1150kg.

    Fun race!

  5. george_rodes

    Thanks PD for the PDB!
    Reminds me of the old GT4 200 A-Spec Hunting Days!

  6. SamMakinBacon

    Civic Type R (EK) RM ’97 106 BHP 1045kg 340PP easily wins cape ring. 1.4 million with 7 day login in bonus

  7. MEATHOLE1958

    great idea, maybe needs to be done with higher pp cars, this is what i do in arcade, cut the pp till i can barely keep up, makes for fun races

  8. Hasura Arashi

    is a fantastic idea to introduce this bonus incentive to try again with fewer points to provide

    1. Jaycue58

      Thanx for that, tried that came second seems to be luck of the draw how the opponents behave ……………………try again for the illonth time

  9. Jaycue58


  10. Jaycue58

    THANX pitcrew i get your specs however ive golded all rounds on 400pp except Daytona with Spoon CRx and wondering if ne one managed with 400pp i golded Daytona but had to ramp pp to 420 if u get my drift :(

    1. Pit Crew

      Daytona looks like you may have to do 405 to 410PP or at the least have a HP total around 190 to 199. Its that top end speed that the Spoon just dont have, at 400pp. Car needs to maintain 142 plus MPH from what I can see. Sorry couldnt be more help.

    2. Slonkoo

      try it with *alfa romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24V ’01* stock. its a very useful car on Daytona :) cheers

    3. Strunz1098

      390-400pp civic hatch type r with mild tuning is enough to beat them all. Managed to earn 500k points in every race.

  11. Rushton1996

    Thanks PD for the Awesome Seasonals. I like how they’re a challenge but still doable. If seasonals are gonna be like this, then I rekon we don’t need an A-spec DLC. Also cheers for the update, keep them coming.

    Also does anyone have any tips/hints on how to win the FF Seasonal on the Eifel Kart Track?

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      other than adding HP/PP try looking for a tune for the car you are using on here, normally a reduction in the ride height, stiffening of the springs and getting the right ratios in your gears for the track will make a diffrence.

    2. sanesh21

      What car are you running? 391pp civic was more than enough for me, gearbox, clutch,flywheel and sport tires.

    3. Nissan Lover

      I was running with a Mazda Alexa ’03(or Speed 6 in America) with tuned HP of 178 but a weight reduction up to lvl 3. It’s a bit of a challenge but you’ll make it

  12. sanesh21

    Great event,I just completed it in a 97 premium civic type R. 391pp blitzed the AI for every race besides Daytona, lol. PDB is a great feature, looking forward to the next event!

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      tuning again may be able to help you, lower ride height, stiffen springs drop the compression and extension to 1, get your final gear (5th or 6th not the whole set) stretched futher then you would normally to allow for slip streaming beyond your cars capabilites.

    2. DANfourTWENTY

      the compression and extension at 1 with the low ride height and stiff springs will keep your body roll at a minimum which will allow you to hold a higher speed through the cambered corners of the speed rings (daytona). (this will not help around a tight track as it makes the car less manouverable)

    3. sanesh21

      The top 4 cars on Daytona were quite a distance from 5th so drafting wasn’t possible, hence I went for a few extra horses just for that race,and it was fine lol.

    4. DANfourTWENTY

      Yes that is true, but with the body roll to a minimum you will fly through the corner sections at up to 10mph quicker I was getting 162 through there instead of 152 (before the change), which should give you chance to catch there slipstreams.

    5. DANfourTWENTY

      of course anything is fine as long as you win, but these are just ideas to make the most money from your races guys and gals. :D

    6. sanesh21

      Setting the compression and extension to 1 does not stiffen up the car. You have your values wrong, as increasing them will provide less extension, and less compression , therefore stiffening up the suspension, as well as by incrementally increasing the spring rate. Please go and do a test on a bumpy track like Nuburgring , and see the outcome.
      Secondly , I didn’t ask for any tuning help lol. I understand your enthusiasm , but chill bro.

    7. DANfourTWENTY

      @sanesh where did i say that setting the compression and extension stiffens the car? I said doing that along with stiffening the springs will reduce the body roll, I wouldn’t use those settings on atrack with bumps or tight corners as i already said. and the reason i mentioned this is because of your “I just completed it in a 97 premium civic type R. 391pp blitzed the AI for every race besides Daytona” comment. why dont you just try it on your car and see if it helps? jeez.

    8. sanesh21

      Hahahaha so you telling me by allowing your suspension to loosely compress and freely extend, will make a car roll less? As I told you, you have it the wrong way around. You are hilarious

    9. Pit Crew

      @Sanesh21 Me to bro, this was quite interesting. I Dont bother the FF to much but Im glad for this event, as tuning is a daily learning experience on this game.

      I started to use that honda but my dingy self couldnt break down and buy a 4 door car lol, yet Idrive 1 in real life haha…go figure.

      If you have time and patience put your bob driver to work on endurance level bspec to get lvl 24 ticket.

    10. DANfourTWENTY

      @ sanesh

      Yeah your rite i had values wrong, i thought it went up in increments of 0.1 from 0 to 1 max.

    11. sanesh21

      @pitcrew haha I feel you bro, and thanks for the heads up on the level 24 ticket, probably have some free time after exams and will give it a shot.

    12. sanesh21


      Thanks for admitting you were wrong. It’s cool, next time just double check your statements before you post.

    13. DANfourTWENTY


      As if your even picking me up on that, im sure you knew what i meant. You are just been pedantic.

    14. sanesh21

      Lol no not pedantic . You were adamant about setting the values to 1, which you assumed would increase the rate for some reason, yet they go up to 8 or more.Then only to say you believe they go up in increments of 0.1. Like I said, no use commenting and offering WRONG tuning advice ,when you wasn’t even asked to help out by me ,lol.

      For a sec , I thought you were a little Trojan horse, sent to infiltrate the purity of tuning,of the fellow GTP members and myself, by a secret undercover Forza Motorsport member. Hahaha

  13. Quakebass

    I tried a Citroen 2CV on the Daytona course… 198 pp… got lapped twice… it took me about 16.5 minutes… And yet, I got about 500,000 credits (+110%). It was the least interesting thing I’ve ever done.

    1. Pit Crew

      I did Daytona in the Integra DC5 04 but use FC transmission cuz on the SuperStretch you want spacing between gears. The Neon is good also here cuz tuned right it will keep up with cobras at Daytona ( Muscle Car@Daytona online races) just keep PP in legal format.

      For the Integra My gearing was opened to: 191 top speed(Top),186 (Bottom).Greatly shorten 1st and second a progressive short third, gradual short 4th slightly short 5th Progressive short 6th or tighter. open FGR alil bit bout 25 rounds(clicks) left. Wanna use momentum, an dont bump AI cars if you can help it. use 1st through 5th till reach second draftable car then hit 6th and stay there you should hear engine pop real good and top speed should be 155 156 in draft. Hope this helps. My car was 410PP. with oil change and No Miles.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Was that a reply to me, or did you reply to the wrong person…? I think I’d know what car to use to beat a 420pp opponent… The 2CV is NOT one of those. I was merely experimenting how the “Performance difference rewards” worked…

  14. Jaycue58

    Hey Guys ne one managed to win Daytona with car 400 pp ive tried most combys but failed ideas ne one plse !!!!!!!

    1. DuskTrooper

      I have won using a car with about 390pp. The secret to winning that race is to drive behind your opponents and catch their draft.

    2. inmyshadow

      What are you using for a car? I tried using a Scion Xb with max of 424PP. The box could barely make 6th place and never went over 145mph. I had to use bump drafting just to get to 6th. I switched to my Spoon Interga at 430PP. I figured if an aerodynamic car with 11K RPM would win. It would do 160mph without drafting. I destroyed the race.

  15. kent253

    I completed 4 out of five challenge using underpowered cars and I made more money and exp than I usually do. And thats was fourth,fourth,third and second place with cars that ranger from 340 to 404 PP

  16. Youngun

    the only pp the PDB wouldnt work on is the 650pp as you need 650pp to catch F1 or GT or Zonda. Keep it low to keep it entertaining please pd

    1. hazellnut134

      I’m pretty sure there isn’t a PDB on the older events, the update note clearly says it only applies to seasonals AFTER the update.

    2. Youngun

      Well yes TC will just like a Gtr TCs but, if you don’t have dlc (even tho must should) but hope it keeps changing PPs in the good sense

    1. Youngun

      Monaco GP, best one. Pitty PD has a habit of changing parts of the track (they put up walls that aren’t there and change the views) but that what’s F1 2011 is for I guess. Cotes d’azur will do I guess but gt6 need the actual tracks unchanged (like top gear with cones!)

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Yeah, I’d like a Top Gear Test Track with a non-coned, non invisible wall variant. Maybe allow cars to go further off track/extend the invisible barriers on a dirt course where there isn’t a physical barrier, too.

  17. ka-mai

    thank you polyphony! i had advocated the more reward for lower spec cars winning races relative to the other cars in the field, for months and month. Great job!!

    And i like it especially because it applies if you come in any position. So it means even coming third for example in a lower spec car is rewarding and useful – for example.. if there is a large gap between the pack and the top three, you can play with the pack and forget the top 3 position with consecutively lower specs cars, OR you can spec up and win with a higher spec cars, OR even just use a REALLY low spec car and just try and get in 11th position; ie the GAME JUST GOT INFINITELY MORE INTERESTING!!!!

    1. DuskTrooper

      I wouldn’t say infinitely, but I would say that it is much more interesting than before.

  18. Ryoku75

    I’ve been using a mix of cars, but for the oval I used the Ford Taurus SHO stock, thats probably the one thing that cars good for.

    After that, the tranny broke.

    1. wildarms007

      Didn’t think of the taurus. Maybe i will try that at Daytona using custom parts that don’t affect PP. Or limit some HP. Finally an excuse to use it. Would like to see the new Taurus.

  19. i have a flat

    97 civic type r sports muffler custom trans sports fly wheel.PP at about 397 tried Daytona with it like that and she just wouldn’t get out of 3rd second was to far to catch the draft so I said screw that and slapped a turbo on it and won it

  20. m8h3r

    Decisions Decisions. Spoon CRZ stock 3rd place 444,xxx spoon CRZ with a titanium Exhaust 2nd 440,xxx lol

  21. Taralai

    Yes, really nice of PD to give us more money from seasonals. Now if only the game wouldn’t constantly nag me about not being able to have more than 20 000 000 credits. I mean c’mon, I already own every car in the game, where am I supposed to spend it ?

    1. thaisn

      i buy every car i tuned for havin one as stock… and another one for drift setups if its rwd

    2. Youngun

      y have three? thats what the ABC setting sheets are for, A race, B drift, C standard. same tho, got all car and 20 mill, wish i could buy paint or something just to spend it

    3. Quakebass

      I dunno… Buy more cars and paint them/tune them (aero kit and rim wise) differently? Thats the only thing I could see one doing in your situation…

  22. geomonkey

    Completed Cape Ring in a Lupo GTi with 344pp. 1.3 million credits but I guess that is the easiest one given that the AI hates the ring section. Still more fun than previous online events

  23. wildarms007

    Beat all thee races with a 1970 Honda 1300 S using 396 PP. Was a challenge but was worth it. Hardest race was Daytona as with this car you have to be smooth as was under horsepowered by at least 50.

  24. Lambob

    Great touch PD, on the ‘performance difference’ and I don’t know if it was my lack of driving FF cars since release last year, but this latest patch makes the Honda Prelude ’91 VERY good to drive in your seasonals.

    The Nordschleife elevation sections also has added lumps in my throat, great job with that too.


  25. SimonK

    It’s still chase the chicken so still of little interest to me. Give us a race PD! I don’t mind trying to win in a slower car, I just don’t want to start 20 odd seconds behind and have to play catch up. Let me start equal, fight to the front then defend my lead for the rest of the race.

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      I think there should be at least a qualifier option so we can start a little further (if not in pole :p) up the starting order.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Good idea Dan. We gotta get PD’s attention to make a qualifing option like in GT3, that really. However. I do miss starting grids a lot, but I that idea would really make things great and easy.

    3. researchALLwars

      I haven’t tried these yet (modifying g25 again), but is the First place opponent running away by two miles again? Every time?

    4. SimonK

      Exactly. Is it really too much to ask for PD to give us races? Because all these challenges are is hotlapping with some moving obstacles.

    5. Pit Crew

      @research ALLwars Not really, caught leaders in good timing better then previous seasonals in 410 pp cars with just a FC transmission, and no aids.

      Daytona is a lil harder cuz first four cars are spaced to draft each other, but you have to use momentum to catch them with no draft help for at least 3 of the five laps. From reading your posts I can see you got skill, so you’ll be fine bro.

  26. Kwaziekeller

    I didn’t have many problems on any of the races with a 400pp Integra, needed something with more HP for Daytona tho. I enjoy this feature tho, definitely makes it interesting, and more competitive.

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      Not always extra horsepower which is needed, lower your ride height, stiffen up the sus and reduce the extension and compression to around 2 or 1. this will keep your body roll to a minimum and allow you to keep way more speed in the corners of the speed ring. also a mere change to the gear ratios can make all the difference. lengthen your last gear longer then you would normally to allow for extra MPH when your in the slipstream.

    1. DuskTrooper

      I like it too. Like you said, it not only promotes hard work, but it encourages people to use racing methods they would have never used otherwise.

  27. DuskTrooper

    Funny thing about the Eifel Kart track used in this seasonal, is that it was used on one of the tests in the GT Academy miniature game. I can’t remember which round, but I do know that it was used.

    1. DuskTrooper

      Well at least PD are doing there part to keep trash to a minimum. Haha.

      (A joke about the whole going green and recycling – if you didn’t get it)

    1. AJHG1000

      Spoon fit race car detuned to 350pp (lowest rear downforce and nerfed engine, -10 front height and -5 rear, softer front suspension) really good and fast, 1.4 million in 10 minutes and 20-50 seconds (cape ring), with a minimal 6 second diference, best thing happened to me!, but the is a tune for win the cape ring race with an polo GTI ’01 at 306pp, look for it, it’s in the same thread of the new OCD line up

  28. Pit Crew

    Very good PD, keep evolution of seasonals moving in this direction. Personally, I still would like a Day to Night seasonal challenge for ASpec, or Weather Change challenge.

    1. Pit Crew

      Me thinks might be time for some Rally events, with Rally Ticket lvl cards as the obvious prize. Believe its 3 tickets Amateur, Professional, and Expert.

    2. infamousphil

      Great write up Pit… Im still waiting for PD to have knuckel-headed drivers cars sit trackside for the remainder of the race and burn to the ground or until track crews clean up the mess!

  29. Gwenbors

    Absolutely loving this “Performance Differential” bonus, what a great way to make races actually replayable without turning them into grinding opportunities! (Although 1.4 mill for taking down the competition at Cape Ring with a 348pp Fiat 500 didn’t upset me too much, either…)

    Great addition to the game!

  30. jagenigma

    I have used the FTO GPX ’99 for all the events won them with 415PP except for Eiffel Kart. I can’t win it at all and i have tried and tried. any advice?

    1. WishIwasStig

      I had an easy win with the Spoon Integra R ’99. Its also easier if you get a race line up without a honda on the pole.

    2. Gwenbors

      It looks technical, but it’s secretly a power track. Higher HP is the only way to make that long weird, kinked straight work for you. Ended up bumping up to a Scirocco at 430pp and took it without too much difficulty…

    1. lldantell

      the spoon crz is the perfect car for this event.it might handle like crap but when you tune it all the way up to 423pp it’s a winners car

  31. tpark103

    This is a great idea. Something a little different. It should be fun for a long time and we will have tons different cars to try out on this!!!!

  32. AsIwAt

    2002 Ford Focus RS 431pp, change to suspension and transmission, and lower the power by 0.2 percent, overtake the leader within the 1st 3 laps.

  33. DANfourTWENTY

    This is really pretty damn good, I read that if i used a car with 400pp then i would get roughly double.
    hmm….. so i thought, “i wonder how much i would get if i used my 350pp swift sport” bad idea i came 6th. But wait whats this I get how much?? 491,649cr had i have used a 430pp i swould have got 66,000 for 6th.

    anyone else think this would be cool with a leader board for everyone and friends to see who can come first with the lowest pp car? It would deffinately give me an incentive to compete.

    1. biftizmo

      This is a brill new feature, to tell you the truth this is how i thought PP was worked out when i first started playing this game, but was wrong…Tsukuba,… Spider 3.0i v6 24v ’01…..PP.406…PDA,23126.. got better on Daytona.. down tuning cars to win..who’d of thought..great..I,m posting my new findings on my FB page..but a leader board is a fab idea Dan…Hope there will soon be more cars to buy with all my credits though.

  34. Hentis

    Nice to see a change of seasonal event approach. To be honest the performance difference does not bother me. I get a car as close to the stated PP and just use it. Buy the odd tyres for it. Change the oil etc etc and that’s it. The difference in cash is minimal but if you have the 200% log in bonus then you get plenty of cash. I think doing the whole events (I have to gold one more) has netted me over 2.5 million xp doesn’t matter as I am level 40. But hey ho.
    Incidentally I looked at the OCD and was surprised to see that I had all cars bar 1 the Ginetta. Heh oh well. Not a big fan of sports tyres but I’ll survive.
    Overall nice to see a change in the Seasonals.

    1. DuskTrooper

      Daytona is a Draft experience. What you learned about drafting in the “NASCAR School” Special Events will come in handy on that race.

  35. otakukid96

    @Lord Voldemort

    I am not trolling. Also, I love GT5.


    It’s typical by PD’s treatment of fans.

    UGH, why is everyone against me!?

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      Because there idiots mate, they cant take it when you offend there beloved.

      P.S. I LOVE GT5 but it has LOTS of flaws.

    2. DuskTrooper

      Damn misspelling, Meant to say GT2 instead of GT3 twice, but you get the point otherwise.

    3. That_guy100

      How is it typical of how PD treats their fans? PD is one of the few gaming dev companies that actually care and listen to what their fanbase has to say.

      If PD didn’t care about their fans, then why have they listened to and implemented a lot of the features people wanted in the game? Even against Kaz’s will (him being a perfectionist) he added in interiors for standard cars.

      If they didn’t care, why do they set up GT Academy every year to give gamers a chance at having a real racing career?

      As someone mentioned earlier, the maintainence has nothing to do with PD, so quit talking out of your ass.

    1. Lord Voldemort

      Quit trolling. If you don’t like GT5, than don’t comment on a GT5-based site. It is really that simple.

    2. Hentis

      Seeing as the update was published early on in the morning of the 24th JAPANESE TIME then it’s not PD’s fault. The timing of PSN maintenance is nothing to do with PD. You would probably be bitching if PD decided to hold off from posting Thursdays Seasonal Update until a Friday.
      Use a bit of common sense!!!

    3. DANfourTWENTY

      @lord v

      he’s entitled to his opinion.

      and where in his comment did he put he didn’t like GT5???? idiot.

    4. Flagmo-T

      I think it’s time to go to bed now boys, you sound very tired. See you in the morning! Nice and shine, and remember The buuuhman isn’t imagination, He is real Chop Chop – Nighty night :o)

    5. DuskTrooper

      “GT5-based site”

      Excuse me? Lord Voldemort, I believe you need a reality check. This site isn’t just GT5 related, it’s everything Gran Turismo related. That includes, GT5, GT5P, GT4, GT4P, GT3, GT3, GT1, GT Academy, Polyphony Digital, and many more which I don’t feel like mentioning.

  36. Geeky30

    Love it :D
    As I race a Honda Civic (an FF car) for my BTCC Online Championship it can be used as practice :D and I get money from it, even better :)

    1. rallymorten

      So THAT’s why you’re in a FWD, you knew this event would come so you could use your own championship for practice and vice versa :)

  37. swynder

    these are the kind of seasonal events that i like, keep it up PD, hope to see more like these next week, and the performance difference bonus are really rewarding, finally something to compensate our efforts

  38. FishyJuice

    Woah, what’s up here? I’ve been chosen like three times in 10 news posts or something like that. Well, I guess… Huge thanks to everyone, nice to see appreciation for my work. :)

    And more on-topic, great news! It can’t hurt to have more seasonals.

  39. Enzoduder

    I haven’t looked at it yet and it’s not entirely pointless because of this, but it kind of is if the performance adjustment doesn’t take in to account what tires you are using. Beating 430pp with racing softs on a 380pp car isn’t a challenge.

  40. XxFineDriveFDxX

    I suppose this is a comeback of those old seasonals from launch. But still, I’d say we need more of a variety. Like manufacturer, model strict races, or maybe even a Nascar seasonal.

    But hey, more chances for me to earn those suits and helmets!

    1. XxFineDriveFDxX

      Which, believe me, I’d like a seasonal strictly for a certain drivetrain, or style of car.

      Makes me expand my garage a bit. :D

  41. chucksstuntman

    what car are people using for any of these races? something dominating. cuz i barely win with some cars that are maxed PP and tuned up. so what cars do people use thats under the limit of pp for these races?

    1. MuriloMotta1992

      Won every race with the premium Civic Type R 08′ with 380 pp, except for Daytona… I had to push to the limit, with 430 pp…

  42. Brunskill777

    Thank you thank you thank you. Stuff B spec and online A/B spec challenges, a proper seasonal event finally. And the performance difference bonus sounds cool, a chance to use some cars I’ve never used before and get more money. Thank you PD, a proper event. Can’t wait to do them. Could you do it easily in a 430pp car, get prize money but not much pdb, then do it again in a worse car? You’d get loads of money (although I’m nearly at the credit limit. Stupid credit limit. Don’t you just hate it.) But don’t that let it be a dampner on this day of great celebration. A PROPER SEASONAL EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    1. inmyshadow

      I’d love to see the Expert seasonal races return. That was a proper challenge of my driving skill.

  43. JCH8r

    OK, for the doubters out there: this is an idea direct from this community. PD does listen to us. This is the best supported game going right now. To back that up, Kaz just won his class with a GTA grad at the Nring 24hour.

    1. TokoTurismo

      I agree. I knew PD was listening, I knew all a long. Makes me feel very proud. :) *Thank you so much PD.*

    2. Enthusiastgt

      Ok so finally i can request a downhill mountain pass to show the avilites of small light cars any help here please!

  44. mrkevans

    Just beat first one with an fto gpx at 400pp, great fun! Caught leader on last corner and won by less than half a second

  45. MadmuppGT

    Brilliant idea to promote the use of different cars… Before there wasnt really any incentive to make things harder, it was always get it to the max allowed and then go, Why make it harder for myself…

    But this. love it!

  46. Super Novi

    I hope they put Performance Difference Bonus into all the other seasonal events and in the main race events.

  47. TokoTurismo

    Loving this event a lot PD. I hope to see you stay on this type of root for now on, I’d missed these events. :’)

    1. TokoTurismo

      What I’m even more happy about is that this event has different PP, which get more FF cars in which make it fun. When having a lower PP car to enter to try and win the race with, that makes it x10 times fun to double the credits. I hope we see the “Boxer Spirit Event” featuring both Subaru and RUF cars, and “Impreza vs Lancer Event” featuring both Subaru’s and Mitsubishi’s cars. That’ll so rock. Thank you again for this event PD, and make sure to keep events likes these going as A-Spec. ; )

  48. JackC8

    Love that performance difference thing, it should add a huge amount of replayability. I’ve got a neat little Vauxhall I’ve been using for the 400pp events (Top Gear says it’s top notch!), so I’ll have to see how that fares in this competition.

    1. geomonkey

      Nice update. What’s the highest bonus you can get on each of them? Credits & xp? Thanks PD.

  49. NOSWaster

    Prius TC downtuned as much as it will go. I got like 1.5 million credits in one of the races, if I recall correctly.

  50. sanesh21

    Was fighting the urge to play , till after my exam, lol. I guess that’s out the window now… Great seasonal

  51. zanxion

    “Performance Difference Bonus” cool as long as you don’t get to beat that pole positioned Zonda with a Golf!

  52. hazellnut134

    Aaaaaaaw yeeeeeah!
    I didn’t really try the seasonals back when they were good, this is great for me.

  53. lldantell

    i beat the first three with my tuned spoon cr-z but the last race i have to tune the suspension but every race i got gold

  54. blksentra2

    Finally the Seasonals are getting back to their roots. No more vague events that simply list a track and PP limit. Events with high restrictions on drivetrain, PP, and tires forces players to get more depth out of the game by using cars and tuning techniques you wouldn’t have otherwise used. The “Performance Difference Bonus” also provides a new level of challenge. I hope PD continues these kind of events for the dedicated sim racers which Gran Turismo was originally developed for.

  55. Quakebass

    How is that I started asking for something like this, and a week later, it came out? I can’t wait to try it out!

    1. SavageEvil

      wait until you hear how they butchered the engine sound, you’ll want to return it to the showroom. Yuck!

    2. DuskTrooper

      ^ Not only that, but wait until you drive the thing a began to realize that the car drives like a brick.

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