Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.06 Brings Photo Stream, New Features, & Bug Fixes

A new update for Gran Turismo 5, version 2.06, has just been launched and is now available for download.

The file weighs in at a hefty 475MB in size (that’s nearly half a gigabyte!), leading many to suspect it may contain a bit more than what’s outlined in the official list of changes. With Twin Ring Motegi having already been confirmed as part of the GT Academy 2012 mini-game, fans have good reason to be optimistic.

New information has also been released regarding the availability of prizes earned in the GT Academy 2012 challenges: they’ll be available on July 4, 2012, and will consist of the cars used in each round along with a special black driving suit, as seen here.

For now, here’s the official list of changes according to Polyphony Digital:

Updates and New Features

  • It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.
  • A save data backup feature has been added.
  • Compatibility for the sequential shift mode of the Guillemot “TH8 RS” gear shifter has been added.
  • A “Performance Difference Adjustment” has been added to the rewards for seasonal events (Applies only to seasonal events held after this update).
  • Force feedback for the “Driving Force GT”, “GT FORCE Pro”, “G25 Racing Wheel”, ” G27 Racing Wheel”, and ” T500 RS” steering wheel controllers have been improved.
  • A car with racing modifications applied are now categorized as a Racing Car (previously Tuned Car).
  • The off-track shortcut penalty has been tweaked.
  • The GT5 Photo Stream service has just been launched for all players worldwide. To view the latest images taken and shared in the game are now available here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge
  • Fixed a problem where you could purchase tires for the 125 SPL racing Kart in the tuning parts shop (Tires purchased previously will now become invalid)
  • Fixed a problem in which the straight-line stability of the Lancer Evolution X was decreased when using a steering wheel controller
  • Fixed an issue where wrong color dirt and snow tire wheels were displayed on some cars when the wheels were changed
  • Fixed delay when launching electric cars using controllers other than a steering wheel controller pedal
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the system would freeze at the end of a race
  • Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other race cars in online races, etc.

Thanks to Dooblewasur for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by hawk2201.

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Comments (434)

  1. jah24car

    Ok… Well all I see is complainers on bugs, so freakin what, I don’t play this game much due to the fact that you all who play it complains about this and that, a bug here, a freeze there, if you just clean up your system of games you don’t play then I’d bet you it runs well, I should know I haven’t have an issue with freezing after a race except once, I deleted old data, I played non stop a race after a race and was fun to find out it never froze and what not. You idiotic twits who say “oh PD but Forza has this and that and that track and that thing,” don’t realize that Turn10 spends more time on trying to get cars then fix the slidding handling on the cars that are super fast, and fix the stupid ai who slams into you, just because PD don’t have that many people even though they been around is because they have better things to do like monitor the bugs and glitches, and see what they can improve for the next game like Eutechnyx did for Nascar 2011. Just because you guys was excpecting the god of all race tracks, or a lame ass tuner, or a expensive exotic to add to your 1000+ collection doesn’t mean a thing to some people who do play this for fun, even though they never platniumed this game, cause a true fan of the seires sticks with it, unlike Call of Duty which is slowly running down to the ground, this series still makes me happy even if its filled with GT-Rs or a RUF, at least I switch back n forth from Forza2-4 to GT5 for some kicks at the tracks, like Spa or Hockenheim in the Forza 4 game. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS, its a game, its going to have issues, its going to have the dimwits who wants to ruin your 200 lap race at crapington or wherever and the x2011 ruiners who ruin a Mini race, its just a damn game if you don’t like it stop playing it and play something else. This just shows you the world is full of ungreatful people, call me a damn fanboy idc, its just stupid that you all are complaining cause it don’t have 1 itty bitty thing. Thats your fault you spent over 1000 bucks or quid for a game, a racing wheel, and a dang t-shirt that says “I’m the best at GT.” JUST MOVE ON!!

  2. steve30x

    I got a fanatec GT3 RS V2 last week and the FFB is terrible in GT5 with the wheel. I had a whole lot more FFB with my G25. On PC games the Fanatec wheel is much better than the G25.

    1. Dekropttiv

      Yeah, unfortunately there really isn’t any wheel that’s perfect on all three systems. You really just have to get one that’s best for your main platform.

  3. Zamado75

    @DuskTrooper – Yeah, of course you would.

    I’m getting really sick of PD trying to drag more life out of this game, the problem being that they are doing it in the most idiotic ways.

    The graphics in this game could make for some truly awesome gameplay; that is if PD make GOOD use of it. (2012 Cars and some auto-sculpt vinyls – ie NFS ProStreet)

    Imagine all of ProStreets gameplay and features, but In GT5 fashion. Now THAT would convince me to play. Alot…

    1. DuskTrooper

      Funny how people like you get pissed off at Polyphony Digital for still regularly supporting this game after almost 2 years later since release launch. Honestly, how many PlayStation 3 console game developers do that besides Polyphony Digital? None that I personally am aware of.

      While some of the tings they do are quite idiotic, you still got to appreciate the fact that they even take the time to bother trying to improve the game.

      And I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with vinyls. Vinyls don’t have any other purpose besides eye-candy, and even then, putting vinyls on a car is quite idiotic and destroys some of the true beauty of the car.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ He’s kinda right, some of the updates could be better, and PD could do many SIMPLE things to improve the game, like add in more events and trophies either in an update or DLC, I wouldn’t care which. More track generator parameters. A paint shop. SOMETHING to increase the replay value. I’d say stop trying to add new features, unsure if people would enjoy them (like PhotoStream), and start adding to pre-existing features, or add features that they KNOW people would enjoy (like a livery editor). Even if the livery editor is just as simple as adding on and painting a couple stripes, I’d take it. (And not necessarily “vinyl” additions, but actual paint edits). You may not enjoy them, but take one look at the drifters and other tuning groups in the GT5 community, and you’ll see why so many people want a livery editor. Plus, all of GT5’s leading competitors have some sort of livery editor, so GT5 is “behind”, per say. Adding more rim and aero kits/race mods would be nice, too. Something that adds more variability to the cars, in my opinion, will add more replay value than vehicle DLC. I’m very grateful for PD’s support, but it seems like they could be doing other things that would much better help the game, and make the wait for GT6 a bit more pleasant.

  4. Lambob

    Sounds are bugged using the 7.1 PS3 headset, small theater, 7.1 mode.

    Opponent sounds , sound way closer than they appear, and when I bump AI from behind, or mildly nudge them, their sound drowns out mine, and stays that way for quite a while,

    Needs addressing, pls repair PD.

    1. imalexi

      Totally agree, in traffic I’m looking at my rev counter more than what’s ahead. Maybe that is what it’s like in real life though?

    2. Zamado75

      They’re not regularly supporting the game though; they’re tinkering with it to try and postpone its life – and they’re doing it badly by “fixing” so-called “bugs”. (some of these “fixes” produce even more “bugs”)

      What they’ve done, is REALLY screw up, released an incomplete game (yeah, we all know this); and now in-order to stop us seeking GT6 to give us what we want, they’re adding really pointless things and desperately seeking out minor “bugs” to “fix” to try and keep the game running.

      And I would rather put some minor vinyls on a premium car, as opposed to sticking rims on a standard car; which let’s me accomplish an almost impossible task… It makes standards look worse.

      And as for this Photo-share thing (FYI I haven’t even tried it yet, so if I start to make up stuff just ignore me), why would I feel the need to share my photos; I am a very good GT photographer, so I’m not embarrassed to share my work, but I think…all things considered…I think I’d prefer to drive an MC Stradale round El Capitan.

  5. Zamado75

    Sorry (stupid phone)…

    A) would you prefer much better engine sounds (not that the old ones IMO are bad), and the ability to share photos. Or,,,

    B) A mother-load of Italian exotica and the ability to add liveries to them?

  6. Zamado75

    @Jhwang; Way to state the obvious.

    This game (when your not in an online lobby with friends) is now really depressing to play. There’s nothing left to do! At least when you gave us the Aventador and 1200 (a personal favourite for tuning) it gave the game a new burst of life.
    Fair enough this GT Academy add-on probably had the same effect on some people, but we seriously need some really epic DLC if this game is going to, well, live.

    Honest answer, would you prefer PD fi

    1. DuskTrooper

      It’s not that people aren’t happy with it, they’re just unhappy with some of the glitches that have arisen since ‘updating’.

  7. Pit Crew

    PD PLEASE QA these updates a lil better. Seems sound upgrade made things worse. It sucks when you shift by sound of engine and cant hear over other car sounds , to keep your rhythm.

    I and others know your trying, so im sure you will fix it, but take a lil more effort to apply updates more effectively and accurate.

    1. add

      The sound-department at PD clearly needs reorganisation
      Maybe firing is the only solution left Kaz
      Delivering this kind of amateurism is just arrogant and insulting to your customers

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Having a sound department is better than not having one… I don’t see the point of firing anyone, unless he has enough people to replace them.

  8. Rynogtr23

    I never realised the the target demographic for gran turismo was over sensitive girly men who complain about everything. Waaa Waaa Waaa Waaa its disgusting.

    ANYWAY,Has anyone else noticed that after the 2.06 update, the minimum weight of the Amuse 380rs super leggera has been changed from 1150kg to 1370kg? All good though, still an amazing machine.

  9. Zamado75

    A “problem” where you could drive Karts and F1 with other cars in a Lounge(???)

    PD, Why???
    Stop fixing “problems”; which in fact actually make the game better!

    Next, we’ll discover a “bug” which gets us infinite credits and all the cars in the game; and we’ll love it so much we’ll play GT5 non-stop. Then PD and Kazumoron will decide this is a “bug” and they’ll ‘fix it’ by giving us a -200% bonus.


    1. TokoTurismo

      OH boohoo. To bad so sad GET OVER IT. That’s the most ridiculous complaint I’ve seen others complain about. There’s a good reason for it, and it’s a good one. Unless you want GT to lose Ferrari’s F1s, you wouldn’t be saying that. And no, I’m NOT being a fanboy. period…

      Like I said before. Well done Kaz and PD, and please don’t listen to ridiculous complaints like these, they’re standard. Keep on focusing what needs to be fix next. Such as *engine sounds* please and thank you. : )

  10. gt_spec86

    “Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other race cars in online races”
    I couldn’t even hear my own car now when i stood beside a race modded one, just barely!
    This is truly ridiculous, fix the sound back to where it was or make the others sound muted, mine got muted now so it had the opposite effect!!

  11. smskeeter23

    I’ve been at times almost a PD fanboy and compassionist but this is truly ridiculous. I never had problems with freezing or loading lag but last night (1st time playing with the new update) it froze/crashed 3 times and the last one took out my most recent save data (all progress for the night) I’m getting screen tearing and glitches now as well.

    Basically all the problems that others have complained about and I never had I do now.

    Thanks PD x-(

    1. DuskTrooper

      The ‘screen-tearing’ is due to the fact that the game isn’t using V-Sync. The ‘screen-tearing’ as you call it, has been there well before this update.

  12. 77

    ok so the sound is actually worse now, i drive on bumper cam without exception, iv never had any issue with volume levels for nearly 2 years now, since 2.06 when braking / cornering etc all i can hear is my opponents tyre noise, even if they are a significant distance away, mine are almost silent, utterly useless, lag been much worse too since update.

    1. smskeeter23

      Yea I’ve seen that posted here, what im saying is that I didn’t have a problem with it until now.

  13. TheBull

    Fantastic update PD paritcuarly the bug fix for the rare occuring race freezing after race ,so now its meant to do that ,another untested patch well done ,and i had time to write this because my car is still running around the track an hour after ive finnished the race ,sterling work give all your programmers another pay increase and a jam and cream scone

    cant wait to see what you will ruin next trying to fix this but then thats always the case when you release an unfinnished game

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      Hooray someone who isn’t brown nosing PD!! GOOD WORK!

      Do PD look here? I hope they do because there are a hell of a lot of flaws that need fixing.

      and thebull it took them 6 years to release that unfinished game… thats ridiculous.

      More peopple need to slate them for there MANY mistakes rather than congratulate them for there very FEW succeses.
      It’s the only way there gona get the idea this is not satifactory, perhaps it will incentify them to work a little harder.

    2. Quakebass

      There’s better ways of telling PD that there’s issues other than insulting them, you know…

      And we already know that part of the reason GT5 took so long is because PD rebuilt the physics engine from the ground-up; without it, we likely wouldn’t have damage, roll-over crashes, and several other handling traits.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Exactly. Sorry to say this but why are others who complained about the 5 years thing so blind about not seeing what you explained Quakebass? Really… Get over yourselves 5 year whiners… l:(

  14. BanditRa101801

    something I have noticed since the update, but I want to make sure…were you able to test your favorites out in course creator mode? I am not sure if this is new or if it is something I never noticed since I don’t use it as much :v

    1. DuskTrooper

      Yes, it’s been freezing up on me constantly since ‘upgrading’ to 2.06. Weird enough, the game never froze randomly for me before the 2.06 ‘update’.

  15. panjandrum

    I like the photo streaming, but I sure wish they were higher resolution and varied more often. I’ve checked it several times now from different devices and the photos repeat more often than would seem appropriate.

  16. hairystig

    I’m actually starting to come round on photostream, its a great waste of time :-) PD should bring out some phone apps for it though, I can use the link above through gtp app but its not ideal, oh well gives me a little gt5 fix while out and about.

  17. SZRT Ice

    Okay, so this ‘new’ save data backup feature is copy protected. But if you backup your data yourself it’s not. What’s the deal?? And GT Academy is great and all, but in the end it only benefits few, where car/track DLC benefits many. Not a big fan of comparisons, and honestly felt not having Porsche wasn’t such a big deal, then while scrolling down my YouTube recommendations, I was greeted by the Forza 4 Porsche Expansion Pack video. I won’t say much, just watch it for yourself. It looks like something that should have been Gran Turismo. (And the trees move, lol) But seriously, PD should adjust its priorities. We’re more than just wannabe GT300/500 racers. And Gran Turismo is more than that too.

    1. ClashCityRocker

      Problem is, XBox videos rarely end up like the end product, and Forza as a driving game sucks balls. It’s car physics are more akin to Burnout Paradise than real life.

    2. pay2021

      No, Forza driving physics dont suck balls, thats really biased, the priorities of PD suck balls, thats a fact.

    3. Youngun

      Thats all Commercials, Trees moving in games rarely happen unless a cutscene etc, no point in driving games as they go by fast anyhow, never liked forza physics, but for bad physics, winner is N4S Shift II

    4. MuoNiuLa

      @ClashCity: Forza has Burnout Paradise physics? Are you serious? Thanks for showing everyone here you don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about.

    5. SZRT Ice

      You guys all completely missed the mark on what I was getting at. I wasn’t trying to bash or praise Forza. I was simply stating we need more content that would benefit everyone. GTA is cool, and gives us something to do for now.But when it’s over, there will be a few winners, and 100’s of thousands of… Anyways, we all win with fresh content. And rehashed cars and tracks doesn’t fully count. I would actually rather have a dl copy of GT4 with network capability then GT5 @ this point in time, simply for the tracks. (Eh, biting a bit more on that one) But more tracks (plural) are welcomed. We need a track pack PD.

    1. lldantell

      i noticed it and it feel like you driving a real can feel the tires gripping the road and it have loads of feel

    2. blksentra2

      I use a T500RS, but I assume the change is the same for all the wheels.

      I think with one of the last couple of updates (not sure exactly which one) PD had dialed back the FF response on the wheels when driving certain cars. I had my wheel set on “No power assist, Simulation, Level 10” and got very little feedback when driving anything other than purposes built race cars. I almost thought something was wrong with my wheel.
      Now after the update that strong resistance (for those who set their wheel to it) is back, and I have to say it feels much better. Just like the old days.
      I don’t know what settings you have your wheel set to. But I’d imagine, unless you had it on a very strong setting, you might not be able to tell the difference.
      I hope this helps.

  18. Quakebass

    Man, it seems like whenever PD fixes something, a whole bunch of other glitches are let loose…

    1. Amac500

      Mine has been freezing in arcade mode when running Le Mans with time and weather change for like the past 2 updates

    2. smskeeter23

      It is in fact one of the evils of programming. Touch one thing and it effects 700 other things :-(

  19. Jaycue58

    One of the bugs fixed was, when you finished a race and went back to the home screen it would freeze up………………………………………guess what ?Finished a race went to home screen it froze good fix eh!

    1. evertV12

      Sounds like you need to reinstall the game, because I havent seen that happening on my game.

  20. Ballbagboy

    Why is letting karts ans f1 drive together classified as a bug? It would be cool if road cars and f1 could drive together

  21. Blood*Specter

    LeMorg Said:

    “I’m using an optical cable from my PS3 to the logitech z906. Tried different games and there was no problem with the sound, but in GT5 I get almost no sound from the front speakers? I’ve tried different speaker layouts like “auto”,”5.1″, and virtual surround. Perhaps the problem is that I’m using triple screens? Everybody else seem happy with the new sound. I don’t think I’m the the only one who plays in cockpit view with a 5.1 dolby digital/dts surround system!?”

    Yes LeMorg, even though I am not using my system, I have noticed on my TV the sound has changed. The engine sounds do not seem as strong as they did for me Saturday prior to 2.06. Perhaps the only way for sound to be good is to set to stereo. Hope PD hears this and fixes the problem. The sound makes the game for me too.

    1. kultclassic

      completly agree with this something has changed with the sound its not as loud as before, which i think they had previously made louder in an earlier update.. also on cockpit view. no massive issue, but sound is key

  22. rjcraft16

    its about damn time polyphony did something with GT5 i love PD & gran turismo but will someone explain why there hasn’t been any DLC for over 3 months? please really someone explain

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      PD are hard at work turning average-Joe gamers into N24 winners! (congrats), plus GT6 is well on its way.

      Also I think PD realizes that adding a few extra cars and tracks are not gonna do much for this game, at this point its like beating a dead horse.

    2. DANfourTWENTY

      @ my fav game

      How do you know there working on GT6? I know that they scanned bathurst and apparently the guys doing the scanning where asked “is this for GT6” and there apparent reply was “uh.. yeah GT6” and this conversation werent in english either.

      Point being that we cant take the word of a guy who works for the company (which i presume is a third party) which does the scanning of the tracks, furthermore how many times have we been given the wrong idea because things have been lost in translation.

      and how do they work on a game for a console they dont know the specs of? have sony even officially confirmed the specs or even that they are making the ps4?

    3. another_jakhole

      It’s already been stated that they’re working on GT6. They started some work on it before GT5 was released.

    4. another_jakhole

      “Notably, Kazunori also re-confirmed that Gran Turismo 6‘s development is underway, and commented about how the game’s new features will ultimately be chosen:

      Of course we’re working on GT6 already and I think what really will be the separating factor is something that we can’t update through a DLC is something that obviously has to be saved for GT6. Things that we can provide through DLC we will, so that’s really the market difference.”

    5. biftizmo

      there was a suggestion of new “content” approximately ever 2 months, but that’s it!..what is it with this gt6- PS4 thing? whats going to be in it that cant be added to GT5.the assumption that GT5 is not totally up-gradable in every aspect is silly.D.L.C is the future and has been since before GT5 was released…wake up were here already.

    6. Quakebass

      There are some things you can’t put in an update, or some things are just too large – You saw how big GT Academy was, and we’ve already gotten 5+GB in update data. You’ll run out of space if the game continues to update like this. A major physics re-work (not rebuild, that’s different) to adjust the engine would be much more taxing to do through an update, and would take up MASSIVE amounts of space. Plus, the PS3 is on it’s last legs already; GT is pushing the limits, so we need a new console for the power of GT6. Also, something like a physics tweak isn’t really something you’d get as DLC – it would be in an update. The issue, you may ask? PD doesn’t make any money for their work. There really are plenty of things you can’t do in an update, contrary to what many people believe.

      And yes, as another_jakhole stated, GT6’s development has been known since before GT5 was RELEASED – you’re a little behind there, DANfourTWENTY, as it had been stated by Kaz himself. And I 100% agree with MyFavoriteGame’s comment: “at this point its like beating a dead horse.” It’s a WAY better idea to work on GT6 than try to improve GT5 to GT standards; PD may have been able to do it if they’d focused all of their workforce on GT5, but at this point, GT6 is a better idea since they’ve already made progress on it, and it would take even longer (up to two more years) to update GT5. As it had been stated, PD wanted 2 more years on GT5, but they started moving workforce to GT6. So claiming that GT5 should’ve/could’ve (well, actually maybe could’ve) been complete 2 years later are wrong – for PD hasn’t had ALL of their workforce to work on since GT5 was released. I would’ve been more thorough and gone into more detail, but I’m in a bit of a rush right now, sorry.

    7. STIGGY_34

      @MyFavouriteGame N24 winners lol??????????? in a class with 2 cars…. Come back to me when they finish in the top 10 outright and have only one wannabe (Kaz and Lucas are garbage)

    8. Quakebass


      You can’t get in the top 10 if you’re car is WAY slower than the cars in the upper class. Do you expect a GT3 car to beat and LMP car in Le Mans? it just doesn’t work like that. The class victory wasn’t all that impressive, but the over all position was – 30th out of 170-ish cars? the “ratio” is about 3rd or 4th out of 20 cars in a GP race, but I’m not including the difference between classes.

    9. MyFavoriteGame

      ^ The 2012 N24 race was limited to a maximum of 190 cars/entries (down from a limit of 250 entries in 2011)

    10. Quakebass

      ^Yeah, but wasn’t there only about 170-ish this time? just because there’s a limit doesn’t mean you have to go right along with it.

    11. biftizmo

      @ quaker..GTA is a stand alone game..of course its big…what are these “things” that can”t be included in an update. better physics and better visuals will all come with better track and car D.L.C. what can be added can also be deleted to.
      roll on Trail Mountain with weather and time upgrade.

      A young man from couch to racing is a winner to me..better than training Murder death kills! on shoot’em ups what ever grade or class they are.

    12. Quakebass


      It’s not exactly the fact that theres some things that are “un-patchbale” (I’m sorry in advance – this gets a little complex, but it NEARLY turns into to an “un-patchable” situation, just bear with me), it’s just the fact that the system (hardware) and it’s OS may not be able to handle it – things like polygon counts, higher damage models, more particles, and higher frame rates. There isn’t a limit to what the DEVELOPERS can do to the game. PD could make the game run at 300 FPS, have a damage model as good as or BETTER Burnout Paradise’s, and allow up to 64 cars on a track at once in one game IF THEY HAD THE TIME, and funding, but the fact is the PS3’s hardware likely couldn’t handle it, and some of it couldn’t be run with the current OS version. The best thing I can relate to this is Adobe and Apple: you can’t use the newer Adobe suite’s on the older OS versions, because they aren’t quite compatible, and you can’t just adjust an OS for one specific application or group of applications, (or games in this case) because it could have the potential of leaving other software incompatible with the OS. (What Apple ended up doing is selling OS’s to download specifically for Adobe customers who wanted to continue to use the old/new products on an old/new system – but it still “broke” the other applications.) This could mean that if Sony released an update for the PS3 to adjust the OS for GT5, they could “break” the OS for potentially EVERY other game and other software on the PS3, due to an incompatible system. What I mean by “break”, is that by inserting in a game like NFS, Uncharted, etc. (non GT5, basically), it would have the same effectiveness of putting in a Xbox 360 game – it wouldn’t work, or at least not properly. They only way to get around that is for the developers of literally EVERY other game on the PS3 would have to release an update for THEIR games, and that would mean a LOT of data to download for most gamers. This would be a MASSIVE pain to EVERYONE except PD, and people who ONLY use a PS3 to play GT5… which is a very small amount of people.

      Then, as I had stated, patches and updates will start to take up space – Spec II took up slightly more than a third of GT Academy, and we’ve gotten a good 5-ish Gigs in update data already – which is about a 15th of my hard drive space. Just in UPDATES. I’m unsure of how big GT5 is if you were to download it off PSN, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 6-10GB.

      In a sense, you are correct, GT can continually be updated forever. The problem is, there’s limits to the system and OS it runs on, as I stated. AND, as I stated in another comment, PD’s already been working on GT6, and GT5 almost seems like a waste of time to bring it up to “GT Standards” – what’s the point of stopping support for a game thats been in development for about 2 years now and working on a game that’s incomplete on so many levels? Especially since we know that the next Playstation System could possibly be out near the end of 2013? Then there’s this: PD gives us “content” of sorts through updates. Do we pay for it? No, we don’t. and a DLC “Bug Fix” pack doesn’t sound appealing, does it? So, PD doesn’t really get any money from the updates, only the DLC. You may say that DLC will compensate for that, but really, it won’t; the updates that have come to GT5, and the ones you’ve proposed, are WAY bigger and take WAY more work than most updates for most games. So the only way for DLC the really “compensate” for the work put into these proposed updates, is for it to be MUCH more expensive. It’s really just a better idea all around to work on GT6 and leave GT5 behind, (well, not “leave it behind”, they should still give it updates, but slowly put less and less work and workforce into it until it’s just a few people working on bug fixes and administrating the servers. BUT, if they do that, they NEED to announce that they’re going to slowly slow down support for the game in order to focus on GT6) since GT6 has already been in development for some time, and GT5 would really still need a year to a year and a half to bring it up to par, even if 100% of the workforce moved back to it. And we’d end up paying more than we would for a new game, anyways. It’s simply SO much more logical to work on GT6, at least until some sort of system is released that allows connectivity of external hard drives, and has an EXTREMELY flexible OS that will allow changes to support more powerful games while not discontinuing others. This would basically mean the PS4, or PS5.

      I hope you understand at least SOME of this; it’s quite complex, but you gotta learn this stuff if you’re planning to be a computer/game programmer for a career.

    13. biftizmo

      @ Quakebass.. this is all good but i think you are underestimating the power of the PS3…”its is very difficult to maximize on the full potential of the PS3″ and PD are experts. and 20 GIG isn’t allot on a terabyte PS3. may i suggest an upgrade to a 2 terabyte very soon…and there are much better looking games than GT5 hardware is not a problem. check CBS news interview the single most important thing about GT5 is its “network communication integration” securing the implementation for the future of all GT series ..its no longer a case of how to do it!! more a case of what are we going to provide on it
      sorry to those with crap connections.

      sorry if this is to nontechnical..but software writers are notoriously lazy. give them more space they use more space..
      example tomb Raider 1 was 650 megabytes on its a 10 meg download same game.
      whoops seasonal’s ..more content for free.

    14. Quakebass

      ^Hard drives aren’t what determine the power of the console, it’s merely how much you can store on it. The fact is, the OS could become incompatible with GT5 if it’s made too powerful, and therefore it’d need to be upgraded in order to play it, and as stated, that could “break” other or most other games. Did you even read that part? And I KNOW that hard drives are cheap and easy to come by now, but that’s not my point; I’d like an easy way to CONNECT/attach the drive (like you can on the newer Xbox 360 model). As efficient as USB is, it doesn’t transfer data NEARLY as quick as FireWire – USB can only get up to 480 MBPS, and FireWire can get up to 800 MBPS – much more reliable. Also, as I was saying for the connectivity, I’d like it to be attachable – having a wire between the drive and the console (for me) could be prone to disconnects due to the placement of the system (and there is no better place to put it.) and the size of the drive. And I’m NOT going to just buy an upgraded console; I got a backwards compatible version for a reason.

      As I said; all of these updates are possible, it’s a matter of making the OS more efficient for it and having powerful enough hardware to play it is the issue. Plus PD won’t make much money off of just updates, so they’d have to up the price of DLC to make up for that.

      It seems like you only addressed the first half of my first paragraph… Did you even READ the rest of what I had said?

    15. biftizmo

      @ Quakebass.. you are underestimating the power of the PS3…”its is very difficult to maximize on the full potential of the PS3″ said by Kaz himself. do you read the first part of reply’s. A possible D.L.C “approximately” every 2 months is far more profitable than a new game every couple of years. Xbox is no way comparable to the PS3..check your spec..New PS3 slim’s come with a terabyte Drive in them and are easily up-gradable.. i’m merely trying to address your “20” GIG storage problem.D.L.C (Download Content) is The Future and PS4 and GT6 are Far far away…

    16. Youngun

      Just cuz we dont no the spec of the PS4 doesnt mean they dont, Most next gen engines are ready and specs written up, just not publicly announced until E3 or something, Sony wouldnt just freeze on production, most developers are working on next gen games with proto systems and basic coding for that system.

    17. Quakebass


      So you obviously didn’t read what I said. I’m sticking wit my PS3 I have now because it’s backwards compatible – meaning it can play my old PS2 and PS1 games. I KNOW you can get PS3’s with MASSIVE hard drives now, but you can’t get one with backwards compatibility. And about the 360 – I wasn’t talking about it’s power, I was only talking about the attachable hard drives for it; just attach and play, sort of like a memory card. That was all.

      What I was saying: The PS3 likely HAS the power to support these proposed updates, but it’s THE OS’S PROBLEM; AS I’VE STATED FOR THE THIRD TIME, PLEASE READ. They would have to update the OS of the PS3 in order to run some things, like higher frame rate, damage modeling, or physics adjustments. Adjusting the OS could break other games, so Sony wouldn’t just update it for one game. They’d lose LITERALLY MILLIONS if they did. Plus, just about every gamer wouldn’t be able to play on the PS3 anymore, POTENTIALLY.

      Yes, DLC cold still fund the game, but based on the size and content of the UPDATES, it still wouldn’t be worth it. It’s a MUCH better idea, especially now since GT6 is already HEAVILY under development and has been for a while now, AND that we know that the PS4 is on it’s way, to just do a new game, hopefully for the next console. MAYBE they could do this (as I had stated on my first explanation) in GT6 if the PS4 has a flexible OS and PLENTY of hard drive space, and easily attachable/decent external hard drives available for it.

      So, to summarize, the hardware MAY BE powerful enough, but the OS isn’t, and probably won’t be without consequences. And you’d be surprised at how soon we could be expecting the PS4 and GT6… We already know that Sony’s trying to get the PS4 out holiday 2013, and GT6 shouldn’t take NEARLY as long as GT5 did, for PD isn’t building a new engine from the ground-up – that should take AT LEAST 1-2 years off of it’s dev cycle compared to GT5. Plus, recently, I just found this:

      There’s more articles on this, just search “GT6 E3”.

      If you had read everything CAREFULLY, you wouldn’t have been saying many things that you just did.

    18. MyFavoriteGame

      yeah,…we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, I provided facts about the set limit of entries allowed at N24, and you’re providing me with you’re opinion on how many cars you “think” there were in a race you probably watched in German. Provide me with a link of some sort, but until then, I just don’t see a race with the stature of N24 having 20 fewer entries than permitted.

    19. Quakebass

      ^ Sorry, I was just looking at the race grid on the AudiTV stream… there was 170 something cars in the list, and I couldn’t find a page with information on the N24 grid after it ended… I may be wrong, so sorry that I wasted your time… But what I meant by “just because there’s a limit doesn’t mean you have to go right along with it.” is that there’s a 190 car limit, but can’t there be 180 cars? You don’t have to border a limit. I wasn’t referring that this was the case for N24 2012, it was just a general statement on limitations/restrictions. So can YOU provide a results list? I’ve tried to find one, I’d be using it right now if did. I swear I remember seeing a number in the 170’s at the very bottom of the position grid on the AudiTV stream. I’m likely wrong, considering how many people disagree with me. I’m sorry I’ve wasted your time… I hate saying nonsense that I haven’t researched properly… It makes me feel like an idiot… :P

  23. stiggygonzalez

    Good to see PD are still updating the game,I always wanted to adjust the volume in the quick options.
    Like the look of that suit and that picture is pretty good too.
    I wonder when or if PD will release any footage of the 24 hours of the ‘ring for GT TV?

  24. biftizmo

    How do you get several different cars of choice lined up for photo…i understand how to have two with a 2 player split screen in a arcade mode replay ..But i have seen many different arrangement’s in photo stream how is this possible?

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      you get in a lobby with friends and get them to get in arrangement, then finish race and save the replay. watch replay and pause when they are where you want them and SNAP away buddy.

    2. biftizmo

      @DAN thanks it had to be there somewhere…view “race results” then save replay to view in replay theater..been playing this game more or less every day for 2 years…now i can save awesome online races ..thought i new everything..WHAT A GAME..GT5 has everything !!!

  25. Pit Crew

    As stated before in other threads, PD never promised, just assumed they would be able to produce DLC packs every 2 months.

    Getting 2.06 update is more important than DLC at this point cuz it had many bugs online and off that had to be dealt with, and who wants to race their swanky new DLC ride in a glitchy lobby, or buggy game mode, but when you switch to a regular car game works fine. Heck the Edge Special Camaro will freeze an online lobby now and DLC pack 1may have been responsible for 123 hit start twice glitch (online race lobby ), DLC 2 we sometimes didnt get credits or exp after online races. Just saying appreciate the effort to improve an almost 2yr old game.

    PD may be longwinded, but they will take care of us DLC or Update whichever comes first. Once race season is over who knows. Lets just hope that while Kaz is racing he is bartering with the various race teams, sponsors, dealers and Internatioal Racing governing bodies so we could maybe see more race classes and challenges in GT6.

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      “As stated before in other threads, PD never promised, just assumed they would be able to produce DLC packs every 2 months. ”

      imo they shouldn’t as that makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. i think maybe they just shouldn’t hype themselves, then people wouldn’t be as dissapointed when they fail to deliver time and time again. Or maybee they should employ more workers to increase productivity of said DLC,Bug fixes and standard to premium updates.

    2. another_jakhole

      Kaz didn’t say there WILL be DLC packs DEFINITELY every 2 months from here on out.

      He said,
      “I think that will include cars and trucks that we’ll be releasing maybe once every two months or so from here on out.”

      He had to say “think”, MAYBE, and “or so” to be clear enough so people won’t feel like Kaz is breaking a promise.

    3. Kobooi

      Kaz shouldn’t think maybe or so. He should know for sure definitely. If he can’t, he needs to be replaced by someone who can.

    4. Quakebass

      ^What? That doesn’t make sense; he was stating that he believed that it was likely that they could get content out every two months, but not 100% sure they could meet the deadlines SPOT ON 100% OF THE TIME. It has NOTHING to do with Kaz, he isn’t the one building the game, it’s the company doing that, and developing GT6 in the process.

    5. TokoTurismo

      Ahh don’t worry Quakebass. Kobooi likes to talk crap whenever someone saying something but swiching it differently…

    6. Youngun

      Maybe every 2 months but for how long, how many games get more then 3 Dlc packs, not many. mabye thats it (or close to it) rather have 100% (well 90% + 10% on GT5 maintenace) to get GT6 perfect and not another half finished game

  26. DANfourTWENTY

    Don’t know if im rite or wrong, maybee i have the car wrong? but i seem to remember the standard blitz er34 skyline having a blue neon light emitting from near the intercooler, I cant find the car with the light now?

  27. counter345

    “Fixed a rarely occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge”

    was very common for me, glad they’ve fixed this

  28. WTFnews

    Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge

    who ever said this was a problem, it was awsome kei vs cart!! FGT vs F1!!! oh well we will never see this again :(

    1. another_jakhole

      I doubt anyone complained, but it’s a flaw in the game or whatever. This fix isn’t exactly necessary like not being able to use most supercars, race cars, and luxury cars on dirt/snow tracks. It would have been better if they left it alone.

    2. McKiernan

      The issue is that PD have a deal with Ferrari that the F1 cars are not allowed to race against any other cars. If they hadn’t removed this glitch PD could’ve lost the Ferrari licence or worse been sued by Ferrari.

  29. carz9240

    I dont know about that last one… I was in a race @ monza and on the main straight i was in a pack of cars with my gt-r proto and i couldnt hear myself, i was redlining in fifth gear. I hope polyphony will fix that! And where is that dlc every two months???

    1. nascarfn

      yes id like to know where the hell those f****ng dlc are too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $!@#$%^&*())(#$^&%$%^&

    1. ClashCityRocker

      GT6 is many years away. If you want a new racing game every year with minor incremental changes, buy an Xbox.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Don’t bring Forza into this, I’m tired of arguing about it. And GT6 could be a a bit closer than you’d think; PD will likely be using GT5’s current engine, so they won’t be doing the rebuild that they did on GT5 that took so long. That should shave a good 1-2 years off of it’s development time (compared to GT5). I really don’t think GT6 will have “incremental changes” compared to GT5. If they fixed everything that was wrong with GT5 and made the A-Spec about 10 times longer, it’d be quite different, not just an “incremental change”, as you called it. I’ve said this several times now, sorry if it bothers anyone that I keep repeating myself.

  30. teth75

    Really loving this update! before the sound coming through my TV was messed up especially in split screen mode (could hear one cars engine over the others) but thats now sorted! Better for online lobbies too. Handling and ffb seem the same though?… Really looking forward to the next seasonal with adjustable performance, sounds like a grinders dream come true… unless they mess up the tyres and have AI on Sports Hard even if your using a tuned supercar on racing h/m/s/ like arcade mode……

  31. GTSC

    HAHAHAHA !!!!!!!

    1. Quakebass

      You know Toko… I think that is LITERALLY the most 100% logical thing I’ve heard all day…

  32. BIOHAZARD9519

    There has to be something in hiding within this update, all these fixes cannot take up nearly half a gig, unless photo stream is that complicated.

    1. Lambofanghini

      I was thinking the same thing. There’s a track in there somewhere, I hope. PD’s up to something. :)

    2. Bom15

      I expect it has the GT academy cars attached to. Saves releasing another update at the end June beginning of July.

  33. tawfiq

    Best game ever :)
    The only PS3 game that I intend not to sell. (I usually sell my games after 6 months of Usage)
    this and Uncharted 3 Explorer edition :)

    But damn, I guess i’ll be spending the rest of the morning downloading this Update lol

    1. Lambofanghini

      I think someone already elaborated on this in the thread. I believe they said that if you win a race driving a car that is rated lower than the required pp say 375 vs 400 pp you will earn more credits and points. So the harder you make it the more you win, I guess. We have to try it and see but I won’t be able to for a few days.

    2. teth75

      I’m hoping you’ll be able to change pp range and tyres of seasonals, basically it would mean u can try lots of different cars on same event. Hope so anyhoo….

    3. TomBrady

      It better include tires into that. What’s the point of giving you extra points for using a weaker car if they’ll let you use racing tires. Really everybody should using what the AI uses for tires in the first places. It makes for much better racing but as the public lobbies online would indicate, half the GT5 community are noobs who use racing soft 100% of the time. That’s not realistic guys, you are playing a simulator not NFS burnout or forza 4

    1. TomBrady

      I would say it’s the best game/sim ever, but I realize not everybody is into racing games. Like RPG’s, racing games and sims are a niche genre. To really judge what the best game ever is, I think you have to look at something that is universally enjoyable, and something that crosses genres. If you do that, the best game of all time is HANDS DOWN,
      Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
      It’s not actually my favorite game, but objectively, I can’t think that any other game is even close to as good as it is all around

  34. WrxScooby

    Awesome seems like every time I start getting burned out on GT5 they come out with another update that reels me right back in! :)

    1. teth75

      +1 they seem to be able to save a bit of magic for us! Never seen such support for a game! Incredible q:-)*

  35. habsfrenzy

    Did the update, played a quick game in arcade mode and the gas and brake buttons changed from x and 0 to L1 and R1. played gt academy recently with the controler and the buttons were good old x and 0. just curious if anybody else experienced this. for what its worth the graffics did look different but that could just be wishful thinking.

    good racing all

  36. Diatribe777

    Thanks PD, for improving a critical aspect for us wheel users:)

    p.s. GT Academy rules too!

    ok, love is back to driving :D

  37. lldantell

    I hope my steering wheel won’t be loose when I go over bumps around nurburgring in a stiff car

    1. lldantell

      im not at home yet but everytime i go over a bump in a race car stiff road car,it become bumpy and jumpy since 2.05

  38. Pit Crew

    TOTALLY hot thread Jordan, and we don’t even know what newest seasonal is yet. (performance adjustment is for post update seasonal comment leaves something to be desired.) PD PLEASEgive us something fresh and challenging wednesday.

  39. tpark103

    I am looking forward to seeing how the FFB will effect the feel of the wheel. I think I use my DS3 more than my wheel but this may be a good reason to knock the dust off of thing.

  40. FahrerGott

    “It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.”

    Finally! But can we now listen to our custom playlists during online races?

  41. TomBrady

    I’m happy about this. I just recently noticed how bad the force feedback has been lately. Somebody mentioned it in the forum and then I started to really notice it. It was a lot weaker, numb almost and there still is much less rumble from rumble strips and stuff too.

    I already thought GT5 had kind of weak (weak as in wheel weight, resistance, feedback, etc. The FFB overall is actually spectacular, better than anything except netkar Pro), but 2.04 made it even worse. Thank god they noticed and improved it, put it back to what it was before 2.04.

    Also, the Music and SFX adjustments in race are AWESOME!!!!!!!! There are sometimes i don’t want the music on, sometimes I do, and not to mention, cars aren’t the same volume, so depending on what car you’re driving, before you would have to go back and forth to get it mixed right, NOT ANYMORE!!!!

    Not to mention, if voice chat is enabled in an online lobby, you get stuck with the main GT5 soundtrack, and I always hated it when I forgot to shut the music off beforehand. Now I can do it right from the track

    It’s little things like this that are why GT5 IS THE BEST GRAN TURISMO EVER!!!!!! HANDS DOWN. Not to mention the huge things like physics, force feedback, online, course maker, weather, night/day transitions, karts, f1, etc Anybody who doesn’t think GT5 is the best GT needs to pull their head out of their nostalgic ass, seriously

    1. MuoNiuLa


      “Anybody who doesn’t think GT5 is the best GR needs to pull their head out if their nostalgic @$$, seriously”

      Wow, that last sentence was totally unnecessary. This may shock you and blow your mind but not everyone views things the same way you do. I recommend learning how to respect other people’s point of view before posting again. Thanks.

    2. DashFire


      You need to realise that this is the FIRST GT that is able to be patched….

      So, in terms of “day of release” quality, GT4 trumps 5 by miles…
      But, since PS2 has no physical storage (besides the 8Mb cards) they couldn’t improve on what was better to begin with…

      But otherwise, yeah… you’re completely right… -.-

    3. teth75

      But basically He’s Right Yeah? Why does someone always feel the need to pull someone up over their opinion? It’s a GT forum not a political discussion !?

    4. TomBrady

      I’m not gonna listen to a forza fanboys arguments. I don’t respect your opinion, and I never will. Trying to say GT5 isn’t the best GT is just ludicrous. Even as it was the day it was released, not including seasonals, patches, it’s still the best. I think you’re forgetting how much better the physics are, but obviously since you’re a forza fanboy, physics is definitely not the first thing you concern yourself with is it. Not to mention all the new features, and online. All GT4 has on it is more events, that’s it. I’d rather have online than a couple extra events anyday.

    1. MuoNiuLa


      “Anybody who doesn’t think GT5 is the best GR needs to pull their head out if their nostalgic @$$, seriously”

      Wow, that last sentence was totally unnecessary. This may shock you and blow your mind but not everyone views things the same way you do. I recommend learning how to respect other people’s point of view before posting again. Thanks.

  42. kennyuk77

    bout 5 gigs of patches for gt5 now, and more to come… Laugh at somebody who bought the game new on most ppl’s net connections you would need a day to update the game.

    1. TomBrady

      No actually even on the worst connections, only about 10hours to download, and I’m not sure how long to install. Plus the game disc install data adds another hour so yea, almost a whole day.

      And I would know this for sure because I have the worst possible internet connection, 1.34mbps download, .37 mbps upload. it’s pathetic, one step away from dialup lol

    2. Quakebass


      That’s an issue with updates and patches; they’re gonna start taking up a LOT of space. I, for one, may not be able to continue updating GT5 in the next year or so; I play other things than just GT5, and other games take up space. Also, people without internet connections get screwed over, because they won’t get the new additions and fixes that the others get, at least until a new disk version comes out (like the Spec II disk).

    3. McSoap


      There are people out there with worse connections then you.

      Like mine, tops out at 250 KB/s on a good day… =/

    4. TomBrady

      It depends what you’re downloading man and that’s not your actual internet speed. 250K is dial up, and I doubt you have dial up. You must have broadband at the least right?
      Just because you can’t download faster than 250kbps that doesn’t mean that’s your actual internet speed.

      Go to to find out your ACTUAL download and upload speeds. It’s free obviously and very accurate.

  43. L2D_J-kirb_

    The smiley face is in the tail light of the premium Blitz ER34 skyline. I’m looking forward to seeing the little changes that came with this update. I’m installing it right now. If you are looking to tandem let’s meet up.

  44. blksentra2

    I’ve have the Force feedback on my T500R turned up to the max and on most cars the feedback was almost nonexistent after the last update. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was so much feedback driving racing cars, I would’ve thought something was wrong with my wheel. This was right on time for me.

    I’m downloading the update as I type this post, I really hope this solves the issue.

    1. nascarfn

      there is a car with a dog face and a another face on the left side tail lights 2 circular lights Oo like that ive seen it on the gt5 pic site before it almost looks like a nissan back but ive checked all the nissans in the game if any1 can it would be very appreciated

  45. Strunz1098

    My GT5 and Academy will not load. Updated but now it doesn’t want to work. Both will get stuck the the GT5 logo or GT5 Academy 2012 logo. F8ck! Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Quakebass

      Then I honestly don’t know; the only other idea I have isn’t all that appealing, and may not work – by deleting GT Academy and re-installing it, it MIGHT fix it… but it could delete your progress, and you may get the same glitch still. It may be fixed in a later patch, so for now, I’d just do nothing, sorry.

    2. thaisn

      and other games work?

      deinstall and installing them again shouldnt delete your progress.
      the save file is seperate so u could also copy it to an usb stick or so…

      at least try it with the academy?

    3. Strunz1098

      Thank you for the help and yes I wiped out the files and reinstalled. Works like a charm again!


  46. MJRL

    Does anyone like the FF now on G27?
    Now i have to turn more the wheel, feels like i’m driving truck… i like more direct steering… i don’t imagine in Monaco in the tight turn…

    1. MJRL

      I think the Logitech “deadzone” it’s even more noticeable, but i didn’t have time to try it more, i was doing the Seasonal event TT at the Nurburgring, i have to try in another tracks.

    2. MJRL

      The only you can do its put more or less FF, the other driving settings are not a played to G27.

    3. thaisn

      for me it felt the other way round in therms of the deadzone…
      have u tried to reduce the FF?

  47. Toyota2jz

    Woohoo just came home from work & to see this, awesome great news, love how PD thinks. True car fanatics <3 (:

    1. RB26 2jz

      I saw a 2jz swapped miata on YouTube with no turbo filter so the turbo was SO loud spooling up, that and the exhaust was probably only 5 inches long so I came straight up from the engine and was basically a smoke stack

  48. tpark103

    PD always seems to come through for us fans. This is just enough to keep interest sparked without going over board. I don’t won’t to sound like I’m complaining but, I’m still waiting on that big one! :) Oh until we get it thanks Kaz and PD for what you guys do for us fans!!!

  49. chucksstuntman

    man im only like 100 cars away from having them all… and the ones left are not supposed to be hard to find cars.

  50. m8h3r

    I’m sorry but at this moment in time this update was a waste of time for me. 6 Hours updating and the only difference I can tell is the sound volumes, but even then I set it to the volume I wanted about 10 months ago. I hope that in a months time I can say I’m overjoyed with Moji and the GT Academy cars, but at the moment, wow.

    1. Quakebass

      It’s likely data in preparation for something to come; I can’t imagine a large bug fix update would normally take nearly half of a gig, but I may be wrong. Otherwise, you’d have an even larger update to complain about later; let’s face it; there’s GOT to b something coming what with TRM coming out after GT Academy – every DLC has had an update that preceded it, this, as I stated, could be preparation data.

  51. Amac500

    GT3 spec cars in next update please! Like the Audi R8 Ultra, BMW Z4, Mercedes Benz SLS, Astons, Nissans, Lexus, etc

    1. thaisn

      absolutley YES

      there’s an GT banner on every car on the vln and 24h races at the nordschleife but just one car in the game right now!
      1 out of over 200?

      at least it would be cool being able to “race mod” those stock cars… like the corvette which comes really close to the actual thing on the nürburgring!

      and dont forget about the 458 :) that monster looked awesome at the last two 24h

    2. Quakebass

      ^ That’s because the N24 is sponsored by PD… and there weren’t over 200 cars at the N24…

    3. Amac500

      Oh of course the 458, lol, the GT3 class homologations are the premier GT spec that doesnt race against prototypes and certainly has the most car models homologated. It’s the perfect chance to give us a wide variety of evenly matched GT cars! That and I want an R18, but GT3 would be most beneficial to the game!

    4. thaisn


      1. so…? by sponsoring them they should get some acces
      2. yeah, a 170… plus how much VLN cars which are not starting at the 24h?

      whats your point anyway?

    5. MyFavoriteGame

      @Quakebass – There are OVER 200 cars at the N24, at least 100 different models I’d guess.

    6. Quakebass

      @thaisn: PD sponsors the RACE, not the CARS used. They have the sticker because they’re participating in the race sponsored by PD. They may be able to get the race mods, but maybe not due to the team licenses.

      Wasn’t there something around like 169 or 175 cars on the N24 2012 HR grid? I’m sorry if I’m wrong…

  52. nascarfn

    can someone plz help it will not post my pics i took on gt5 i press share i pic and it says this will post on so i say yes and ive been refreshing the page 4 10 mins now and nothing of mine has showed up does any1 know what im doing wrong?

    1. Foxiol

      “what i am doing wrong?” Believing that your picture is going to appear there instantly and above the other thousands or millions around the world. LOOOOOOL

      Dude the images posted in that page are random. And if you are “mid smart” you can notice that there are a few pictures (actually 100 at a time) in that page at the moment and it will be refreshing in that way time to time. GT5 has millions of players around the world you know and imagine the amount of photos…that´s why the user name is not important. This is just to show GT5 pictures.

      Good luck if yours appear.

  53. Flagmo-T

    The New Force_feedback for the DF-GT is stunning – Thank you PD.. Nope! I’ve got nothing more to say Hehe :o)

  54. hazellnut134

    The Ferrari f1 is a glitch- PD and Ferrari agreed that the f1s would only be able to race each other. Stop whining, if they didn’t fix this we might have lost ferrari.

  55. kalakanto

    FFB “G25 Racing Wheel”, ” G27 Racing Wheel”, and ” T500 RS” steering wheel controllers have been improved. WOHOO best news ever!!!

  56. chevelleSS396

    Thanks for the update PD! Now on another note content I’d like to see in upcoming DLC-PREMIUM MUSCLE CAR PACK, CTS-V, BMW M5 F10, 13′ VIPER, 13′ GT500, ACURA NSX & I ALMOST FORGOT THE ZL1 Just to name a few!

  57. toolo4sno

    •Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge

    This is not a “bug” that should have been “fixed”!!

  58. speka

    Force feedback for the “Driving Force GT”, “GT FORCE Pro”, “G25 Racing Wheel”, ” G27 Racing Wheel”, and ” T500 RS” steering wheel controllers have been improved.

    weheeeee !!! oh yeah !!

  59. Blood*Specter

    I would like to see racing rules implemented for on-line and A/B spec. I think turning on rules would keep arcade racers out of “real racing” rooms. Some do not realize that their actually are rules in racing.

    So would like the damage physics to be tweaked. During an on-line race, when a car has massive damage that car is moved to the pits and the course goes under yellow. During this time cars can pit, and the speed is controlled by the game.

    Then have the game re-start racers in their proper positions with a running start.

    The damaged car is finished for the rest of the race. Black flags for racers who ram other cars. I know that might be hard to enforce, but it’s really needed in free run and racing.

  60. McSoap

    They should add a feature so that the user who took a picture got his name mentioned next to the picture or something!

  61. Rocket Racer

    Wow, “Performance Difference Adjustment” sounds great, will make seasonals more interesting. Also looking forward to the new content, hope there will be new cars as well, not only GT Academy Versions ;-)

  62. Lambob

    Is it too late to start playing GT Academy for prize collection? can I download it say, tonight, and start from round 1, or are some events now closed?

    1. Blood*Specter

      You still have 34 days left to qual. Some events are still locked. I was on yesterday and for me, the fourth event of round one was still locked. So yeah, go for it.

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah, you can still play it. The rounds don’t close until GT Academy ends. I started right when rounds 3 and 4 were released. You still get rewards, too. You can’t advance to later rounds until you get a medal in every event in the previous round.

  63. Lambob

    Well, seeing how Diablo 3 has destroyed my computer from shutting it down repeatedly 10 minutes into gameplay, looks like I will come back to my old love afterall. Thx PD.

  64. Blood*Specter


    Are you using digital or analog input? I am think you might need to let the processor on the speaker system do the decoding instead of the PS3 and GT5 in game options.

    If you have the cabling to let you do so, change between digital and analog connections.
    This is just troubleshooting so you can find where the problem is.

    Most surround processors will take a stereo signal and split it into 5.1 or 7.1 pseudo signal. Thus properly mixing the multi signals and sending them to the correct speakers.

    You might also try making the PS3 and GT5 do stereo just for a test. Just to see if the Logitech will send sound to the correct speakers.

    If the sound changes, then go back to PS3 and change sound output and see if problem comes back. If not, then go to the GT5 sound setup and adjust. If it changes for the worst, you know what to do. Hope this helps mate.

    1. LeMorg

      I’m using an optical cable from my PS3 to the logitech z906. Tried different games and there was no problem with the sound, but in GT5 I get almost no sound from the front speakers? I’ve tried different speaker layouts like “auto”,”5.1″, and virtual surround. Perhaps the problem is that I’m using triple screens? Everybody else seem happy with the new sound. I don’t think I’m the the only one who plays in cockpit view with a 5.1 dolby digital/dts surround system!?

  65. offib

    ”Fixed delay when launching electric cars using controllers other than a steering wheel controller pedal”
    What the hell is it, better acceleration? It should be. The Tesla should be doing a 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, not 5 seconds.

  66. HighPlainsDrftr

    I thought there was something wrong with the Evo X. I thought is was me, but this was the only car I noticed it on. RacingManiac’s description is pretty much what I was experiencing, nearly impossible to drive straight. Hope it’s fixed now.

    1. thaisn

      i made the evo’s driveable before the update with removing the “torsion controller” (not sure how its called ingame) by installing the differential (LSD).

      worked perfectly well with the evoX and also on its race modded version…

      i apply the lsd nearly generaly on every tuned car
      and very often on race cars
      most of the time it works perfectly without changing numbers
      its essential for drifting anyway…

      (hmmm i should do an ad)


    2. RacingManiac

      Yes, using a normal LSD instead of Yaw Control fixes this. But that is beside the point. The Yaw control implementation works on all the other Evo, just not the X…

  67. TokoTurismo

    Yes thank you so much for this amazing update PD, I love it. :D Wonderful photo too hawk2201, it hypes me up to test out the new update. :)

  68. RacingManiac

    Did they finally fix Evo X? Anyone confirmed? It is hugely disconcerting that you are basically driving in a sinusoidal wave down a perfectly straight line…

  69. nofxmike06

    •A “Performance Difference Adjustment” has been added to the rewards for seasonal events (Applies only to seasonal events held after this update).
    WOW, you guys really do listen to your gamers! I know I’d seen this very feature asked for several times!

  70. R0ssingt0n

    Good to hear… apart from the kart and ferrari F1 change. I loved having kart v car races :( oh well haha

  71. AnTiheLT

    No why did they fix the bug with changing the tires on the 125 SPL kart :(

    Now we can’t use it in any seasonal events (500PP) or upcoming Time Trials !!

    And everyone knows that there are no different if you put comfort or Racing tires on, when it comes to the Karts….

    1. doodlemonoply

      A real shame. especially the ‘bug’ that would let you race karts and cars in the same race which was super fun :(

    2. AnTiheLT


      So it was possible to get in to some of the Seasonal events / TT with changing the tires your moron !

  72. Blood*Specter


    Are you using 5.1 or 7.1 surround processor? You may have to use “simulated surround” setting.
    I am currently using simulated surround on my HDTV. And I had issues with the sound until Saturday which was before update 2.06. Normally I use Dolby Digital 5.1 processing via Harmon Kardon HK520 reciever.

    1. LeMorg

      I´m using the logitech z906, tried both the DTS and the 5.1 settings. Double checked settings on PS3 and in game!

  73. Blood*Specter

    After missing over a month of game play due to a broken Blu Ray drive, I finally was able to use GT5 Saturday the 19th. I had some issues with the feel of the game, sound of the cars and the tail view camera. Especially the way car sounded when driving using over the hood view and to some extent in cockpit view.

    I have to say the general feel of the game has improved. The handling feels more natural. I have no more issues with the sound when driving with the over the hood view or in the cockpit. They’ve sorted it out PD has.

    Installing a full control transmission no longer make the car sound like a high speed blender. The same is true of different exhaust and intake parts. The engine sounds are proper. Tire ware and handling are just better. This is again prior to the release of update 2.06.

    I think the progress can be traced to GT Academy mini game. The general feel of that game is what the entire GT5 feels like now. I am pretty sure that PD has continued inserting their famous “Ninja Edits” when ever possible. And to this point they have done a fantastic job. And before I get crucified for being a “FAN BOY” please understand that I have been critical of PD and Kaz in the past. But I tried to be constructive, never mean or disrespectful.

    The feel of GT5 pretty much sucked for most of the release up till now. The look of the cars and tracks though pretty good, was not really high definition. I also think they may not be putting in the time and effort they originally used to create the cars in the game. But that just like everything in this post is just what I think and it may not be true for everyone.

    I think once GT Academy is most of the way done we will start seeing new cars, tracks and some select standard cars become premiums. Although there are still some pixel issues with cars and tracks, I can see how this will be made better in the next major release (GT6) of the game. I believe PD changes the server side software and perhaps even upgrades the server hardware pretty often. They do not have the chance of upgrading the client side (what our PS3’s run) because some of the PS3 hardware would have to change. And that is not going to happen until the new (PS4) machine releases.

    Overall, despite the lack of Porsche and other cars, paint (livery) options PD and Kaz have been loyal to their users. I know it’s hard to always see, but this game has always been about what you felt as much as what you saw. These guys are still upgrading way more than a year after release. And no matter how angry you and I get about lack of cars or tracks, you can’t find another gaming company that is even close to PD in terms of life cycle support. Just like in the real world, sometimes (most of the time) updates break stuff that you like, or stuff that you didn’t realize was there until the update broke it.

    But to their credit, PD has tried to fix each mistake. And for the most part they have done so without charging the customer money. Truth be told in this day and age that is pretty damn amazing. Make no mistake we will pay for some things. But what PD and Kaz are all about is getting it right. So when it’s time to pay for something at least we know it’s done right. And if it’s not right it will be put right in the end yeah?

    Credit this site and the posters who come up with good suggestions. But you have to give props to Kaz for having his company listen to the people who use the product. So after all these years we find out there is a Santa Claus.
    He created Grand Turismo he loves cars and he drives at the anual 24 hour Nurburgring race. Who knew?

    1. Fong74

      Cheers mate! Absolutly aggree with what you said concerning product lifecycle. Its unique among all console titles.
      Can’t say anything about the update in particular bcause I havent tested it yet. But your statements sound promising. Looking forward to the evenin’

      Keep Racin’

    2. MadmuppGT

      I always say that, the Premium cars are not all that bad, true theyre not photo realistic but they’re ok. I still dont see why its such a gripe to the point people are screaming holy rage!

      I’ve always felt more strongly for driving feel than if a certain wheel arch is rounded off enough in a reply.

    3. Fong74

      Word! It’s all about the driving feel. I won’t mention Race Pro here ;) That game had best motorsounds on consoles and a great driving model, too. It looked like a mess and was buggy to the bone, though. But it kept us racing like hell…’s all about how you feel during a race, the way tyres wear off, how the car weight changes etc. Except the sounds, GT5 comes closer and closer to that fascination. I am curious about the feel of the game after the recent update…

  74. thaisn

    forcefeedback update… cool!
    but some setups on my cars (especially for drifting) are messed up.
    drifting over all became harder… but feels a bit more realistic now.
    did they do something to the grip parameters?
    good thing. but i´m a little bit afraid of redoing all my perfect setups.

  75. LeMorg

    They really messed up the sound this time!!!!!!!!!!!! All the engine sounds is now coming from the rear speakers only! Tried different FR cars…. The GT-Rs GT500 cars are ruined!!!! Buttkicker doesn´t work as good anymore.

  76. MyFavoriteGame

    I believe update like these with the addition of new features are more important than DLC (More cars).

    PD needs to start working on more race modes, especially for online. Something to do with the cars we already have is would be much more relevant than just having more cars imo.

    1. Quakebass

      That’s what I’ve been saying; cars don’t increase the replay value that much; maybe they’ll give you some fun for a week or two, but they just become bland like the rest of the cars. Tracks are a little better, but they’ll become bland too, eventually. And these additions don’t need to be so hard; an event creator seems plenty doable, just select parameters, tracks, and maybe which cars are available or which opponents you’ll be racing against. Even easier, just release an A/B-Spec pack. Add more parameters to the track generator. Add in a basic livery editor; something as simple as just adding a stripe or two. Add more rims, aero kit options, and race (for both standard AND premium cars). All of these are simple, (well, the event generator may not be) and would MASSIVELY increase the replay value of GT5, while not taking too much away from GT6.

  77. JackC8

    Looking forward to checking out the new force feedback this evening. Pretty cool about the cars for getting gold in GT Academy as well – I’ll have to get busy on that.

  78. TheBull

    Take the game out ,re-install it without the updates the game is easy and enjoyable to play ,put all the new patches on it the game is a miss match and pathetic online particuarly on speedways with the new tyre model where control is a must 2 years down the line they have taken this game from bad to worse ,and its nearly 20 years since the first GT came out ,it looks the same plays the same (except online) and half finnished and now they abandon this game to work on the new game

    If there working on a game engine that will radically improve the graphics ,physics ,the tired and very limited tuning section then i wish them the very best ,but i`ll guarentee right here right now that it will be more of the same that will have 300 over powered GTRs(299 of which will be premium)the fastest production car the veyron will still be a standard and every elusive exotic model will be on Forza 5 so fantastic news if your a fan of japeneese cars and dont think wheel size or tyre pressure is an issue to the supposed REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR but for the rest of us ,i think its time we started looking elsewhere

    1. Uppmas

      ”Looks the same as 20 years before”. First off, first GT was launched in 1997, 15 years ago. Secondly, GT1 cars were 300 polygon models and GT5 ones are 200 000 polygon ones. GT1 used a really cheap-ass lighting system. GT5 uses an advanced Dynamic lighting. GT1 used a really bad physics engine, GT5 uses brand new and really good one. ”same” you say, you should probably get glasses.

    2. uMadson?

      “cheap-ass”, “really bad”

      I know you mean otherwise, but watch your words. You’re better off with “outdated”.

    3. Eunos_Cosmo

      I have to say after buying FM4 several things are apparent.

      The lighting and physics of Forza are vastly inferior to GT.

      The sound in FM is a bit contrived, but still much more accurate *and* enjoyable than GT5.

      Loading up the time-change Nurburgring, setting the time to just before dawn, and racing into the sunrise is something that Forza just cannot hope to approach.

      However, Forza has a much, much broader appeal. The list of cars is encyclopedic even if it contains technically less than GT5. They are ALL interesting cars. GT5 has so many repeats and questionable entries, even in the premium category. In this regard FM4 blows GT5 away.

      My ideal game would have the car list from FM4, a combined track list from both games, and the physics and rendering engine of GT5. And the audio quality of PGR4. On PS3 so it doesn’t blow up of course.

    4. DANfourTWENTY

      I dont agree with you bull i think the updates have improved the game a lot (plus its a little contrascending to say you dont like the new tyre models because you have to drive with caution, then for you to say they should take wheel size and tyre pressure etc.. into account), I know im whining about the standards to become premium a lot but i thought this was planned from the get go, and im still waiting….. @ upmass if you notice bull says “almost” twenty years ago he rounded 15 to 20, you normally do this in math its called rounding to the nearest ten. so dont go getting on your high horse about it you PD brown noser like a lot of the guys here, perhaps you should learn how to do math a little better before you go casting your criticism or perhaps you miss-read it in which case “you should probably get glasses.

  79. 20832

    Wow, this DANfourTWENTY is a whining kid….

    Good update, definetly happy about the FF – Changes and the EVO X Fix. It was almost unbearable.

  80. BolverkGTM

    – It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.

    Oh my god, yes. Thank you!

    1. Pit Crew

      Mac K is one of the coolest GT5ers and im sure he can race rings around you DanFourTwenty. Actually your name explains alot.

    2. DANfourTWENTY

      yeah the name says a lot im a major stoner, lol when did this turn into “im/hes faster then you” argument? the fact you say mac k would race rings around me says a lot for your confidence (or lack of) of racing rings around me, but feel free to prove me wrong. DANfour20 is my psn.

    3. Pit Crew

      i didnt call mac k a brown noser, cuz he supports gt5 in a positive manner. so why would I wanna race an angry person like you.

  81. BRP17

    “Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other race cars in online races, etc.”
    One of my biggest pet peeves.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Yeah it really bothered me too since I mostly shift up or down by ear, and not by looking at the rev

    2. Pit Crew

      was constantly missing shifts around other cars. a much needed and appreciated update. thanks PD.

      so what you think bro’s new seasonal aspec and new rewards this week? im a lil stoked.

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      its been fail after fail with the last few updates, IMO the best was the one which brought us to spec 2.0 where we could put rims on the standard models. PD should work on GT5 its not finished by a long way!! Standards become premiums with no charge is what i want, as well as what we were promised im sure. (maybee we werent promised it, problem with people hypeing games when they dont know what they are talking about)

    2. Uppmas

      You can want whatever you want. But if I were PD, I wouldn’t give anything to a whining kid like you.

    3. Peasantslayer

      Do you honestly think an update that big was merely a bug fix? There’s probably some DLC in it that will be available later.

  82. DANfourTWENTY

    @ BUZZ17091991

    if your rite and it comes out in 2014-2015 then it would have only been 3-4 years since there last game. judging from what they achieved in 6 years we can expect a shockingly poor gt6. however i dont think its going to come out until at least 2018. how can they even work on a game for a console which hasnt even had its specs publicised? they could expect too much from the ps4 and have some severe framerate issues when it cant handle gt6 or vice versa they could underestimate the power of the ps4 and put out a game which will be outdone within a month or two because its way below the standard of the new consoles, either way that will meen a delay by about another 3 years while they fix there errors for jumping the gun.

    1. Uppmas

      You’re horribly wrong with your words, GT6 was in developement before GT5 was even launched. Some even expect it to be a PS3 title. And PD of course is one of the first studios that get their hands on PS4 reference models, because they work at Sony. Some say Xbox whatever reference models are already out in the open. The developement of GT5 was a mess, that’s why it took so long overall to make. It seems like you’ve forgot how fast they have made their previous titles. It’s not like they’re going to go GT5 style with GT6. They have the physics and lighting engine ready, they just have to Code it again. You are an ass if you really think it’s going to be out in 2018.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      @DAN: You really need to get it together if you think it will be out in 2018. Waiting 8 years for any game is stupid.

  83. cbabb

    – It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.
    – Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge

    Thank you PD!

    1. SuBMWaru

      Don’t expect any new content dude. All work is being put into GT6 and monitoring GT Academy as GT5 is on its way out.

    2. DANfourTWENTY

      and when is GT6 due? 2020 if were lucky perhaps lol, was it only me who thought PD was going to get round to updating the standards to premiums? If I had of known they had no intention of doing so then i would have probably steered clear of shelling out 50pound for it on release.

      When GT6 finally does come out i expect its going to be the same old story of them releasing it before its ready (6 years should have been enough time to get every car to premium detail) maybee kaz should stop tugging over hentai skyline images and pull his finger out.

    3. TurboProp

      Me and coworker were just discussing GT5 and the latest update and why it drives us crazy (no pun intended). Sooooo much potential left in this incomplete game and it’s just ignored. PD has a detached sense of reality about what could make one of the best games eve over the top…I’m still playing it but it could have a lot more Fun Factor.

    4. GranTurismo916

      GT5 will be the base for GT6, as PD said, so don’t think you’ll have to wait extremely long anyway.

    5. SimonK

      “Don’t expect any new content dude. All work is being put into GT6 and monitoring GT Academy as GT5 is on its way out.”

      If that is indeed the case you have to wonder why they bother at all. These weak updates are not going to draw back anyone to the game that’s stopped playing it and the people that are still playing it obviously see something in it already that those don’t, so why bother with these updates that do pretty much nothing to the core gameplay?

    6. Quakebass

      @Simon K:

      Ok, REALLY, this was just a “bug fix” update; they’re not necessarily trying to bring in more people with it, they’re trying to fix or update things that are broken/improving what’s there. THAT’S the point of it, and that’s what’s so great (and unfortunate) about games nowadays – unfortunate, in that games don’t seem to be made to the standard of classic games, and are believed that they can be patched to be a “perfect” or “classic” game. What SHOULD be going on, (which CAN be one now with the all-powerful internet) is games being made with the same standards, and then streamlining things to insane efficiency, and adding in new features over time. I don’t understand how you think the Spec II update and most of the post-2.0 updates are “Weak” or won’t “bring people back” – because as stated, the point of most updates are to fix bugs/improve features, though they can add content sometimes. DLC is the main thing that brings people back (per say).


      I agree, there could be a bigger fun factor. That’s one thing I don’t understand about PD – theres SO MANY little and simple things they could do to make the game so much more fun for a longer period of time; and in fact, most of them are even more important than any DLC we’ve gotten so far. These could include a minor livery editor (as little as adding a single stripe or two), an A-Spec pack, or more parameters in the track generator.


      I don’t think that GT6 could be all that far off; at MOST I could see it out in about 3 years. I’m quite sure PD will be using the same engine that they built from the ground up for GT5, so THAT should take a few years off of it. I don’t see any reason to start all over again – the engine is great, i just needs to be edited a little bit. Then it’s basically updating everything to “Gran Turismo” standards, the standards that GT5 failed to live up to: EVERY feature is complete and thorough, and he game lasts for several years without requiring an online component. (Though, a fully-fledged online component could just about make the game infinitely replayable, and give PD MUCH more time for GT7.) Then, PD would start adding features; who knows what. I’d MUCH rather PD “drop” support for GT5 (I don’t mean give it up; I’d still want a small workforce releasing bug fixes and maintaining the servers.), and put most of the workforce on GT6. Think about it; would you rather have a longer time waiting for GT6 and being stuck with a less-than-satisfactory GT, and the potentially several MORE years with potentially ANOTHER less-than-satisfactory GT (if, for some reason, Sony forces an early release of GT6), or a much shorter time with less-than-satisfactory game, and a stronger likely hood of getting a GT meets all of the “GT standards”, possibly and-some?

      Sorry I had to write a novel, everybody.

  84. Buzz17091991


    You are right with “F1 2010 in the wet looks way better than GT5 in the wet regardless of resolution (no rain splatter on screen, or drops on the cars even, how lame.)” but remember that some game even don’t have these things. In NFS Shift 2 there only races in the Night, no races with rain or Day/Night-Change, although this aspect could be more used in GT5.

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      NFS Shift 2 is a game i wouldn’t consider even purchasing (im into sim not arcade racing, no offence) you hit another great point with the day night change/weather change, It needs to be available for all tracks in GT5, oh here i go again with f1 2010 you can have any of the tracks on that game in the wet (not dynamic weather but the option for wet is there). Oh and something else is missing from GT5 “engine swaps” how i would love to put a 1.8 or 2.0 litre into my CRX SiR. Forza has been doing this since its first game (i think, you could deffinately do it in forza 2 lol)

    2. Buzz17091991


      Maybe you are right and Forza is in this point besser, no doubt. But I’m tired to read how the gamers complain about Polyphony Digital. PD maade mistakes but they fix them and improove things and add some new things.

    3. DANfourTWENTY

      Point is dude they aint fixin enough, hence why people are complaining. I dont for 1 minute think that forza is a better game (they dont even do the car models themselves so each is of varying quality, not to mention the handling of cars is very strange) but forza allows you to do a lot of the things i would expect as standard in a current gen racing sim. engine transplants, the ability to add bodykits and decals/liveries, all of these things GT5 is missing. and me, like everyone else was expecting GT to be the dogs gonads of racing sims, but it isn’t and people should stop sticking up for PD because your cutting your nose of to spite your face, as they say, do you think if we dont complain and act like GT5 is perfect then it will get any better??? No it wont you PD brown nosers.

    4. researchALLwars

      yeah, but Dan, your whole style comes off as bitchy, and negative. Ever heard of constructive critisism? That doesnt just imply emphasizing the nice things while mentioning the bad things- it means using your words in a more tactful, positive manner when addressing the issues that you feel need remedied.

      You gotta massage these guys a little bit. When you just go off on someone, anyone, about something that they’re doing that you don’t like- do you really expect them to respond in any kind of meaningful way to your boisterous demands? C’mon dude.

      Class, the word of the day is: Tact.

      Learn it. Use it. Don’t come off like a screaming biotch.

    5. Quakebass

      ^THERE. Someone FINALLY defined “constructive criticism” PROPERLY.

      +1. Or some other large number.

    6. MuoNiuLa

      @Dan: What do you use to play Forza? I use a Fanatec CSR and Forza feels excellent. And varying quality of car models? I don’t know what you mean by that but are you forgetting where 800 of GT5’s cars are from?

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Dude you need to to come to grips with the fact that its never gonna happen. It was a false promise by Kaz (like many others). Some say, he might’ve meant that for GT6. If you’re tired of GT5, play something else like I do, Until GT6 gets released. iRacing, GTR-2 (GTR-3 coming soon), also check out ProjectCARS, All great games, and there are many more.

      I think PD will blow the industry away with GT6, and most of the time I actually really enjoy GT5, but if for whatever reason I feel like I need something different, there is quite a lot out to hold me over.

  85. Mikey006

    Damn it, they fixed the glitch of “Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge” my friends and I figured that out and t was good, now it isn’t. :(

    At least they don’t know about the other glitch we have. Hehe!

    1. DANfourTWENTY

      Yeah man, they let you take an FGT or X2011 into anylounge where it hasnt been restricted by the host but they cant let you get in a F1 or go-kart. whats with that.

  86. DANfourTWENTY

    Another load of crap, I want my crappy standard cars updating to premium models (not as DLC which i have to pay for like the xjr race car, Robbing gits PD) or how about some decent rain effects for wet tracks? F1 2010 in the wet looks way better than GT5 in the wet regardless of resolution (no rain splatter on screen, or drops on the cars even, how lame.) Or they could put some work into the below par rally aspect of the game. PD you really are a let down! getting on for 8 years since GT4 now and the improvements are not enough. F1 2010 or 2011 for F1 racing (and wet racing), Dirt (any of them) for rallying and GT5 for dissapointment!

    1. MadmuppGT

      Drops on the screen? like on the windscreen or you mean the actual picture? I dont think this is really an issue, because PD would do the rain as realistically as possibly if they had the correct amount of rain hitting every camera the only one you would be able to use is in car view, as its the only one that would clear the rain… hence you wouldnt beable to see.

      I do remember one of the GT special events having a wet track that reflected the car and sunlight brilliantly (great for photos) but it seems to have gone now… wonder why? :S

    2. Quakebass

      The rain DOES collect on the windshield, and in fact, on the car as well… I don’t know what you’re ranting about… unless you want to have rain hitting the camera in 3rd person view… And this was just a minor update, what did you expect? It simply isn’t physically possible to update ALL of GT5’s standard cars in this time frame; it’ll likely take 2-5 YEARS (with no bug fixes and DLC in between), even if all of the GT5 department’s workforce focuses 100% on it. Even if they did, it’d take up a MASSIVE amount of space; remember how Spec II was 1.1 GB? This’d likely be a 10+ GB update. Honestly, updating GT5 to where it should have been vs. working on GT6 is an OBVIOUS choice. It’s funny how we’ve got PLENTY of FREE NEW cars, yet you’re complaining about ONE standard to premium upgrade that you had to pay for… I agree, the rally and F1 support aren’t so great, but you should already know why. I’m hoping that these features get fully-fledged in GT6, and that we get at least a little support with GT5 until GT6 is released.

  87. f1webberfan

    Best patch ever! For these:
    It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.
    Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other race cars in online races, etc.
    And I hope they will do this properly:
    A “Performance Difference Adjustment” has been added to the rewards for seasonal events (Applies only to seasonal events held after this update).
    Force feedback for the “……..” G27 Racing Wheel”…… steering wheel controllers have been improved.
    Oh, my! PD keep up the good wok! Yeaaah!

    1. researchALLwars

      Agreed. Thank goodness that GT5 is not being allowed to fade away. 6 may be a long ways off, fellas…

    2. Quakebass

      Oh come on, this isn’t the BEST update ever – what about Spec II? I’d have to say THAT has ben the best update so far. This is mighty big for bug fixes, though…

  88. sgllocal

    and still no DLC, way to go Kaz, you really are on the ball this time. so much for DLC every 2 months.

    1. Quakebass


      If you read the article back then, you’d know that PD wanted to “try to get content out around every two months OR SO”.

      Why does everyone think they “promised” a schedule?

    2. Quakebass

      ^Sorry man, I was fed up with hearing the rants on the “2 month schedule”… I’m sorry if I offended you.

  89. MusicalArtist

    I noticed a bit of a change with the photo filters, they seem to be a bit more detailed/effective. The cool filter is really looking absolutely amazing now.
    I can tell it isn’t the same as it used to be.

  90. kennyuk77

    times like these playstation plus is worth it, switched on my ps3 patch downloaded already.

  91. HKS racer

    Many Thanks PD for the update. I wasn’t expecting it. THANK YOU

    But please give us the chance to choose AI cars in arcade mode. Please.

  92. BadBoyBoogie

    I’m keen to see how the ‘Performance Difference Adjustment’ works out. I hope it applies to both A and B spec, as it’ll encourage me to try a few different cars instead of the usual suspects!! I know there’s nothing to stop me from trying different cars anyway, and I do that from time to time anyway, but it’s nice to have a bit of an incentive to choose an underpowered car!

  93. Gerlich

    How come I cant find the, Academy demo in PS store, has it been regionally restricted (I live in Denmark)?

    1. BlindZenDriver

      I see it now but not at first.

      To get it I logged in with an alter-ego “living” in the US and it may be I see it in the shop because I have it already.

    2. Hentis

      I suspect if this is 475 meg in size it will already have the cars and ,if at all the twin ring motegi track (if we are indeed getting it, it’s not even been cOnfirmed). The cars will become available after July 4th.

    3. Jacobmurer

      Hey! No academy demo for Denmark but you can Download it from ex. Uk psn, and install/play it on your normal Danish account.

  94. marktyper

    YESS!!! The force feedback is way better and harder to turn! PLUS hopefully DLC is on its way!

  95. Alex89

    “Fixed a -rarely- occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge”

    That was a good one :D

    1. Tvensky

      It wasnt rare for me about 7 times out of 10 I got it :)

      will see did they fix it later.. will post later on with the news!

  96. hazellnut134

    I’ve been doing Nurb 24hrs B-spec recently, if I update will I have to start again? I know somebody asked this, but it wasn’t exactly what I asked.

    1. Quakebass

      Do mean if you update mid-race? I don’t think it’s possible to update DURING a race… If you mean “will it delete my progress?” then no, no it doesn’t delete anything…

  97. mobiletone

    did anyone else have issues with the Logitech DF Wireless wheel being totally oversensitive after the last update, mine went from 200′ to about 30 ‘ lock to lock making it unusable. it’s not the wheel as it still works fine in GT4/GRiD etc. i’ll try it again later after this new patch.

  98. ucwepn

    Generally happy, still need a button to change music tracks while driving (could at least be in the pause menu)

  99. Force9

    Great news, might not be DLC but atleast something for the plenty other people who cannot partake in the GT Academy. I’m very interested in finding out more about the “Performance difference Adjustment”….?

    1. another_jakhole

      i’ve been waiting for the music and sound effects volume adjuster to be available during races since the game’s been out. YEEHAWWW!!! Yeah DAWGIE!!!

    2. Quakebass


      I understand constructive criticism, but people asking WHY HAVEN’T CONVERTED ALL OF THE STANDARDS TO PREMIUM YET? isn’t really feedback… or helpful…

  100. thesrdic

    And no Nurburgring fix? I cannot play it atm due to it not rendering the track about 2/5 of the way around and subsequently freezing..

    1. Azura

      I think that may have more to do with your disc, not the game because I have never come across this for the year and 4 months I’ve had this game.

    2. pedrocor

      Agree with Azura
      Must be a problem with your PS3, not the game software, as I never saw that kind of problem reported

    3. thesrdic

      I’ve seen other people with the same problem though.. The PS3 doesn’t have any other problems.. Disc is a possibility though :(

    4. Quakebass

      Try wiping you’re disk with an adhesive wipe; my game started to freeze up on most tracks, and after I cleaned it, they were all fixed.

  101. evertV12

    So we might get some bonus for doing seasonals below pp limit. It’s great really. And any even minor updates to online play are very welcome.

  102. ichiyamamoto

    “Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge”

    This sounds more fun, than it is a problem.

    1. waynz

      Oh it was massive fun playing tag with Go-Karts and normal cars…
      I was so sad when I read that :(

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah… I’d rather be able to race the F1’s and Kart’s with other cars… If ANY cars had an exclusive class, I’d rather it be the X1’s…

  103. Raitziger

    “Force feedback for the “Driving Force GT”, “GT FORCE Pro”, “G25 Racing Wheel”, ” G27”

    Yeahh! Hopefully FFB is just like before 2.04.

    1. lebes14

      Agreed, I was about to throw a temper tantrum when driving the f10 today. Hopefully they will allow individually adjustable steering lock settings, then I’d be a happy man!

    2. Diatribe777

      Hey Rait! Yeah the ffb feels like it gained some weight. A little too early to be sure, but having fun checking it out:D

  104. saKKuth

    For the love of god PD make an update that involves a better race creator or at least make seasonal events that don’t use PP to determine what car you can enter but rather reward driver skill by having the the rewards based on a system that allows you to use any car that fits the platform class i.e awd, ff, fr, and then make it so that you get BIG rewards if you enter and win in a car that is below the PP of the top car in the pack and next to no rewards if the car entered has a stupidly huge advantage over the pack. i have so many of my babies gathering dust in the garage because i only use the cars tailor made for the stupid seasonal events taht are just clones of each other and nothing better… BORING!!! than and i dont like multiplayer races because there and too many knobs who ruin it out there making that off limits to me. i am sure there are others who feel the same.

  105. dv2gt5

    I am in the middle of Le Mans 24hrs, or actually more than middle: almost 17hrs in. It’s a saved game. Will this update kill my saved game?

  106. Quakebass

    WOW! I didn’t see this coming; but there’s GOT to be some sort of DLC coming, I mean, what else is Motegi going to be used for? And what about the NSX? June or July is looking like a likely date – maybe with the GT Academy awards pack/download. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it’s getting a bit difficult now!

    I saw a few of these changes coming when I played GT Academy, too…

    1. lebes14

      Oh, I would live to have the nsx, and while they’re at it they could add its big brother the hsv-10GT, that would be amazing. Certainly have a more balanced super GT field, whenever I race it’s always just one supra, one or two Lexus, then the rest are GTRs.

  107. hsv308

    Finally some good updates. But 475MB is a bit much if it holds only that. Let’s hope it has the twin ring motegi track with it.

    1. Azura

      Maybe gold round 8 or gold all gt academy and you get twin ring? Or maybe mini DLC along with gt academy prizes… Hmmm

    2. Quakebass

      ^I don’t think you’d be able to win a track, but maybe a new car if one is added… like a Juke. Probably not, though.

  108. DoggyB22

    “Fixed a rarely occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge” “Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the system would freeze at the end of a race”

    Ehh I don’t know what you guys are smoking but that was NOT a rare occurrence……. lol

    Oh & this update still fails because YOU NEED TO ADD MORE CARS!!!!! I think new cars should be added every month! Keeps this game interesting & it stays up to date with new cars that are coming out in the car industry

    1. MusicalArtist

      Yeah, it was quite a common occurance for me the past couple months.
      Last night I froze in one room after 3 races, went to a different room and froze after 3 races, and then I went back to that room and my friend who had been in that room the entire time froze.

  109. doodlemonoply

    The first bug fix was not an issue.
    The third one was kinda strange but now I can’t use karts in 500pp b-spec and TT seasonals unless it’s at sport softs :(

    1. Quakebass

      You really thought it could’ve been designed that quick? look at when we got his last car in relation to the N24HR… I was more surprised that we didn’t get the NSX.

    2. another_jakhole

      haha it wasn’t even finished 2-3 days before the race/qualifications. It’ll be another 4-6 months before we get it, or we’ll have to wait for the next GT.

    3. Quakebass

      Maybe not, they’ve had SOME time to develop it, but it likely won’t be in the next DLC/Update.

  110. BigMackAttack

    I don’t think these patches hold DLC. I used to, but then I realized each patch is 250mb< and that my total install is 11 gigs. And there's what, 2 new tracks and 11 new cars? 11 GIGS? I'm beginning to think that PD are just atrocious patch developers and don't have any respect for our hard drives with their bloated size/minor change updates. Now I do love updates, but 50 mb an update would be a much easier pill to swallow.

    1. Quakebass

      Uhh, THREE tracks – don’t forget Kart Space. Plus, there were PLENTY of free cars added, not just the DLC cars… and there was more than just 11 cars in the DLC alone. Plus, bug fixes can amount to a lot, especially the rim interchangeability on standard cars. PD (or any software developer) will NOT just give you several gigs of useless code to ruin you drive space – that’s nearly an electronic crime. You can’t just “shrink” an update, code is code, data is data, and that’s that.

  111. Austin864


    I know the “I only race with no audio cause real racing doesn’t have it and I drive manual” people will get mad at me for enjoying such a small yet very important new feature.

    Heck I race manual with music on and I have zero problems, other than when the exhaust sounds are a tad too loud to hear the music and vice versa.

  112. MasterFocus

    “Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the system would freeze at the end of a race”
    Cant remember how many times it happened to me!! Nice to know it wont happen again =)

    1. another_jakhole

      I think so too. I’m mainly happy for the improved FFB and the BGM volume adjusters during gameplay.

    2. Quakebass

      It’s just a bug fix update… I’ve got a feeling that something bigger will be coming after GT Academy.

  113. lancerevo15262

    “Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge”
    tha not a problem T-T was fun !….

    1. mistersafeway

      Totally agree. I once did an experiment with my friend where I used a fully detuned X2010 on CH tyres against a fully worn in F2007 which had a 50 or so PP advantage (the X2010 was overwhelmingly faster, probably doesn’t take the fan into account for its PP). We can’t do stuff like this anymore. We also used to play a game with karts and a tank car. (you can probably work out the rest. lol)

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