Here’s Your First Look at GT Sport Using PS4 Pro & PSVR

Gran Turismo Sport 13 November 3, 2016 by

More details are quickly leaking out of the dedicated PS4 Pro event, held yesterday and today in London, England. For GT Sport, we’ve already heard confirmation that the game will support both 4K (through upscaling) and HDR, as well as the PlayStation VR peripheral. Today, we’ve got our first glimpse at all of the above, coming to us care of Adam ‘Grizwords’ Mathew, Editor of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia.

The video up top is running on — naturally — a PS4 Pro. While the short blast down the Nürburgring’s back straight doesn’t look much different to what we’ve seen in previous off-screen videos, that’s largely down to the limitations of Youtube. As we detailed yesterday, HDR is a technology that needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

The game is running in 4K mode as well, which uses a 1800P checkerboard approach. This may not be noticeable via off-screen videos, but will make a sizeable impact in-person for those with 4K-capable televisions.

Two other important takeaways here: the confirmation of the road-going McLaren 650S first spotted in the PSVR ad, and what appears to be a proper bonnet/hood view. Rejoice!

Up next is our first in-game look at VR, featuring the ND-generation MX-5 exploring Willow Springs. The heads-up display is comparatively minimal to what we’ve seen from regular versions of GT Sport, adopting a very Driveclub-esque approach of having secondary info floating across the centre console. From the short clip, the movements look very natural.

Stay tuned, as there’s a whole lot more GT Sport news coming down the pipeline today. You can always swing by our GT Sport forum section to discuss all the latest news with the community.

Thanks to queleuleu for first posting the videos!

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