PS4 Pro Event In London November 2–3 Will Feature GT Sport


The PS4 Pro is due to land on shelves across the globe next week after being unveiled back in September. As expected, Sony is gearing up with a press-only event focusing on the new hardware, and it kicks off in London tomorrow.

The news first came via German Youtube channel Inside PlayStation in a video that has since gone private (original link here). According to GTPlanet member AKps3, the IP crew stated they would be getting hands-on time with the Pro and a small brace of titles. The original description accompanying the video had a brief list of which games would be available to test-drive:

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Days Gone
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • NIOH
  • Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite

If true, this will mark the first time Gran Turismo Sport has been playable on Sony’s new system. While many may have expected this — especially after the delay to 2017 — it’s nonetheless exciting to hear it will be playable so soon. This also seems to corroborate the comments from Sony South Africa about the game arriving with day one support for PS4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro’s extra horsepower includes an upgraded GPU and boosted CPU, allowing the system to render titles closer to true 4K resolution (most will use a form of upscaling). It should also provide smoother and/or faster framerates, which will be ideal for GT’s VR support.

PlayStation 4 Pro 03

Mark Cerny and various developers will be on hand at the event as well. It should be noted members of Polyphony will be in Las Vegas during the week, taking care of the 2016 GT Awards. We shouldn’t have to wait long to hear about what’s found in the event, though: rumours around the ‘net point to an embargo on PS4 Pro details being lifted on November 7.

Excited about the PS4 Pro possibilities? Head on over to the GT Sport forum section to discuss this and more about the game with other fans.

Thanks to AKps3 for first posting the news!

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Comments (16)

  1. Scuderia Paul

    I really think it is time to show more features, or at the very least, more depth to the likes of the Livery Editor. If Circuit de la Sarthe is in GT Sport I hope to see it too.

    In reality we will probably see a very stable framerate and a new car for Group B and Group 3.

  2. RaceFuchs

    There is so much power at hand with the PS4 Pro, but they can’t let down the owners of the original console. Therefor, i’m sure we won’t see huge improvements like dynamic weather and daytime. Same goes for Forza 7 on Scorpio, they can improve the resolution, but the core game has to stay the same because of the “old” console. So far i’m not planing to buy a PS4 Pro, there is always the Original-PS4-bottleneck and if you don’t own a decent 4K HDR TV, well…

    1. brownninja97

      Now you guys understand what it was like on pc during the latter years of the ps3/360. Games being 30fps on console was my main issue i care not for graphics if they can constantly play at 60, if this ps4pro can do that then i think i might have to jump on it that being said how they are treating mods is very unsettling.

  3. wakas

    I think its time we see a new track. Seattle maybe.

    I’d be very happy with some pro footage even if no new tracks are shown. I hope PD went the 1080p hi-fidelity route instead of their usual MOAR PIXELS! route.

  4. celtiscorpion73

    For those who go, I’m looking forward to seeing any comments about your honest opinion of the game. I’m pretty sure that I can say I speak for several people that say that this game may be the very reason they even buy a PS4, let alone buy the game. Most of all, have fun!

  5. Johnnypenso

    Going to be very interesting to see if there are any noticable differences, beyond a steady frame rate, with the Pro and GTSport. Could be quite revealing.

    1. letdown427

      Or if, in true PD style, they are simply too tempted by the possibilities of improved graphics for the Pro (because graphics are all that matter), meaning they go nuts trying to ram in even more and it ends up running like crap!

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