Formula GT Championship GT5 Seasonal Event Now Live

May 9th, 2013 by Michael Leary

The latest Gran Turismo 5 Seasonal Events are a special bunch, featuring five expert level events challenges all behind the wheel of the Formula Gran Turismo. Cars are limited to a maximum of 950PP and Racing/Hard tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 950PP Formula Gran Turismo World Championship: Fuji Speedway F /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/05/08 23:00 –
    1st: Cr.480,000  2nd: Cr.264,000  3rd: Cr.192,000
  • 950PP Formula Gran Turismo World Championship: Nürburgring GP/F /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/05/08 23:00 –
    1st: Cr.487,000  2nd: Cr.267,850  3rd: Cr.194,800
  • 950PP Formula Gran Turismo World Championship: Suzuka Circuit /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/05/08 23:00 –
    1st: Cr.490,000  2nd: Cr.269,500  3rd: Cr.196,000
  • 950PP Formula Gran Turismo World Championship: Spa Francorchamps /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/05/08 23:00 –
    1st: Cr.486,000  2nd: Cr.267,300  3rd: Cr.194,400
  • 950PP Formula Gran Turismo World Championship: Eifel (Circuit) 304A /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/05/08 23:00 –
    1st: Cr.500,000  2nd: Cr.275,000  3rd: Cr.200,000

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by Chris123.

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  1. May. 14, 3:22pm

    YESS. All done

  2. May. 10, 12:26pm

    Finally an event that takes some skill and effort to complete great job on this challenge pd

  3. May. 10, 10:04am

    Has anyone actually won all 5 of these yet.
    I cannot get close in Suzuka or Awful Circuit.
    The other 3 have been beaten.
    The car just refuses to turn.
    Anyone got any setups they wanna share.
    Or who wants to be the first to lie about beating all 5 races first.

    • May. 10, 2:50pm

      Dogga23, I completed them all. Standard settings on suspension. 10mph higher than standard on the max speed for the Transmission. Breaks 8 front 4 rear. Lowered 5 degrees on both wings to get higher speeds. Don’t believe the recommended gears the game offers. In most curves I could hit with 1 or 2 gears above their suggestion.

      Suzuka was tricky. If I could not complete lap1 in 8th, I’d restart, otherwise it’d very difficult (impossible) to win.

      To beat Suzuka I switched to the wheel and pedals. All others I finished with the joystick.

      Good luck!

    • May. 10, 9:44pm

      You absolute gun you.
      Finished Suzuka with your settings.
      Had to use joystick.
      Passed lead car on lap 4. Won by 2 seconds including a slam into the wall driving too cautiously trying to protect the lead.
      Now onto Awful Curcuit where you can’t see over the crest and the car refuses to stick.

  4. May. 10, 7:47am

    Has the AI gotten dumber?

    Doing GP/F coming into the first turn, and positions 11 and 10 disappear behind me in a cloud of smoke long before the red line; come through the sweeping left turn and 9th spins the tires and again on the third corner.

    Entering into turn five, and 9th again spins the tires and disappears into the cabbage. Turns eight and nine see the 8th position car lose it and end up in the sandpit like a child.

    Between eleven and twelve 7th and 6th collide – at this point I have gone from being 17 seconds behind to 46 seconds thanks to all the previous commotion, now I have two choices (I am too close to stop in time): go around as best I can and hope for the best, or drive straight and hope I do not get spun out.

    Neither option was a good idea, bounce of 6th, right into 7th which sends me off to the left heading straight for the foam and solid barriers.

    End result: 1 minute, 9 seconds behind the leader, and the game being quit mid race.

  5. May. 9, 4:51pm

    Always the mid-packer… Can someone please advise on a suspension setup to “negotiate” Au Rouge.. Flat out. ;) I don’t think it’s my race line… it just won’t stick. LOL, I don’t think I’ve ever won there (in a formula car) without cheating.

  6. May. 9, 4:15pm

    SRF can S my D

    • May. 10, 2:50pm

      Sodomize my derriere? Whatever floats your boat.

  7. May. 9, 3:42pm

    Why the hell the aid has to be on?!

  8. May. 9, 12:19pm

    I wonder why the guy who chooses these Seasonals always sees the need to stick in that awful created course in every seasonal, there is always one in there. I don’t get it, we have Indy Road and they don’t use it for what it was essentially built for, the horror! I really don’t get SRF since I usually play arcade mode with everything off but ABS 1 and those bloody FGT’s are bonkers since 3 updates ago, fast but squirrel like when you push it, feels totally different to the Ferrari’s which have phenomenal grip, am I missing something here or is it down to tire technology? Anyway PD needs to change the guy choosing these things as he keeps leaving SRF applied and not giving you the option to turn it off as I don’t think this late in the game it’s needed…those who can’t drive gave up already and all that is left are people who really are trying to master their craft in the game.

    • May. 9, 12:49pm

      I know, that’s all very true!!
      I sure hope GT6 has it’s learning curve aimed at us (experienced GT enthusiasts). And finally, someone else that hates Eifel ;-)

    • May. 9, 1:31pm

      I agree. It’s not hard to make a great course in the course creator, but whoever makes em for seasonals always picks the worst ones

    • May. 9, 3:12pm

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Eifel. I would think that with all of the tracks that PD created and placed in the game in addition to the real tracks they would have plenty to choose from. Just think of all the tracks that are used so rarely in seasonal events.

      Also, like so many others, it boggles my mind why they don’t give you the option to turn SRF off. I think it would help to have an explanation as to why they choose to do it this way. Even if I didn’t agree with it at least then I would understand the logic behind it.

    • May. 9, 4:52pm

      Funny it was my first thought regarding that Eifel Track – i dont know about hating it – i just don’t see the idea of racing a Formula car in that kind of scenarie :O)

  9. May. 9, 11:19am

    Eifel is a terrible circuit, though the rest are fine. Decent events, apart from the SRF.

  10. May. 9, 10:10am

    So….SRF still forced on? Still no championship format? Still catch the rabbit format? Still “oh, i will brake so hard i will stop just to let you pass” AI?

    • May. 9, 10:37am

      yep pretty much, the whole thing is terrible tbh which is a shame as the fgt is one of my favs, just finished it, srf does nothing but make you feel like a noob for having it on, rolling starts are just depressing, ai is more (censored) than ever, i was racing at spa and the ai in front of me brakes in a 230pmh zone about half a mile before the braking point, just plain stupid, and dont even get me started with eifel… i wouldnt bother doing that track unless you want the prize car, they better get this stuff straight for gt6 or i probably wont even bother

    • May. 9, 1:41pm

      I absolutely would no bother if GT6 will be the same. unless the price will be around 2 bucks for the GT6

    • May. 9, 5:25pm

      I agree – GT6 should be outstanding and infront of any other Race Sim on the market –

      So many SIm race Games and yet all of them have different physics and handling – SO which one is to count on for being close to the real feel LOL – NO answer needed ‘ None of them i guess :O)

      Then lets add some realism for once..
      Lets have races where you lose your car and get crippled for some time, so much that you can’t race for several days, now that’s a new feature and a daring one – real feel of getting hurt is suddenly a feature in Race sims and that would amke you relax and do more clean racing hehe ..

      GT6 ?

    • May. 10, 6:37am

      About GT6, Didn’t Kaz say there would be no more chase the rabbit i thought i remembered reading that once upon a time ago but i could have been dreaming GT seems to have gone downhill ever sense GT2 or GT3 they make some things better but completely miss the bigger picture.

  11. May. 9, 8:38am

    Eifel, cmon pd wtf

  12. May. 9, 8:09am

    wow, nice to see they used one of my shots as the main pic :)

  13. May. 9, 4:56am

    Monza over the Eiffel circuit

    • May. 9, 8:42am


    • May. 9, 3:46pm

      Ha! No joke, XR8. Waaay too easy.

    • May. 9, 5:26pm

      + Agree 200 times Monza is Orsm :O)

  14. May. 9, 4:37am

    4 time Gran Turismo FGT champ here I come! (Yes I know, its only a game…has a good ring to it tho.) This seems to be a lot easier than the last time I raced against the FGTs. Maybe I’ve just got better since then

    • May. 10, 1:24am

      :-) ….you right, it does have a good ring to it lol …

  15. May. 9, 2:46am

    FGT eh…wheres the immortal one!!!

  16. May. 9, 2:10am

    Wow i can finally clear the dust of the FGT from sittin in the lot and make use of it!

    • May. 9, 9:20am

      Hah, I have six.

    • May. 9, 3:50pm

      Me too ;) And got helmets and suits to match. Time to play “dress up the avatar.”

  17. May. 9, 1:54am

    950PP? Aren’t the cars at like 880 with full HP and Full Downforce? You’ll get loads with the performance point difference.

    • May. 9, 2:41am

      I think they are 904PP maxed out.

    • May. 9, 7:37am

      Then what’s the use of the 950pp limit anyway

    • May. 9, 9:19am

      The challenge…

    • May. 9, 3:51pm

      No… just stupid ;)

  18. May. 9, 1:35am

    PD don’t take GT5 seriously anymore because GT6 will have better physics than it I bet. ;)

    • May. 9, 2:56am

      And I bet the physics will be just the same!

    • May. 9, 3:03am

      Heh. Riiiiiiight… XD

    • May. 9, 1:29pm

      @stephanos Why would they be the same? They’ve improved the physics immensely with each release. Hell, even GT5 prologue had much better physics than GT4, and GT5 improved a ton on top of GT5p. I’m sorry but you must be a bit stupid to think they’ll stay the same when they’ve changed a lot every single GT game

    • May. 10, 1:18am

      I am not so sure there Tom. I think the “Law of Decreasing Returns” applies here. I mean, how much more can the physics engine be changed? I reckon with GT5 we have reached a point where herein onwards, we will have evolutions of the physics engine rather than complete re-writes. For me the physics engine is like the Kernel of an Operating System. It evolves …it is not completely re-written for each release. The Windows Kernel, for example, still carries the legacy of Windows 3.1! If PD are still at a point of complete re-writes, it would explain, I guess, their long turn around times on car and track scannings and GT releases. Mmmm …who knows. Still, I expect from now it will be Evolution rather than Revolution.

  19. May. 9, 1:15am

    I honestly don’t know why people bother to complain about these. They’re great for making some quick cash, but that’s about it. Play Arcade mode with damage and AI aggressiveness cranked up and don’t worry about whether these events have SRF or not because they’re never going to be better than playing Arcade mode anyway.

    • May. 9, 10:16am

      That’s true. While far from perfect, the AI is faster and more aggressive in Arcade. Fuel depletion, tire wear and damage. Any race length and track. It’s the best and only place for any “‘realistic” offline racing. And best of all – no forced SRF!

  20. May. 9, 1:11am

    Just here complaining about SRF. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  21. May. 9, 12:45am

    Could’ve been great, ruined by SRF.

    • May. 9, 3:53pm

      PD probably thinks we still have newbs online. ;)

  22. May. 9, 12:05am

    It won’t be very long to see SRF complaints.

    • May. 9, 12:28am

      Well at least the SRF complants waited longer to appear than the complaints about SRF complaints.

    • May. 9, 12:40am
      drag lab 101

      ^lol +1 @ Morgoth_666

    • May. 9, 2:40am

      Yep, 40 minutes apart lol.

      SRF is no good for GT.

  23. May. 9, 12:04am

    This is gonna be a fantastic seasonal

    • May. 9, 3:14pm

      So I was reading these posts and thinking about SRF.

      I was going to post and say quit crying about forced SRF.

      But I agree that SRF should be OPTIONAL.

      I paid for the game and I should have the choice to turn SRF on and off.

      Maybe it’s forced on for some technical reason now?

    • May. 9, 3:56pm

      Open your own room, Gump. Then deny all who dare to compete without SRF. ;)

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