7th GTP F1 World Championship (F1 2010 edition) * SEASON FINISHED :'''( *

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  1. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso


    There are only 3 main criteria that need be fulfilled in order to enter the championship:

    A: All entrants must be registered members of GTPlanet.net

    B: All entrants must be committed to clean and fair racing, and adhere to the rules and guidelines laid out in both the AUP and OLR

    C: All entrants must be confident that they will be able to attend the vast majority of races on the 19 race calender. Should you not be able to, you should consider opting out so as to not occupy a slot that somebody else would like.

    Event Organiser:

    Shaggy Alonso

    (The organiser should be contacted for anything relating to the championship)

    Race Conditions:

    Qualifying - On
    Race Distance - 50%
    Weather - Dynamic
    Rules and Flags - Reduced
    Tyre Simulation - On
    Fuel Simulation - On
    Collisions - On
    Damage - Full
    Car Performance - Equal

    Assist Restrictions:

    Braking Assist - Banned
    ABS - Banned
    Traction Control - Banned
    Transmission - Manual / Automatic
    Racing Line - Allowed
    Pit Limiter - Restricted to Manual
    Pit Box Control - Restricted to Manual

    Driver Roster

    Shaggy Alonso - (PSN ID - Shaggy_Alonso) - McLaren
    Mutu20 – (PSN ID - Internet_User) – Sauber
    tombrooks97 - (PSN ID - tombrooks97) - Williams
    pj-gm – (PSN ID - pj-gm) – Renault
    pipeslice - (PSN ID - pipeslice) - Red Bull
    DarkPSI - (PSN ID - DarkPSI84) - HRT
    Ardius - (PSN ID - Ardius_) - Force India
    Baumi27 - (PSN ID - Baumi27) - Virgin
    kcheeb - (PSN ID - kcheeb) - Ferrari
    AliT12 - (PSN ID - Ali_T) - Toro Rosso
    Paulzx - (PSN ID - Paulzx) - Lotus
    DonkeyFuzz - (PSN ID - Nev-Nev-22) - Mercedes

    Akmuq – (PSN ID - GTP_akmuq)
    HamiltonMad8 - (PSN ID - bigbadabom1)

    Team line-ups:




    (reserve driver)


    Shaggy Alonso

    Reserve Driver Information:​

    The 'reserve' drivers will be on-call for whenever a 'race' driver cannot make it to a race. Each reserve driver belongs to a specific team, and can only stand in for their team mates. Their points will contribute towards both their team and also themselves in the drivers' championship.

    It is the responsibility of the teams to sort out internally whenever a race driver cannot make it to an event. Therefore it is encouraged that team mates become acquainted with one another and are in frequent contact to ensure that their reserve driver is informed whenever a race driver cannot attend a race. This is not the responsibility of the championship organisers to organise the driver line ups whenever this happens, although they are always there to help.

    In the event of a race driver having to pull out of the series proper, that team's reserve driver will be offered the race seat to replace him.​

    Championship Specific Rules, Regulations and Guidelines:

    Points System:

    This championship will use the current F1 points system:

    Win. 25 pts
    2nd. 18 pts
    3rd. 15 pts
    4th. 12 pts
    5th. 10 pts
    6th. 8 pts
    7th. 6 pts
    8th. 4 pts
    9th. 2 pts
    10th. 1 pt

    However, on top of this, points will be awarded for qualifying also. This will be done based on the previous points scoring system:

    Pole. 10 pts
    2nd. 8 pts
    3rd. 6 pts
    4th. 5 pts
    5th. 4 pts
    6th. 3 pts
    7th. 2 pts
    8th. 1 pts

    Lobby rules:

    The scheduled time for the event is when it is expected that each participant is in the lobby by and ready to begin the race. Invites will be sent out approximately 5 minutes before this time. Depending on circumstances, 5-10 minutes grace will be given should any participant be delayed that has forewarned us of this.

    If the session has got under way on time but a late comer wishes to join, provided we are no more than 5 minutes into the qualifying session, the game will be restarted so that they may enter.

    Along with the race invites, invites to a dedicated chat room will also be sent. Each member is expected to join this. People who have microphones/headsets are encouraged to use them, although once the race is under way, they should be set to mute while not speaking.


    Each entrant is expected to behave competently in qualifying. Great care must be taken by those on their out-lap or in-laps, so that they do not impede anyone on a flying lap. If a car on a hot-lap is close behind you, you are expected to move clearly off the racing line for them, and even off track if necessary.

    Holding station at the final corner of the out-lap so as to create space ahead of you is permitted, so long as it does not disrupt anyone's lap behind you. You must not overtake a car which is doing this unless you yourself are on a flying lap. Otherwise, you should wait your turn.

    Anyone who destroys their car during qualifying, purposefully or accidentally, will automatically receive a 10 second time penalty added on to their race time. This is to avoid the tactic of purposefully binning your car so as to start the race on a fresh set of tyres. The one exception to this rule is if the driver has not registered a qualifying time when this happens.

    In the event of the lobby crashing on race start, the host will recreate a new lobby, set it to race only and grid order to random. Because of obvious time constraints, qualifying will not be repeated but the points allocation from the original qualifying session will still stand.


    Most of these are outlined in the OLR, but I would like to reiterate some of the key points;

    F1 is a non-contact sport. While it is impossible to go a whole season avoiding contact with anyone, the greatest effort should be made to race cleanly and above all, fairly. If this isn't at the forefront of your mind, you do not belong in this championship.

    In the event of accidentally crashing into/spinning a competitor, you are expected to wait for them to re-pass. Failure to do so will result in a warning and repeated warnings can result in exclusion.

    On occasion, it is not always the fault of the car behind for a crash. Weaving by the leading car is strictly prohibited and once they have committed to a line they are expected to stay there for the braking zone.

    Drivers being lapped are expected to slow down and not deviate from their current line so as to avoid confusion. The car coming through is expected to 'overtake' the lapped car. This is the opposite procedure of letting people through who are on flying laps in qualifying by going off the racing line. Please do not confuse the two.

    Unfortunately, with rules set to reduced, this means the blue flag won't be in effect. This means it's important for drivers further down the field to be wary of who they're racing and who they're not. The use of microphones in this situation is advised if possible.

    The Championship Tables (Season completed):

    Drivers Championship

    1st. Shaggy Alonso - 587 pts
    2nd. DarkPSI - 429 pts
    3rd. Baumi27 - 330 pts
    4th. Pipeslice - 325 pts
    5th. Mutu20 - 208 pts
    6th. Ardius - 143 pts
    7th. kcheeb - 108 pts
    8th. pj-gm - 81 pts
    9th. Tombrooks97 - 71 pts
    10th. AliT12 - 57 pts
    11th. MikeTheHockeyFan - 44 pts
    12th. Upuaut - 36 pts
    13th. NumbPhase - 34 pts
    14th. DOUQA - 19 pts
    15th. Paulzx - 16 pts
    16th. Jerry786 - 12 pts
    17th. Saidur - 9 pts
    18th. Jcm - 5 pts
    19th. Shark33 - 3 pts
    20th. Muzza_ORUK - 3 pts
    21st. Manios22DC - 2 pts
    22nd. jordy7777 - 2 pts
    23rd. DonkeyFuzz - 2 pts
    24th. Akmuq - 1 pts

    Teams Championship

    1st. Tyrrell - 796 pts - Shaggy Alonso, Mutu20, Akmuq
    2nd. Benetton - 489 pts - DarkPSI, MikeTheHockeyFan, Paulzx
    3rd. Brawn - 475 pts - Baumi27, Manios22DC, Ardius
    4th. Jordan - 411 pts - Tombrooks97, Pipeslice, Jerry786, Shark33
    5th. Brabham - 179 pts - Upuaut, AliT12, pj-gm, Jcm
    6th. Hesketh - 177 pts - kcheeb, NumbPhase, DOUQA, jordy7777, DonkeyFuzz, Muzza_ORUK, Saidur

    Race Reports:

    Round 1 - Bahrain
    Round 2 - Australia
    Round 3 - Malaysia
    Round 4 - China
    Round 5 - Spain
    Round 6 - Monaco
    Round 7 - Turkey
    Round 8 - Canada
    Round 9 - Europe
    Round 10 - Great Britain
    Round 11 - Germany
    Round 12 - Hungary
    Round 13 - Belgium
    Round 14 - Italy
    Round 15 - Singapore
    Round 16 - Japan
    Round 17 - Korea
    Round 18 - Brazil
    Round 19 - Abu Dhabi

    Shaggy's Supergrid

    This is the average deficit to pole position over the course of the season for each driver:

    1st- Shaggy Alonso +0.049s

    2nd. - Pipeslice +0.636s

    3rd- DarkPSI +0.729s

    4th. - DOUQA +1.171s

    5th- Baumi27 +1.451s

    6th. - Mutu20 +1.750s

    7th- NumbPhase +2.383s

    8th. - Muzza_ORUK +2.802s

    9th- Saidur +2.971s

    10th. - Ardius +3.131s

    11th- pj-gm +3.265s

    12th. - Paulzx +3.720s

    13th- MikeTheHockeyFan +4.551s

    14th. - Ali T +4.598s

    15th- Shark33 +4.740s

    16th. - Jcm +4.805s

    17th- Tombrooks97 +4.819s

    18th. - Jerry786 +4.832s

    19th- DonkeyFuzz +5.169s

    20th. - Akmuq +5.272s

    21st- kcheeb +5.645s

    22nd. - Manios22DC +6.523s

    23rd- Upuaut +7.347s

    24th. - jordy7777 +7.685s

    Participant Guidelines, Hints and Tips:

    In order to ensure clean racing, it is recommended that drivers have at least the mini-map, proximity arrows and driver tags all switched on.

    Participants are expected to contribute to this thread in some shape or form. You are very much encouraged to write up your own race reports, or even better, video your race.

    Above all though, the most important thing is that everyone enjoys the championship. Although I expect it to be highly competitive, it should primarily be about having fun :tup:

    Let the racing commence!
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  2. Akmuq


    Booogity boogity let's go racing.

    Or some other NASCAR inspired slogan.:lol:
  3. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    Yeeehawww, let's shake n' bake baby! I feel as if i've just given birth, this is a proud moment for me!
  4. Akmuq


    I suppose my best way of doing things is go to Suzuka where I could do like a 1:29 Or something and just keep driving. Or Melbourne. By far my two best tracks in F1 2010.
  5. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    This championship will reward consistency and who can keep their head :tup:
  6. DonkeyFuzz


    United Kingdom
    Thanks for signing up Akmuq, can't wait for this championship to get going now :)
  7. upuaut


    Hello All!

    I'm very excited and motivated to racing with You all in F1. Thanks Shaggy Alonso for invite :tup: My driving style is clean and fair. I'm not using any aids and play on DFGT. See You on the track :)
  8. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    Hey upuaut, thanks for posting. I sent you a message on PSN. Your friends list is full and I can't add you as a friend. You are require to be friends with everyone competing in the championship so it looks like you'll have to delete a few, if that's ok. Let me know when you have :tup:
  9. upuaut


    No problem. I can say goodbye with a few :sly: Today I do some maintenance on PSN.
  10. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    Cheers :tup:

    Take a note of everyone's PSN ID's on the driver roster and add them while you're at it.
  11. crooky369


    I'm not going to take part this time but I'm surprised you don't allow ABS but you allow the biggest aid of them all the racing line!
  12. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    The thinking behind this is that having ABS switched on is a clear advantage, whereas the racing line is not, for if you rely on the racing line you're clearly not getting the most out of the track. And seeing as it gives no real performance advantage, we have allowed it as it may at least help drivers to race more consistently and less dangerously should they require it. I expect few if any to use it, but it's there if anyone needs it.
  13. DOUQA


    Hi everyone, can't wait to get started on this. Thanks to Shaggy and DonkeyFuzz for organising it all, I'm glad I'll be able to make it.

    Looking forward to racing you all.:tup:
  14. darkpsi


    Hello All,

    thanks to Shaggy and DonkeyFuzz who are organising a really nice championship (no abs, no tc) qualification points etc. The Entry Post is really atmospheric and i can hear the engines already! I'm looking forward to a fair and competitive season with a lot of exciting races.

    Best regards

  15. cjh1122


    hey i will join psn cjh1122 thanks for organizing this
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011
  16. DonkeyFuzz


    United Kingdom
    Thanks to everyone who's signed up to the championship so far. I'm really looking forward to racing against you all in some clean, close racing.
  17. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    And then there were 12........ :)

    CJ, you're more than welcome to join, however I would suggest that you read through the OP carefully in case you haven't already done so. If you're sure, I'll reserve you a spot, however it comes with a caveat - i'm afraid the only car left is the Force India. Occasionally with the Force India, a bug occurs where your car crawls through the pit lane at very slow speed. I'm not sure what triggers it, or which tracks it happens on, or if it's completely random but it will more than likely happen to you. Please confirm if this is ok and that you've read through the rules and guidelines carefully.

    Thanks :)

    You're very welcome Dark, GTPlanet had been itching for this to happen for a while now and i'm glad that it's finally happening.

    So that's a full house then, 12 entrants. The only one who isn't registered with GTP yet is Baumi27, he will be in the Virgin. I will send him a message telling him to get registered pronto.
  18. cjh1122



    Yeah Force India is ok and i have read the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules and i am reading the Acceptable use policy right now.

  19. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    Excellent, thank you. I shall reserve your space now :tup:
  20. cjh1122



    Cool.. thank you :)
  21. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    OK, I should explain that along with the drivers championship, we're bringing back the team's championship that existed in seasons 1-5 of this series. This means we will all be paired off into six teams of two, naturally. The team names will be;


    I've decided to let us decide amongst ourselves which teams we would like to be in. Quite appropriately, there are 2 Irish (apart from me), 2 Polish and 2 German members, so my guess is that these guys would like to be in teams together, but it's only a suggestion as you can team up with whoever you like.

    I have already teamed up with Mutu20 and we shall form Tyrrell Racing tm

    Nev, (DonkeyFuzz) is going to be part of Benetton. He needs a team mate.

    I'm guessing the other two micks, Jamie-C and Akmuq would like first dibs at Jordan :sly:

    It's all up to you people, so sort it out amongst yourselves and let either myself or Nev know what the teams are, or just post on this thread which we'll be checking frequently.

    Thanks :)
  22. cjh1122


    Can i be in Team Brawn please or if i can't go with them can i go with DonkeyFuzz if he wants me?
  23. Akmuq


    I've already sent a PM to the other Mick.
    Sorry CJH or whoever it was that PM'd me.
  24. Akmuq


  25. Jamie-C


    YESSSS!!!! I was disappointed when the last league I was involved in came to end, which resulted in me no longer playing F1. When I heard about this being set it was straight back in my playstation, forgot how much I enjoyed it.

    Can't wait to get back into a regular series of this game!

    Thanks to the organisers :tup:
  26. Akmuq


    Me and Jamie are Team Jordan.:)
    Stereotyping much? :lol:
  27. Shaggy Alonso

    Shaggy Alonso

    Sure you can be in team Brawn :tup:

    That's up to Nev really, you'll have to ask him. You looking at putting your name in the record books? :sly:
  28. Akmuq


    Would love my name in the books. Don't see it happening though.:(
  29. Tom

    Tom Premium

    United Kingdom
    Is there any way I could take part? clean and fair racing only :)
  30. DonkeyFuzz


    United Kingdom
    Wow, this seems very popular indeed. I was away from computer for a couple of hours and everything happens.

    I think all the 12 spaces are now occupied, however, we'll put you down as a reserve incase someone doesn't turn up on the night. Looks like team mates are running out, but I don't mind who I'm partnered with at Benetton.

    I could move the records over, but they'd need to be updated, which I'll gladly do since Shaggy has done the most part with the teams and putting the rules together :) Akmuq, anyone can be in the record book :D