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The spray behind cars still looks as bad as ever in CSP v0.1.63 preview 47. Any way to disable (or severely tone down) this particular effect?
i have been turning down max particles and heat, seems to work. it does mean the regular "smoke" is also less volume a ness escent? I could not think of the word, roll with it.
Some more updates to the WIP Cannock Chase circuit.

Does anybody know if you can change the cube map texture that is used to reflect from the track when it's raining, the green trees in the reflection don't match at all and it kinda ruins the effect (see last picture so you know what I mean)

I've used some tree textures from the recently uploaded GT sport track, to see how the compare to my own.
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This image shows the reflection issues. It's showing really odd trees.
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i have been turning down max particles and heat, seems to work. it does mean the regular "smoke" is also less volume a ness escent? I could not think of the word, roll with it.
Yeah, I've not had a lot of success with that. Spray still seems excessive (and full of artifacts) no matter how much I reduce the numbers. I've been disabling 'new smoke and dust' which kills misty spray completely but leaves the big drops thrown sideways (and looks better IMO, although a tiny amount of misty spray would be nice) but I was rather hoping that by now there'd be a separate slider that only hooks into the rain spray on wet tracks without affecting smoke generation on dry tracks, which looks awesome.
completely OT, but you all are a kindly bunch, so appreciate the patience, and kinda related to alternate mapping in CM
can i use my current g29 pedals and shifters if i buy this wheel combo?
Presumably i can just leave both wheels plugged in as the g29 shifter travels to pc via the wheel?
Then map via CM alternate controls? Not sure you can map an "alternate" wheel though?
(budget constraints.)

Or recommendation for something else that will work with AC?
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Mmm... for my thrustmaster wheel I had to buy this gadget with its own driver that I plugged my logi gearstick in to which then plugged into my PC - can't just plug in the gearstick to a pc without using what I used as far as I know. I would imagine this may apply to the logitech brakes as well but I could be totally wrong.... :)
Thx for this.
I always thought this is some sort of a weirdo Brno track special feature or so as all versions I know have the some time line. As nobody complained this before (v1.1 is more then 4 years old) I thought this is right. :dunce: :boggled: :D
But I asked now someone who was last weekend there and yapp something to be fixed in an future update. :)
This could interfere with AI line. Something I cannot make a AI as I´m suffering from permanent dizziness for now more then a year. That´s why I´m fixing and tweaking some stuff instead driving... :dopey:

Loving Brno so much and I'm getting pretty good performance from it (hotlapping only and single monitor) Hit 80-90fps and happy with that.
I also noticed the timing line is out but it was already mentioned so I can wait to see if it gets a fix. But yeah good job on the rework on this one.


I also like the layout and all the improvements @slider666 did. As always. But I agree that the base track is not very well made, so it takes away from immersion sadly. I'm still keenly waiting for Peter Marek to finish his version. Knowing how good he builds cars, this should be incredible. Especially, cause it's his local track, and as he said, his pet project. But he's taking his time, like he does with his cars. We'll get it eventually, but could be months, if not years. Hope it will be worth the wait.

I also hope somebody will someday convert the rfactor version of the old Brno city track, which was a legendary track, well loved by racers for decades. The rfactor version looks very good as well:

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Well I bludgeoned my way through my Dodge collection this afternoon and although I said I wouldn't release anything for a while, I've refined my processes in the last couple of months, so thought I'd see if I couldn't further improve the exterior of the Viper I reworked a while back:

Anyway, some shaders/materials/textures have been further tweaked, I found the hidden rear brake calipers and moved them into position and finally let Blender have a crack at automapping the exterior, the result will probably make our resident painters shoot themselves but it does kinda work and it's exactly the kind of bodged effort that makes me smile. LODs have also been updated to reflect the changes.

I was already happy enough with the physics so no changes there. I'm finished with the car now so any feedback or complaints will fall on sympathetic, but deaf ears. Anyone wants to take it further then crack on. Original link also updated, it will overwrite the previous version.

Roger, thanks for the clarification!
When that's said, do you know if there are any skins available for the Forza model, I believe that's the origin of the link I posted in my initial post
I don't think that there are skins for that model. But also the forza model isn't accurate. First the model isn't the real 2009 version. Its just the 2007 with a shortened wing but the 2009 car has completely new aerodynamic and body parts. I have seen 2007 and 2010 cars in real life. Also the physics aren't very realistic. The engine is reving much too high and it is also much too slow so i decided to get a completely new one with correct body, real sound and real engine physics
had been long time not visiting this forum, after my pc broken due to mobo issues.

Hi KENNETH. I was wondering if you'd given up with your modding. Glad to hear you've now fixed the PC problem that was the real reason you'd disappeared for a while. :)
Have you tried this Avus DTM 1990's? This is the Avus I have installed, and I see it is different from the Avus you uploaded.

No Cantona, that one I have. That one is the last version if I am not wrong.
I'm talking about this one, the banked and 2 long straights, that Germany build to try to win with the Auto Unions and Mercedes, the Italians Alfas in 1930ish, I belive.



Well then, last month you wanted to marry me, today you love this guy. Very well...:odd:
I tried many times to drive the R91CP by Dan Bucsa and the xjr9 by RTM, but everytime I try it says like a require dlc is missing. One of the dlc I didn't buy yet is Porsche Pack II which contains the 962c (wanted to buy it for months). Do you think guys this is the dlc I need? Maybe because they used some 962c files to do those mods? Cause I think the Red Pack, Triple Pack and Ferrari 70th Celebration Annyversary Pack (those are the other dlc which I didn't buy) doesn't have to affect.

The DLC checking is done on the collider.kn5 hash/checksum. These two mods must use a collider from some DLC. Replace them with a suitably sized collider from a car you own and it should be good.

Do you have the version from my Blog? It does need optimization as large fields seem to cause a severe slowdown.
Almost, but.... OZ utes are just sedans with the roof cut off, so they're not 'super-sized' like all the trucks that are now accidentally crushing kiddies in driveways worldwide. :eek:
I was thinking to myself... “I don’t think Ford Falcons are utility trucks.” Time to edit my post. I don’t want an entire continent upset with me. ;)
I was thinking to myself... “I don’t think Ford Falcons are utility trucks.” Time to edit my post. I don’t want an entire continent upset with me. ;)

Nah. Don't edit the post. I think it's funny. Certainly not offensive to Australian blokes. They're only offended if you barge into their room for a chunder while they're shagging a sheila!

(EDIT: I should point out that my stereotyping of Australian men with the comment above is far more offensive than calling a 'ute' a 'truck'. Very few actually talk like that these days, but we all know what it means.)
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Do you have the version from my Blog? It does need optimization as large fields seem to cause a severe slowdown.

I must be blind, scrolling the Other ***** or not. (tracks) don't saw any Avus from 1930.
But I'll be happy if someone share Tailem Bend, as link is down.

Thank you.
I dunno, but the physics a piece of s**t.
I was talking about VR and Graphics I know Assetto Cars when it was netKar (and before it) I've also help Kunos "Stefano Casillo" in doing net Test and others graphics beta testing when Graphic Engine was proprietary I.E. by Him.
I know perfectly well the accuracy of his physics and I know perfectly well how brilliant he and his parametric formulas are about physics. Perhaps not everyone knows that he was responsible for the animation (physics) of the vector graphics of the lightsabers of Star Wars. He is simply brilliant.
I am only and simply impatient to have a full Lancia Delta from '91 street well done both in terms of graphics and physics so I sent the video of the Lancia but certainly not for the simulation or physics. I liked so much VR in that video but I know that it possible inside Assetto Corsa.
And I would be really curious to see some forum drivers driving this car maybe on Donington Park 2018 without the help of any kind of electronics or set-up. Simply tires pressure, type of tires and amount of fuel; to be able to exchange times and learn the correct lines perhaps by studying the replay data.

I am absolutely NOT a driver but simply a fan of the automotive genre. For this reason, it will certainly be special to see lap times knowing that it is not possible to make any changes on the car. For this reason, in my opinion the old car races were much more exciting than the current ones where you can win simply with the strategy of the pits, putting the driver's skill in the background.

(I apologize for the OT)

Can I make a little track request please, for a criminally overlooked gem - CART/Indycars Burke Lakefront Airport. There are 2 versions out there, and I think one is based on the other, but with better skyscrapers. The track surface itself seems fine, with bumps here and there as you'd expect, but most other things about it could do with a top notch track updater like yourselves having a quick look. The textures look quite bad, but I kept it because I love the layout and its ok to race on. But the 6 foot tall traffic cones on both versions CANNOT be forgiven. Is anyone able to give it some love and realise its potential please? :)

View attachment 956106 View attachment 956107
i would gladly remake the track limits and AI if someone fixes this track. I live about ten minutes from the real thing. Too bad they don't race there any more.
This is actually fun to drive. The extra power, lack of DRS, and the small size of the RSS 3 makes it easy to race. the turbo is interesting too.

Do you guys have the problem with ultra fast heating tyres too?
After two corners they are hot as ..... so i spin every corner..
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