Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Invite and two minimums, no new engine since the bonanza. Don’t think I will do the honda menu 8M gets a **** ticket. Just want engines at this point.
Part 1 of the log for the Plus account is over here, part 2 is over here, part 3 is over here, part 4 is over here, part 5 is over here, part 6 is over here, and part 7 is over here. New month; new post. Also, the summary below will not be updated over the course of the month; the monthly detail below that, however, will be.

Of the 266 tickets on the Plus account between 6/23/2022, the release of version 1.17, which set the current odds of getting a specific ticket and prize from said ticket, and 3/1/2023:
  • None were 1-star or 2-star
  • 73 were 3-star (none guaranteed from either Menu Books or Extra Menus)
  • 140 were 4-star (2 guaranteed)
  • 21 were 5-star (3 guaranteed)
  • 7 were normal 6-star (1 guaranteed)
  • 18 were engine 6-star (9 guaranteed)
  • 9 were parts 6-star (6 guaranteed)
  • 122 awarded the lowest-showing cash prize (when at least 2 were showing)
  • 7 awarded the 2nd-lowest showing cash prize (when at least 3 were showing)
  • 7 awarded the 3rd-lowest showing cash prize (when at least 4 were showing)
  • 1 awarded the 4th-smallest showing cash prize on an all-cash wheel (at least 1 of the shown prizes was an invalid prize)
  • 5 awarded the highest-showing cash prize
  • 35 awarded cars (including one won THREE times overall and twice since 1.17, and two other cars won twice since 1.17). Of these:
    • 18 were worth 100,000 Cr. or less, including all my duplicate wins
    • 13 were worth between 100,001 Cr. and 450,000 Cr.
    • 4 were worth more than 450,000 Cr.
  • 23 awarded parts which can be bought, other than carbon ceramic brakes (including 2 parts won twice, 5 completely worthless parts for which a better version can be bought, and 2 nitrous systems, which adds nothing to the resale value of a car)
  • 25 awarded parts which cannot be bought or carbon ceramic brakes (7 off parts-only tickets, 3 parts won twice, and 4 sets of carbon ceramic brakes)
  • 25 awarded engines (16 off engine-only tickets)
  • 15 awarded invites (1 which should have extended an existing invite had it not prematurely expired, and 3 of which extended an existing invites)
  • 1 failed to register the prize (5,000 Cr. from a 3-star Wheel of Despair)
Of the 142 awarded cash prizes between 6/23/2022 and 3/1/2023:
  • None have been for 2,000 Cr.
  • 26 have been for 5,000 Cr.
  • 60 have been for 10,000 Cr.
  • 31 have been for 30,000 Cr.
  • 16 have been for 100,000 Cr.
  • 5 have been for 500,000 Cr.
  • 4 have been for 1,000,000 Cr.
  • 75 have been the lowest possible (not necessarily the lowest visible)
  • 56 have been the 2nd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 3 possible)
  • 6 have been the 3rd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 4 possible)
  • 5 have been the highest possible (not necessarily the highest visible)

3/1/20235-starWorkoutAMG Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car
3/2/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/3/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/4/20233-starWorkoutFully Customizable Suspension for 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991)
3/5/20234-starWorkout2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8Second time won
3/6/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/7/20234-starWorkoutCitroen invite
3/9/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/10/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/11/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/12/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/13/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/14/20236-star (engine)WorkoutHonda NSX Concept GT engine
3/15/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/16/20233-starWorkoutRacing Muffler for 2017 Honda NSX
3/17/20233-starWorkoutFully Customizable Suspension for 2019 Ferrari F8 Tributo
3/20/20234-starWorkout500,000 Cr.2nd-smallest cash prize
3/21/20234-starWorkoutStroke Up S for 2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept
3/22/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
3/24/20236-starWorkoutLexus LC-LF GT VGT
3/25/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.2nd-smallest cash prize
3/26/20236-starWorkout(2014) Toyota FT-1
3/27/20234-starWorkout2018 BMW M2 Competition
3/28/20236-star (parts)WorkoutCarbon Propeller Shaft for 2016 Bugatti Chiron
3/29/20234-starWorkoutBore Up S for 2013 AMG A 45 AMG
3/30/20234-starMenu Book 182015 Honda Civic Type R (FK2)
3/30/20234-starWorkoutFully Customizable Computer for 2016 BAC Mono
3/31/20234-starWorkoutPagani invite
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Not long started the game (collector level 10) but think mine must be bugged...

Got my usual 1* daily mileage ticket and waited for it to land on the usual small coin collection... and then it landed on this instead. Gave me quite a shock! 😂

I got another engine from a 4 star ticket, the Audi S1 Pikes Peak and it only goes into an 83 Golf oddly. At least it isn’t the engine that only goes into the unobtainable Ford Roadster that I have in my garage… >:(
I wish for a day that we will be able to sell all of stored parts!!!
Either that or let us use it on a lot more cars than just the Alfa 4C '14 (or any other car for any other engine). Engine swaps sounded like a great idea in this game, but it's executed so poorly. Obtaining an engine is a bitch, using it even more. The engine tickets I got just gave me 4 different kinds. Even if I'd buy a 4C to install the engine in and sell it again, I'm losing credits. Alfa 4C costs 89,100 credits. With the Ferrari engine installed including RM tyres, you get 65,040 back at the used cars appraiser. Not an inch driven yet.
Flabbergasted that this feature made its way into the game as it is now.
Not even motivated to complete some extra menu's for engine tickets, which will probably never give me the Dodge Hellcat engine for my Willy's Jeep.
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Apparently the game took pity on me for being such a scrub lately.

Got a 6* ticket for my daily marathon prize - which I've never gotten before. I've never gotten anything better than a 4, actually.

Got a million credits out of it too.
I got a million credits yesterday as well, although I got the million from a 5 star while someone else mentioned getting a million from a 6 star ticket. As expected today I got a 3-star worth 10k today (just turned midnight in my time zone).
3 stars ticket, 3 lowest piles of cash on the wheel and 2 cars, ok, let's go for the 5k............ and no ! Got the Viper SRT 10 '06 🤯
Still waiting for a Bugatti invite.

Bought one of the Renaults from the UCD and completed the cafe menu for Renault, which awarded me a parts ticket......... which I won the stage four turbo kit for the Veyron I can't buy. They just like to kick ya in the stones, don't they?:irked:
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I got an Enzo from a 6-Star ticket a few days ago. I was gonna sell it but it’s the best driving Ferrari in the game IMO so I couldn’t go through with it.
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Still waiting for a Bugatti invite.

Bought one of the Renaults from the UCD and completed the cafe menu for Renault, which awarded me a parts ticket......... which I won the stage four turbo kit for the Veyron I can't buy. They just like to kick ya in the stones, don't they?:irked:
Waiting that invite too... Have parts too... One day...
My GT7 activity has been very spotty, but I have yet to actually receive a car in the roulette wheel. Last four daily spins have been three 10,000 credit prizes and an engine for a car I don't have. I hate this @#%#! carousel gacha system.
Nissan Concept 2020 VGT

I currently own this, prior to getting this dupe...and it currently sells for 487k so technically right now I'll get less money than the lowest possible money reward from the ticket.
Not a bad car, but as some who has gone out of my way to obtain every VGT in the game some months ago all I have to say is...Goddamnit 🤣
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I give up at this point this game is just playing with me. 😢

Last 3 tickets have been.

5 Star ticket 500K - Useless
4 Star ticket 10K - Useless
4 Star ticket see below- Useless - but with a big :redflag: you in it.