Gran Turismo Sport is Four Years Old

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I remember talking to my friends about wanting to get the new GT game. Lots has changed since then in my life and the world itself. Time really does fly.


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I’ve been playing GT since the 90s when I was a kid and this game is what inspired me to get a wheel, and now I’m planning for a big upgrade for GT7.

People can say what they want about content and features but the fact of the matter is no other game on console does online racing better than GTS.
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I imagine the game may have been slightly disappointing at launch but having picked it up in 2019 as I returned to gaming after 3 or 4 years pretending to be useful as my partner gave birth to our little girl, I was hugely impressed with the title. Play it weekly at least, daily if I'm enjoying the race selection. I think the games layout and features are incredible, really enjoy scapes and the livery editor, overall it's just such a polished product with things to see and do everywhere you look.

Redefines what a GT title is or 'should be', IMO and while I'm excited about 7 I hope they haven't gone so all out on the single player nostalgia that they've ignored pushing forward in online racing as that is where the future of the series and racing gaming lies.


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It was good for the first 2 years and then turned to garbage. How I manged to put up with the game until May this year I'll never know. A lot has happened in the last 4 years and GT Sport has just been left behind, omitting obvious content that I would assume is a given in a racing game like this one - Silverstone, Daytona, Imola, Ferrari 488 GT3, Bentley Continental GT3 and more. I can't list everything but I think it's fair to say that this game will be forgotten after GT7 comes out. We won't be going back to it in 15 years time because the resources were wasted on stupid design decisions that weren't in step with the spirit of GT. 4 years is a good run but I won't be looking back at GT Sport with the same fondness as GT4.
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More ups than downs with this game. I may have set a world record for most new starts. Must be over 150 times. Plus, a few alt accounts and restarted those as well.

Most hated car, for me, is the LH AMG GT3. Worse car in the game. Makes the Aston Martin Vulcan feel like a Spec Miata in comparison(not really, just want to add some flavour to the exaggeration).

Anyway, Sport seems to have brought many more (new&old)gtp members together, for all kinds of online racing. PD did make a hit with accessing online racing. Hopefully, it translates into making GT7 an all-round great game.
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This game taught me well on online racing despite the oof moments I had such as encountering dirty and aggressive drivers for example.

And I'm glad that Sport pushed me to do more online racing as it allowed me to improve my driving style. It was something that the six games never gave me any motivation to improve so because of the lack of competition that the AIs gave but here in Sport thanks to being able to compete with other people and having some ups and downs in Sport Mode races, it motivated me to improve my driving style to the point where I'm able to put out good quali times and keep up with higher rated players.

I also ended meeting up new peeps and becoming friends with them via Sport Mode or in this subforum's Daily Race Discussion thread. They provided some tips and such on how to improve times and what not.

Also in regards to non-Sport Mode related stuff, PD pulling a GT3 in terms of car list(what I mean is no more standard cars and others), and the implementation of Scapes and livery editor (with its decal uploader which is one of my favorite features of the livery editor) is what put GTS for me as my second favorite GT game.

Overall this game renewed my interest towards the series.

Gran Turismo Sport, happy 4 years.
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Happy birthday GT Sport!!! I bought it in day 1. At those days it was so empty game nearly as a demo or a GT 7 Prologue... For the months that came we got many cars and some of lovely tracks.. but for me the big fault was the group seperation of cars and that Gr.X cars (some of these was so very nice) that we can't use generally... like etc McLaren P1 GTR and Pagani Zonda R (great cars both). The online racing was weak with so little individiuality... I feel that PD with GT7 will be back in to the roots that we loved.
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I bought GT Sport a few months ago, and I wish we had a similar alternative on PC. An accessible simcade with the online racing facilities of GT Sport would be a godsend. The only similar platform I can think of to get into is iRacing, but a) that's far more realistic in nature and b) represents a far-higher 'setup cost' than GT Sport, almost requiring the use of a racing wheel.


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While I'm no stranger to the flaws and execution in certain areas (Penalties come to mind), I overall enjoyed the fresh air this game bought as the old formula had gotten abit stale. Before, I only ever bothered online racing in friends leagues and avoided any serious racing competitions but that sorta changed with the FIA championships. If you would told me in March 2017 that I would be joining the winning Manufacturer in 2018 (getting 6 wins with said make) AND finish in the top 100 in my country all while using the pad, I would've thought you were being VERY generous considering 91917th is the sort of finish I'm used to :lol:. Ended up making alot of new friends too, some of which were constantly in the same splits as me (Which made racing in the FIA races even better)

Obviously can't forget the crazy timeline where GT finally has a livery editor, which was a VERY welcome edition. Been an interesting 4 years and I can only hope GT7 isn't entirely just a HD remake of a recycled formula and actually brings the same kind of fresh air GT Sport bought in general.
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Sadly she's at work, so I went and bought the cake which... is technically a business expense.

We also had two spare fork'andles, as I was 44 last time out :lol:
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Wonder how many people will get it?
I’ve been playing GT since the 90s when I was a kid and this game is what inspired me to get a wheel, and now I’m planning for a big upgrade for GT7.

People can say what they want about content and features but the fact of the matter is no other game on console does online racing better than GTS.
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Happy birthday. It was great the first year with actual daily races with lots of variety and crazy combinations in them. It's been downhill since then, but that's the same with kids growing up :P /jk

GT Sport's lifespan is pretty much
0-1 the cute years, lots of experimentation, discovering a new world of racing, 0-10 year's old
1-2 teenage rebellion, huge penalties! 10-20
2-3 maturing phase and realization it's not going to turn out well, 20-30
3-4 thrown out of the house and forgotten, time to fend for yourself, no more support, 30+